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My head felt like a someone had used a sledgehammer on it. Then I remembered, last night they had give all us pledges a large drink of what I believe was just a tad more than legal alcohol limit. Which would explain the hangover. I again silently cursed my long dead father. It was because of him that I had been pledged to the fraternity of a bunch of low intelligent Jocks. I heard a groan and turned my aching head to the side. Beside me was a blur. I had to blink a few times to register that the blue was someone. It took me a few minutes to figure out it was, of all people, Mark Tanner.

Unlike me Mark actually looked like a jock. 6 feet and 250 pounds of pure muscle. I could only hope to one day be as big as him. Due to undescended testicles, I was stuck at 5 feet 131 pounds till I could afford the time off to get my testicles to descend. The procedure was relatively simple a few cuts and they pop out. Till then they are stuck in a semi mature state up above my rather small penis. It was diagnosed when I was 12 and they hadn't descended. There is some tissue that is preventing it. At the moment I couldn't really get a girl pregnant if I tried. The surgery itself would cause me to be in a body cast for 2 months while certain muscles healed.

Its not a big issue and I could have had it done last year during my 1 year work experience after highschool. I opted to wait till I finished college. I figured I would have less distraction and could complete my studies that much quicker. I had my MRI and tissue exam every year to make sure nothing unexpected was gonna happen. So far everything seems fine. The only problem is I'm a runt until they descend and flood me with the correct amount of testosterone. I know I could have taken pills and stuff but since I was otherwise healthy, and I hate pills of any kind. Mom and I just said no.

Don't get me wrong I am not without any testosterone I do get some just not the full amount so my masculine development is slow. I have just gotten some peach fuzz on my face and arms. Legs are chest are still bare although I do have one black hair on one nipple that is like 3 inches long. My face you really have to look hard and in the right light to see it. I do not really look like a girl, Just more of a teenage than an adult. This caused a bit of a hassle with drivers license.

It doesn't help that my name is Terry. Just Terry not Terrance or anything like that. Which is fine by me really. I have been dressed up as a girl once or twice for halloween but wasn't all that passable due to my walk and masculine mannerisms. In highschool nobody made a big deal out of it as I was a theater major. I was usually cast as the teenager or child in plays. My favorite parts were as a zombie or other weird creature. I love special effects. It is my hope to get into that field. Which is why I am enrolled in the university under a theater major but under makeup/special effects instead of acting. Most of my classmates are girls with a few openly gay men as well.

I am not gay,bisexual, or anything really I guess you could call me asexual. I just have no real interest in it. Another reason for the delay on getting flooded with hormones. I have seen the effect they have on people and being turned into a glibbering idiot when a girl passes by is not appealing to me. Mark was the defensive back or some such thing in my highschool. He didn't run in my circles and I didn't run in his. So we only knew each other by simple passing in school. From the smell I think he either peed himself or threw up.

I turned my head away and found that it was me who had thrown up sometime while I slept. I sat up and noticed a few things. One I wasn't wearing any clothes. Two the frat guys had glued some falsies to my chest. Not a big deal I kinda expected something like this. Mark groaned and also sat up beside me. I took the time to look around. There was no clothes visible and from the looks of things this wasn't on campus either.

I did notice a note on the bare hardwood floor.

Dear pledges

You have been given a simple task. You must survive where you are until we of the fraternity pick you up. If you try to contact us or return to campus before your time is up you will be disqualified from the fraternity.

Rather simple note. I guess that they had made it hard for us on purpose. We were both naked the floor of a house it would seem. The walls didn't look like drywall. Some of the open beaming was rough cut timber. The house was made of wood. Old fashioned fireplace. No light switches or lightbulbs. I was not sure but at a guess its someones cabin to rough it out in. Mark started to wake up more and noticed the new me.

"Dam Terry they sure did a number on you are those real?"

"No at a guess I would say they are expensive mastectomy form. You can just make out the joint to my skin here and here." I know what your thinking having some guy, a naked guy look at my breasts was a bad idea. Well we were both guys so he just looked at them like they were plastic. He isn't really an idiot, like some frat guys, he only plays one.

"How long before they fall off?"

"Good question it depends on the glue type they used. If its the normal theater stuff a day at most. If they got ahold of some medical grade a week. If its the new stuff I have been hearing about a month."

"Uh Terry where is your penis?"


