My name is Bob!

My name is Bob Samson it has been that way since the day I was born contrary to what certain other people might think.

I'm 19 years of age at this time out of highschool where I was a relief pitcher for our baseball team, a runningback spare for the football team, and a second string in the basketball team for 2 our of my 3 highschool years. While I was not the most handsome of men or the most beefy due to my small boned frame I had a fair amount of muscle that I had pumped up over the course of my junior high days which I continued to do in highschool.

A 5'7 1/2" frame meant I was the shortest on the team but by no means the smallest. At my peak I was a good 195 pounds. I almost lost my virginity to my steady girlfriend , Tammy Myers, on prom night but just as we were about to start she had to start her lousy period. Nothing is more of a turn off than seeing a girl's vagina leak blood. She insisted we could still do it but Little big boy couldn't get up again after.

We kinda broke apart after that much to my parents dismay. After I graduated, with merit but not honors, dad insisted I go to work. The local supermarket had a job for me moving boxes around in the back of the store. That is exhausting work. There is about 3 or 4 trucks that come by daily with different foods that have to be shifted around by hand onto pallets as most of them get scattered around in the trucks. After they are on a pallet again they are easy to move.

Amazingly enough I lost some of my muscle mass doing this though I was in even better shape overall. Something about arabobic vs anarobic exercise. To build up muscles I was really working at it before where now I was usually exhausted by the time I got home. I would eat during work, free meals from the store. My shift would end at midnight so I almost never really got to see my dad during the time. The money was pretty steady, not a lot, but since I had nothing to spend it on it went into the bank and stayed there. I spent the days off, Monday and Tuesday, taking care of laundry or mowing the grass my long time chores at home. Yes mom made us do our own laundry, except bedsheets and certain other things, and she would cook supper for us. Mom is great at cooking and her baking is to die for.

She is also something of a health nut as she runs a health food store. Hence our meals not only taste great but are healthy for us. One of the reasons dad and I never got fat at home I guess.

The plan was for me to work 3 years and at the age of 21 I would go to university and work at becoming a medical doctor or something along those lines. Whatever I worked would go towards tuition and my parents would pay what they could towards university course fees and whatnot. As a legal adult, which is really annoying in this state btw, I was eligible to take the starter course since my grades in some of the basic highschool sciences were not quite up to par. I almost flunked biology. Lesson learned do NOT go to an after party the night before an exam!

Still I was working towards that goal and our family was quite happy until I started to get stomach cramps. Or so I though I ignored them for a few days before I went to the doctor. He took some blood tests and then had me wait in the room while he had them done. When he came back he had me bend to my right and he pushed into my side towards the back. It hurt so much I screamed and almost passed out. From the exam room I was rushed to the hospital where I was booked in for surgery. My appendix or something was close to bursting which was where the pain was coming from.

That was fine and I had no problem with them doing so. Same with my worried parents who waited for me after the surgery or so I've been told. I remember the nurse putting something into an iv line asking me to count back from 100. I got to 98 and then nothing but waking up really groggy and feeling incredibly weak. I also found out I was strapped down in the bed. I had no idea what had happened or why. I could tell something had happened as the window outside showed snow. I had gone to the doctors for stomach pain in June.

A nurse found me awake and told me to wait. What as strange is that she called me honey when she did. She came back in later with some water in a cup that I drank as I could speak otherwise. After she left I tried to look around but I was too weak to move anything. I found out later they had strapped down my arms to prevent me from doing something stupid when I woke.

I knew something was up when mom came in with tears streaming from her eyes and dad had this pissed off look on his face. Mom did her best to talk to me and explain what had happened to me. Apparently some dumb shit by the name of Samson Roberts wanted to become Samantha Roberts and he had been booked in for gender reassignment surgery as well as facial feminization surgery. He was booked into room 103 while I had been booked into room 301. Totally different name and floor but somehow the computer screwed up and they took him for appendix removal and me for the other surgery. During my surgery my appendix did burst so ontop of screwing up my genitals they had to deal with that as well.

The other guy ended up dieing on the table as he reacted to the antibiotics they pumped into him. He was allergic to penicillin where I was not. I was in a state of shock as mom explained this to me. While they removed the appendix they also found an ovary inside me, immature and dormant but there. While I had been out in a coma I had healed up from the accidental surgery and they had fed me female hormones which got my ovary working so now my own body produces the estrogen.

