An Unsual Story Idea

Note this story contains sexual scenes if vague.

While this really can't happen it does make for an interesting story.

--SEPARATOR--"Your name please?"

"Andrew Christopher LeBrun"

"No it's not."

"It's not?"

"Your real true name is..."

Andy LeBrun was sitting in his office. At the age of 26 he had made a good start on life for himself.

He graduated from highschool and worked hard at odd jobs making money during highschool and then after highschool he went to college on a scholarship. During college he had worked hard with a painting service staying up late many nights to complete his business admin course with fairly good marks enabling him to not have to pay back any of the scholarship moneys as sometimes happens when the sponsored student does not perform to satisfaction.

He had put almost all of his hard earned profits into investments. The investments usually came through bringing him a small profit but since he had a fairly large amount of investments the total allowed him to buy his first building at a mere $150,000 which he turned around and sold six months later for $250,000 due to a recent building site being opened for residential use making his commercial property prime.

By the age of twenty three had a total asset worth of a million from various buying and selling of buildings, properties, stocks, and anything else he felt was worth the risk to make a profit. He had bought two cars from a foreclosed shop at a dirt cheap prices of $20,000 for both and turned around and sold both of them for $100,000 each at auction. Some of his investments bombed but never anything super expensive.

At his current age of 26 Andrew had an estimated worth of ten million but wasn't sure. He had a nice condo apartment that was paid for. He had his own office in a building that he had stock in. He didn't actually work for anyone although he did recieve a monthly salary from his various investments that left him wanting for nothing. He did not have a new car. Indeed the old beat up mid 80's GMC 1500 was pretty much on it's last leg. His last repair had cost him $800 for a rebuilt transmission.

He knew he had made an enemy or two over the years but so far nobody had confronted him. He was not a very large man. At 5' 7" he was actually considered short. His trim body had very little fat as he did keep running, jogging, or bicycling on the weekends and during the week took the stairs up the 8 floors to his office. He didn't keep all the muscle he had put on during his highschool and college years.

His dirty blond hair was not even all that neat as he preferred to keep it just a little longer than most otherwise it stuck up on its own. He was glad to have a full head of hair unlike some of his former highschool friends who were steadily losing theirs.

He looked up at the old fashioned clock on the wall of his office and noticed it was noon. He watched as the second hand arm swung up and clicked on the 12 signalling it was exactly noon.

Andie looked down at himself and gasped in horror. How could he have put anything so awful on this morning he looked and felt horrible.

"That I can fix though." he said in a softer almost musical voice that was not quite a soprano.

He got up from his desk his hands held pointed down and his arms tucked into his waist and swished his hips back and forth as he walked in short steps to his office door that he opened and then locked behind him. Every second he waited at the elevator reminded him of how awful the coarse harsh fabric of his suit rubbed against his skin in wrong ways.

When the elevator dinged he shuffled into the already crowded elevator and moved to the back not touching anyone but admiring the one girls skirt suit. He wasn't interested in her just her skirt suit and the elevator descended to the bottom floor. Andie quickly got out of the elevator and was tempted to ask the girl where she had bought the suit but refrained from doing so.

Once outside of his building he walked along the street till he came to a shop he vaguely recognized. He entered the place and recognized it as a salon and knew what he wanted, no needed.

"How can I help you hun?"

"I understand you sometimes close for private appointments?"

"Yes we do but usually in the evening."

"I'll pay for right now. Please I need to get rid of this body hair..."

fifty minutes later Andie left the salon feeling better. He no longer had any hair on his body, his hiar was not a brunette and reached his mid back in very feminine waves. His eyebrows were also delicate arches. He did not wear makeup as the salon did not do that. They had however given him long bright red nails that went past his finger tips by an 1/8 and had also done his toenails.

His next stop was at a lingerie shop where he bought a few cute satin and lace bra and panty sets, a few garter belts to match the sets along with some stockings in different colors. The lingerie shop also sold some cheap costume jewelry. Although he wore non of it out he did pick up a set of fake pearl studs and a necklace to match. The small ladies wrist watch and ring however he did wear out of the store.

