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Jolin Tsai has always been pretty outspoken in her support for LGBTQ people (from a non-western / taiwanese standpoint / view) in her music. Although most of her songs (according to what I have heard /s een of them) are gay or lesbian themed, her last one is T related.


PS Chinese with subtitels.

Tech questions

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I'm having trouble accessing some websites. For example, I'm able to access this site but the Whately Academy site is timing out. Also SOL (stories on line) is timing out. There are some other sites, like gamesgames and agame that are timing out. So, can anyone give me a clue as to why some sites are timing out and others (like this one) are not?

I fell hard last week

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Tuesday last week to be exact,I wear my phone under my bra and was able to call for help. Since I don' have $3,000 for an ambulance trip I asked the firemen to pick me up and put me into my manual wheelchair. If I had it to do over I would have set up a trip to ER the next day. A Dart taxi trip only costs $3 each way, though I do have to do it a day inadvance. I may have cracked something, I am still going to get checked out, Going through the county hospitals bureaucracy takes forever. Little by little I am figuring out how to handle the system.

WARNING: Disabled Alexa, Sending Conversations to Amazon

Disabled Alexa on portable devices, still sends conversations to Amazon.

This warning is primarily for those who have Alexa capable portable devices and are not using Alexa.

The End of Allison's Pledge?

Hey everyone, Karissa here. I've been writing Allison's Pledge for what seems like forever, though if we're going to be honest it's been about two weeks. The first part started as a bit of an experiment that came out of utter exaustion and mild depression and to be honest it was only supposed to be about three parts. I found that I didn't want to leave Allison's world, so I just kept writing, and writing, and writing until we're finally at the point we see now.

Virtually Twisted - Part 7 AND 8

Cover Image

Now that he's been rejected by his mother, what will Jim do with his life now? As he comes to grips with his situation, he sees the first signs that his body isn't the only thing that has changed.

Please go here to read this week's part or here to read all parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Hatbox funds still needed

We're current on our site bills, though that put us negative to start the month and we have no money to pay ourselves for paying personal bills.

The usual Hatbox links in the sidebar or below should work. If you have problems you can PM Piper or Erin for assistance.

There's also Patreon, explained below.

New Binary is posted


Binary Part 5 was just posted a few days earlier than I expected. I am going to try to keep to the schedule I put out as much as possible, this was already partially written before and was easy to put together compared with later parts that really take place at the school.

I hope I didn't get the six existing characters wrong, but two were want for use, two were underutilized in their roles, and it's hard to nail down Carson. I love the character Karma and couldn't resist a little levity at the end, especially as it let me use Imp in the right way.

Which Readers do You Leave Out


The lady has moved from True Romance and into Action. Not everyone is going to be pleased. However if she doesn't put the action into her action story she is going to lose those who would read and or purchase her story. Those who follow her romance stories may or may not like the inclusion of the reality of life, violence, murder, suffering in her story.

"IF" one wishes to appeal to the broadest readership then they must write to include the whole story not truncate parts which don't appeal to a few select readers.

An update on the layoff


Regarding my previous blog. First, I'd like to thank everyone who rang in and offered their sympathies. Although the writing had been on the wall for a good amount of time, it came as a shock. I am still feeling down, but I believe I've accepted the reality of the situation. I wasn't prepared for the emotional impact and I truly feel as if I am in mourning.

Oh Internet, how I've missed you...AKA I'm back!

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Oh internet, how I've missed your loving glowing glow. Your pages of cats and puppies. Your MMO's. I'm sorry Internet I was away so long. Being on my phone was no replacement.

As you can tell, I finally got internet service. So now I can fill you in on what is happening and where I plan to go with writing from here.

upcoming anniversary

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I was looking at my account info the other day, and realized that in about 3 months, I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary of being a member here.

And so I've been thinking about how I might knowledge this milestone with a story.

Right now, I'm not sure what I might do. I've got one small piece almost finished that might help me avoid not having anything to share for the next three months, but beyond that ...

I could do something like Randalynn's "Convergence: when stories collide", but I'm not sure what stories would make the cut.

I’m doing fine

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It was pointed out to me, and rightfully so, that my previous blog post was both a while ago and a bit worrying. I was hesitant to write because compared to others my life is going great.

I have actually transitioned and am perfectly happy being myself. The children (14 & 17] accept me and love me. I have divorced, which in this case is a good thing as the negative influence of my ex partner is mostly gone and more easily mitigated.

