The return of Ashley Bash.


No way! You have done this to me before no more chapters on Ashley!

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Josh was sitting at home playing his favorite video game. Motorcross madness on his computer with the companion controller. He had found the game years ago with his dad at a local second hand store unopened. The controller was part of the game in its rather large box.

He had long ago mastered every track in the game to the point that none of the settings even at max could come close to matching his time. With nothing else to do he set about beating his personal best times instead. He was on track to setting a new time record on one of the toughest tracks in the game as the door to his room banged open.

"Hey mom your home early."

He was at the final stage with just forty feet left to go when the screen went black on him.

"Hey what the.." He looked up towards his mom but stopped as two flesh colored blobs fell to the floor in front of him. Blobs he had not see in over two weeks.

"No! Absolutely not!" He knew what those blobs meant. She was wanted. However She was retired as of two weeks ago when Tina resumed her show. He had thought all that junk disposed of like hazardous waste. His arm and leg hair had finally just sprouted from their long dormant sleep.

"Whatever the issue is I don't care! It's Tina's show she can deal with it!" with that he reached towards his computer to plug in the power cord she had removed on him.

"Oh that's fine. Now that you have your precious motorbike and all the fancy gear you can do whatever you want... However motors need fuel to run, which costs money you don't have. Not sure what you are going to do with it but that is fine. Be selfish and let that mob kill that girl.."

That was dirty pool!

Ashley pouted out the side of the car as they drove to the club. Her hair was back into its waves of red. Her makeup perfect along with her oval nails on her dainty hands. Her arms and legs smooth devoid of any hair. Her waist was slightly pinched from the upper cincher. While the device constricted her upper waist into a more hourglass figure it also allowed her mid drift to be exposed above her black leather mini skirt with its white leather brass holed belt. Her legs were encased in black nylons that fitting into knee length go go boots with a 3 inch blocky heel. They were not hard to walk in.

Ashley was surprised at just how easily she had fallen back into character. The breast forms once glued to her chest along with the fake vagina and poof she was speaking like a teeny bopper girl fluently again. Her ears had begun to close up so that she felt the oval gold earrings pulling on her ears. Before she had gotten so used to their weight that she hadn't.

"It's not fair! I still don't see why I have to go!" she pouted out of her ruby red lips in her sweet soprano.

"Ashley it's your fans. A chant started up outside the club before the doors opened. The manager was afraid to even let people inside. Tina went out to talk to them but they wouldn't stop chanting and she got scared. You can't blame the girl. A mob of angry teens is a scary thing."

"So call the police it's their job after all."

"Yep and there goes business for the club. All the people who work there would probably be laid off because of lack of business. The station would loose ratings and I would lose my job which means we would be on the street. So yes lets call the police."

"Enough with the guilt trips mom! I'm going remember!"

"Don't you get snotty with me young lady!"


Ashley and her mother giggled for a few minutes till they pulled up to a stop light that just turned red. Her mother pulled out her cell phone and simply said "four minutes" then hung up. This left Ashley clueless as it had taken them a good 20 minutes to get her dressed up. A far cry less than usual but practice in a tearing hurry tends to streamline things. It wasn't until she recognized the area that she understood.

Club Prix, the newest club, was having it's grand opening tonight. She had done a spot piece on the club a few weeks back. Club Prix boasted that they had 200 types of drink available and could mix up three times that. All of them non alcoholic, a major draw since it allowed anyone from a teenager to young adults in. The club also sported a 3d sound system, multiple video screens and two levels separated by glass. She was actually a little leary of the second floor as anyone could look up her skirt.

The small fact that most nightclubs had lights that shown down or were otherwise dark didn't make her feel all that comfortable. According to the club owner the glass wasn't really glass but a glass plastic crystal hybrid. Safe for even the heaviest of traffic.

