I don't understand.

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I don't understand.

Why are mommy and daddy so mad at me?

I did nothing wrong all I did was dress up in pretty clothes like all the other girls do. I even feel pretty.

All the other girls and myself had so much fun today prancing and dancing in our skirts. Even our teacher thought we were all so pretty.

But why was Daddy so mad? Why did he yell at me for dressing like the girl I am? I just don't understand.

I can hear him and mommy arguing in their bedroom. I do not understand what freak means.

My arms hurt from where he shook me. I hurt but it is not my arms but my small heart that is sending me pain.

All I did was join the other girls at preschool and dressed in Jennys other dress just like all the other girls.

I was so happy and tried to show off my dress like I have seen other girls do. I wanted mommy and daddy to tell me how pretty I am.

I just don't understand. What did I do wrong?

Was it my picture? I worked hard on that today with my crayons. I made a picture of me in my dress, with mommy in her dress and daddy in his suit. The teacher was very happy with it. I even got my name spelled right.

Why are they so mad at me. I just don't understand and want the pain to go away I didn't do anything wrong.

Across the hall

"Dammit this is your fault! I can't believe people even saw.. I'll... I'll... I am going to the pub. I can't deal with this! Dammit all to hell Mary it better be fixed when I get back."

With that note Martin slammed open the door of the bedroom coat in hand and left. Poor Mary was left sitting on her bed with tears in her eyes as the picture of a girl her mother and father all with smiles on their faces under a purple sky and an orange sun.

The picture was signed Andre and depending on how you looked at the last letter it was a W or an A.

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