A flower by any other name.

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"Why are you trying to look like a boy?"

I just about tripped and fell when I heard that comment. I turned around to face my newest tormentor. Before me was a girl of no more than 7 with a Raggedy Anne doll in a baby stroller.

"Excuse me young lady" I had to try" But I am a boy."

She just laughed at me.

"Your so silly, your a pretty girl named Tom according to Mommy."

Ok now I was confused. My name isn't Tom but Lyle, Lyle Mark Jenkins no relation to that legend of warcraft. Age 12 male I check the length of my willy every morning so I know for sure I am male.

"Uhm why do you say my name is Tom?" Heck I was curious.

"Mommy says your going through a Tommy girl phrase."

"Tomboy phase" I automatically corrected. Wait a minute...

"Ya dat. I think your silly, you would be much happier in pretty dresses and skirts like me." She just beamed this huge smile like she just said the smartest thing in the world. Kids!

"I think you should just go back to playing." I turned and left it was obvious nothing I could say or do, well maybe flashing, but no.. she just wont get it. The girl just shrugged and went back to pushing her stroller around her front yard behind the chainlink fence. I continued my walk to downtown for something to do. I was bored. My computer was down for repairs which I couldn't afford, as we decided it was best to upgrade a few things so another week or two before I would get it back. Its amazing how our lives are situated around a computer. I could have tried to get into a game with the local boys with soccer, baseball, or basketball if I didn't know they would just call me names till I left. Their favorite of late being Boygirl.

I am just 5 feet tall 89 pounds, most of the girls in my classes are as high as me. It doesn't help my grandma, who I think is a bit senile, has this annoying tendency to think I am a girl named Lily half the time. MY underwear is actually plain white "boycut" panties. I wear girls jeans and a pale blue hoodie, girls of course, because of her. My few boy clothes don't even fit anymore. In my closet is a box with dresses, skirts and blouses that I have gotten for my birthday/christmas in the last two years. My one Aunt and uncle also think I'm a girl. I live with grandma as Mom & Dad are in the hospital in a coma. They were in the same accident that killed my grandpa 3 years ago.

It was 2 days before Christmas and I was staying with Grandma while Granddad and my parents were out getting a tree. Grandpa suffered some attack and ditched the truck over the rail on a bridge into the river. It was a very memorable christmas spent in the hospital. To make things easier I was put into the guardianship of my Grandmother since Aunt Pauly and Uncle Terry.. wait that's Aunt Terri and Uncle Paul, were across country in BC. They have a store/house there and can't really afford to travel here much.

I get the occasional gift in the mail from them and Granny is always chatting with them every other week. I am mostly left to do my own thing. Don't get me wrong I am in no way ignored by granny, Sit with legs together, elbows and arms off the table, smaller bites, why don't you wear... well you get the idea. It is her mission it seems to make me into a proper young lady. I stay in my moms old room at her house, yes its pink. I have star wars posters and some car pics on the walls. There is dolls in the room somewhere I am not sure where at the moment as stuff moves around from time to time in there. The "vanity" is my computer station with cables, speakers, keyboard mouse and plenty of unmarked discs around. I have left the drawer of "play makeup" alone. I just wont touch that no way no how.

On granny's good days she remembers my name is Lyle, though wonders why I dress like a girl. Its confusing don't even go there. I just got used to it I play on my computer in my room with friends online and put up with granny and her wierd ways, I stay in the same area to go to school and visit my parents at the hospital twice a week. I pray every night for them to wake up and take me home.

I can tell good days from bad days. On good days it's "Lyle isn't that a bit on the girl side?" at breakfast. This morning was a bad day "There's my pretty granddaughter. Be a good girl and help me with the pancakes." On the good days before school she gives me some money to buy some clothes, which i usually spend on a game and some tshirts, which the helpful ladies usually change on me before they get paid for. Yes they see me as a girl as well.

Why do they see me as a girl well in part the long fluffy dark blond hair doesn't help but mostly its because I wear a small AA cup bra and somehow women pick up on it. If I don't wear it my nipples get very raw and itchy. I "budded" when I was 10 and half. I tried tying them down with tape but that caused more problems as when granny found out I got in trouble with a capital B which means belt. I couldn't sit comfortably for days after that. So I wear the stupid thing and use loose tshirts and hoodies to hide it as much as possible. She noticed on a bad day where I got told the birds and the bees female version. I know more about feminine hygiene products than I should and actually have my own box of unused pads in the bathroom "for when my womenhood blossoms"

The kids at school of course picked up on it quickly as well so my friends went from many to none in a week. I have a few acquaintances that tolerate me for school projects and that's about it. I have more friends online. Of course Grandma coming into the middle of class and loudly telling the teacher that she was there to pick up her granddaughter Lily didn't help me at all. I use the unisex washrooms at school as the boys kicked me out of that washroom and even the girls did the same when I was forced into theirs once.
My name is listed in the school records as Lyle (Lily) Jenkins. The new teachers roll call me Lily the old ones Lyle.

