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Thank you all so very much!


My first ever attempt at putting something out on Amazon continues to surprise me. With the wonderful community here, and some very special people who helped to push me forward, I thought that I would share a milestone.

A Rose in the Cracks has, just a few moments ago, logged a quarter million pages read in their Kindle Unlimited subscription service and their Kindle Owners Lending Library, which are both outside of actual book sales.

Last gasp of winter

Well I suppose it is technically still winter until Wednesday so this weekends snow shouldn't be such a surprise but even so, 15cm (6") of the white stuff is as much as any of the winter's previous deposits and despite the warnings plenty of peeps have been caught out - again!

I did get to ride yesterday but arrived home encased in ice and snow - the bike too was looking like it'd been to the Arctic rather than Sherwood Forest! But hey ho, Spring is in the air.

writing update

I just wanted to give everybody an update on where I am with my stories:

"Pathfinder": New story being worked on, going slowly, but hasnt stopped yet.

"E-Girl: the Gift" : might have a new chapter, but its coming to a halt.

"Branded": Totally stuck, actually hoping somebody might have a suggestion.

"The secret of MYTH": coming close to totally stuck.

and "By the rivers of Babylon": current chapter is grinding towards a point where I might have a new chapter, but not sure what happens after that.

Puzzled and confused. Re: Like A Candle In The Wind story.

I just finished re-reading an older story by Lisa Sartori, Like A Candle In The Wind, and I am somewhat disheartened by the lack of kudos and comments.

Could it be that because it is such an older story and those who read it before haven't bothered to re-read it? Lisa has updated it quite a bit and there is a different ending.

It's such a wonderful story that SHOULD speak to the fantasies and dreams of a lot of us, and it's so well written with great characters and a solid, engaging plot, and it makes me wonder.

Transgender Volleyball Star in Brazil Eyes Olympics and Stirs Debate

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SÃO CAETANO DO SUL, Brazil — When Tifanny Abreu slammed the volleyball over the net, her frizzy ponytail flying behind her, most spectators at a recent game moaned out loud: another point for the visitors.

But not everyone in the stands was rooting against her.

Even when Ms. Abreu travels with her team to away games, she often has a small, loyal group of fans cheering her on. This game in a satellite city of São Paulo, played more than 200 miles away from her team’s home base, was no exception.

From the Sublime to the ...

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Yesterday, I sat on the Pier at Southwold, Suffolk (just about the most easterly point in the UK) and ate an Ice Cream. It was sunny, warm and balmy.
Earlier in the day I'd watched Marsh Harriers performing their aerial courtship, some Mediterranean Gulls nestbuilding and other birds singing in the sun.

Definitely the calm before the storm
This morning and less than 10 miles from Southwold I woke up to find almost 2in of snow on the ground.

And there is more to come. Brrrr.


Searching for an Irish story


Because it is St. Patty's Day, I need a good Irish TG story. Well, there are a few great ones here. But I am looking for one in particular ....

I happened up a story last summer about a company CEO whose software business in Boston was just bought out. His name is Hugh I believe.

He picks up a nice young hitchhiker in Ireland on the way to Dublin. They stop at a B and B. He takes the couch and she gets the bedroom. She is so impressed because of his being a perfect gentleman that she makes love to him. While they make love, she sings a celtic song and they body swap.

More month left than money


You all have been generous this month and we appreciate it, but it is true that we have more month left than money at the moment.

Several bills came due this month, including $450 for taxes/licenses so we owe about $2600 before the end of next week. Not counting paying ourselves. I put $300 into the hatbox myself to help cover the taxes.

If you can give a bit, it will be appreciated.

Translation of the ass


I will say this...tłumacz gogle jest chujowy,wypatrzył moje słowa...nie mniej mam żal do Amazon że traktuje Polskę po macoszemu (wiem że jest już AMAZON POLSKA) ale to nic nie zmienia,wielu nie anglojęzycznych chciałoby nabyć publikacje swoich ulubionych autorów....ale jak mówią ruscy ,,nie nada,,...zostaje to co Da BigCloset TopShelf...i łaska autorów...całuski za niesamowite opowiadania i nagroda złotego dębu dla Tania Allan (choć opuściła Big Closet i związała się z Amazonem ) złoty Dąb dla moich dwóch idolek Wolfjess i snowfall (brawo Alecia) ...grand Prix złotego dębu przypada elspet

S dnem rozhdeniya Laika Schmoopsie!!

