The little girl with the auburn pigtails moved silently down the passage in the dark tower keep. She was noticably small.

Actually she is full grown its just that she is a gnome. She is dress all in dark leather that is well oiled. Her intent is simple she is hungry and she knows that the mage of this tower has some food. Not that conjured food like her sister makes. Its ok has no taste and you get hungry again after awhile. No real food like fresh sweetened goats milk, or Roasted talibuk. The thoughts of such foods made her almost drool.

Her sister was trying to learn magecraft though not very good at it yet. She was always after her to get a proper profession and apprentice herself to a warlock. She just didn't understand. This gnome prefers to play with knives, they never failed, such as her sisters polymorph spell that failed and turned her into a human male till they got the Lady Proudmore to reverse it. She shudders at the memory of those long hairy arms and they feel of that bald head.

She much preferred her natural shape of a gnome girl. So much more useful, for instance many a time she was passed over as the cause of some mischief because of her cuteness. Other times the enemy had passed over her simply because of her tiny size.

She blamed the Horde for the destruction of Gnomeragon where her parents had died to get her and her sister out. She had it in mind to kill just about any and every Horde she encountered to revenge them. Her sister just didn't understand.

Pppphwarow... The sound of the stealth spell. Now who could be on my turf... A shadow of a form.. a blood-elf This could be fun. She loosens her knives in anticipitation of killing. She knows which poisons she put on each blade. That horde rogue is toast!.

She creeps along and spys the wretch going after the same food she was after. You rotten slimy mudsucking murloc that is my dinner! Using the back of a blade she saps the cur. Out of nowhere a flame burst engulfs the blood-elf burning him to a crisp ash. In shock she has dropped her own spell of stealth.

"That lousy blood-elf rogue has been stealing my meals for a week. Its about time I caught him." Out of the darkness a mage drops her invisibility spell revealling the dranny mage.

"I believe I have you to thank for exposing him little girl, you must have followed him into my tower. For that I thank you here have some talibut steak."

She eagerly starts eating into the meal the mage gives her. She does nothing to correct her about who was actually stealing.

As a thank you she leaves behind a few of her toy sheep, ok they are not the best looking sheep missing some wool and the faces are a bit wooden. She leaves the tower whistling as she does. The silverware she salvaged along the way should fetch a good price.

Oh what is this? Some fool locked there door I shall help them and open it.

Fwhooosh Bang.

She turns to see the former mages tower is now a small pile of rubble. She wonders why is it that nobody likes her toys they always blow up thier homes when she leaves them. Gleefully she returns to the now open lock and goes in search of treasure.

You see the name people always seem to call her by is Stupidnoob. She cannot imagine why they do so.

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