She was paying attention to see if she could see the club when she spotted the news vans. It seems that not only her station, she still thought of it that way even if she was no longer working there, was not the only ones there tonight. She wondered why until she saw the large line with fists raised that she found the mob her mother was talking about. Her jaw opened as she took in the shear size of the crowd. At a block away the crowd was spilling over into the street from the sidewalk and only growing thicker as they got closer.

The line was moving at least, if slowly as they moved past so she could tell the doors had finally opened. However it was also quite plain that the crowd would exceed the limits of the club by a fair margin.

"Who are all these people?"

"Your fans."

"But I was only on air for eight weeks!"

"People liked you. There is also fans of Tina in there so don't let the size fool you too much."

"But you said..."

"Some fool started a Bash Bash Bash chant and the crowd swept it up."

"Fine whatever! I go in make them happy, give them publicly to Tina and walk away. Home before nine and then I burn all this shit."

Ashley sat back into the car seat and waited for her mom to start the whole "dont be so sure thing". She was still waiting and the car was silent.


"Yes dear"

"It will be a few minutes right?"


"What are you not telling me?"



"Okay the station got a few letters when you went off air."

"What do you mean a few letters?" The last time her mom used the word few it turned into eight weeks of hosting a show as a girl.

"A few!"


"I lost count at a hundred. But Alex probably has a better idea how many. Nothing to worry about."

"Mom! A hundred is not a few! I didn't even get that many fan letters when I was on air!"

"Yes you did. We just didn't give them to you."


"Relax sweetie it's not a big deal..really."

"Okay when we get home we really got to discuss this whole few concept of yours.."

The conversation might have continued further if her mom had not turned into a side street where very large men in tiny t shirts with the Security written across the front were waiting. Her mom rolled down the window and showed her pass. Ashley was not the least bit concerned with anyone noticing her in the passenger seat. After all how many celebrities, even minor ones, show up in a green Ford Focus?

The side entrance was open as they pulled up. Light spilled out of the opening as trucks were being unloaded of catering supplies. The tall man standing on the outside was far to familiar to Ashley as the car pulled to a stop. Alex Schisman was your typical tall business man. Straight press seamed pants, in dark blue with a light blue silk business shirt missing his tie. The stern look replaced with a look of worry as the car came into view. He was at her door before the car had stopped fully. She was still unbuckling her seatbelt as the door was opened.

"You planned this didn't you?" he accused her as she moved to get out.

"Excuse me?" she asked eyes opening wide.

"You did this just as a excuse to wear a skirt again! Didn't you!"

"Well if that's how you feel. Let's go home mom this is a bust!" She reached for the seatbelt again.

"Oh no you don't!"

"Leave her alone Alex! You know damn well she didn't want to do this so just shut it!"


"But nothing! Hows Tina doing?"

"Scared, crying, angry. Take your pick changes every few seconds. Driving me nutty which is why I'm out here." His panic seemed to subside as he reached up to rub the side of his forehead. Ashley hesitantly got out of the car standing up to her 5'2" height 5'6" in heels. Yes Josh was short and skinny. As a motocross rider this was an advantage.

"Sorry Ashley didn't mean to blow up like that. It's just we were not expecting this at all and.... Oh well whatever. Thanks for pitching in. I'll make it up to you somehow."

"One appearance! One, not two, not 'a few' ONE!"

Outside of the car the unmistakeable upbeat techno music was coming out of the side door. Ashley felt her body start to get into the groove of the music. She didn't know why but dressed as a girl her body just started to move all on it's own. Too much practicing at home with her mother maybe. It was a dance club remix of a song she didn't recognize.

The side entrance was lined with those tall tray like holders on wheels. There was racks of plastic covered trays of different and unrecognizable foods on them as she passed. As she got inside the music which was loud was barely covering some shouting. She couldn't yet make out what the shout was as she was led into a much quieter room. The room had a stuffed leather couch along a wall. There was also a clear glass topped desk in the room with some garish pictures of paintings on the wall.