Zdravstvuyte... My name is Marina, Mermaid most recently from Murmansk.
I wish to invite you all to do I say S dnem rozhdeniya? Ah Heppy Burthday?

To my darlink rusalka sestra Laika, Da?
Mennee heppy reternz!




I greet everyone cordially,I am a Pole who does not speak english,maybe a few words,I translate translating goggles with translator, I love Tania Allan,Wolfjess,Snowfall,Penny Lane,elspeth,Jennifer Sue,Maggie Finson,Monique S...pisses me that Amazon does not translators of books that i think would like to but many from not-english speaking countries.

Psyren's redemption - Babalawo Returns - Read for free now

This week Babalawo makes a reappearance, but will Sapphira listen to anything he has to say?

Click here to read the latest part, or go here to read it from the beginning.

As usual, I ask that you take the time to leave a comment as it helps encourage me to continue. While comments are preferred, my site also has like button capabilities for those who wish to remain more anonymous or are of a shyer persuasion.


is mounting here in Yorkshire as #1's first born, erm, approaches being born!

Had a good visit Sunday to deliver the nursery furniture, all the expectant grandparents either have (Yorkshire crew) or will be (southern lot) visiting this week before mum finishes work at Easter.

Okay, i'll admit to being a bit distracted with both baby and my new kitchen but I will get down to some serious writing tomorrow, honest.

A Big Thank You to everyone here

With the release of Wildcats 2: A Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey, I have to thank a ton of people here at BigCloset. Let's start with all the wonderful readers and writers here. I appreciate your warm welcomes and assistance in this long journey.

Cosmologist Stephen Hawking has died.

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A man I greatly admire for his ability to cope with his motor neuron disease for so many years and to continue to work on his science despite his body barely functioning. Notwithstanding his illness he still managed to become a celebrity featuring in many documentaries and even the Simpsons as the 'wheelchair guy'. I can't think of any current larger than life scientists, who are really needed in this age of false news, to declaim the liars and bigots who seem to be in control. May he rest in peace.

Recent Movie

Ok so I'm not sure if this has been posted here or not and it appears this movie was released in a limited capacity already but I had to share it. Its called Every Day, its based on a best selling novel by David Levithan, about a person named "A" who wakes up every day in a different body, one of which leads him to a girl whom he falls in love with. The trailer speaks for itself I guess but it looks really good. I'm gonna look for the book and I'll definitely look for the movie when it comes out to purchase.

Um, minor delay...

I've had a cold for about two weeks, one that seems to be a bit like that mythical snowball. It was so bad this morning that I have canceled the appointment I had with my consultant tomorrow. I won't drive there and I don't want to expose everybody else to my viruses.

Then, at about 5pm on Saturday last, the hard disk on my main server died. Joy! Try fixing that when you barely know which way is up!

Wes Boyd, author of The Girl in the Mirror, died 2018/03/08

I found out yesterday that Wes Boyd, who wrote The Girl in the Mirror, amongst many other novels, died on 8 March, 2018.

His daughter and son-in-law plan to maintain his website, and continue posting his finished work until it's all posted; apparently there are eight more books after the one currently posting.

All proceeds from the sales of his works will go to help support his widow.

Hiding in a wood\forest by a stream\river

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I'm not sure what the Universe is, except that the story is not from Morpheus' Legacy Universe

1. MC has no familial connection to a superpowered\Hero family
2. MC's attaining powers were not caused by situational stress
3. I was reading "The Knight is a Lady" which reminded me of the other story

So discouraged


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I'm about as discouraged as I have been in a very long time, and it is arguable that most of what is stressing me is my own damn fault. There are a couple stories on here that are extremely moving to me, spot on regarding the issues that face post op, out T folk. Recently, my own T life has been more pleasant than at first, but these stories cause me to remember the really painful years.