It would seem they had glue my almost tiny scrotum over my penis to keep it in a trapped down position. I would have a smooth front but in no way does it look like a vagina at all. I really hope its not the medical grade adhesive. I have heard that the new stuff was supposed to take place of stitches. So if this was the new stuff and was left too long that would be my penis's new permanent position. I showed Mark the note and he only nodded. It took us awhile to get moving and even then it was quite slow moving, hangover. I started by exploring the rooms in this cabin. I found out we have a really weird bathroom. It has a toilet with an open reservoir I guess we fill it with water to flush. The washbasin was porcelain but had no taps at all. Same with the old style tub. In the corner was a tap with a long handle on it. It took me a few minutes to figure out it was a pump that was used to fill something and then water was moved around as needed. I went back out into the main room after having to sit on the toilet to do my business. How embarrassing. When I got there Mark was coming down from the loft with some clothing in his hands. He had on some pants with suspenders over a rough spun shirt. No socks but what looked like boots with no laces.

" I found an old trunk with a few clothing items. This was the only thing that would fit me. Your not gonna like it but this was all I could find to fit you." With that he dumped the clothing items on the floor. There was a print dress with an A line skirt and simple button front. A pair of womans panties. No bra thankfully. And a simple pair of womans flats in black. He said that it was this or what looked like some womans wedding dress. I didn't want to wear any dress at all so I went up the ladder to the loft. I saw the trunk and looked inside. There was a few other clothing items mostly eaten by mice or something but not in any way wearable. Only good for rags if that. Seems I was stuck. The canvas bag holding the wedding dress was untouched where it hung from a peg on a beam. It was a very nice looking dress obviously handmade.

I was left with no choice in clothing much as Mark was. There was no way his frame would fit into that dress or the shoes. I wasn't happy about it at all but I did put them on. It was better than nothing. Mark even told me he had to go commando as there was no underwear for him at all. We had both been in the scouts once but in different troupes. So after dressing and a meager drink of water. We decided mutually to explore outside for some food. The door to the house was unable to properly shut as the latch, not a doorknob was rusted into a position and slightly bent. Outside was a old farmyard that hadn't been used in a fairly long time. I found an overgrown garden inback of the house with some potatoes and corn. I guess some of the vegetables had grown wild over the years. Lots of potatoes if we wanted. I also found some onions grown to seed but at least the stalks would help for a meal. There was some other plants aside from weeds that may be herbs of some type. Best to leave these alone.

Mark on his exploration of the old barn found some rusted tools. Many of which neither of us could identify what they were for. We did however find out that the old chicken coop was home to some chickens. I guess they had gone semi wild and just nested there as we scared quite a few of them when we looked. I got an egg with a few scratches out of it and Mark thought he could do something with the one small chicken that got tramped to death by the others on the way out. The biggest help we found was an old metal washtub and pots store not far from the chicken coop. The pot handle was missing but otherwise serviceable with some cleaning. And the metal washtub looked ok up to the rim where it was bent. We brought these inside and did more searching. Under the sink in the bathroom I found an old bar of soap stuck between the porcelain and the wall. It took me a bit to work it loose but it was something to clean the pots with.

I pumped water into the tub. It was cold and aside from many sniffles I did manage to get the pots clean. There was two of them a small pot and a larger one. The larger one turned out to have a small hole in the bottom. The next order was someway to cook all this stuff. There was an old cast iron stove that could be used for cooking on. Above the stone fireplace was what looked like a bread oven. No modern conveniences at all. This would defiantly be roughing it.

Mark came into the house with some broken bits of wood, probably an old fence from the looks of things, and set up the wood with kindling and some dried moss into the fireplace. Using some iron to draw sparks from a rough flint stone, you can find them if you look, Mark set to work starting a fire. It took him awhile but he got it going and amazingly the fire lit up and didn't smoke us out. The flute was open on the chimney probably our best luck when I think back on it. The small stove however was not so lucky as it smoked back badly with just the few bits of wood so we left that one.

To cook our gutted chicken, don't ask me where he found a knife for that cause I really don't know, I put it in the leaky pot. The other I filled with water and put the potatoes and corn in there to cook. We used two metal pitchforks crossed over the fire in the fireplace to cook since neither pot had handles. The chicken spit alot but it did cook. I had used some reeds I found in a ditch to stuff the chicken. Its a clean way of cooking a chicken as the reed soak up any poisons. Reed fluff doesn't work so well as it cannot be removed. It was gonna take quite awhile for that to all cook. So for our lunch I used some of the hot water from the potatoes and corn into a glass something might have once been a vase for a tea and we chewed sweet reed ends until we were full. There is a part of the root of reeds that's quite sweet and is not toxic. You have to know what your looking for so don't just grab any and eat you may get sick.

