A woman scorned

Ever have one of those dreams that are just weird? Good. Now add a manic muse that has just ruined your best battery recharger and well you get...

I had turned off the noisy alarm in my lab. I was sitting at my desk my "uniform" black skirt was scrunched up but I didn't care. Same with the stupid cross tie on the white blouse. The top few buttons were undone exposing my creamy white breasts to the world. I didn't care a wink anymore. My long auburn hair with its incredibly annoying natural curls that just attracted knots hung down my back free from its normal bun prison. My nylon clad legs were spread apart, well as much as the stupid skirt ever allowed. My flat black ballerina shoes on my feet preventing the cement covered fake marble from leeching anymore heat from my short 5' 4" in body. Honestly I don't think I even put on makeup this morning.

I drank another glass of that wonderful bottle of scotch as the base rocked from an explosion. Yelling could be heard through my thick lab door. It opened suddenly to reveal the man I hated with a passion. The man who had ruined my life. General Arnold Macsmith, I think its a fake name, entered my lab his normally well kept appearance looked haggard. His coat was missing a few buttons and was noticeably ripped down the one sleeve exposing a little blood.

"Just what the hell do you think your doing! You have to stop that that.." He started.

"My what? My daughter? Your super soldier? Take a pick you wanted this you deal with her!" such nice scotch. Single malt blue label. Pity it doesn't really do much more than give me a nice buzz anymore.

The General was wearing an earpiece radio that had fallen out. I could hear shouts of orders as my creation literally ripped apart platoons of soldiers as if they were paper. I smiled a silly smile. The General latched onto the top of my blouse and hauled me up out of my chair to my full hieght way below his 6 foot frame. A frame I once had. An unnoticed tear left my right eye.

"Dammit Louise! I set up this lab for you to make me a soldier not a friggin freak that was insane! This is your fault!"

"My fault! Is it my fault that I had almost worked out a genome to alter a human being to prevent cancer. Cancer that could have saved my mothers fucking life when you did your little stunt."

The general released my blouse with a look of surprise on his face.

"Yes General I know. That accident in my lab that caused my body to change into this this mockery of my mother was no accident! You planned this all to get to my mind and its research!" I was leaning back on my bench and poured myself another large glass." You think I wouldn't find out! Fuck man you should know better especially after I saw what the serum did to those chimps." I downed the glass in one gulp it burned going down setting up a nice furnace in my stomach that unfortunately disappeared fast. Dam healing ability. I had tried to kill myself more than a few times. The bus was painful but here I am without a scar anywhere.

It was that part of the change that the general had wanted duplicated onto a soldier they could control. Or so he thought. It was a very annoying ability I could shave off this head of hair and an hour later you could not tell it had ever been cut off. It grew back, it always grew back! I looked like a younger version of my mother. I hated it. I was her son! The picture on my desk of a 6 foot well built guy in a nice sweater in slacks holding onto an older lady who looked alot like I do was not my husband as many assumed. It was a picture of me before the accident. Or should I call it incident? It was no accident that I happened to get injected with my, as yet unknown to me,untested serum to remove cancer from a persons body.

I had the needle in my hand when the wall blew in throwing me across my university lab into a pile of other chemicals. They of course lit me up like a torch the needle unnoticed stuck into my heart. I had screamed before the pain caused me to black out. The report now on my keyboard drawer stated the sprinkler system had managed to put me out. The explosion was only supposed to pop the door open but they had not calculated for the metal reacting with the explosive. In essence the chemical they used on my lab door had made it unstable instead of just the brass door lock. So with the second chemical and the small fuse it went off like a large bomb.

The report said it was to be an extraction along with all relevant materials. Well they extracted me and what they could find. What amazed them and their doctors was that I recovered at an alarming rate. In a week all burns were gone. In three weeks while still in a coma my body changed. When I did wake up I was completely changed. I looked in a mirror to find my mother staring back at me. The mother I remembered from my childhood not the wrinkled and bald lady lying in a hospital bed. The chemo had ruined all her hair. She had wasted away to almost nothing before her heart just gave out. I remember being in that white room with its many machines beeping away and helping her breath when everything just stopped. Her hand went ice cold in my hand. It didn't really release its death grip on my hand or at least I don't remember it.