My family has a knack for making a bad situation worse

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If my extended family has a knack, its to make a bad situation worse.

My aunt is going into the hospital on Thursday to get treated for cancer in her uterus, and two of my other aunts decided that wasn't enough stress, so they started fighting over who will look after my aunt when she gets out of the hospital.

Sighs ...

Trivial Consequence Part 1 has gone missing


I posted Trivial Consequence- Part 2 a short while ago... but just noticed that yesterday's Trivial Consequence- Part 1 has now come off the Home page.

I know that most instalment pieces are usually spaced further apart, but I would so like to see both parts up. There were only two parts in total.

Is this normal? I.e. does a second chapter/part take away any earlier part on the Home page to make room?

The Family Girl #92: Danny Update - March 11 2018. Workin’ hard ’n gettin’ in the groove!

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #92: Danny Update - March 11 2018. Workin’ hard ’n gettin’ in the groove!

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!

Still making progress. 67,600 words now!

When She Stops Saying She Loves You

I will admit, next to “Mooneshadows” this is the most depressing storyline I have ever written because I all about things that in real life would probably kill me or at least find myself on suicide watch. I have the utmost respect for anyone who has gone though the situation taken by the main character.

Now, the chapter titles are, as always, based on a song title that ties the chapter’s theme with the emotion of the scenes within. And, yes, they are all by Duran Duran.

Ordinary World—complted and posted
Burning the Ground—completed and posted


I am so tired of the criminal organization known as Microshaft. Windows 10 is a security nightmare - ditched it. I am back on Win 8.1 and removed the spyware they decided to hide there discretely so it can run without snapshotting my desktop and sending it back off to Microshaft. Microshaft even ruined Skype and made it so it would only run on Win 10. So, no Skype for me.

Do whatever you can to NOT support Microshaft, even their office software. Run them into the ground and defund them.

Ahhhhh. That felt so good to put that to words :)

Another Fairy Tale?

In my recently finished “A Gentle Soul” I dealt with the way that fairy tales could be concocted. I have also come up with a rationale for the story of the fishes and the loaves in the Bible.

In the story five loaves and two fishes fed 5000 people that Jesus preached to. And amazingly, the remnants of the meal exceeded what they started with.

Links between gender, sexual orientation, and speech

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Part of this podcast might be of interest to a few here:
"In a bonus segment recording during a live podcasting event at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Sarah first speaks with Ben Munson of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis about markers of gender and sexual orientation in spoken language and then Adrienne Hancock of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., talks about using what we know about gender and communication to help transgender women change their speech and communication style. "

Intense pain

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For the last week or so I have been having gut cramps that are unbelievably painful Don't know what I will do about them yet, If they continue probably the ER,This morning I woke up with a a painful knot in my gut I tried to raise my bed and it hurt too much to bend my abdomen. I ll get back with you all and let you know how it goes.

Small steps - a bigger one

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I didn't blog here for more than four years... :-(

Many thinks happened during this time:
I removed my old "disguise" completely after Halloween 2013. Fortunately there were no problems at all at work and in my private life.
August 2014 the status and name change was finalized, including my birth certificate.

Daniel A. Wolfe - A new alias - Read for free now

This week we learn the repercussions of Sapphira's rescue attempt and he gets a new alias to go with his alter ego.

Click here to read the latest part, or go here to read it from the beginning.

Asking for a favor

I was just on a book review site called Goodreads.

A good friend sent me a link to their page featuring Wildcats.

So here is the favor. If you read Wildcats and liked it and you are a member of Goodreads, would you please go on and add a review about the book. I am asking for me and BigCloset since Wildcats is being published by Doppler Press. So, the more people that read the book through Kindle Unlimited or buy the book on an Amazon download will be helping Erin and this site.

Here is the link. Thanks, Leslie

A little warmer

yes after the last week's cold and snow this week has turned to slightly less obscene weather! Having said that, my ride yesterday in the Peak District (bit of a misnomer as there are only a couple of actual 'peaks') did include negotiating a few snow drifts although there was a lot of localised flooding too - at least the ambient temperature was above 0c!