However it was Tina Extreme with her feet splayed to the side and her head down into her immaculate fingers and a tight tube top with her assets trying to bulge out that caught his attention. Josh felt his hidden member flex in response. He had to shake his head to get back into girl mode. Tina had waves of honey blond hair on her head. Much of it was slicked back on one side which left par to of to fall over one shoulder into her cleavage. Her loud pink tube top and black hot pants left little to the imagination. Her black spike heels did not display her toes unlike Ashley's garish red toenails on full display.

Tina's wreck of a face lifted at their entrance but upon seeing him her face quickly turned to one of anger. She shot up off the couch and approached her arms outstretched into claws.

"You BITCH! You stole my fans you cow! It's my show I built it how darn you steal from me!"

"Now Tina.." Alex started as he moved in between the two girls.

"Don't fuckin Tina me Uncle! I'm gonna carve her fuckin eyes out!" tears were leaking out of Tina's eyes as they filled to overflowing with tears.

"TINA!" boomed Alex startling both Ashley and Tina. However it was Tina that it had the most effect on as she stepped back. Ashley felt guilty and stepped forward intent on softening her voice as much as possible but changed at the last second.

"Look I wanted nothing to do with this. I only did your stupid show as a favor to Mrs. Appleton and was glad to stay away. She asked for my help but if your too snooty I can always go back home no problem. I'm sure the crowd wont be too rough and while you recover in the hospital your show will bomb."

She let that sink in for a moment as Tina's mouth opened and closed. Alex turned around to deliver an angry response on his face evident by the rising redness in his face.

"Now you can sit here in self pity all you want but I have a job to do. I told your precious uncle one appearance. One and that's it I go back into obscurity and you do whatever the hell you want bitch. I really don't care but if this club gets destroyed I would never forgive myself."

Alex was busying mouthing nonsense preparing to no doubt expose her secret and fire both her and her mother as Tina walked forward. A puzzled look on her tilted face.

"That was kinda cool."


"No really it was. I still don't know who you really are girl. You're really not interested in being on tv?"

"Not a hope in hell. I got stuff I prefer to do than make a spectacle of myself on a stage."

"I see... I probably look a clown don't I?"

"A bit but Mrs. Appleton can make a cow look a princess so there's no worry."

"True but I can see from here that under that makeup your really quite pretty already."

Her mom took Tina aside into the small office washroom to fix her face up. This left her alone with Alex for a few minutes.

"What's the plan?"

Alex shook himself before answering."Well Tina goes out first mike in hand and then I guess you follow with a mic of your own. How did you do that? She never calms down like that."

"A verbal slap is just as effective as a physical one. Did that once in school to a former friend. Physical ones left bruises and a whole lot of trouble for me. Verbals don't except maybe too ego."

"I see.." Actually he didn't and they both knew it. A repaired Tina returned to the room her cheeks sparkled just a bit from the glitter on them. A similar glitter but finer was on her own right eyebrow.

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah I get to go in first oh yeah! Any ideas since we have to ad lib?"

"Not really you lead I follow?"

"K. Let's knock em dead girl!"

"The heels on these boots wouldn't work now those great shoes of yours on the other hand..." Tina bubbled up with laughter at the joke. So it was that the two girls left the office in better spirits to face the large and noisy crowd.

The stage in Club Prix was accessible from the side much like a theater would be. Ashley stayed back as Tina had already had her mic fitted while her own was quickly fitted onto her head by the expert sound technician from the studio.

Tina had walked up onto the short stage to much booing and catcalls while others cheered. She waited for a lull in the noise before she nodded her head slightly.

"Well that's not the best greeting! You would think that people were not happy to see us." At the word us she had turned to look to Ashley which gave her the cue to step up on the stage a smile plastered to her face. Ashley sauntered on stage, her hand in the air doing a small wave.

