Ashley Bash

"....and that's like this weeks totally rad highlights for The Groove's rap pack night. Next weekend I hope ta like see yall at Zap Club dance max where your's truly will be swinging it down.

As always this is Ashley Bash TTFN!"

The teenaged girl whose luscious red hair that cascaded seductively over her shoulders in waves of lax curls pushed out her tiny fist towards the camera while winking one heavily made up eye shut. The slight smile and tilt of the head made it known to all viewers she was winking at you.

Ashley Bash was a teen sensation of the local news break who covered all the young hip hop dance clubs on weekends and on school nights if the next day was off. Her tight tush pushed out the bottom of her almost trade mark pink pleated khaki mini skirt and loud cutoff sleeveless belly exposing deep v necked top in purple or black with her photo on the front and the name Ashley done in gold calligraphy.

Her sweet soprano voice gave a hint of sexy while conveying a level of energy most teen girls on sugar would display. To many it seemed she had been around a long time when in fact it had only been a total of 6 weeks. Ashley hugged her current guests which were a local start up band that had two singles on cd with many cover songs. They had played at last weekends covered spot where Ashley had spent most of the time on the side of the stage twirling and swirling in the latest fashionable teen girls dance moves. She jiggled up and down as people left the studio waving with the tips of her fingers on the tip toes in her 3 inch heels.

As soon as the last quest had left and the door closed Ashley's face fell into a scowl all animation gone. Her dainty feminine posture changed from the moment she took her step past the camera man unplugging the power cable for his camera while the set people started to take apart 'The Bash Pad' set to clear for tonight's local news in 30 minutes. Although her show would be after the news coverage it was recorded beforehand. The local news was almost always shown live.

Ashley's hips swayed side to side causing the skirt to swing just as much, almost but never quite revealing her panty clad underside. Her long smooth legs on full luscious display for any and all to see. With every step the girls plentiful assets bounced and jiggled up and down in her bra. The gold oval earings with the tiny Star Trek symbol in them bouncing against her delicate slim neck.

Her heavily made up eyes in black and purple with their long thick eyelashes turned to squints before she pushed open the door of the dressing room. Her multicolored nails almost claws as she entered. Waiting inside for her was her mother.

"Oh honey you looked so cute out there! Your such a natural! I bet all the boys think you are so hot. I know that Jason kid from the band did!"

"Mom! Cut it out you know I don't like this shit!" the light baritone that issued forth from the girls mouth was in total contrast to the sweet soprano of only a minute before.

"You never let me have any fun!" Mrs. Appleton replied before holding up her hand" And before you ask yet again. Tina is still in therapy. She can manage mostly without the crutches but is a long way yet from being able to walk normally let alone in heels and dance about."

"A few weeks you said! It's been six! That's not a few weeks!" One of Ashley's heels flew across the room to thud into a pile of cloth in the corner of the room. She unzipped the side of the skirt and it dropped to the ground around her legs as she lifted or peeled off the top. Her mother came behind her and removed the black lace bra with its tiny straps from her back. The girl's breasts popped free bouncing a little withoput a reaction from the nipples to the cold. With them exposed and free of the bra her mother started to undo the hidden partial shaper that sat under the girls breasts extending down just enough to compress her waist enough. As her mother did that the girls hands moved inwards against the side of one breast and moved behind it till the silicone and latex flesh colored blob popped free before she moved to the other one.

When she was done and free of the shaper the top of the flat chested girl was exposed to have almost no real waist but still nice hips hidden inside the matching black panty. She leaned back onto the table, much like an old doctor's exam table, and her mother proceeded to use the makeup remover to remove the last remnants of the makeup on her chest along with the bits of golden tan colored latex.

Next Tanya Appleton removed the panties exposing what looked to be the girls vagina before she used her fingers and slid them behind the edges of the vagi gaff. Once free of the gaff her son's penis, slightly shrunken, and scrotum sack filled out his male genitalia. It was Ashley's face and hair on the body of a young boy's that sat up and tugged on his normal y front underwear followed by a pair of black sweat pants. He moved to the wash sink where his mother tipped back his head and washed his face free of the makeup along with his long dark brown hair. Ashley's red hair color draining down the sink as she did so. She wrapped his hair into a towel as Josh removed the earrings and started to work on cleaning off his fingernails while his mom did his toes.

