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What would you do if your soulmate didn't meet society's ideals?

"Excuse me ladies. Could you tell me who that is?"The smartly dressed man asked the two girls standing near the fountain in the mall.

The two girls looked at each other for a second then turned to face the rather handsome man.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I am just curious to who that is."

"Well thats Chris. Tina?"

"Yeah thats right" Answered the other girl."

"Christina. A lovely name for a lovely girl."

At this the two girls broke out in giggles but the gentleman was already on the move. When he was out of earshot the two girls continued the conversation.

"Oh my God! Tina he though that Chris was a girl!"

"I know he must be blind! Oh this is just too funny! We can't tell anyone they would never believe us. Oh which store did you say that top was on sale at?"

The two girls walk away from the fountain giggling and are soon lost among other shoppers doing what almost all teenage girls do. Shop shop and shop some more. The incident is soon forgotten as they find just the right outfits on sale. After all some things are just way more important.

Chris couldn't believe those girls. They had sprayed him with a bit of their perfume just to show him the scent. It was gonna take a shower and some serious washing to get rid of the scent. He didn't even like the sweet flowery smell of most perfumes, this one no exception but at least it didn't trigger his allergys.

He continued onto the Grabber's Model Emporium, his destination almost a second home, for the much needed paints and few plastic pieces he needed to finish off his latest masterpiece. You see unlike many teenagers Chris found that models were works of art. Each model he did was painstakingly redone to match as closely to real life pieces as possible. It took him days to finish the underhood wiring including sparkplug wires on his current project a 1969 1/2 hemi Charger Daytona. Everything was measured and correctly redone to proper scale. Most model kits the engine was either to small or too big and for this project he and Darren the stores manager had searched through 34 model kits to find the engine in the proper scale.

Darren was just as picky, or nutty depending on your point of view, as Chris. The walls of Grabber's had displays in glass of finished models all correctly done. In one case was a 1944 battleship with figurines in a basin of water. In another was one of Chris's own 1963 Fireengine complete with a hose and two firemen. Each case had a hand painted and quite detailed background courtesy of Darren's wife Diana.

Everytime Chris entered the store a calmness came over him and he couldn't help but to look at some of the displays even though he had seen them all 20 times before each.

"Hey Chris."

"Hey Darren is my order in?"

"I think so let me check. Take a look at the latest arrival here its an Estes booster kit for my C-130J Hercules II kit."

"Oh cools your still gonna make that thing fly somehow?"

"You bet I'm gonna have the coolest rc plane that flys and actually looks like a plane"

The kit was cool of course all the gadgets and R/C motor servos will get anyones attention, the fact that this kit cost over $300 usually deterred most people though. Chris was so intent on the kit that he failed to notice the one older gentleman walk into the store followed by another two guys that were obviously bodyguards of the lets blend in but stand out variety.

The gentleman browsed around the shop watching Chris. After all one wouldn't really expect a gentleman of his caliber to be interested in the lengths and colors of doll hair that he was supposedly browsing.

Chris's eyes did eventually settle on the model behind the glass inback of the counter, like it always did. The model in question was an ultra rare model from the 1980's a 1/16 model of the Airwolf helicopter from the popular television show autographed by the two main characters of the show. Its worth was probably in the thousands. Chris so wanted to get the kit and build it as he was a firm believer that a kit needed to be built. Having one in a box never to be made just didn't make sense to him.

Darren returned with Chris's order shortly of white plastic lines and some resin cast parts, in this case a resin cast hurst pistol grip shifter with actual wood. Chris got out his change from his coat pocket as he could never keep any stuff in his pants pockets they were just to tight for that.

"That will be $9.56 for everything." Darren said.

"Excuse me."Said the gentlemen"It would be my honor to pay for the ladies purchases." With that the gentlemen took out a platinum Gold credit card and layed it on the counter.

