Mother's wish

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I continued putting on my pants with my boxer shorts underneath although my dress shirt was still open. The scent of my musty AXE cologne somewhat strong in the air. My school tie was also around my neck not yet done up.

"Getting dressed for school whats it look like Mom."

"That is not your school uniform. A girl like you should wear her uniform all the girls will make fun of you."

"Incase you have forgotten I AM NOT A GIRL!"

"Honey how many times do we have to go through this? You are a girl even the doctor told you. And please tell me thats not a bandage on your chest? Your only going to hurt your breasts binding them down like that."

Many a dangerous thought roll around in my head as I continue to dress in the same uniform I have been wearing for years. I do my best to ignore her again and zip up my pants which I am sad to note have gotten a bit tighter around the hips and loose on the waist again.

"Teresa when your 18 the doctor says he can fix your vagina to be like all the others girls. Just because you have a small opening and a external clitty doesnt make you a boy."

A month ago I didn't have that stupid opening nor did my penis used to be this small. Ill admit I didn't have testicles like the other boys but at least I had something. Now even that is gone. I still have no idea what has been going on.

Oh sorry, My name for YEARS has been Theadore Adam Withers II named after my paternal grandfather. And I was proud to be a man, ok well almost. I lived a normal male life till about a month ago when I pinned that bitch Casey against the lockers for kneeing me in the privates. Mom got called into school as I had "beaten up a girl". She was not impressed to say the least I got a lecture from the time we left school till I went to bed that night. Even my old man gave me some flack over the phone. That night I overheard some arguing in their bedroom. Most probably about me not the first time. Mom came out in tears and passed me when I left the bathroom after my shower and told me point blank that she wished I was born a girl then slammed the door in my face.

That first week I lost a little bit of height and weight but not really enough to notice. What was noticeable was the sensations. I found my sense of smell, taste, and feelings on my skin was not better but defiantly more there. Like the pine tree outside my bedroom actually had a scent to it that invaded my bedroom. Or that the soap was harsh on my skin. I just assumed I was coming down with a cold or flu.

The monday after things got...weird. I got up in the morning as usual and went to the bathroom. Peeing standing up is a very pleasurable experience and I noticed that my testicals were... missing is the best word i had the sack but nothing was in them they were flat. That should have scared me when I think about it but for some reason didn't. Breakfast was weird as well.

Dad greeted me with "Morning Princess" I stumbled on the floor with that one. Mom asked me whats wrong but she added Teresa. The first time I had ever been called that name. When I questioned them about it my dad said he said sport and that mom called me Teddy. This continued through the week even people at school started to call me Teresa. I tried to talk to a counselor about it but she just gave me weird looks and told me to come by next week.

Over the weekend I fretted more and more as my parents and extended family also called me Teresa with more and more frequency. My Aunt and Uncle even commented that I had made the perfect flower girl at their wedding when I was 5. I was the ring bearer not a flower girl. When I argued about it they pulled out pictures and showed me. There indeed was a girl that could have been me in a pretty pink dress with petticoats and the basket holding flowers. The boy in the picture also kinda looked like me but wasn't. I freaked out a bit then passed out. When I awoke sometime later the picture had returned to the way I remember it.

The second week was much of the same. By wednesday I was being called Teresa all the time by parents and school friends. I even got in trouble with the teachers when I insisted on being called by my name. I made my second trip to the counselor. She asked me alot of questions about why I wanted to be a boy. It was strange and took me quite awhile to convince her I was a boy born that way.

Next week when I got home from a very rough day at school where none of the boys would let me use the boys bathroom or changeroom. I found my bedroom had changed. My formerly white walls were now sorta pinkish with a sorta flower pattern at the top. In my closet was a girls school uniform and two dresses and three denim skirts where my old jeans were. In the back was that flower girl dress from the picture. I freaked out and mom came running where she found me on the floor crying. I tried to explain what was going on. She listened to me with alot of soothing noises. And an assurance I would go to doctors tomorrow after school.

