Schoolgirl Mixup

"Where do you think you’re going dressed like that young lady?" My grandmother asked me. I was poised outside of her house door dressed like most boys my age for school at the Smithsonian Private School. White short-sleeve dress shirt, school tie, blue pants that matched the darker blue blazer, dark socks in black dress shoes. I was caught poised with one foot in the air. I didn't have my new pink schoolbag either with the Hello Kitty on it.

You may ask why a girl would dress this way for her first day of school. Well in fact I am a boy, a detail that has somehow escaped my grandmother. She is under the mistaken impression I am my cousin Amy.

This started at the beginning of summer when my Mom and my Aunt Peggy decided that they would enroll both of us in this exclusive school. The plan was for us both to travel here and attend the school while staying with our grandmother. I thought it was cool as they had a neat sports program here. Instead of maybe basketball or volleyball like my last school they had soccer, football, baseball, along with the indoor sports.
Since gran lives so far away the weather doesn't get as cold here so they do more outdoor sports. Well except hockey which I can live without as I have two left feet in skates. The only ice here is inside a special building for ice figure skaters. Of which sadly my cousin is one of them. Back home her time on any ice is limited because of the hockey nuts ruining it. Amy was so excited about the indoor ice arena.

That was all in the plus but as we were both boarding the bus to come here she was so scared she got sick. Thus the bus left her behind. Since I was a boy I was free to travel on a bus myself. A bit after a phone call from Mom explaining I would be safe. I know that the original plan was to go on a cruise trip when we kids were out of the way. I do not know if they took the trip or not tagging Amy along. With Dad out of the country on business I was alone with a grandmother neither of us had seen in five years.
During the bus ride I had fallen asleep and I guess some girls had fun with styling my hair into a high pony tail, painting my fingernails a pink color and, I only found out later, eyeshadow lip gloss and mascara. It wasn't until much later when I got off the bus to grandma and noticed myself in a window. I looked like a dead ringer for Amy as she was about a year ago before she blossomed.

Why do you ask? Well ever heard of gynocemastia? It's where little boys entering puberty develop feminine breasts. They go down over time when your system produces enough testosterone. In the meantime you kinda look a bit like a young girl. With my small frame the makeup and the small fact I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt well I looked like a girl plain and simple.
That was the start of summer. I tried to tell grandma I was really Thomas but she thought I was playing a prank or something. I think unknown to me that Amy had a bit of a supreme tomboy phase before she blossomed. Grandma quite simply spanked my bottom till I peed myself. At which point she made be change in a stall in the girls room into, guess what, yep one of Amy's dresses. The only suitcase unloaded for me was Amy's not mine.

"Amy Lynn Anderson! You get back to your room and put on your school uniform on this instant!" She is a bit upset. Grandma is Old-school before the child abuse laws scared all parents. Spanking a child is her idea of a good time. I have a rather large and sensitive behind because of that.
Grandmother had dragged me to a few stores before we went to her place. She pretty much removed all pants from that suitcase and replaced them with skirts, blouses and more dresses. There was also a few other things like girly sleepwear and undies. Actually I ended up carrying a few bags into her car before we were through.

She also got my ears pierced and my hair restyled into a more girly style with permanent soft curls. Everyone though I was such the cutest little girl. Not one person believed I was a boy at all. Since I was also scared of grandmother’s hand on my hinny I didn't put up that much of a fight.
The weeks before school that followed were endless days of "A lady does not do that she does this," endlessly. I am probably much more of a refined young lady than the real Amy!

One thing that puzzled me was that during the summer my breasts have grown along with my hips and butt. It might be those herbal vitamins or the tea she has me swallowing every morning.

But since she has the same ones I don't really see how that would be possible. She is a bit of a herbal health nut. I have to admit I do sleep better but that could be either the exhaustion of having to try to be Amy all the time, the soft comfy girl’s bed, or the satin nightgowns with the annoying panties.

Yes I wear panties all the time, I really am not that crazy about them junior has no room to play. They are so tight that my nuts have gone back inside and have not made reappearance yet. Pity they had just come out before summer started I was so proud.