His next stop was at a high end ladies fashion boutique. He was thankful that the noon hour rush had passed leaving him the store pretty much to himself and the two sales ladies. They were very helpful in getting him decently outfited in a nice cream colored polyester blouse and ladies dark grey skirt suit. They even let him change into his lingerie, a heaven feeling for him before trying on the suit. When he went back to change he decided against it and just picked up his old disgusting clothes and put them into one of the bags. He put in his earrings without feeling any pain but was slightly annoyed that he had not had holes before. The necklace was also put on.

The ladies were happy to help find him a pair of 2 in heels that he asked for along with a purse and wallet, which he payed for before putting all of his Id, keys and what not into. Feeling immensely better in his skirt suit and heels with the tan silk stockings on his newly waxed legs he stepped out feeling much better with himself. The only annoyance was the bag of disgusting clothing that he happily dropped off at the nearest dumpster.

His next stop was at a larger store where he had a makeover done on his face as well as choosing a sweet smelling perfume. He was tempted to shop for more lingerie but he knew he should really get back to the office as he had spent far to much time getting himself properly dressed for the office.

On the way back to his office he passed the window of an older professional building and stopped his purse slapping his hip before he backed up at looked in the old window. There was a sign on it that appealed to him in a big way. "Any breasts Any size $5000. First come first served."

Andie stepped out of the office building still buttoning up his blouse over his new breasts that filled the cups of his bra perfectly at an almost C size. He had a set of papers in his purse with instructions on how to care for his new breasts. The smile on his face was wide as he walked along feeling the proper tug of his bra on this bra straps from the weight of his breasts. He was sore and would be for days along with some bruising but at least he now had some proper curves that made everything just right.

During the trip up to his office he felt the eyes of more than one man absorbing his new curves and smiled so much his cheeks hurt. He had never felt happier. He quickly got to work writing and organizing his desk.

At around four Anna had already changed her name online via a credit card and had sent an email to the building maintenance that she was still waiting to have her office name put up. When the building maintenance man came into her office she turned to him.

"Thank you so much for coming. It has been dreadful not having my name on the door. Do I look like a mister to you?" she asked.

"No maam but I couldn't find a work order for it. Uhm what would you like it to say?" he asked her.

"Why my name of course silly. Ms. Anna Christine Lebrun."She told him.

By the time the end of her work day rolled around the maintance man had come back and put the correct name on her door. It really wasn't much more than pushing out one brass name plate for another. By the time the elevator dropped her off at the main floor at a quarter past six she was also please to note that the main sign on the main floor had also been corrected.

Anna reluctantly got into her truck and exclaimed that this was the last day she was going to drive such a horrid vehicle. Putting though to action she drove the truck into the nearest Lexus dealer and proceeded to get a new car.

Anna drove into her assigned parking space with her new lemon yellow Lexus convertible. It was an older model but to her it clearly read "girl car" and she was happy with how easy it was to get in and out of it in her heels.

He heels clicking happily on the floor of the garage gave her shivers of pleasure as she entered the elevator to her floor. She saw no one all the way to her apartment and was kind of displeased about it. Upon entering her apartment she put her purse and keys on the side board like always and walked into the living room. She was agast at how awful the place looked! She went to the kitchen and pulled out three large garbage bags and went around cleaning up her place.

Anything remotely masculine was put into the bags. Clothes, bed clothes, toilettries, posters of scantily clad women, magazines everything. In the end it was closer to eight bags that got filled and she brought each of them down to her car in just her blouse and skirt leaving her blazer behind. The short sleeves of her blouse were more than sufficient for her purposes.

It was a long night for Anna of shopping and running around getting some clothes for work, home, and even visiting others or just simply shopping. She got nighties, more makeup and perfumes, magazines such as cosmo and vanity some used at the good will along with some older jean skirts and tops. Her heels were all new and none were below two inches in height. She just loved the way heels made her legs look.

Back at her apartment she emptied bag after bag into her closet, dresser, her new vanity and better furniture would not arrive till the next day.