When his nails were free of polish, and in the case of his fingers small tips, they were washed out twice in dish soap. The small delicate hands took on the shape of a young boys much neglected hands and fingernails. With the basics done Josh turned to get dressed while his mother put away some of Ashley's supplies. First was a black pair of sport socks then his favorite style of boys jeans, loose except at the waist, a pair of dark and stained running shoes, an old sport team t shirt, in this case hockey, and finally his pull over sleeveless hoody in grey.

His hair was mostly wet still but not soaking as his mother combed it back drying it with a hairdryer set on low as she did so. Josh's straight lifeless hair in dark brown soon emerged and his mother tied it back at the base of his neck with a black hair elastic then stuffed the rest down the back of his hoodie.

With the regulars done now was the final touch ups. He sat patiently as his mother used a bit of setting lotion on his eyebrows combing up the ends a bit and the middle down a bit. Ashley's shaped arched disappeared into Josh's semi bushy eyebrows. While that dried she held open a dust bag for him to reach into and shake his arms around a bit before removing them. He held them up while his mother used just a tiny bit on his face, a small spot was put on his hoodie, and the corner of his jeans. She then had Josh wash his hands but not the under side of his forearms before he wiped them down on a towel kept for that purpose. A trash bag was handed to him along with three or four photos signed in Ashley's fancy calligraphy, courtesy of his mother, that he twisted up into the pouch on his belly.

Josh picked up his camouflage cheap knockoff schoolbag and slung it over his shoulder. One last inspection by his mother pulling out a few hairs to make it look unkempt before she kissed his cheek.

"I can't tell you how proud I am of you young man. I know the station is grateful for your sacrifice and I hear that Alex has been thinking of maybe getting you some sponsors as well."

"Aww mom enough with the gushy stuff. I get too much of that as her."

"Still it's not every boy who helps out like ..this."

"Yeah I know. But it's not every boy that gets a new 250cc dirtbike setup for moto-cross, leathers, and stuff either."

"You know I don't approve of that. Your father did but if he was here with us now he would say you have outgrown that 80."

"I want him back." Josh said as tears suddenly came to his eyes.

"So do I kiddo. So do I."

Joshua Appleton and his mother Tandy Appleton were still grieving over the sudden loss of Henry Appleton just eight months before. The nine year veteran had had a grand funeral receiving a cross of valor for his bravery. It seemed a small compensation to the family for a tank engineer who got killed while servicing a tank stranded in a war zone. His father had managed to free the seized track of a shell casing allowing the peace corp tank to avenge him.

Times were currently tough for him and his mother as the death benefits that were promised to them were still in legal limbo. With the death of his father the bills had overwhelmed his mother who had though much of the debts covered by insurance but turned out to not be completely covered. There was legal battles being fought in court over some of them covered by the Veterans group but it was not helping them now.

Seven weeks earlier while he was still out of school his mother had come home in tears from work. He had put off servicing his bike to attend her. The job she had managed to get was at the local station as the assistant makeup artist. It paid well enough to get by till the benefit package could come to them. His mother had told him how the stupid girl Tina Extrema, aka Tina Semminski the station owners niece and local teen scene covergirl had fallen off some platform displacing her hip and putting her leg into a cast because of a hairline partial fracture. This meant that the drama queen, who his mom was responsible for doing her makeup, could not fulfill her duties. The station did not really new an extra makeup person as much and was going to cut back her hours severely.

He had joked that it was pity he could not take her place as they didn't like boys doing that stuff. His mother had responded that the boys they needed for it were built more than slight boys. She had said he would probably make a better girl sobbing into her arms. To this day he believes that it was temporary insanity that seized his mom as her head popped up looking at him with such scrutiny.

She had left the house shortly after and maxed out her credit card buying supplies. His mother was a former theater major when she fell in love with his father. She didn't think along the same lines as most mothers because of that. She was good at manipulating him though. In no time when she returned he had been convinced to help her. By the end of the night Ashley was born. It turned out that had he been born a girl he would have been named Ashley. She had couched him on how to act like a girl day and night for the rest of the week so that on Friday when she showed up as Ashley at the studio to cover for Tina she was accepted without question.

It was his bashful expression that gave name to Ashley Bash. He didn't entirely act like Tina or most girl's his age. But apparently it was just different enough, along with the much practiced voice and mannerisms that pushed him as her past the first hurdle the audience.

