The Purge

The small plastic yellow container with its childproof white top sailed through the air. It was a pill bottle and if you looked hard enough you could make out premarin 1.25mg with the dosage label stating take one pill 3 times daily.

The pill bottle hit the lilac colored wall of the kitchen followed soon after by two more small bottles in a wide pattern no where near the trash container. The person that threw them having never been a athletic person had a really bad aim.

Jason Hayworth, and it was 'Jason' at the moment, was upset and crying. although Jazz , his long term nickname, was wearing ill fitting men's cut jeans and socks it was easy to tell that this person was more female than male. The small but firm breasts a dead giveaway. He wore no shirt but had a bandage in a small delicate hand whose nails showed the ravages of a hasty nail cutting. The small bits of leftover pink nail polish near the cuticles should have told their own stories.

Jazz's face while not wearing any visible makeup was telltale raw from the vigorous cleaning that had been done just a few minutes ago. The bedroom from which this figure had just left showed various drawers pulled out and a pile of clothing on the floor still with all the hangers attached. His hair was wild while not super long it was more than long enough to be put into a ponytail. The salon styled hair of 2 hours ago still showed signs of being there. Ruined by rain and then a rough brushing to hide it but still there if you looked hard enough.

Jazz's stumbled from side to side like someone 'under the influence' not because she or he was drunk but because he was trying, and failing rather badly, to walk like a man. With tears streaking down his or rather her face Jazz picked up the landline phone. Collapsing into the couch with both of her legs tucked to the side, an unconscious gesture, she dialed the phone number she knew better than her own.


I couldn't believe the traffic! Here I am trying to come to the rescue of my BFF Jasmine and every little old man and lady who couldn't even see above their steering wheel, let alone follow anywhere close to the speed limit was getting in my way!

"Use your damb turning signals!" I shouted inside my car, not that anyone could hear me.

Not ten minutes ago I was at home, or was it an hour ago? I was just doing some light cleaning, dusting nothing major but it helps to do a bit each day and not have a pile. When I got 'That call'.

All she said to me was "I need you" and I knew something was really wrong. That poor girl has been through so much. It's not fair how rough life is to her.

I remember the first day she showed up at Middleton junior high in grade seven. In walks this girl, who somehow just screams girl, but trying so hard to act like a boy she was dressed as. Her books were held halfway to her chest and you could see she was trying to not hold them there but instead more of a boyish one hand hold at the side. She couldn't even do that as they just ended up on the floor. We all giggled at that. My heart just went out to her as she bent down at the knees to sit on her ankles, just like any other girl does, and tried to pick up her books.

I really don't think she even knew how feminine she was even then. Some of the guys instinctively rushed to help this cute looking girl with her books. Hoping I guess to get on her good side right away. As per usual the teacher asked her to tell the class a little about herself.

Her voice was as delicate and high pitched as any of us girls but I think most if not all of us were shocked when this slim but cute girl told us her name was Jason Hayworth. A boy her I mean really who did she think she was fooling. She was so embarrassed at that point she probably didn't even notice that her books were clutched tightly to her chest.

Our school wasn't one of the biggest around but it wasn't that small. We had seen or heard about these trans people who went from Male to Female and Female to Male. There was that kid in class 8c that may be one. This was the first time we had even encountered, what we all assumed, was a Female to Male. Gosh were we ever wrong.

That first day poor Jasmine, er Jason was all alone as nobody knew what to do with this poor girl. Yes even many of the boys though she was a girl they would leave the bathroom if she entered, not out of spite but courtesy. The few boys I had talked to said she would always go to a cubbie to do her duty. Nobody knew for sure if she was really male at all.

School was school and we just did our thing day after day but that girl. It hurt to see her trying so hard to be a boy. She would always correct anyone that called her a girl,Miss, or her. Always the same response 'I'm sorry but my parents say I am a boy'. I think she knew, even then, that she was really a girl. Our shared gym classes she would wear those awful looking sweat pants and try to play the rougher games with the boys. It never worked though. Always the last picked for teams and I think I threw a ball better than she ever did.

I had asked mom about her, and so did Em and Patty. Not one of our moms had any real answer for us. Mom's answer was "Sometimes mistakes are made before a baby is born" a maddening answer if there ever was one. It took me years to get her meaning.

"Fricking tourist learn to drive asshole!" thankfully mom is not here to listen to that or I would be sucking soap for sure.

It was about a week when some jerk found out she was in fact really the boy she claimed to be. I don't know who it was but school being school it went around like wildfire. In short everyone knew that Jason really was a boy. Normally this would mean that Jason would be stuffed into lockers, tripped, or shoved around alot, not to mention getting beat up after school.