By the end of the week Anna's apartment had been transformed from its utilitarian existence into a home with a definite women's touch. In her closet was only skirts, blouses, dresses, even a few formal gowns. The floor was stacked three high on new shelves with all her heels, Her new pink edged white dresser with its large mirror was stuffed full of lingerie and tops. The matching night tables had a variety of silk or satin sleep wear.

Gone was the dull brown carpet. In its place was a new white carpet and the walls had a fresh coat of light fuscia on them. Her apartment walls were now a lemon yellow with white floral accents that perfectly matched her antique looking white floral silk couch and chairs. Her kitchen was well stocked with new utensils, and kitcheware. Pretty much anything a woman could want in a kitchen for appliances. Her fridge had only salad, or healthy fruit fixings and water bottles.

The bathroom had fluffy pink towels and loads of bath oils, salts, and other feminine necessitates including a supply of Always long pads that she wore daily in her panties. Some of the people where her office was had noticed her and begun to chat with her. Secretaries, legal assistants and other women she met in the ladies room or in hallways. She ate her salads in the cafeteria and chatted with the other women about anything that came to mind.

There was one person that noticed her sudden gender change. Mr. Hardwich, of Hardwich, McNally, and associates asked her what she was doing. She replied she had no idea what he was talking about and he ushered her into a private office.

"Look Andy.."

"Anna or Ms. Lebrun if you please." she replied with a frown.

"Whatever" he dismissed" Look I think you should take a month or so and get yourself sorted out. This" and he motioned to all of her" is not healthy."

"But.." she tried to interrupt him but he bowled on.

"No seriously take like a month and get yourself fixed. This can't go on people will talk." he smiled at her.

"Perhaps your right. I shall take a month from the office. I have been working pretty hard."

"Remember I'm not your boss or anything just some friendly advice before you doing something foolish that can't be undone."

"Well thank you I will. I guess I will see you in about a month or so."

"I hope to see you looking normal in a month myself good day."

"Good bye."

Anna left the office fuming but she now had a new determined mind. Back at her office she called up the balances in her account before she searched the internet on places in Thailand. Picking up her phone she dialed a long distance number.

"I understand you do corrective surgery on women who were not born that way?"

Anna walked back into the building where her office was feeling glorious that she no longer had that growth between her legs. The month long recovery was painful at times but she felt enormously better. It had cost her a fair amount as she did not have the letters of doctors nor had she waited a year. While she was there her nose got fixed to a nice cute button and feminine nose along with some shaving of her eye ridges. Her body was hairfree and would stay that way after all the laser therapy she had had done as well. Her eyebrows would now always be delicate arches. Her ears sported tiny studs as well as her favorite pair of small gold hoops.

She was still waiting for her new birth certificate and id that read the proper female but at least her id had her name on it.

In her apartment she had photos on the walls done up professionally. In one photo it showed a younger Anna standing with her parents in a fancy purple off the shoulder graduation gown and then another of her with her mother standing in her black gown with the purple teired skirt, both gowns in her closet, and her graduation black gown over the black tafetta rayon gown holding her business degree. A degree which was made out to one Ms. Anna Christine Lebrun the very same one that she had in her handbag ready to hang on the wall of her office along with the other letters and papers all with her name on them.

She ran into Hardwich on the way up who looked at her.

"So this is the way it's going to be? How far do you plan to go?"

"It's really none of your business Mr. Hardwich but just between us. I am a complete woman now so screw off."

"Fine fine whatever." he backed away hands up and left her alone.

Time passed at the office and Anna was still shrewd at making and closing deals on property, however she did check to see that none of her ventures hurt people. She made money and lived her life.

Christmas rolled around and Anna realized that she had not heard from her parents in quite some time nor had she visited them. She called up her mother and chatted with her over the phone daughter to mother for quite a few mintues before her mother asked her who she was.

"Mom it's me Anna."

"Anna who?" she asked.

"Mother! I'm your daughter Anna Christine Lebrun! The same daughter you have always had."

"I don't have a daughter."

"Mom this is not funny put daddy on the phone."

"I don't know who you are miss but I will not put my husband on the phone good day." and she hung up on Anna.

Anna got upset.