"No kidding Tina! After all the fuss they ..." The rest of her speech was quickly drowned out as the crowd erupted in cheers, applause, and a very loud chorus of "BASH". Blushing quite well even under the lights of the stage Ashley stood next to a grinning Tina and they both waited for the crowd to die down in noise. When it was clear neither girl would speak the crowd's noise level dropped down. So much so that it was almost silent.

"We would like to thank you all for showing up for the grand opening of Club Prix!" Tina started.

"Club Prix specializes in a like totally awesome selection of drinks." Ashley completed.

"Yeah and there is also a good set of munchies available for tonight right Ashley?"

"Too right Tina. Makes me sorry I'm on a diet!"

"Well girl guess we should maybe work off a few calories to partake of the goodies?"

"Nothing better than ta groove them away Tina. This is a dance club after.."

"So lets dance!" they chorused. The Dj started up the first track and the two girls started to dance in mirror images of each other as if practiced even though it was the first time the two had met. Each dared the other on with more seductive style dancing in time with the beat.

The effect of the seductive dancing of two hot girls was not lost on the crowd as many girlfriend got more than a little annoyed at their dates for the night. Not everyone started to dance right away. A chant started up. Half saying Extrema while the other saying Bash.

It did not take long before the two merged as Extreme Bash which was taken up by the crowd. More and more couples started to shake and dance away as the once almost angry crowd turned its energies to dancing away. The two girls danced away almost driving the crowd to dance more energetically than the two girls were.

After four songs had been done the two girls, now quite tired, moved to the bar to get some juice to replenish themselves escorted by some of the large security men. As they got to the bar however the owner of the club signaled the dj to lower the sound. He didn't stop the sound just lowered it while the owner used an older looking hand mic to get the crowds attention.

"Id like to thank these lovely ladies for helping to open my club with a bang. The best way I can do so is with a drink! I hereby name this drink in honor of these two ladies. I give you Extreme Bash!" The manage gave the two blushing girls each a glass of a drink that was both a dark drink on one side and a white drink on the other. Despite its coloring the drink was actually quite good. Both girls thanked the owner declaring it the best drink they had ever had.

The club stayed open till 11pm that night. The new drink not only sold well but quickly sold out. The club owner was quite happy about that as some of the ingredient drinks involved were some of the ones he thought he wouldn't be able to sell at all. The ordered munchies also sold well so much so that the caterer and the club owner discussed the possibility of coming to an arrangement in the future.

The two girls spent most of the night dancing interspersed with trips to the office washroom and makeup touch ups courtesy of Mrs. Appleton. They danced and occasional interviewed some of the people getting their opinions on tape of the club. They acted as a team throughout which was a surprise to both Alex and Mrs. Appleton. By the end of the night neither girl could walk to well on their final return to the floor.

They thanked the crowd for coming amid many cheers. When Ashley eluded to the fact that it was the final time she would host such an event the crowd expressed their tired disappointment with a few boos. The chant of Extreme Bash was taken up as the girl's exited the stage for the last time. Both staggered into the office. Alex took up his niece in his arms while Mrs. Appleton had Ashley supported from the side.

Tina was placed into her uncle's Audi's passenger seat barely awake. She managed a "Extreme Bash is pretty catchy isn't it?" before she passed out. Alex's "Yes it is" response unheard.

Ashley was fast asleep before the Focus left the side entrance parking area. Mrs. Appleton struggled to get the sleeping girl out of the car and into the house by herself. Her child was not the light young thing anymore. She got the girl into her bedroom and on the bed but her back was hurting quite well. She looked down into the face of her daughter. She was proud of her child and she looked so beautiful and alive as a girl. She knew that this was probably the last time she would ever see the daughter that could have been.

Tandy Appleton made it to her own bed before tears overcame her. The picture of her husband was moved from it's nightstand and hugged to her chest however it was not just the grief from her lost husband that overtook her tonight. She also felt grief for the daughter she had always wanted and was losing.

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