I used some of the hot water in the vase to do some cleaning with a rag of myself and Mark was we had both gotten a tad grimy over the course of the day. When your busy just getting a small meal together you don't really notice how the time flies. Our supper was still cooking so we both went outside to look around more and try to figure out how we were going to survive the next few days without any supplies at all. Both being used to city noises and the sound of cars neither of us at first notice the jingle of horses reins or the clomp of the hooves on soft dirt, which btw doesn't make alot of noise. The noise you hear in movies is from hooves on hardpack, cement or stones. So when a wagon load of people pulled into the yard it took us both by surprise. I just about fainted as here I was looking for all the world like a very plain woman in a dress and short hair.

The wagon had three women in dresses not too much unlike my own with these black bonnets on the back of their heads. The men all dressed alike in brown pants dark grey workshirt with suspenders and hats with strings. I recognized them as one of the omish communities people right away. Mark did not. I guess all that theater stuff did come in handy as I put on my best girly behavior. Which wasn't that good.

The men started to talk with Mark but ignored me. I tried to talk to the men but got some very bad looks from them for it. The women came out of the wagon and kind of ushered me inside the house. Apparently a womans place in the omish community is the house and not outside. Even then they talked in mostly low tones to me. The three women were all sisters traveling with their husbands to a field for some flax. The husbands would cut the flax down and the women would remove the oil berries and use the softer flax for clothing. They all helped to get it bundled into the wagon. They inspected my home, well they thought it was anyways, and commented on how it was still very dirty and that I only had the one change of clothing and no habit. They assumed that Mark and myself had just recently been married and were awaiting our wagon of stuff.

The comments on my cooking were not nice and I was admonished for not being brought up proper. Their words not mine. I told them we grew up in the city. I tried and failed to explain we are not omish at all but they would have none of it. After alot of arguing I submitted to having my hair pinned into an omish bonnet for propriety sake. They would not believe I was female when I tried since I had a smooth front, Yep I showed it to them didn't work. Along the way my name got changed from Terry to Theresa. I was told that I should forget my heathen ways. A proper girl does this and that ensued. We went out to the garden and in less than an hour we had most of the weeds pulled out. There was some actual peas and celery in there, a turnip two carrots, and a few radishes. The wagon had a few pots and pot holders which was used to expand my rather pathetic supper into more of a meal. I have no idea where they got flour and other ingredients from but we made a few loaves of bread to put in the oven above the fireplace and my newly cleaned kitchen workspace.

It may not seem like it but that was alot of work. I was darn near exhausted by the end. Mark had also been busy unlearning his heathen ways in the yard. He and the other men had somehow come up with a reed bed to put into the bedroom. It was decided by the men that on the morrow I would go with the women into the omish town to do women things and Mark would join the men to do more manly pursuits and that this would somehow earn us some much needed items. The supper turned out to be fairly good eaten outside of the house as we had no table or chairs yet. I say yet because that was one thing Mark was supposed to learn about tomorrow. I was completely lost when the prayers started. They are said before and after the meal.

As we all went along I was constantly poked and prodded by the women to either shut up or correct some mannerism or another. When they left the house was cleaner and we had some leftover bread and chicken with some butter for breakfast tomorrow. Apparently we had been dropped off at a house on the edge of an omish community. Here bedtime was sundown.

"Mark lets get the heck out of here."


"What do you mean why? Look at me they are trying to turn me into a proper omish woman! I am a man for christ sakes."

"Well Theresa you look like an attractive woman to me. I think we can last out of few days of rough living. Its not that bad."

"Not that bad. Gods do you have any idea how repressed women are in an omish community?"

"Your just exaggerating."

"I am so not. Screw the fraternity! I am walking home!" with that I tore that cap out of my hair and threw it on the ground.

"So your going to walk some 50 miles to the edge of the city by yourself in those shoes looking like a woman?"

That stopped me.

"Mark I don't want to be a woman."

"Well Theresa. You are certainly pleasing on the eye. But how about we go to sleep and talk about this tomorrow morning. I do not know about you but I am personally exhausted."

On that I had to agree. Omish living is very physically intensive. I just hung my head and followed him back into the darkening house to our new bed.

Meanwhile elsewhere way across the city at a remote cabin in the woods with modern conveniences..

"Matt where are the two pledges?"

"I was sure we dropped them off here last night."

"Well they are sure as shit are not here."

"But they have to be look the clothing we left hasn't been touched."

"You idiot. Are you sure that you brought them here?"

"Well I was kinda drunk at the time and followed the old road to here."

"Gods do you have any idea the trouble we can be in if those two get into trouble? We are responsible for them!"

"Sorry Bill."

"You had better hope to hell they get to a phone and call us so we can find out where the hell they are."

Authors note: Omish communities are not Amish communities Amish are more puritan and have a very specific dress code. Omish are less strict on the dress code. Otherwise they are very simular. Do not mistake the two its apparently insulting to them.

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