I will be cracking on with the writing this week, the plan is to have another Gabysode and possibly the new Nena out before Easter - well providing RL doesn't get in the way!

A heads-up in case anyone's interested

Today is Wednesday, it is afternoon.
I have to go and dismantle some furniture and carry the bits down to the underground parking here in this block of flats, load them into my car...
I have to cut some sandwiches (Brets - *grins*) for our journey tomorrow
I have to pack suitcases
I have to clean up the kitchen, thoroughly.
I have to have an afternoon nap too.

The Synthodyne Conspiracy - New Edited Version


Just a quick shout out to those that suggested a few modifications. I've just edited my latest novel, The Synthodyne Conspiracy, a story about a young man whose life is dramatically changed by a global terrorist organization.

Oh that we all could find such a virus...

Casey Brooke

200 Kudos, Thank You So Much!

Like the title says, Witch's Mirror hit 200 Kudos recently and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. This is the highest any of my stories have ever gotten and I feel like it's a milestone that deserves some celebration. I wish I could, like, release the first part of Dissonance (new Sara story) or publish Fate and the Iron Tiger 6 or something but neither are done. I don't even have a new Twin Tails, which is an issue.

Looking for Stories


I'm looking for stories that have happy endings, romance and very little or (preferably) no violence.
I'm not having a good time the last few weeks and I'd like to read stories that are light and cheerful.
Please no erotica, stories can have sex but nothing explict.
Hope others are having better weeks than me
Love Hotaru.

TG Forum, What th' ...


So, saw something in "TG Forum" that interested me and I wanted in on the discussion. I thought that my BCTS username and password would probably work, but no. Then I tried to register but I kept getting "username" already in use, and the same for my email. My email is not reporting a temporary password from them ...

Maybe I didn't really want to get involved with it after all.


Wipe Out!

Yup, much like most of the UK, Bell acres has had its share of snow this week, its still white outside although there is a bit of a thaw going on today. Net result is no bike rides for a week, which wouldn't be so bad if my muse hadn't decided to go for a vacation at the same time!

Hey ho.

Anyway you do get a new Gaby chapter today, Strange Reunion so there's something to cheer.

A Second Chance Teasers

Fans of my series’ (River and A Second Chance) may remember that I often claim that I don’t write the stories, my characters do. That is true for a lot of the story, but I do come up with ideas, sometimes months before the chapters will be written. Often these come as I am about to fall asleep, or have just woken, and seem to be like little movies about my characters. I have decided to present a series of these that are waiting for chapters that can use them, sort of like promos for upcoming TV shows, or trailers for future movies.

Bian Returns!

I've been sitting on several chapters of the second book of Bian, so I decided to start posting them. It's not going to be more than about once a week but I'll try to stay ahead of myself and keep the story moving. :)

There's a bit of a recap in this chapter since it has been so long since the others were posted. I might do some blogs on the story behind the story, the creation of the World of Difference and of Bloddish, the made up language in the story. :)

But I hope you enjoy the story of Deputy Sheriff Gus Gallant living the life of Alenna.


Light's Promise - completed!

Last part of Light's Promise is up. Wow, serious editing blitz this week, even rewrote a couple scenes that needed them.

Hopefully was all worth it! And that people enjoy it, the combat scene was a lot of fun to write. Not to mention the reveal / cliffhanger at the end... -evil grin-

Now to get going on book 3... so many ideas to sort through!

Thanks to everyone who reads, and especially to everyone who comments! They mean a lot, each and every one!

- Erisian

RE: Whately question. Thanks everyone.

Thank you everyone for all your help. I've located the stories I was looking for with your help.

Re:Joe Gunnarson. HOLY CRAP!!!! Can this guy write or what?!!

The whole story arc regarding Eric Mahren and his transformation into Caitlin and the events in Darwin Australia may be the very best I've ever read.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped me find this great story arc.