Chris was of course surprised that someone would want to pay for his stuff. The girl comment was nothing new he got mistaken for a girl alot lately. He blamed his hair. It wasn't long just touching his neck. The problem was that it had this nasty habit of curling inwards at the ends giving him a girly hairstyle. He usually kept it gelled back to a more masculine style but was in a rush to get his stuff and hadn't this morning.

Usually when some teenager mistook him for a girl or even an older lady he would put up a fuss and explain he was a boy. This time for some reason he didn't. There was something unnerving about this guy that just made the words stick in his mouth. Before he knew it the guy had paid for the model stuff and had the bag inhand.

"Uh thanks." Chris muttered. Chris reached for the bag but the guy pulled it away.

"Would you do the honor of joining me for a spot of lunch. My treat of course."

Somebody offering to buy a growing teenaged boy lunch. This cannot be refused as like most boys Chris was always hungry. It was a little weird and Chris thought the guy was most probably gay. Not the first gay guy to make a pass at him either. Chris was almost sure that if his face actually got hair this would go away. For now it was kind of a hoot.

"Uhmmm ok."

"Excellent! But we really must do something about your attire."

The man walked out of the store with Chris's bag and Chris had little choice but to follow wondering what was wrong with what he was wearing. It was clean and his pants only had the one glue mark on it. The man was making a good pace and his bodyguards, that he now noticed behind him, made Chris follow along at a fairly good pace. The man entered one of the more expensive Salons in the mall and was already deep in conversation with the lady behind the desk. Yes a desk a wood one at that not a fake marble counter.

"Ah here she is can you do something with her."

The lady came out from behind the desk and walked around Chris twice before replying that she could indeed.

"Come along Christina." With that she grabbed his hand and led him into the salon proper before he could stutter out a word. This was so unusual for him. Before he knew what was happening he had been subjected to a waxing, pedicure, manicure facial waxing , facial, and had his hair trimmed and restyled. They even put some makeup on his face. He just never got the chance to speak and in truth was quite scared of these people.

"Hmm not very mature yet uptop don't worry hun we can fix that too since your boyfriend is paying." Wait what? What boyfriend oh my god this is getting out of hand. He should have said something but again simple shock prevented a word. The lady returned shortly with a few boxes. From these boxes she removed some gel like substance and compared it with his skin. It was the third box that she found the ones she liked and then applied a glue to the back of the object and stuck it and its pair directly to his chest. His hands had been under a drier of some sort so he couldn't stop them. When he sat up again he found he now had a very convincing girls chest. They let him up to go finish getting dressed. In the changeroom where he had not 40 minutes ago removed his jeans and sweatshirt was a couple of obviously new items. Chris just stood there looking at them.

"Wher...where are my clothes?"

"Oh those old things. You really didn't need them girl. Your boyfriend got these for you to wear instead, which in my opinion will make you look so hot."

"But I don't want to look hot!"

"Too late now sugar."

"What do you mean?"

"Get dressed and Ill show you the finished product." with that the pushy hairdresser pushed him into the changeroom.

In the changeroom was a complete girls outfit. The top was a white with black swirls. Black edging with 3/4 sleeve and a deep v neckline that would show of his new breasts quite nicely. There was no bra but the top had built in support. The skirt wouldn't come down past midthigh if that. It was black and had soft folds instead of pleats. A good breeze would cause it to go up. There was black panties to match the skirt but these were control panties that , when he pulled them up, did a very good job of hiding his manhood. There was no pantyhose, which he was thankful for as in no way could he put such a thing on.

The shoes that replaced his worn running shoes were a small heel shoe with pointy toe and an ankle strap that took him a few minutes to buckle up having never done such a thing before. Chris told himself repeatedly that this was just to get out of this place and make his escape. He stepped out of the changeroom to smiles and a few claps from the staff that had done his transformation. When he was finnaly led to a mirror there was a girl in the mirror in the same outfit. She was a hot chick. It took Chris a minute to realize the chick was him. His legs at that point buckled under him and the ladies just caught him.

"Yes Christina that hot girl is you. We do good work here." They were smiling.

"This is horrible!"