I got examined by a very puzzled doctor. His records showed me as Teresa and had always been that way His poking around did something as his finger went through the skin under my penis creating a small hole. I cried almost the whole time I was there after that. He explained that I was a girl though he wasn't sure why I had skin over my vaginal opening. I was issued creams to put on the opening to sooth the skin. He and Mom also spent alot of time explaining how I would probably have a period soon. I wore a tampon home that day.

The rest of the week I had little choice but to use the girls restrooms and changeroom. The girls did tease me about my boxer shorts. I had tried to use the boys room but the teachers laid down the law about me having to use the girls rooms "just like all the other girls". The counselor again went into the why I wanted to be a boy when I was a girl. She said it was normal to have an external clitoris and that It didn't make me a boy or freak.

This week my room changed more the walls were more pink in color and flowers were now roses in rose color. I had a vanity where my computer desk used to be with a pink barbie laptop. The drawer in the vanity had used makeup which is disturbing. My dresser is full of girls ..things. I don't even know the name to most of them so I cannot tell you what they are. My boxer shorts are more of a girls pajama bottoms as I refuse to wear girls undies. My overly sensitive chest has breast buds on them which I wrapped up in a bandage. My sack is now completely missing while the vaginal opening is longer and has lips of a sort. My penis is sort of shrinking but to save it I have been putting it into a piece of cardboard with tape there is no way I am gonna loose my manhood to whatever is happening to me.

This brings us back to the present where mom is giving me dirty looks for wearing a "boys style uniform" even my dress shirt buttons have changed sides. Though under the tie nobody will notice anyways. I grabbed my book bag, the purple color doesn't thrill me but at least its not pink.

"I got to go to school and its Theadore."

"You get back here this instant young lady." I left her and walked or ran downstairs only to be confronted by my dad with his coffee cup unshaven and with bed hair.

"Teresa shouldn't you be getting ready for school?" He asked.

"Its Theadore and I am ready for school!"

Im not gonna bore you with the details but after 20 minutes of screaming and arguing, I got bent over my dad's keen and was whacked a number of times till I would listen to my mother. I cried alot while mom made me dress in "proper Girls school attire" panties camisole with training bra, slip stockings skirt blouse tie jacket that only comes to my waist. Tiny shoes that barely have any grip. I even had to sit there and put on some makeup with mom and dad giving me a third degree I managed to put on mascara after two tries and some lip gloss. My hair was styled by mom with instructions on how I should really be doing this but it always makes her happy to play with her little girls hair. Bangs and ponytail and ill admit I did indeed look like a girl in the mirror sorta pretty. I ruined my mascara a few times with many tears though.

When I finally left my house for the first time ever wearing a skirt I was so embarrassed as I knew the kids at school would just make fun of me. Outside Casey the girl I had pinned to locker a few weeks ago was waiting for me. She complemented me on my hair. The walk to school she talked the entire time nonstop which gave me the strange impression that we somehow knew each other for years.

The school day went surprisingly well provided I answered to the name of Teresa. I did however try to correct the teacher and some people that I was a boy named Theadore. It... didn't go over well.

"Teresa as your counselor I will tell you again that you are indeed a very pretty young lady even if you have a slight deformity. There is no reason to make up these stories about being a boy before. I have your history right here and can assure you that you have always been a girl."


"Teresa you know this distresses your parents needlessly. You are a girl who will someday marry a husband and give birth to beautiful children and be the mother that you have always wanted to be since you were a little girl."

"I have to get to dance class."

"Thats fine just please do the exercises I have told you about. There is no need to feel ashamed because you are not exactly the same as the other girls."

"Uhm bye"

"Goodbye Teresa have a fun class."

There she goes. Although she doesn't yet realize it she will be a beautiful girl when the changes are done. Ill have to leave the bits down below unfinished but otherwise she will be a much better person than that horrid Theadore ever was. I was so glad when her mother made the wish that I could grant.

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