Binary Part 4 is posted


Binary Part 4 is up. It's partly influenced by a comment from one of the readers that hit hard but was the blunt truth that I needed. If she wasn't respected by me I would have had a negative reaction but she had a point and her point helped shape this part. With only three main characters and a lot of backstory unfurling as they talk this part is closer to my normal style of writing. And yes, I know it falls into the usual tropes regarding a girl just starting out into girlhood.

Sorry to all followers of "The seduction"

I have to express my apologies to all of you, who are waiting for the next chapter about "Stehanie and the gang" as my5inch said. I realy tried to write more, but this other story kept barging in on my mind, whenever I open Libre Office, even if I just want to put a quote or an invoice together.

So I'll start it now, it is going to be novella size and in three days I have already accumulated about 15K words. I hope you'll like it.


read a piece for a writing group, they loved it

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So I went to a writing group meeting tonight, and read a piece called "voiceless" (which you can read here: ) and the group was very moved by it, and couldn't praise me enough.

Always nice to get positive feedback, you know?

New Binary is up


A new Binary is posted and connects the dots while giving some tidbits for later. Eagle-eyed readers will spot them, I just hope that this series is interesting and not a bad attempt at trying to make something that only others can make work. I hope that this captures some of the original's spark as it's as close as I can get to one of the action segments in the canon stories as I'm terrible at action scenes.

Barbra Casbar Siperstein has passed.

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I haven't seen any update to TG forum and thought people would like to know that "Babs" passed a few days ago, the funeral was yesterday. Gov Murphy gave a very nice eulogy with many interesting anecdotes and what a sendoff! Ran into many old friends from the transgender community I hadn't seen in years. Babs was an icon in our community and accomplished much in the struggle for transgender rights.

Jazz. What do you make of this story?

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I think that anyone who wants to can follow the "Jazz Story", and it seems to me like there is a lot of hype going on, but to be fair, perhaps she is having problems?

I have never seen a Trans girl look as good and sound as good as her. Is that what a lot of coaching and surgery can do or is she actually Intersex? At any rate, I wish her the best.

Virtually Twisted - Secrets

Cover Image

After his Twist, Jim and Megan are left alone in detention area. Megan's father arrives and a few secrets come to light.

Please follow this link to read this week's part or this one to read all parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

If Not An Author, Then Perhaps An Activist?

I'm a mediocre writer at best, and that fact finally penetrated.

It does appear as if my passion is activism and I spend hours at it every day. Mostly, I blog under a number of different names, about Transgender and Intersex issues, but my real love is researching Belief and the Anthropology of its prehistory. Of course there is the inevitable interference with some Political or Environmental issue, but I won't even attempt to bring any of that in here.

Binary Part 1 posted!


Binary, my first attempt at diving into the Whateley universe, has been posted.

It's not that good when compared with the greats like Morpheus or ElrodW, but I am trying to make my own mark on there and give a different take. I know that family abandonment, MCO intrigue, and trying to hide your heritage are cliche in the Whateley world, so I'm not doing that. I just hope that readers can wait a bit for action and accept that not everything has to be about Humanity First, MCO, superheroes, or supervillains chasing people around- sometimes, it's about them being normal people.

Looking for a story...


... that I am not totally sure if I read it here or maybe somewhere else.

The gist of the story is thus...

A police officer, not a big guy, kind of fem and small, goes on a stakeout dressed in female clothes as bait for a criminal.

In the evening they, he and his much more buch female partner end up in a fire fight and he gets shot and his groin area is basically destroyed. He then does not have much of a choice and they do an imprompto GRS on him.


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I'm sick. Tuesday I discovered a rash under my left arm. At the time, I was suffering from a muscle pull in the same region and felt more pain from that.

Thursday, it became obvious the rash was shingles. I've got meds now and the pain meds make me sleepy and at least two other dwarves.

Meanwhile, Piper and Amy are also sick. I think theirs are colds. Jamie is sick, too.

Forgive us if we are a little slow on updating this week.

Hugs (carefully),
Erin and the gang

Whateley- a tough place


I'm struggling to write a coherent story set in the Whateley Universe that doesn't misuse characters or break any rules about powers and actions. I have had to scrap one plot then try to go with a second one while working around a third one. I am lucky that I at least set the story in a place that I know and that hasn't been the full setting for a story despite it being visited- the Boston area. I am even luckier in that my character's powers haven't been used in the same way by others even if it's partly like two or three other characters.

I dreamed I could fly

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last night, I dreamed I could fly.

Well, I say, "fly" but what in the dream I was walking, rather uncertainty, a couple of inches above the ground.

That wasnt the strange part of the dream.