Catherine Linda Michel

Astrology now

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Astrology – an ancient science that still helps us today

Unfortunately astrology mostly has a bad name nowadays and that is due to all the misinterpretations and, I have to admit, charlatans. But if you find a serious practitioner of a reputed system you will most certainly find what you seek: genuine advice. The system I started out with long ago is the “Münchner Rhythmenlehre” (Munich Rhythm Theory) by Wolfgang Döbereiner. I have been working with it since 1986 and have added my own experiences to the way I use it today.

Deathtrap - The Trap Is Sprung

The final (for now) Deathtrap chapter has been published today. I'd like to acknowledge the assistance of Alecia Snowfall in the series, not only in those chapters marked as such.

Deathtrap (and a possible Epilogue) will be the last Tammy story for a while. It's my intention to take time to rewrite parts of Tammy, starting with Tom's Fireworks, and publish them on Kindle later in the year. I'm expecting that the whole series will remain free on BCTS for six months and then I'll ask Erin and team to remove the Tammy stories.

A Whately question.

Being the computer dummy I am, I've been searching for the Whately story(ies) about the Halloween invasion in which Cat McQuisten was killed. I have had NO luck, since I don't know the author nor the story title(s).

A little help please in the form of a link? Thanks folks.

Catherine Linda Michel

Bullied Boy with Breasts: Feminization, Cross-dressing, Gynecomastia, Bully on Amazon

Word Count: Almost 30,000

Almost every high school has the popular kids, the athletes, the nerds and the outcasts.

Some kids have issues with hygiene or physical issues like weight or acne. Others have problems communicating due to language limitations or overwhelming shyness or fear of certain social situations. Self-confidence is a major problem in high school children as they learn to build different relationships.

Other students look at it as an opportunity to pick on others and they gain satisfaction from the humiliation and demeaning of other students.

Goin Round The Bend.

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Pretty sure that Dementia is setting in on me. Things have been seeming increasingly bizarre lately. I don't know how fast this stuff moves, but if I make less and less sense as time goes on that's probably the reason. Yesterday, my eyes passed the test to keep my Driver's License, and I mentioned to my Doc that I am concerned about my cognition.

Was asked to do something at church... Not sure how I feel about this...

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First off I do need to say this, I attend an amazingly accepting church here in the Tampa Bay region, and have been for five years. When I first started my transition I had been struggling really hard, not just gaining acceptance, but also of accepting myself... The Unity I found was my turning point, and in many ways probably saved my life... I even have been singing in the choir now for over 4 years, even if the best I can do is tenor, curse you puberty for making me a natural deep bass!!! (Hah). We actually performed this last Sunday and after the service this happened...

Crossed Out

is the new Gaby chapter from the wild and snowy North! So if you want to catch up with things Bond, click right here!

As you might have guessed, the 'Beast from the East' has arrived in my neck of the woods, cold wind with copious supplies of white stuff riding in on its back - about 4-5" so far with more forecast over the next five days.

Hopefully there will be more from me next month but that depends on the weather!

Something weird.

When I go to read comments/blogs, the background changes to a dark purple with black printing except for the items one can click on showing as bright blue.

It's very hard to read and look at. Is it me or is it a change in the appearance of the background and stuff? Usually the background is white with black print.

Catherine Linda Michel

Life sucks, no matter how much you try.

This past Saturday afternoon, my Inbound freight manager, a beautiful woman by the name of Dana, and I boarded a plane in Charlotte, NC, headed for Phoenix, AZ. Beyond our good timing at escaping the bizarre ritualistic festival surrounding Billy Graham’s funeral in Charlotte, we were headed to Phoenix for the annual RILA gathering which was scheduled there this year

We need 49 more!


I just sent a check to Janglewood for $100.

I know that it's a piddling sum in the greater scheme of things, but to me, It's a lot. I'm retired on a fixed income and all that.

Then, I realized that I'd just paid 2% of Janglewood's needs for a month.

That means if just 49 other people contributed a similar amount, Janglewood, Erin and everyone we know and love at BC/TS would be paid! Our site would be saved. Our reading pleasure would be ensured.