Strangely that did not happen. The kid in 8c did get beat up as usual and called names, however Jason didn't. Oh sure there was some shoving and names but for the most part was just left all alone. I think just about everyone teachers included saw her as a girl. When she wasn't trying, which wasn't often you could see her reactions, gestures, and mannerisms were that of any other teenaged girl. It was not something she did consciously. Even her 'male' walk was more feminine than male.

I wanted so badly to help her. Emily, Patricia, and myself were being stuckup little bitches worried about how our friends would see us. It was bad enough that while most of the girls looked down on us for not having our ears pierced or wearing makeup, our rather strict parents the cause of that. I can still hear mom's voice" You should concentrate on school and not boys."
I can see her point of view now and in a way thank her for it. Still it made school harder for us. The fights Mom and I got into over it make me smile even now. I was such a rebel rouser.

Still we were scared to approach this girl. We could all see that with the right clothes, hairstyle and makeup she would be a beauty, probably the best looking girl in school. However she was a boy and tried valiantly to act like one as best she could. I don't mean that in a bad way its just that if someone is a girly girl at heart, and Jasmine is definitely one if I ever saw one, just can't be a boy no matter how hard the try.

Now that I think on it peer pressure just sorta moved her from the boy side of things to the girl side. It just happened I can't explain how I just did. I overheard some boys talking once about her.

"Jason is cute too bad she isn't a girl." said one boy

"I know what you mean dude. If she was a girl I would so date her."Said another.

"We should push her around like Da says we should do to all the sissys and queers."

"I dunno dude I just can't do that to girls. Boy sure but well you know."

"She is a boy!"

"Like dude open your eyes and look that is no boy."

They just argued and I never really found out who it was. It was a similar argument with the prissy girls at school. They wanted to do something to her but since Jason always and politely corrected people that she was a boy they couldn't do anything.

Eventually one of the boys did decide to do something. That was the day we became friends. Em and I were waiting outside for Patty as she was being held back with the teacher when we heard a commotion out front of the school. Curios we went to look just like half the school did. In a circle was poor Jason and one of the beef ninth graders. Jason was on the ground crying and here was this guy, I think his name was Bart not sure, standing over him fists at the ready. Yelling at him to quit being a baby and take it like a man or something.

I saw red and pushed my way past all the kids. I should have been scared to death but wasn't until much later. There I was in a denim skirt and plain top inserting myself between them.

"Leave her alone you big meanie!" Master of words I was not. Giggle.

"Stay out of this girlie!" he said.

"No you pick on one of us girls you pick on us all." I still have no idea where that came from. I remember panting hard at the time.

"She, I mean he, Oh whatever! You can have the little faggot." Amazingly he walked away. I heard his buddies egging him on some but the fight just left him somehow. I was exhilarated. I stood up to someone and it didn't hurt. The crowd broke up but I could see a measure of respect from some of the other girls they just gave a slight nod and then walked away. I was on cloud nine and it wasn't until Em and now Patty rushed over that I remembered Jason.

We helped her up and I brushed off the grass and dirt on her pants from where she had landed. We brought her inside the school and to the girls washroom where we helped calm her down and clean up the few small smudges on her face and clothes. One of the teachers came in to ask what had happened and we told her. Not once did anyone question Jazz's right to be in the girls restroom.

We all became fast friends that day. Over the years we tried to help her with her rather overbearing family. They would have none of it. To them Jason was a boy and that was all there was to it. His older brother and younger sister were even in on the act. I think but am not sure the rest of her extended family were of the same mind. Bunch of self righteous bigots if you ask me. I know that poor girl would cut off her arm to help anyone of them. She loves her family so much it has brought me to tears quite a few times.

I remember in grade 12 on prom night when we got her all dressed up in her prom outfit at my place she was so beautiful. It was like watching a butterfly unfold. She had the best time of her short life that night. A night I am fairly sure we will all treasure deeply. It was the after when she got home in her prom dress and all her finery that wasn't that much fun. Her mom made her remove it all. While she was taking a bath her mom took everything and put it in a garbage bag. The dress and everything would have been lost if Emily had not had the foresight to shadow her mother and retrieve the bag from the dumpster. I think her ,then boyfriend Thomas, helped.

Just a few short weeks ago during Em's marriage to Thomas that the incident was brought up. She made a big show of giving Jasmine the dress back, all cleaned and bagged, during her bachlorette party. Poor Jasmine was in tears she was so happy to have it back. I found out later she got the rest too but only after the rest of the girls left.