The strange part was I went on a date with a woman and as part of the date we rode a bus together. I apologized for the non-romantic transportation, saying that I sucked at dating because I was in my 50's, and broke.

The woman seemed happy enough anyway, so there is that.

January 2019 Reader Retention Contest is Officially Over!

At least assuming we're not gonna see any entries from Japan/China.

As a reminder, everyone has until the end of February to do their reading and voting (these were a bit longer than your average contest entry story after all!) I'll announce contest winners at the end of the first week or so of March!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. It's been really special to me seeing how enthusiastic everyone, both readers and authors, have been about this one, and I'm really glad we all did this together.

Visiting old ghosts

Work has taken me to quite a few places over the last ten days, including Weymouth, Liverpool and York. I spent a little while in the last city looking at the spot where I sat Susie Lockwood, waiting to slide into the river, and where I once pulled an old man out in real life before writing him into my novel "A Longer War".

Just checked the temperature

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A little chuckle for everyone

Got up this morning and turned on the TV, the news reported it was -33F outside this morning.

Out of curiosity I went online to check to see what the temperature was in Hell, MI (Yes there is a real town in Michigan names that.)

It was only -13F there this morning

That makes it officially colder than Hell here!

ReubyLouise's Intro

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I will try to make this brief. I am a 64yo (65 in July) mtf pre-op ts since 1990.

From an early age I remember being fascinated with my mother's clothing. But I had other things that may have influenced that.

For one, my mother was given DES to prevent miscarriages. So there is a chance my chromosomes were messed with.

Mom and Dad argued all the time, usually about his drinking and driving and me. Their divorce was final before my brother was born, four months before my fifth birthday. I was jealous.

Last Ep of Eureka Tonight!

Grace stepped into Café Diem, hoping for a quick bite with some friends for company. She searched out the little restaurant but no one was around, though she did see Vincent standing by a table with a girl sitting there glumly, her head resting on her arms, and her arms on the table.

It took a few moments for her to realize that the girl was Jack Carter, currently in his Melissa Benoit morph.

Strange world


I've been in a lot of accidents, bounced around by machinery, always walked away. Sometimes serious scaring but no real damage. On an earlier blog we talked about swimming and I always sank like a rock, never could float. If I wanted on top the water, I stayed in motion. At my height I have never manged to get below 135 once I matured even when I had a twenty one inch waist.

life is so fragile.

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Life is so fragile, and so brief.

In late November Tiffany (aka crazypagangurl) passed away suddenly. Then, about a week ago, I got a phone call from a friend saying her wife had barely survived a health scare, and she was shaken to the core. Then one of my cousins tripped and fell and broke her shoulder, and was told a few inches difference she might have broken her neck instead. Now, Drea's wife has been taken from her.

What I'm saying is, tell the people you love that you love them. You never know when it will be the last time you speak to somebody.

Last two episodes of Eureka tonight and tomorrow night!

“Next on the news, we now turn to an unusual campaign going on in a small, sleepy Oregon town called Eureka,” Kris Haze said. “A small group of young women, who call themselves ‘Jack Watch,’ are waging a campaign to attract readers for a fan fiction story called ’Eureka: The Day’s Not Over, Yet.’

“To explain, we have on the line a young lady from the town, and her name is Dawn Cameron.

“Good morning, Dawn. Welcome to the show.”

Virtually Twisted - The Naked March

Cover Image

Jim awakens to find himself surrounded by onlookers, but as he becomes aware of his new, and very naked, female body he realized he has much bigger problems.

Please click here to read this week's part or here to read all parts.

This particular part of the story sparked the most debate of anything I've ever written. Looking back, I believe much of the criticism was warranted, but this time around I hope I've managed make this so called 'naked march' more plausible. Before leaping to conclusions please be assured there will be repercussions at the end of story that I hope will satisfy any of the remaining naysayers.

If you enjoy the story, please take the time to comment. You may also make use of the like buttons on my website.

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Thank you and have delightfully demented day,

Daniel A. Wolfe

Cheerleader 8 : Summer Bridesmaid

What? Another book. My muse wouldn't let go. I hope everyone enjoys this new installment in the series.

Word count: Over 77,000 words

Summer Bridesmaid, the eighth book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, who has just completed his freshman year in college at the University of Michigan. His life keeps taking unexpected turns.

Reminder!!!! - 2019-01 Reader Retention Story Contest

Earlier today I read the latest part of "Flip" titled

Flip - Chapter 11 - Keen and a conclusion

Maeryn's entry to the 2019 January Reader Retention Story Contest.

