Birth of a Shena

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A teaser of a story I am working on

"SHE DID WHAT?" I yelled at my wife. It really wasn't her fault.

It would seem my impulsive clueless idiot of a niece had pulled another one of her harebrained schemes. I grabbed my jacket and stuck yet another cigarette into my mouth. Stormed out to my 85 dodge truck that had seen better days. It took me a few minutes to get it to start with much cursing and the blasted starter always seem to like to disengage every other second. When it did finally fire up it coughed out a cloud of black smoke like usual. The darn thing used oil more than gas. I slammed it into reverse and actually managed to spin the tires, which was a bad idea. As of course one of the tires went flat immediately.

After spending another 20 mins changing the tire, I had plenty of spares from the yard I worked at, I got on my way. The stupid twit of a girl had decided years ago that she wanted to be a superhero. She was always trying to find this or that toxic goo or magic item that would give her super powers of some sort. Aside from a few chemical burns and some embarrassing trip to the hospital nothing had happened yet. Grounding didn't work since my wife was a pushover, I love her with all my heart, but still she can't even swat a fly without crying. Since I have to work at the yard with long hours I am not always home.

I found out years ago that buying and selling cars was a money maker but it was alot less work to just let people come and take off parts and then pay me for them. I own three scrap yards separated into trucks vans and cars. It pays well as the house is almost paided for. My niece also has a trust fund that was left to her by her parents but I have been adding to it so that she can get a decent education.

Her parents died 8 years ago in a bad car crash. I blame the new car "safe" crush zones for the death of my sister, her husband, and my newborn nephew. Sure the car collapses and prevent injury at low speeds but when a runaway semi truck plows right through the car at highway speed there is not even enough left of the occupants to do anything but cremation with. The other car right beside it was a 77 ford ltd. It survived fairly well and the occupant walked away with a minor scratch. It may be sadistic but I keep a picture of both wrecks on the wall of my office.

These thoughts did not improve my mood as I drove my truck down to the military base, well more formerly military base, it is still one but in sad shape the guard shack is long gone, and most of the fencing has been stolen over the years. There is the usual RCMP car watching over the kids and there drag races down the old flight strip. It was found easier to let them race there with limits than on some back road usually ending up with someone or another in hospital. The rules are fairly simple a Roll cage is in car with two fire extinguishers. The car must be checked for any illegal mods. The old military hospital van is there for emergencys. The kids even rigged up some stands and a light system. Its pretty cool and keeps the kids coming to the yard for odd parts. there is some paperwork anyone must sign.

I pass them and a few of the kids wave as my truck is quite unique. Its really more like parts from about 8 different trucks so no one part is the same color as anything else. I stop infront of the Old military office finish yet another cigarette and put it out in the overflowing ashtray. With a shove I open the drivers door and some empty pop cans fall out as I get out. I walk up the glass door and yank it open. Huffing since im out of breath as always lately I move my fat butt to look at the signs. The docs tell me to lose weight stop smoking as being 6 feet tall and weight 350 pounds is a bit much. None of that crap decimal system for me. I prefer measurements that actually mean something.

Lets see testing facility is that way. My blood is pounding in my ears and I'm huffing away pretty badly. But I make it to a metal door which is just open a bit. So I charge through and starting looking for my niece. I just make her out in some sort of metal room with a fancy door chatting away with some other girls. I charge into it failing to notice the large door closing behind me with a clank.

"Nancy! What in gods blue blazes are you trying to do this time? Forget it I don't care we are leaving now!"I yell at her. She just turns around with a shocked look on her face when everything goes white.

Beep beep beep beep beep.

Someone turn that watch off its annoying. Im not sure where I am or what is going on there is pain of a sort.

"Subject is apparently the uncle of X4 who somehow got into the chamber before it closed and the automatic wave. It was due to the amount of metals on him that the system fused and exploded. Not to mention the extensive damage done to him as he was not prepped with the solution as the others were. I am unsure why the subject is alive still as most of the outer tissue is now starting to puss and smell. Subject is still giving off radiation in surges so normal scanning is not a viable option at this time."

I sleep again for some time. The dreams are a mix of horror and exotic.

"Subject UX1 is still alive after 12 days. It is no longer possible for many of the staff to enter the room without heavy chem gear and full breathers with oxygen. Subject seems to keep decomposing. The smell is horrible and many of the rooms near it are being chemically sprayed against the smell. Subject continues to give off high levels of radiation. Dr. Sam believes that the video evidence puts subject UX1 directly infront of the gas injector unit and the radiation emitters."

"Subject UX1 is still alive after 34 days. Much of the former outer tissue has melted away and it is apparent that there is a much smaller humanoid body under all that goo. I cannot as yet find an volunteer to enter the room to try and clear much of it away. Med tech Jones hand is burned but is healing from the last try to remove the goo as it ate through his heavy gloves and chem suit in seconds."

"Subject UX1 day 78. We finally have the robotic mech arm with pressure hose in after much delays and is currently hosing down subject. A this point visual clues lead us to believe subject is prebesant female of approximately 14 years of age. Skin is currently a pink in color but appears undamaged under all that goo which seems to eat any try at a sample. Perhaps with the addition of dilution we may be able to identify it. Hair seems to be about waist length blond."

"Subject UX1 day 89. Subject has normal skin color. All attempts at tissue or blood samples have failed. Skin is pliable but is impenetrable. Mass of subject is surprisingly 180 pounds. Female subject has gained approximately 1 cm in height. Heart rhythm is normal. Both toenails and fingernails are metallic looking suggesting subject may have a metallic bone structure."

HUNGER! I snap upright from the bed I am on. I am soo hungry. I seem to be in a pink hospital gown of some sort. Oh well I can smell food nearby. That way. Mmmm yes. FOOD!!!

"Subject UX1 day 90. Subject woke up suddenly this morning and made a straight line to the mess hall. Subject seems to be abnormally strong. Normal containment will not be possible. Subject walked through walls to get to mess and then proceeded to devour large helpings of what was supposed to be our meals for the next week. both pork and beef approximately 3 cows worth where devoured, 5 15 pound turkeys, and every pickle jar instock approximately 5 cases of 12 jars 1 liter jars each. subject then fell asleep. We have moved her to one of the training room apartments that her niece X4 shared."

"WHAT THE ****** ******* ********* ******** ****** **** IS GOING ON!" I screamed.

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