Jasmine has been trying off and on since graduating highschool to be the girl she really is. I remember her first job interview. It was a simple waitress/waiter job interview. She was doing great till they told her the required dress for girls was a black skirt and white blouse. Jazz told them she was really a boy and it went bad, really bad from there. I told her to report them to the authorities but she wouldn't.

She eventually got a job at the gas station manning the till. Nobody told her that this was more of a girls position. The wife of the owner even told her the name tag was a misprint since it said only Jas instead of Jason. I don't think we were fooled but Jazz was proud of the job anyways. It didn't pay much but since we were all rooming together she had some of her own cash to spend.

It took us awhile to convince her to work as the girl she really is and attend night classes. She was reluctant at first because her no good family would disapprove. Even after they had all but run her out of the house she still cared for them deeply. I will never understand her. They treat her like shit and she loves them!

I parked my car just outside her apartment building into one of the vistor spaces. The ride up the elevator gave me more time to think. Well fret really. I almost ran to the door of her apartment. I could have knocked but just let myself in. The sight of the entryway didn't give me much hope. In the entryway I could see her blue pumps covered in muck that was still wet. Her purse on the sideboard was open and most of her wallet was unpacked. It looked like she was trying to purge again.

With a sigh I took off my coat, shoes, and placed my own purse on the sideboard. Walking into her living room I saw her laying on the couch where she must have cried herself to sleep. It was hard to picture this half naked girl as the same bridesmaid who out shown the bride at Emily's wedding.

I could have left her sleep but I didn't instead I sat down beside her which woke her up. Her "Oh Jan" and the crushing hug let me know how bad she was feeling. It took me awhile to calm her down during which time I made a plan of my own. As expected she told me she was going to get rid of her girl stuff and be the man her family expected her to be. Apparently her tire blew out on a side road during the heavy rain earlier. She had phoned her parents, just like a good girl should, for help instead of getting help her father had told her she was a boy and to man up and change her own tire. Which she did while wearing her dress. I suspect there was alot more said but let it pass for now.

I know from experience its almost impossible to change a tire in a dress even in good weather. How she managed to do that in a heavy rainstorm is beyond me. But I could see how it would affect her. I got her to calm down and put on a bra and top since she was dressed indecently. I helped her wash her hair and then spent some time brushing it out. She talked about getting a military style buzz cut like a boy should have. I just calmly brushed her gorgeous red hair that had finally reached the middle of her back. It had taken her years to let it grow out this long and there was no way I was gonna let her ruin it for some bigots.

She told me I could have any of her clothes as they were all going to go into the trash or goodwill. It was tempting that was for sure. She had this way of choosing just the right outfit from a store, any store, that was just wow. It took us awhile to free the girly girl in her but when we did it was like wow. It seems that in no time her girly girl clothes far outnumbered any boys clothing she had. So as much as there was a number of outfits I think I would look smoking hot in I refused, at least silently anyways. I let her use the bathroom while I started to pick up things. I notice she had tried to throw her medication into the garbage again. Good thing she is such a bad aim. I picked up the bottles and placed them on the counter.

I remember the first time she went to the gender specialist. She was so nervous that I had to go in with her. I almost laughed when the Doctor took one look at her and asked why she wanted to be a boy. It took us a few minutes to explain things. I really didn't ever think she would have a problem with any of it. These pills she has been taking now for 4 years have had an effect on her that's for sure. Her body just seems to eat them up, when she does take them, and she really looks like a girl now all over.

I know she has been approved for corrective surgery. I just can't think of it as sexual reassignment surgery, since she isn't being changed from one sex to another. She has always been a girl just with some plumbing issues. So its corrective surgery. Still I haven't heard her tell me of a 'date' for it yet.

Putting my plan into motion I grabbed a trash bag from the kitchen. In her bedroom I searched for her stash of male clothing, I found it of course. I grabbed a pair of fresh panties for her and a nice coral colored medium length skirt. I waited outside of her bathroom for her to finish, which really didn't take that long. As she came out I told her to change into the skirt and panties. She refused at first but I got her to wear them anyways.

She was puzzled to why I made her change when it was the last day, her words not mine, that she would wear girls clothing. I told her the truth. She asked for my help and I was here to help her. It wasn't until I had packed most of her boy stash into the bag that she realized what I was doing. She tried to argue me out of taking her boy stash but I was having none of her nonsense.

It got to heated words at one point me refusing to give back her boy stash and her alternately pleading with me to give them back. I couldn't do that to my friend. I had to help her and the best way I knew how was to remove the temptation of the male clothing. I felt awful doing it but it was for her own good.

"You did the right thing Janet"

"If it's so right why do I feel so bad Mom?"

The end.

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