Be a dear!

The muse hit me with this just as I woke up.

"Be a dear and put on this blouse for me."

"No that's not right. Take off the blouse and put on this bra."

"Hmmm.. No that's not quite right here try this slip as there doesn't seem to be a camisole to wear under the blouse. Now put the blouse back on sweetie."

"Oh very pretty! But it doesn't look right."

"Be a dear and stand still while I put this cross tie on. Oh much better."

"Be a dear and take off those horrid pants and put on this nice pleated skirt."

"Very cute! You look so adorable!"

"Be a dear and try these knee socks."

"No outfit is complete without shoes. Be a dear and put on these sandals please."

"Be a dear and hold still while I fix your hair. Oh my! You look so pretty! All you need is the blazer!"

"Be a dear and twirl for mommy."

"Oh my! You make me so happy! Just hold that pose."

"Be a dear and...OH my look at the time! Here's your book bag with your lunch better hurry or you will miss your bus!"

It was not until I was halfway to the bus stop that I felt a gust of wind up my skirt that I realized I was still wearing it. I turned around to go home but as I did so I saw moms car leave. With a sinking feeling I realized that my house key was still in my jean's pocket where I had put it this morning. With a sigh I turned around and waited at the bus stop for the bus.

I knew without looking I looked the picture of a catholic schoolgirl for the simple reason that my mother had found her old uniform, the one I was currently wearing, and had wanted to see if it fit me.

The bus pulled up and I got on. Even though I knew some of the kids would tease me about the way I looked I couldn't exactly miss school. The school was annoyed at me already and I really did not want to annoy them anymore.

"My aren't you pretty this morning."

"Got it. Got it. Dude looks like a lady!" two of the boys from another row sang together as I stepped into the isle.

The trip was not long and I put up with the few jibes and teases. Nothing really new there at all. I got a few genuine complements from my friends as we walked together into the school doors. With a few hugs for support I stepped into my classroom ready to explain to the teacher why I was dressed up so differently.

"Ms. Haywood you look very nice this morning. Be a dear and take your seat please so we can start roll call."

Taking my seat I wondered why I got blessed with a mother that was such a girly girl and wanted me to be just like her. As if being a transgirl in junior high wasn't tough enough!

The end.

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