When I went to hit the 'Thumbs Up\KUDO' button, I thought I'd check out if I had missed the KUDO on any of the parts of the story, and I DID.

So I reviewed all of the other stories I had read in the Contest and I found that I had indeed missed more than 15 over all of the parts of all of the stories I had read in the contest.

TG Techie Blog: Blog 91

This site is such a pain to update on. And as a result I've got 7 chapters ahead on TGStorytime where I'm also posting it. Someone finally called me out on it.

So over the next week there's going to be a new chapter a day until we're all caught up. After that things go on a weekly schedule. There's a bunch of exciting things happening I won't spoil, and at some point soon the plot is going to make a brief appearance before it quickly goes away again.

In Need of Cash

A character in a story I'm writing now is a scientist who, due to a discovery of his, is very well off. I'm thinking of asking him for a loan or gift. Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone know if it will work? Probably won't, since the story and the characters are fictional. I'd probably just receive fictional money. Oh, well. Maybe it's worth a try.

What to do with a Dead Story

I have a chapter and a bit of a story that I have probably abandoned for good. What I've got is edited, but my mojo for the story is dead (there wasn't much to begin with, just a cluster of "hah that'd be cool"s

Would it be worth posting what I've got to get people's feedback on the quality of the writing?

BC Is a Silly Place

Big Closet is a silly place.

At times it seems to lack common sense.

In a world where its users are under harsh political attack Big Closet steadfastly refuses to engage. The logic behind that decision is anything but foolish.

Yet this is a silly place. Defying all economic logic – Big Closet continues to try to exist on donations, knowing full well that a large share of its users are indigent. Big Closet knows that BECAUSE a large share of its users are indigent it MUST exist on donations because a fee-based site would not be able to serve them.

I have been silent for quite a while

Hi all,

I just realised that time is slipping ever faster past the normal 'ken'.

After my emergency surgery last September and the finalisation of my move from one country to another, I have been somewhat selfishly absorbed in many things.

New country, so new doctors. So new routines and new tests and checks.

One last post for Morningstar

Okay with all the snow and such keeping me outdoors trying to keep a path open from the house to the car and the drive clear enough so the car can get in and out, I've been a bit busy. As the weatherman is predicting yet another storm to come through over night to dump more snow on top of the couple of feet we can't get rid of now, I had planned on posting the rest of Morningstar in one last single post.



I don't know how it would be done but there needs to be a way to remove an image from a story. Some image take the front page from publicly suitable to NSFW or in my case in public. I'fe tried the ignore function but the images remain. Once upon a time I could block certain images but that was on a Windows machine and I'm using an Android tablet.

Being unemployed I sometimes take my tablet and go drink some coffee, just to get out of the house. But an image pops up from time to time that I wouldn't want somebody walking by or looking over my shoulder to see.

It is truly disgusting......

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First, let me state that I am more than slightly disappointed by the response to my previous blog. I posted here in the hopes of possibly finding someone who might be interested in sharing a home - someone who could perhaps benefit from my situation by the fact that I truly don’t need them to contribute financially and they would be able to share a nice home without it becoming a major financial burden. My take away from this would be that it would help to prevent me from falling into the trap of enforced solitude that I have known before. Nothing more, nothing less.

stepping in it again...


First I piss off an author and a random poster because I mentioned the font being hard to read. It's hard to read, and I'm sorry for pointing it out and upsetting you and your supporters. I guess I'll stop bothering to read your stories as you have made it known to me that how they look matter more than what you put into them.


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It's been a real rollercoaster since my last post. Still not officialy divorced because my soon to be ex can't afford the filing costs (but buys a new car).
One of the other things bugging me is this.. I am paying 500 euro/month rent at the moment. Enough to pay a mortgage of 80.000 euro on a' fixed % 30 year'- plan. But I can't get 30.000 to buy a small house whatever I try. Or at least nobody willing to give me a mortgage on it.

Very bad news to share

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I've been authorized to share this: Yesterday, Andrea DiMaggio, one of our long time contributors here and a personal friend, suffered a terrible loss. Her wife, Tracy was struck by a car and died in hospital a short time later.

Please join me in sending Drea our hugs, prayers, and support at this most difficult time.

Looking for a roomie.......

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It’s been a while since I posted here, probably because my life has been fairly stable and reasonably happy for some time. But like all good things, it didn’t last. I know I should have expected it, but I guess I became too comfortable. I became complacent in my comfortable existence and allowed myself to be taken by surprise.

Well, shortly after going to bed tonight, my lovely wife dropped the boom on me.