"How dare she pretend I don't exist!" She fumed. She looked to her grad pictures as proof that she was her parents daughter. Getting upset was solving nothing so she went to her bedroom and started to pack for a day trip out to her parents. She packed a few nice dresses, skirts, and tops as she never wore pants and couldn't stand the idea of such things on her legs.

The trip out to her parents took most of the next day and she fumed for most of the drive. Yes she had had to get surgery to fix a problem with her vagina but it wasn't like she had changed sex or anything. She remembered all the boys she had dated growing up. No boy could do something like that.

It was well into the evening when she pulled up at her parents and knocked on the door of her childhood home. Her mother answered and starred at her face intently before letting her in.

That night many screams could be heard from the house before the lights went off at 1 in the morning.

The next morning the scene unfolded as Anna's parents standing on either side of her as she cried and cried holding her up escorted her to their car before driving into the city to see a hastily arranged psychologist.

After three weeks Anna left her parents home still shaky but much better than she had been. The hospital had prevented her from killing herself or even attempting it. She knew who had done this to her and she had to find out why. She was still pissed that she could only refer to herself in the feminine and that she could only call herself Anna, not that she really had much choice now.

Someone had hypnotized her into believing that she was Anna and had always been so. The irrational need for only being the most feminine was also trying. She had tried to wear pants but she actually tore them off and then to shreds the few times she had tried. She couldn't understand it nor how it was done so thoroughly and so quickly as she had no memory of it being done to her.

She had not been disowned by her family but that had been touch and go for awhile. They had to accept, just as she did, that she was now and forever more truly female. She had not let her parents know that she was finding men extremely attractive now either. For some reason she now had the need for sex. It wasn't high but it was getting there. She had tried to talk to the doctor about it but couldn't.

As she returned home she stopped at the hair dresser to have her extensions redone and her hair colored.
When she left the salon she sported a very high honey blonde hairdo that one would see more on women that worked the street than an office.

Anna also stopped at a small boutique that catered to fashions for uhm professional women of a sordid nature.

When she left the story Honey was wearing her skin tight gold blouse over her black sexy lace bra. Under her extremely short blue satin skirt she wore no panties but had a black garter belt running to black stockings with lace on them. On her feet were her six inch stiletto heels. In her ears she sport large gold colored hoops and her shoulder bag was brown leather. She left the store feeling much better than when she had walked in and stopped off at the corner store to pick up some gum and some of her cigarettes. Lighting one as she left the store she looked around. She need some action as she was horny.

She did however take the advise of Candy and seek out the local forger and got herself some Id for her purse that read her name of Honey Holly Highrider. It cost her a few dollars but it was better than nothing. She dropped off her bags and other things into the trunk of her car making sure that she paid more than was needed so she didn't get a ticket.

Honey then worked the rest of the night till midnight giving blowjobs or sex as needed. She made quite the sum of money, around $4000. She felt good and was happy that she had made enough to cover the cost of her new wardrobe. After all a working girl like her needed clothes that screamed out her trade if she was to make it in the business. All of her blouses were shiny and skin tight. None of her mini skirts came down past mid thigh. All of her lingerie was bras and garters as she didn't need panties. Indeed they would just get in the way of getting her fix.

In her apartment she put her clothes away into the dresser of what was the spare guestroom but was now hers. After all Anna the prissy wouldn't like her choices. She put her fresh black satin sheets on her bed and her toys into the nightstand. As she feel asleep with little John giving her waves of pleasure she smiled to herself.

During the night a lone figure could be spotted moving across the apartment and into the bathroom. The figure put a dark temporary die into her hair before she went to another bedroom and changed.

The next morning Anna awoke to find her vagina was sore. Even peeing was painful. Like always she put a pad into her panties before getting dressed for work. For some reason her hair felt like mud but she didn't have time to take care of it. As she dressed in her skirt suit she felt like the skirt was a little longer than she remembered it being but brushed it off as nothing. She knew there was someone she wanted to confront about something but it seemed to slip her mind.

Precisisely at six that evening a wave of dizzness overcame Anna as she was walking to her car. The dizzyness passed before she got to her car but when Honey looked down at herself she was pissed.

