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"Ah Becky Smith. How lovely you look always so prettily dressed while in class"

I have a bit of a crush on Becky Smith. While her sisters are cute they are either too young or too old to be in my class. Becky is in my regular classes in Southside Middle School. In just one week I will be able to gaze upon her beauty once again.

Not that she would notice me. Compared to some of the other boys I'm the shrimp. Unlucky 13 for me has not brought me either facial hair or muscles. I am actually on the thin bone size as well. I am regularly used as the filler for lockers. Not that I care since one of those was next to Becky's once and I got the fill of her perfume before the janitor freed me.

I have tried over the summer to toughen up. Run 2 miles everyday. I have tried to eat alot but mum wont let me. She is concerned about weight. Dad is out on contract again so we won't see him till christmas. I miss him sometimes. Mom doesn't really take his place well. She is all for me learning how to cook and clean. Women's work! I like Dad's style where women are women and men are men. We fix stuff around the house, take care of the lawn or trash.

Old school really. Don't get me wrong Mom works and only cleans the house once a week or so. I know how to cook and do laundry because I have had no choice. Its the other stuff I am not all that crazy about. Mom and I have had rows over me not cleaning the bathtub after one of my showers let alone any part of the house. I have told her time and again that it is women's work and I am a man. She usually points out how little of a male specimen I am.

Can't tell me I do not know the opposite sex though. I got Becky's picture around places in my room. Okay well its really just her face photoshopped onto some other bodies I found but it works for me. My latest creation is this one where I put her face onto a cute schoolgirl's body with the whole catholic schoolgirl uniform. Yummy! I heard that Eastside has a similar uniform available if your lucky to be going to that school. A definite bummer. However I got Becky to more than makeup for it.

"Oh Benjamen sweetie. Could you come here for a minute?" my mother asks so sweetly. I shudder at that. The ONLY time she ever asks me like that is when she is overly happy at something, usually to my dismay. With dread I leave my room and walk the short distance to the kitchen/dining room/living room.

"Well sweetie it looks as though you have been privileged to attend Eastside Middle School." She seems happy about that. Like big de...

"WHAT!" this is a nightmare. Wake me up please!

"You heard me young man. You will be attending Eastside Middle School next monday. Furthermore there is a second note to your school attire which I believe you will find interesting. I know I did."Mom hands me this letter with that smug grin on her face.

Dear Mr. and Ms. Smythe

Due to an unusual ruling from the schoolboard directors. We have to ask that you keep an open mind for the following scholastic year. Southside school is now being tested as a girls only school while Eastside is being tested as a male only school. Please keep in mind this is thus far for this scholastic year only.

Depending on your childrens physical maturity your child may, and I stress may, be asked to perform special duties for the scholastic year as well. This will be determined upon you taking your child to the location on the attached uniform code sheet.

The attached sheet listed off the uniform dress code of the school.


Pressed dress slacks, pressed white dress shirt, open neck sweater with school colors. Ties may be worn for special events also in school colors. Black dress shoes.

Gym clothing consists of white gym shorts and golf shirt. Running shoes in plain white if possible.


Pleated tartan skirt no higher than 5 Centimeters above the knee. White blouse polyester with peterpan collar. Sweater in school colors. Black ribbon cross tie is acceptable or regular tie in school colors. Blouse should not be see thru however slip and camisole are required for female students. Mary Jane sandles black preferred however closed toed flat shoes are permissable. Black knee socks or black tights.

Gym clothing is white tennis skirt with matching underpanty, Suitable tennis shirt in white. Running shoes in white.

Whether or not your child needs one a bra must be worn at all times.

Dress code enforced

Fairly standard code they had last year. Wonder why they included the girls dress code if its to be a boys only school.

Dal's Scholastic Salon 4th and Queen street. I have walked by there before some of the girls uniforms in the windows really look nice. Still nothing that would give my mom a reason to smirk so much. She knows something I don't I'm sure. I doubt my not being able to see Becky Smith would be enough.

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