I sat up in the bed I was in and exclaimed mom loudly! I was happy to see her healthy again but the mirror was not of my mother. It was me. Somehow I had changed to look like her. The women doctors told me it was not mom but what I would have looked like had I been born female. They said I had my fathers eyes and ears. I still don't believe them that is my mother. Or I should say this is my mother not me.

"Why did he change into into ...her?" General interrupted my memories. I smiled an evil smile.

"Why did I change into my mother? Fate maybe?" I was playing with him I couldn't resist.

"For the last time you are not your mot..Oh forget it! Louise your creature is tearing apart my men. Save them tell me how to stop her!" He was trying to be nice. Once it might have worked.

"Remove the E its Louis what my mother named me. Use it General. I did for 29 years." I poured another glass.

That first week had been horrible. I had tried to slash my face, arms, even jumped off the hospital building and down 4 stories. It didn't work I lived. I pleaded and begged to have surgery anything to be made a man again. I was mostly ignored. My escape was simple I jumped out the second story window broke both legs waited a few minutes for them to heal and then ran out into the street my hospital gown billowing around me as I ran full tilt for an oncoming bus. It hurt alot and took me 2 days to heal up. I cried alot during that time.

I was perhaps a month or two later I was allowed out after alot of therapy. The military of course welcomed me with open arms. Not that I really had alot of choice as they wanted me to become a weapon. I am a pacifist it doesn't work with my kind. I am just not motivated to harm another human being. Threats of death for someone who would welcome it falls flat as well.

Eventually they set me aside in a top level clearance lab. I can't say secret as just about everyone knew about it. They had me working on trying to recreate what happened to me and if possible improve it. I knew from the beginning they wanted a super soldier. It gave me direction at least. I always enjoyed spending hours hovered over a microscope.

The sounds of a wall coming down and gunfire outside the room I was in jarred my thoughts back to the present. I swirled the scotch around in my glass and took another sip before the General knocked it across the room.

"That was single malt. I had to bride a few Sargents to get that."

"Dammit Louise put yourself together man. I need..." he started before I interrupted.

"Man! Look at me! I am no man any longer but a fucking god dam woman!"I could have ripped open my blouse and exposed my white lace bra but thought better of it.

"This is all your fault! You did this to ruin me! Well the laugh is on yo..." He never finished as my "daughter" burst through the door in all her bloody gory looks. Her bat like wings blood red from the blood her previously male uniform hung in tatters all over her body. Her new form was swimming in them.. okay well maybe at the start but the blood had soaked it to her skin. Her long arrow tipped tail whipped around back and forth. Her long talons sprang forward impaling the general. His eyes didn't even roll back before she fed on him.

She ate his head before turning to me. Even in her fury she knew that hurting me doesn't work since I just heal up like she does. She took first one step then another towards me. As she moved her fury shrank as well as her body. The tail slowly came into her body the talons retracted as well as her wings. She did not notice any of this however she was intent on getting to me. In four steps she had reverted to the form of a young girl maybe 12 just beginning to bud.

Private Mark Martens stopped a foot from me weaving side to side as exhaustion overcame her. She struggled a bit more.

"Why?" She asked me before she fell to the floor and her previous life vanished. When she woke she would have no memories of anything. It was the only gift I could give my daughter. I bent down and picked her up effortlessly. I had never let anyone know my true strength. As far as I could guess without testing it I could probably lift a ton or so without breaking a sweat.

"Don't worry my little Marcie mommy will take good care of you." I told the now sleeping child in my arms.

I walked from that lab through the wreckage of the former base. Not a single human living could be seen. Most had probably run in fear of my daughter. Others in the final protocol I knew was coming. I knew that my daughter had received her antidote of the general's brain so she would just be as close to an ordinary girl for the rest of her life now so there was no need to fear her anymore.

The blast from the explosion that erased everything on the base framed me and my daughter as we walked away. I did not know what the future would bring but I knew two things. One all evidence of what happened to me and how to replicate it had just been vaporized.

But more important I had a new life ahead of me with this bundle in my arms. Clothing would be a problem though. After the shockwaves had stopped and I looked down I noticed that we were both buck naked. Clean from the fire but still naked. Buying clothes as a woman was such a bitch!

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