I was eventually released into my parents care. Mom and dad had pulled one on me and got my name changed to Roberta Emily Samson while I was in the coma. This was not my choice nor do I respond to that name. I have asked the doctors a number of times what can be done to repair me to my former male glory. I have been told repeatedly that this is not possible and I will be a woman for the rest of my life.

I will not surrender to that and continue to seek out someone who will restore me to my proper male gender. Mom tries to call me Robbie or Bobbie, a more feminine sound name, but I refuse to respond to it. Nor would I wear these stupid female clothes if I could keep a pair of mens jeans up around my now slim waist. The face in the mirror is not the one I remember. The small perfect little nose is not my broken mess of a nose, though I have to admit I do like being able to breathe through it again. The smooth soft skin on my face is not the rough skin I remember and thanks to electrolysis, courtesy of mom while I was out in the hospital, my beard will never return.

I have a therapist that has been trying to help me come to terms with the "fact" that I am now Roberta Samson female age 20. Most of the sessions have me yelling at her letting out my frustrations. Due to the stupid hormones in my system this also involves crying at really odd times. My chest now supports two very annoying B cup breasts that mom seems proud to see me wear. I try to avoid the bras and stick with sports bras or tape and a sweater.

I have lost what few friends I still had from highschool except for my old girlfriend Tammy. She has been helping me to learn to be a girl and how to take care of myself. I still love her although she has made it clear she doesn't swing that way. She says we are just good friends even though I tried to kiss her like I used to.

It is because of Tammy that I'm at this stupid carnival in a stupid summer dress. The dress leaves no room to wear a bra under it. While I have this thing called a slip under it the dress only comes down to my knees. I have to admit that it does feel kinda nice to wear and is not as hot as I thought it would be. My now smooth and hairless legs, thanks to my first ever waxing, feel erotically pleasing.

My face is all done up with cosmetics, which I did myself though how she talked me into doing so I'll never figure out, and I hate to say is really quite pretty. My former muscular frame is now almost delicate. I know nobody would recognize me so I do not fear that. Nor does my voice sound like it used to as the tube that was in my throat during the hospital stay did something to my voicebox and it sounds depressingly soft and feminine no matter how hard I try to speak deeply.

Tammy still tries to get me to follow her into womens washrooms but I refuse to go to the bathroom there and have actually peed my panties, this new vagina I have still takes some getting used too, waiting to use a unisex or mens room. Hence why I'm standing here by myself dressed up in a costume waiting for her to finish doing whatever she does in there.

This guy beside me has been trying to hit on me for the last 5 minutes with really lame lines. Lines I used on Tammy once come to think of it. I'll admit he is kinda cute for a guy but I refuse to swing that way. I'm not gay!

So why are my panties wet whenever I look at him? Why are my nipples feeling weird. And why wont he leave me alone!

"My name is Tony can I at least get your name beautiful?" so lame.

"My name is Bob!"

The end.

--SEPARATOR--Lil Jaci giggles to herself. She had watched a movie called "What about Bob?" earlier and this idea had struck her as kinda fun to write out. She smiles as she clicks the submit button and then tabs over to her other open story about Bill in the ladies washroom. The story is almost there for her to write but not quite yet.

"Jacilynn Marie! You get away from that computer and go help your sister shovel the sidewalk this instant young lady!" an upset Tante Drea announces as she comes into her room.

"But Tante I.."

"I don't want to hear it! You and Dottie wanted to play around with my makeup without my permission well now you have to do the punishment. Now get young lady!"

"Yes Tante." Jaci says from her pouting lip moments from tears. She knew looking at the makeup was a bad idea but it looked so interesting and she just had to see what it felt like. With a sigh and a sniff she pulls up her pink ski pants over her denim skirt and white tights. She next puts on the matching pink winter coat with its Ariel picture on the left hand side. Her white leather mitts with the puffy edges go on next along with her white wool scarf around her face and neck which is stuffed down her front above her small B cup breats and zips up the coat. With her hood up she steps into her pink and white winter boots and goes outside to help a similarly dressed but in the Tinkerbell version and light fuscia outfit dressed Dottie push around the snow.

With an evil little smile on her innocent face under the scarf she crouches down to gather snow into her mittens...

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