Looking in the mirror of my new, apparently newly decorated, girly bedroom, in the mirror myself. Even in just my underwear of panties and bra, they have frills and lack all over them; I really do look like a girl. Not quite like Amy does now but not far off at all. I turn to the side and look at my shape. It’s a girls shape from the Full B cup breasts, I got new bra's last Monday, to the shapely hips and butt I really do look like a girl. The small bump of my tiny penis which has yet to grow at all, I blame the stupid panties, and well that infernally uncomfortable panty liner I look more girl than a boy.

Sighing I pick up the boy's uniform and hang it on its hanger. Reaching into that infernal closet I pull out the girl’s version of the uniform. A shorter school blazer, that doesn't even come close to closing on the front with its half sleeves, the short white blouse with its puffy short sleeves, Peter Pan collar. I learned about the proper names for fashion, well girls fashion, over summer. The pleated Tartan, why can't they call it a plaid, skirt. Out of my drawer I pull out the white tights, not pantyhose, still not sure of the difference. Camisole and half slip, as opposed to a full slip, do they have 3/4 slips, 1/16 slips for miniskirts?

The black shoes with the small heel and straps apparently called Mary Janes. I wonder if that is a brand name or are they named after someone in particular?

Sitting down at my vanity I start with the ever familiar female ritual of putting on "my face". I am not allowed to wear much makeup but the bit I am allowed has to be done right. Mascara black applied under the lash and over the lash then brushed out with the super fine brush; a bit of natural blush under the cheekbone which just makes my already high cheekbones more visible, and more feminine. The lip gloss with its strawberry aftertaste goes into my small "matching" purse for fixes later. As a side thought I throw the mascara in there as well.

My hair that I had used a fair amount of hairspray on earlier to regain some boyness is easy to brush back into the curls and shape of the girl I am supposed to be. Amy is back. Sigh so depressing I cannot even try to be a boy for school. At this point I am not sure I will ever be a boy again.

"Knock, knock," ask grandma through the door?

"Come in please." Any refusal by me is not really tolerated.
Grandma comes in and takes the boy's uniform and straightens it on its hanger. I still don't know how she does that. I put stuff on hangers and it looks wrinkly. She just does this or that and poof it’s like all the wrinkles are instantly gone. It's not fair!

"Amy I know a new school is scary on your first day sweetheart. But you’re a young woman now and you cannot go around wearing your Cousin Thomas's Uniform. No one would believe you were a boy, but most of all you would get into trouble both with the other students hurting your feelings as well as get the family into trouble." I only followed half of what she meant.
"Yes Granny." Young ladies are polite rings through my head.

"Let me see you? You know Amy when I was your age." I doubt you were ever my age, I wore a uniform just like that. It was a pity your mother and aunt didn't want to go to my old school. So seeing you in that uniform makes me so proud! "There was real tears in her eyes, Iit was a touching moment and I felt tears in my eyes as well. I had been getting pretty emotional a lot lately.

She walked over bent down to give me a hug and then a small kiss on my forehead under my bangs. Something she would not do before when I was a boy. I actually liked that so much I hugged her back tightly.

The school bus for the school was much newer and fancier than a regular school bus. Sitting with the boys seemed so wrong so I sat down with the girls instead. Thus began my first day of school as Amy Lynn Anderson.


I watched Little Amy get on the bus behaving very much like a proper young lady.

I was proud of the work I had done to get her from the tomboy stage to young lady stage. I was not really expecting her to try the boy thing this morning but that was just nerves. She was so terrified of school the last few days in a way I almost expected it.

It was easy for me to be so strict with her. I knew she had been giving Peggy a hard time. I had to be hard with her so that she would fit in better with some of the higher class girls. Being spotted as a lower class girl in that school was like being a walking target for various pranks.
Ding Dong! The front door bell who could that be?

Opening the front door I was surprised to see both my girls! Although not quite identical twins they were still so close to each other. As a mother they made me very proud.

"Peggy! Amanda! I am so happy to see you both. What brings you all the way out here?"

"Hi Mom we just came by with little Amy here hoping to catch you and Thomas before you sent them both to school." What did she say?

"Mom I'm 11 not 6. Hi granny," I look down and there is another Amy, an Amy with a larger bust than the previous Amy.

"Where is Thomas?"

"Hasn't he been staying with you?"

"Oh my..."It has been years since I fainted. Oh well here I go....

The end?

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