Her boss Alex was so thrilled with mom for how she got the station out a jam that she was to get a bit of a raise in salary. At first it didn't go over to well when Alex found out that Ashley was really Josh but by then the public was responding really well to Ashley Bash. They had come to an agreement that as soon as Tina was able to come back he would cover for her. Since Ashley was not a real person she couldn't be paid a salary as such. Officially Ashley was getting paid but in reality it was paid to his mother. The new dirtbike, leathers, and now a sponsor was a bonus. The extra money was really helping out with the bills at home too.

Joshua Appleton however was 'hired' as a assistant junior part time casual janitor. It gave him a reason for being at the studio. His friends knew his mother worked there but him being there so often would have been to suspicious as Ashley was only seen during the events.

Josh found it kind of sick that some of his friends at school had fallen head over heels for him as Ashley begging him for signed autographs. There was even a billboard picture of Ashley Bash on one of the clubs. At school the girls were all on the hunt to see which of them was hiding the fabulous Ashley Bash.

He found it funny and sometimes hard to keep a straight face as the girls would conspire amongst themselves as to who Ashley Bash really was. What he found equally funny was that some of the girls were coping the mini skirt look that was not quite but fairly close to his Ashley outfits.

Gym was not a problem since he always wore gym pants. He wasn't terrible at sports but he wasn't the best either. He was left alone and thought of as kinda cool since he did moto-cross. He just hoped that Ashley would soon fade away and his hair would be allowed to grow back.

Shifting his backpack onto his shoulder he exited the room looking for all the world like someone who was hauling trash out of the room. Visiting his mother during work was more of a routine as his mother did some fawning over him just to add that bit. As far as the station personal were concerned he and Ashley were two separate people. They didn't act the same nor sound the same. Thanks to the heels that Ashley always wore they didn't even appear to be the same height.


"It's Josh!"

"Right.. Anyways is your mother helping Ashley at the moment?"

" Uh not that I noticed. Mom just shooed me out with the trashbag. I can always go check if you want?" Josh made to turn back.

"NO! No that's quite alright young Jason. I'm sure I can manage it thanks."

"It's Josh!" But Kent Brockman, the assistant anchorman was already headed for his door. Well his mom's door but in a way it was his or really Hers. His head was starting to ache. As he dragged the bag to the side door he remembered how at the end of the first show he had tilted his head and pushed his fist forward in a girly way. The crew had loved it and so did the audience. It wasn't planned but it happened at thus a trademark was born.

Heck the last dance he covered the crowd of his peers had put their fist forward when he jumped onto stage. That was kinda cool in it's own right. As he pushed the door open with his hips, the hips that had started it all in the first place, he counted out how many shows he had done in total over the last few weeks. He was surprised to find the count numbering 30 with more than a dozen quest surprise appearances.

The surprise appearance as the young girl anxious to learn a new recipe on the daytime food show was not to his liking and had taken all of his skill to go along with it. It had boosted the ratings on the show for which he got the leather set but still trying to a be an excited teeny bopper girl about cooking food was hard.

The trash bag got tossed into the smelly dumpster and he made his way out of the side street entrance to the front. Not the least bit surprised to find yet even more of his teen peers waiting outfront for a glimpse of Ashley as she exited. His mates were there of course cash in hand for the personalized signed autograph pictures. It was funny that he was getting paid to 'sneak' out signed autographs. They pestered him for any information he had on Ashley of course never once suspecting he was really she.

He remembered how as Ashley he had gotten caught in the restroom at a restaurant without a new pad. It had been his mother's idea. While it was really food coloring the girls had bought it lock stock and barrel that Ashley was a genuine girl and word spread fast. Not the reason but that there was no question she was really a she. They also all knew that Josh was a he without question. Thus even now nobody questioned or suspect he was her.

Alex and his mother had talked once about maybe having him and Ashley do a student exchange for a day but so far his refusal had prevented it. Alex thought it would help the show. His mother thought it would be good for her image. As if Josh gave a real damn about his alter ego that he desperately wanted to get rid of. It was bad enough that one of the fashion critics at the station wanted to corner Ashley on her show for a New look.

Tonight at home he would practice his Ashley writing penning a note on special paper. A girly paper in pink with roses and the name Ashley to thank her for her offer. He had no idea how he would politely refuse it yet but he would have too. It was that or his mom would go overboard and Ashley would make an appearance no doubt being dragged around a mall by 'Katie the fashion lady'.

After all what boy needs more skirts and dresses?

The end... maybe...
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