I can't put all the blame on Grandma though since my parents started it when I was 2. I have always been "pretty" even as a toddler. Since both my parents are or were fashion models it wasn't that big a deal to get me into it. Unfortunately there is no real openings for a pretty male toddler. Plenty for female toddlers though so the agency came up with a "professional" name of Lily Margrette Jenkins legally for me. The middle name being legal convinced enough people I was a girl and so began my modelling pretty dresses career at 2. It was assumed that as I got older and lost my baby fat and became more boyish they could transition me to male model. I'm still waiting for that. They were thrilled to hear about my buds.

My grandmother didn't quite understand the difference so depending on her brain its either Lily the granddaughter she always had or Lyle the grandson she always had. Every summer I spend hours and hours modelling new girl clothes which due to hygienic communicable diseases no young model under the age of 14 gets to keep, thank god. By the age of 14, with parental consent, its assumed that you are already immune to most communicable diseases so you can keep the outfits. Doesn't bother me in the slightest the less "girl clothes" I have the better. Again if you grow up doing stuff like this its no big deal. On the plus side when I turn legally an adult I won't have to work if I don't want too. Until then I am allowed a small dividend payment every month. My parents were going to change it up in amount before they got into the accident. Unfortunately its only about $200 a month still. So I can buy stuff but it takes a bit with today's economy.

So no I am not poor and to make things better it was arranged that I would go to a private school St Thomas school for young gentlemen at the age of 12. Its a nice school where I will leave Lily behind as its also a boarding school. There is a sister school of St Helens that is actually connected in the same square mile of forest. I start at St Thomas in about 2 weeks. I have one photo shoot later today which also happens to be modelling the girls uniform for St Helens. Go figure.

I still have some 4 hours of freedom before Lily has to make an appearance so I am crusin around downtown looking for something to pass the time. I am not a mall rat since most guys try to hit on me and most girls avoid me. Unless they know me from school then its the the guys try to hit me and the girls make fun of me. I pass by the place I am to go to for photo shoot, it doesn't look like much since it is an unnamed building that is fairly old. The insides are great for lighting conditions and the old plasterwork is a work of art making it a great place for pics. No shiny surfaces that creates glare shots ruining them. I notice that there is a bunch of girls and what looks like a nun in the foyer. This makes me interested ok I am twelve and curious can you blame me. I open the door and walk in behind everyone.

"Mr. Santio the girls and I believe that the pictures should be shot in the school grounds of our girls not some tramp off the street!"

"Lily is no tramp but a Seasoned model and she will make your uniform shine in the best possible way with her experience."

Opps definitely not a place I wanna be Lily is not to make appearance for hours yet. Turn around and leave best idea. I get as far as putting my handle on the old brass handle.

"And speaking of Lily. Lily dear these ladies are a bit upset about you modeling their uniform."


"Where is she?"

"Right behind you."

Ever have a bunch of people stare at you like your some prized piece of meat for sale. Its very demeaning trust me.

"She's a tomboy, Not a proper young lady of our blessed school you can't expect her to be the epitome of a young woman to represent our school. She probably doesn't even know where it is." That is from the brown haired girl in the summer dress style 4467 of Edition Elle 2007 I know I modeled it.

"St Helens/St Thomas founded by Mother Mary Josephine and the Order of Grey nuns 1906. St Helens is the girls school for young ladies commonly known for excellent tastes in room decor and social grace. Hosts 3 school teams that compete at the junior high level of gymnastics, volleyball and tennis. Many of the graduates of the school become wives of high profile industry leaders. While 2 are currently in major positions of government a number also hold many lesser positions in government. Currently First Lady Elaine Pritchard of Her majesty's appointed Major General Governor is also a graduate of this fine school." for added effect I perform a perfect curtsy in my jeans. Not an easy feat. Stick that in your eye bitch. I read that off the brochure not 2 hours ago so I am fairly sure I got it right.

"That's impressive young lady I was not aware that someone such as you would be aware of our fine school."

"I am to attend the school in 2 weeks Ma'am." St Thomas boys school but you don't need to know that.

" I... See. And your full name is?" Uh oh. Mr. Santio doesn't know my real name is Lyle. If I tell her infront of him I will lose this contract and the agency will have my hide.

"Lily Margrette Jenkins" Mr. Santio supplies. I so want to look daggers at him. I can't though so I put on my best Little Lily girl smile and pose. Hands behind back shoulder down One knee bent slightly behind the other. Teeth exposed. Head tilted a tiny fraction and of course my "trademark" dimples in all their glory. I feel like an idiot but that's work for you.

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