"There there its not that bad. Don't worry your boyfriend will be shocked." He isn't the only one Chris thought. Mom is so gonna kill me.

Chris was led back to the front where a lady handed him a purse with some makeup and his few items from his coat in it. The gentleman took one look at Chris and whistled.

"I knew you were pretty but now you are beautiful Christina." The girl leaned over and told him to smile. Chris smiled much the same as he did for any picture, habit, and that was that. The gentlemen paid for the salon visit and then holding his arm walked out of the salon. Chris was in no way prepared for any of this so when he saw his mother just coming out of a store not 10 feet from him he waved to her.

"Mom!" He quickly broke free of the gentleman's grasp and went to hide behind her.

"Chris what in the world. Is that really you under all that crap?"

"Please mom saved me!"

The gentleman casually walked up to Chris and his mother.

"Excuse me sir but what have you done to Chris?" She said with a rather fierce look on her face. Had the gentleman noticed the scowl for what it was he would have apologized and walked away. He didn't of course. He just had a very amused smile on his face.

"Ah you must be the lovely Christina's mother. I can see the resemblance you are just as beautiful as your daughter. Would you also care to join us for lunch?"

Chris's mom was more than a bit taken aback by such a smooth comment and just nodded.

"Excellent to Chez Pierre then ladies!"

Chez Pierre is what one would call a first class restaurant. Its clientele were of the very expensive. A glass of water cost $22.00 and that was the cheapest item on the menu. While a bit unusual to be attached to the mall it really wasn't. Like the salon it was really a business on its own and the mall had built up around it. There was a big court case about it years ago. The case fell through and so the Salon and the restaurant were not technically connected to the mall. Its complicated.

We were seated rather quickly by a waiter in a sharp suit. First time I had ever seen such a thing. I could tell mom was totally impressed. We had of course heard rumors of this place but could never afford it. We had just sat down when the waiter came by and addressed the gentleman.

"Would your Highness care for a menu today?" he never even asked mom or me. How rude!

"No that will be alright James. Ill take a filet de minon with soup and that 39 chardoney. For the lady and her mother the house salad with garlic breadsticks."

"Very good Sir." I expected Mom to do something as she is not one to normally be ignored but this time she didn't. Instead her eyes were as big as saucers. As soon as the waiter left Mom apparently found her mouth again.

"Your Prince Hazam!"

"Correct milady."

"Come on Christina. We need to freshen up."

"Mom I don't really need to..."

"Now young lady!" She gave it that mothers command voice. So I followed her to the bathroom entrances and made my way towards the guys when she just about yanked my arm out of its socket and pulled me into the ladies room.

"Mom what gives?"

"Hush" with that she quietly checks the other stalls and we are apparently alone for the moment.

"I am sure I will get the full story when we get home but for now you are to be on your best girly behavior."

"But mom I can't.."

"Prince Hazan probably just spent more today than I make in 2 years. He can also cause me trouble as well as you. Do as I say so we can get out of this okay sweetie."

"But moooomm I don't know if I can do something like this its just so wrong."

"I know honey. If it was anyone else I would do something, but this is very important. I know I am asking alot of you to pretend to be a girl for an hour or two but its really in our best interest. Okay can you do that for me."

I kinda see her point. While I am not happy with it I can understand most of it. I give a nod.

"You make me so proud. This is a very brave thing to do. I may also enjoy having a daughter for the next hour."


She laughs"I was just teasing you and try 'Mother" its more of a girls thing."

Mom sorry Mother gave me a 3 minute rundown on how to act like a girl. Small bites sit with both knees together, which in this skirt was a really good idea. Not very comfortable though. Smile at our host and to speak softly? That I didn't get, how does one speak softly? Because of the heel on these shoes my butt was already going side to side, not alot but more than I was used to. I couldn't very well stomp around like usual apparently. I tried this heel toe business and inelegantly ended up on my behind. I just took shorter steps that was easier. The walk back to the table took longer though. Longer for me as mom kept pinching my hand on the way back when I took a longer step.