"How the fuck did I get into Miss Prissy Anna's clothes?" She wondered. During the drive to the apartment she fidgetted with the uncomfortable feeling of panties between her legs. Gods how did Anna put up the the stupid things. She actually stopped at a stop light and hiked up her skirt just to take the infernal things off and give her room to start fingering herself as her need began. She had to stop at the garage and the long elevator ride up to the apartment. Once in she rushed to the bathroom stripping off Anna's clothes in the process and took a quick shower washing her hair.

It was a very sexyily clad Honey Highrider who left the apartment at almost 7 pm in her tight blue satin blouse with the purple satin bra peeking out with her ample cleavage. Her tight black satin mini skirt, black lace stockings attached to garters and in her trade mark six inch stiletto heels with her purse and Id over her shoulder.

Honey didn't even make it out of the building before she gave her first blowjob of the night to the condo manager. When asked she showed him her ID and told him she lived with Anna in her apartment. Again it was a long night for a very busy Honey as she worked her tail, and her calf muscles. That night she did six rounds of sex, one a threesome that she also did a bowjob for.

At home she changed and went to bed. Once again during the night a figure got up and colored her hair.

The next morning Anna was again annoyed that her skirt seemed far to long. She took a few of her skirts with her to work and stopped off at a tailor who altered them for her. She also found that her two inch heels hard on her feet and picked up some higher four inch that felt right. She also got some new smaller blouses as hers seemed far too loose.

Anna was home before six that night where once again Honey came out and got ready. Honey worked even longer hours as it was a weekend coming home at 3 am. Honey slept till noon got up got ready early and left for work. Daytime work was not as easy but she managed. She also did so the next day on Sunday as well.

Monday Anna woke up brushed her long blonde hair curling it so it stood up before changing into her now altered and much shorter work skirts with tight blouses. She looked at her panties and decided to be naughty and forego them heading into work. She worked a bit late and it was Honey who drove home once again annoyed with Anna. At least the girl was learning to dress in better clothing.

By the end of the week Anna was wearing her stilleto heels into work along with her shiny blouses in her tight skirt suits. She was debating to get her breasts enhanced into E cups but thought hers were fine for now. However she was walked down to lunch when she met up with one of the guys from a floor down. She felt the irresistible need hit her hard and Honey launched herself at the poor man. She kissed and begged him to help her. Sneaking into her roommates office they locked the door and Honey lifted her skirt while opening her blouse so the man could suck her tits that felt too full.

The rest of the day Honey worked the building pulling in a few grand in the process. At home she put her money away like always and got ready for work in her tight satin blouse and skirt. The night was slow but she worked hard and pulled in more money.

By Friday of that week Honey was busy during the day and night having loads and loads of sex that she just couldn't get enough of. Anna's mother called and left a message while she was busy in her room giving the building manager a blowjob so she couldn't answer the phone.

When Anna went into work at the office in her tight white satin blouse and tight black satin miniskirt on Monday her stilletos clicking on the floor she wondered what her mother had called about.

In the hall to Honeys office room she met up with Mrs. Hardwich.

"Hi my name is Ho...Anna."

" You mean Honey don't you dear?" she said.

"That's what I said Honey. Honey Highrider. Can I help you with anything?" Honey asked.

"No but I think I may be able to help you but I need to talk with Andrew."

"Whose Andrew?"

"You know as well as I. Andrew please come forth we need to talk."

"What?" croaked Andrew in a long long unused deep bass.

"Let's step into your office. I have a story to tell you that is gonna hit you hard."


Mrs. Hardwich eventually divorced Mr. Hardwich after she had her sex change legally changing his, now her, name to River Highrider. The last anyone saw of River was on the Avenue where one could easily find a whore working the streets.

Anna eventually recovered enough that she got in touch with her parents never once engaging in the sex trade again. She had made it through with only a mild case of lice and no other diseases. She was once again successful in her business and eventually settled down with one of her competitors whose wife had died leaving him with two small children.

The children grew up knowing only Anna as their mother and eventually grandmother to their children. The building where the former law firm was along with her office eventually sold and was torn down. It was strange however that one of the men who had worked taking down the building went missing only to turn up four months later as a very cute working girl with the name Honey Highrider.

The End.

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