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I know I know is she ever gonna finish one story ...Its not my fault every time I sleep a new story comes and this gosh forsaken muse will not let me alone till I doth write it.

Quit that!

Child prodigy. Simple words and when one is found you hear that they are usually sent or trained and then are in papers and such. But what of the ones that are not discovered.

Good question isn't it? I should know it turns out I am one such. My name is Dane Thomas. I do not have a middle name. However many of you may know me by a much different name. Sailor D. Yes I am she from that rock group. It all started about a year ago...

My family is poor. My mother did not take the death of my father well when we kids. Our slum of a house is not in the best neighboorhood, No dead stripped cars on this street, thats only because the hulks were cut up and removed to be sold as scrap metal. Like many houses here the front lawn has long since turned to seed, nobody can afford to cut their grass. Once white wooden fence is broken or falling apart. Steel doors on houses, and no lower windows they have been long since been either boarded up or bricked up. Most of the people on this block are struggling with mortgages.

One block over is a police station so the street doesn't see much crime during the day.

To me who knows no better it just is the way things are. Child welfare regularly visits this street looking for violators. My mother does fear these people. To that extent my mother does work. She is a waitress at a diner in a better area. She takes a bus to get there everyday and on weekends, holidays, and some evenings she is a maid at one of those reception things. When my sister and I were old enough we would help her at these receptions. I am not crasy about the white blouse, black skirt bit.

It started as a misunderstanding. You see my sister is older than me. I regularly get her hand me downs. Which would be okay if she wasn't a girly girl. I'm the only boy in the area that almost everyone thinks is a girl. The free clinic has so far been unable to explain why I look more like a girl. Heck I fit one of my sisters old bras quite well. I have worn panties since I was little.

I have put my foot down on a few things. The hand me downs I only wear inside the house. Underwear must have not been worn more than once. I prefer to wear jeans or jean shorts when possible. But like I said my sister is a girly girl so I have a number of skirts and girly tops. No dresses thank you very much I do draw the line somewhere. My sister buys most of her clothes with her babysitting money.

Don't get the wrong idea mother does buy us some clothes. Once a year I get new boy or boy cut jeans and a t shirt. This is bought along with school supplies. And new shoes. These are my school clothes. By the end of the school year they tend to get a bit treadbear though. I wear them out on special occasions or for the child welfare interviews.

You see like I said we are poor. My mother loves us tons but between paying for a mortgage, the bills and putting food on the table, much of which is leftovers from work, there just isn't money for anything else.

Hospital trips are avoided if at all possible. So for most part its the free clinic. They are not well funded so things like scans or even xrays are done at the hospital, which requires money, which we therefore cannot get. Antibiotics and some shots are free, other medications such as testosterone are not. I got a shot of testosterone once and got a bit sick so until they can do further testing I cannot even get that.

We know I am male that has been verified. But I really don't look like one, I don't even sound like one my voice has not broken. School is not fun. Since I am different many of the kids avoid me. Tormenting me is past its time. If the class is separated into boys on one side and girls on the other its a toss up to see where I am placed.

It is junior high and I like most of class mates am 13. I am fairly smart so I do have some friends. Most consider me a girl, sigh, and I am treated as such. It doesn't help that the school principle, school nurse, and counselor thought it best that I use the girls washroom and changerooms 2 years ago. There is limits on that. I am accompanied by an adult. The boys side just beat me up to often. Since I am male and do not shoot blanks this was the best compromise. Some parents are not thrilled about it.

I should also mention that just about everyone calls me Dee. Its a nickname as Dane and my appearance are a little much for most people. When I started to help my mom at the receptions the manager told her point blank that Dee has to dress just like all the other girls. Hence the black skirt and white blouse. Its just clothes you get used to it after awhile.

I am trying to make some money of my own. Its why my hair is so long and well kept. When it is long enough I will get it cut off and it will be someones wig. In the meantime I get free trims shampoos and whatnot at the local salon. $600 is alot of money. My ears are pierced for the reception thing. Otherwise I do not wear earrings.

So anyways, I was at home, making something to eat and doing my homework. My laundry was washed and hanging to dry for tommorow. In the meantime I was wearing one of my sisters old outfits, jean skirt and pink top with ruffles. My Hair was up in a pony tail High on the back of my head. It gets caught if I put it lower. My sister was out babysitting. Mom as usual was working.

Knock knock who could that be? I use the peep hole to see who it is. Its a couple girls from school. I don't even think about what I am wearing and open the door to let them inside quickly.

"Hey Jen what brings you guys here?"

"Wow Dee your cute."What? Oh my god.

"Its not what you think my clothes are drying these are hand me downs from my girly sister to wear till they are dry."

" You know with a bit of makeup and earrings nobody would mistake you for a boy" Like I need to be told this when I am trying to be a boy in the first place. Jen and a few other girls at school think I really am a girl.

"I wish my breasts were as big as yours" take them please I wont mind at all" what are they a c cup?"

"B cup. So why are you guys here, not that I mind friends coming over but it is unusual the area is a bit rough."

