A fateful encounter

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What would happen if you met up with the sisters of fate.

Hi guys it has been quite some time since I last posted here. As you know the last time I posted my health was not the greatest. I'm sorry to report that I died shortly after my last post.

No I am not a ghost. As you know I complained much of my much hated fate. I hated it before I died, while I died, and after I died. So much so I thought, since I was dead anyways, I would strike a blow for all my online sisters. I encountered the three sisters of fate. Let me tell you they are nothing like what was described. They all looked quite pretty and normal. Their dresses were to die for.

However I did take out all that anger on them. I'm sorry to say I even punched them. This was a bad move. Something about nectar of the god being intoxicating. In truth I really don't remember exactly what they said. Something also about a test of some sort.

My advise to all my sisters is if you should encounter them DO NOT make them angry. The lord has ...interesting ways of dealing out punishment. Live your life to the full and be yourself it may be your test.

Sincerely Peter

"John, John, Where are you John?" A voice called out to me. I quickly removed the evidence from the computer of the online letter I wrote. Cleared temp folder, history, cache, documents and even closed and reopened the web browser. Then I closed it again and brought up mindsweeper. I put both of my small hands on the mouse and made it look like I was trying to get the game to keep playing although it was finished.

"There you are John. You are not supposed to play on daddy's computer." The 30 ish man said.

"John are you listening to me?"

"Daddy my name is not John. John is a boys name. I'm a girl and my name is Janet." I replied.

Daddy just sighed. You see I am supposed to be a boy but I know I am a girl. Its why ,when I was at school today, a girl and I traded clothes. She didn't want to wear the cute dress and I did. So I am wearing my white tights in cute little black shoes, A white dress with pink edging bows and lace with a petticoat under it. On my head is another ribbon tied overtop of my head with a nice pretty bow in it.

When I got off the school bus from daycare, I am like almost 5 years old, Mommy was less than thrilled. Since I was with a group of children and she was with all the other mothers to pick up their own children. She couldn't make too much of a fuss, dagger looks oh yes, words no. Well not till we were in the house, but by then my arm was sore where she had all but dragged me home.

I got the what were you thinking speech, followed with an order I was quite happy to listen to, do not get changed until your father is home. So I sat on living room floor and happily played with my doll for an hour or so. I had sat with my dress carefully spread around me. My legs, like usual, were under me as I sat on my ankles with both knees together, much to my parents dislike.

When daddy got home I ran to him and hugged his leg with a "DADDY!" and a little girl glee.

"Aren't I pretty Daddy?" I beamed at him. It was the first time I ever saw him drop his large bag that he used for work. I know there was something inside that bag, a laptop I think, but I am not sure. His eyes were very big as he took in the site of me. He said sure and walked into the kitchen where my mommy was. He never even took off his coat.

They spent many hours in their bedroom talking sometimes with raised voices. This gave me the time to write to my old friends from my previous life. Since my former life memory is fading more and more with each day, It's probably the last day that I could do it.

I made the first move today to hopefully, make this life a good one.

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