Sitting down in the skirt got me a look from mother, Ill have to ask about that later. Mom kept the prince in conversation. If she had pictures of me I am sure they would have been out. I just sat there and blushed alot. Some of the stories mom told were right just that in them I was a girl. I think it was her nerves more than anything. When mom gets nervous she talks. Alot. My knee got slapped a couple of times during the dinner when my knees drifted apart. The salad was less than filling. I have no idea how girls can eat this stuff. The tiny bowl of plain soup was more filling. When I reached for a bread roll mom slapped my hand and said something like your diet dear. I fumed. I was hungry.

Mom said at one point that I was very much a tomboy still that took after her dad. I don't like him actually. He and mom are separated and he lives like a block away. Something happened between the two of them. They still love each other I think but whatever happened dad left me his only son with mom. I resented that. He has never once helped me with baseball, football or any of the things I see other dads help their son with. He also always buys me the lamest model kits. I just don't really see him as a dad dad. He comes to visit alot but never really with me. I don't know why. He looks at me and his face always changes. Its like I did something wrong but I have never been told what.

The waiter comes by and breaks my thoughts as he asks if we want anything else. I am about to order a double cheeseburger and fries with gravy, hey its my staple food, when the Prince just asks for a desert menu. Before I can open my mouth again mom pinches my leg. I look at her as if to say what? She just shakes her head. I groan inwardly again with the girlie diet. I can't wait to get this farce over with.

"So Christina how come your into models?"Mom looks about to answer when I do.

"I just don't like to see beautiful models stuck in a box. Id rather spend my time bringing out the beauty of them myself than let them sit in dust and darkness."

"I feel the same way but about rather bigger models. I find it refreshing to encounter someone as young as you who would understand that. It is even more surprising that a very pretty girl such as yourself who is, no doubt, destined to be beautiful herself. Marry me."

"Well thanks its always nice to find someone who ...wait what did you say?"

"Marry me."

"Your highness Christina is much to young to think about marriage. She is only sixteen."

"As I understand it your legal requirements are sixteen for marriage with parental consent."

"Ah yes but you must also remember we do not really know you either. So although I do respect your highness, I must decline such an honor on my daughters behalf."

"Then I will have to recitify that."

"Don't I get a say in this at all? I don't want to get married to anyone! Mom lets go home please." I looked at mom with pleading puppy face. It usually works. This time as with others she agrees however before we can make our escape the waiter comes by with a selection of deserts on a tray. The prince picks out desserts for all of us and I must say the chocolate island fudge was really good.

The prince escorts us to moms Honda Civic that has seen better days. He hands me my bag with my model stuff inside it while I am standing beside the car. I look down and thank him for buying the model and dinner. He then did something I have never encountered before. He tilted my face up to face him and in slow motion he kissed me on the lips. I still do not know why but I closed my eyes and it was like little sparks of fire danced across my skin from his touch.

I mean here I am a boy kissing another man...

"Momma you were never a boy!"

"Yeah Momma boys cannot give birth to babies. And Jeremy says, sowwy, Jessica says you gave birth to us and even bread fed us."

"Well yes I did but if you let me finish the story girls."

"Momma your so funny"

With the the twin girls move out of the Crown Princess Christina's grasp and run around in their little silk nighties screaming as all young girls do.

"Problems dear?" Askes Crowned Prince Hazam to his wife of 15 years.

"No thats ok." She walks up and kisses him on the lips gently. The prince enfolds her in his arms.

"My hair dear."

"Oh right. Uh we are expected downstairs shall we let the nanny take care of them?"

"You know I don't like to rely on a nanny its my responsibility as their mother.."

The two of them leave the palatial room to the three nannys and walk down the hallway.

"So what were you telling them. About how Jessica is now their sister?"

"No just the first day we met. And how I was a boy at the time.."

"You were never a boy. A tomboy maybe but never a boy. You were far too pretty even then."

With that the crown prince and princess walk side by side down the marble hallway the click of her heels can be heard as she lays her head against his shoulder.

The end?

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