"Well girlfriend"cringe" we need another girl for the talent contest at school as Margie is grounded"

"Okay there is lots of girls as school. So why are you here?"

"Sometimes Dee you are so blond. We want you girl. You are almost the same size as Margie and should fit her costume."

"Common please Dee. We really need someone for our band."

"Yes Dee its so cool Jens da got us the coolest looking instruments and we have been practicing in their garage so that we look like we are really playing."

"The outfits are like tottaly uber cool" thats Sam she is a wannabe valley girl. It takes some getting used too to understand her.

All these comments would probably work on a girl but since I am not a girl, contrary to what I look like at moment, It has less of a chance of making me want to join. Don't get me wrong I am flattered that someone has asked me. I wasn't even thinking of going at all I usually miss these school things. I am interested in seeing the instruments though. I know Jens dad is like loaded. The only reason she comes to our school is that she is a bit of a rebel and got kicked out of some 4 private schools.

"We will give you the prize money if we win." Okay the $50 would go a long way to buying some new boy jeans.

"At least come look before you decide Dee." Homework is done and my laundry will take hours to dry on the line. The girls are already moving me towards the door while I am in thought.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to look after all." Maybe I can get 2 pairs of jeans.

"Cools!! Where is your purse?"

"Don't have one my house keys are on that table though." Brit hands me my keys and I lock the many locks on our door. Then try to shove them into my jeans pocket.. what the where is my... NO oh no. Yep I left the house in that blasted jean skirt and ruffle top. I look down I dont even have my shoes just the work ones. Gods I have to change and turn back to house.

"What are you doing Dee."

"I have to get changed before someone sees me like this"

"Why its not that out of date. You look great actually you should wear skirts to school." Sure and get the tar beaten out of me whenever a teacher is not looking. Not gonna happen.

Outside on other side of our fence is a Minivan. The door opens on its own and the girls enter. I have to follow of course. Karens mom is at the wheel. She is a nice lady and always kind. She like the girls is convinced I'm a girl however. I went to Karen birthday about 3 months back. I wore my best jeans and shirt. Her mom is something of a professional housewife. She can sew and make clothes. Its really impressive. Best I can do is some stitching as I am not allowed to use my sisters sewing machine.

"Dee its nice to see you dressed as a girl for once. Be careful to smooth your skirt under you dear and slide into cars when wearing a skirt. You don't want to get the boys excited." I really really should have gotten changed. I just blush and sit there after putting on my seatbelt.

We are soon on our way and about 2 blocks from my house I remember I didn't put away the bread and mayo. Nor did I leave a note. Hope I don't get in trouble.

Soon we pass out of the slums area into a mid class neighboorhood. Chainlink fences give way to open yards the further we go. Not long after we enter the new housing area that only the rich can afford. Open scuplted front lawns with patterned concrete walks and curving driveways leading to double and triple car garages. We eventually pull into one such driveway. This must be Jens house. The girls excitedly get out of the van before its even turned off. I kinda follow behind them but stop as the garage door opens revealing musical instruments.

There is a guitar on a stand its a very light pink but the base of the guitar is transparent. It seems to call to me. I approach it and pick it up. It feels almost alive in my hands and I strum accross the strings which release a rich sound muted of course since its electric but still it hits a corrosponding sound in me. I am soon putting my fingers to each metal bar on the neck which changes the sound. I am beyond joy and completely and utterly in a world all my own as I continue to stroke the strings and change my finger position. I find i can do multiple finger positions which change the sound again. I do not know how or why, nor do I really care, but I remember the place of each finger combination without looking.

After some time entranced in the moment of pure joy I start to make sounds like I have heard over the radio. One of my favorite is the opening of Sharp dressed Man by ZZ top. The guitar rift is just awesome. It takes me three tries to get the sound almost right. Exstacy. ABout this time I find a switch on the bottom of guitar which I can hear the sound I am creating issuing forth from the speakers around me. Its even better. With a huge smile on my face I rip into that into riff kinda flowing it out. The guitar base seems to light up with lightning inside of it. I just close my eyes and let go. The sound I am creating is a high like no other.

Soon however I have to stop as my poor fingers are sore. I have no calcuses for doing this. As the last notes die away on the wind I open my eyes to see the girls, Karens mom, three more ladies, and a couple of men and teenagers all staring at me with thier mouths open.

"I'm Sorry. Please don't be mad." I am shaking as I lovingly place that magic guitar into its stand again.' It just happened, I don't know what came over me. I swear I have never done anything like that before."

Tears of sadness overcome me and I choke out that I will leave and stuff. However my self pity is interupted by clapping. Soon all those at the garage entrance are all clapping hard with huge smiles on their faces.

"Dee that was awesome! I didn't know you could play! You are soo in the band now girl!" With that the girls all come over and smother me in a group hug.

"But I can't play. I have never even picked up a guitar before. Look at my fingers!" They are very red and one is actually bleeding.

"You mean like never ever?" The valley girl doth speaketh.

"Yes never."

"Oh My GOD! Your a prodigy." Whats a prodigy?

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