Catwalk Confidence by Connie Alexander

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I'm about 3/4s of the way through re-reading Catwalk Confidence

I was reminded of another story, the protagonist is similar to Alex's sister Ellen who is a student in couture.

The story begins in the US, Protagonist is a couture reporter I think.
The investigation takes the protagonist back to the UK, London?, where she bagan as a student in couture.

European 'designer' stealing designs from students in couture, who drop out usually for family related reasons.

The Family Girl #91: Danny Update - Feb 26 2018. There's a Delay!

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #91: Danny Update - Feb 26 2018. There's a Delay!

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!

Still making progress, but my story is starting to get overlong. I’m afraid I think I’m gonna miss my March 9 target…

Coming out from under my bridge soon


18 novels, 10 novellas, three short stories directly linked to other works, and a lot of words being read. It's a lot of work that some dislike, others ignore due to being too much to read and too interconnected. It's also the sum of hundreds of hours of sitting in a chair or laying in bed with a laptop on my chest. I last posted my epic epilogue back on January 12th and have since then followed my tradition of diving into my old stories to get a clue about what I am going to write next. I tried to write but after 700 words I had to stop as the words weren't coming to me.

How very very wierd, or weird if you prefer (Anmar-related)

Let me first get the debate about that word in my heading out of the way:

Back in 2009, the following was posted:

"Oxford Corrects Spelling of Weird
Posted on April 01, 2009 by happysteve
Oxford University just released news that the word WEIRD has been misspelled in the Oxford English Dictionary for quite some time now and has been corrected to WIERD. ..."

Please pay attention to the date!



I am pondering something in my head that I would like to try to work out, could anybody please tell me if they are aware of another author sharing the universe built by Megan Campbell and Connie Alexander, I am not fussed at the time taken to work this out as long as get some sort of answer.

This is for Erin & all of other techies that maintain this fantastic website, how hard is it to code in something that will take someone to the corresponding top of each starting letter in the persons name?

An update on my last update

Back in September I had posted a blog that said I'd been busy. Boy was I right.

Dad has since fallen about 3 more times. This past time he broke his left femur. He has been in the hospital since the last week of January. As of the last post he has moved back into his home. It took them nearly four mouths to finish the work they had to do. We were in a hotel from August to just after Thanksgiving. We also went from the town he lives in and then to 3 other towns. each at least 35 minutes from his town.

Girlzilla. I'm gonna do something I don't usually do.

If you haven't yet read this story, you are missing something beautiful and wonderful.

Ricky has crafted a rare flower, filled with great characters and tender humor among some people who truly care for and about one another. You will laugh, you'll cry, you'll get angry and you'll wonder why people can't be like these folks in real life.

Go read it. Go experience it. With this story, IMHO, Ricky has inserted himself into the rarified air of really good authors. I loved it, even though I didn't think I would, judging from the title.

Catherine Linda Michel

Which Universe?

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In the story (Title unknown too) the ,
01. Set in the US
02. Protagonist "mutates"
03. Protagonist is highschool age, 15-17?
04. Protagonist can drive
05. Family becomes hostile
06. Runsaway - point 3 - term used as protagonist just short of Adult age.
08. Takes Car - point 3 - questioned ownership on age grounds
09. Car breaks down outside destination town
10. Protagonist's suspected other parent resides in town

5th book-Cheerleader: Lee is Everyone's Cheerleader (Lee Corcoran Book 5)

Word Count: 86,000+

Lee is Everyone’s Cheerleader, the fifth book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a senior boy in high school whose life is not going as planned.

In the first book, Boy for the Cheer, Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program where he was reluctantly introduced to crossdressing. Lee finds that he enjoys the softer side of clothing. Circumstances seem to be forcing Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in more situations. His freshman summer stole any attempt at masculinity.

Blog blog

Alright first blog. Blog blog. Sorry I left some stuff unfinished and may not have responded to messages, I was feeling bad about my writing and was avoiding logging in for a while because of anxiety. Plus I'm pretty busy with school.

Honestly, with some of the stuff I posted I was hoping it being posted would motivate me to work on it, but nope. So some of the stuff I just have no ideas of how to continue while remaining interesting.