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SOLO's gone?

Ok, I have to say that I've posted more than one multi-part story in the past year but these were intersperced with solo pieces but it does seem that there has been a big drop off of SOLO works in recent months.

Do people not like writing then anymore? I do and most pieces I start, start off as SOLO's and only go to multi-part when it becomes obvious that it will work better when published like that.

Look out for SOLO story from me over the weekend. It will be called 'The First Time I Saw Her Face'.


too much too fast?

I was away working for the past ten days. I had a lot of free evenings and while I couldn't upload to BigCloset I did a lot of writing.

I apologize for posting multiple things this week instead of stringing things out.

I was overdue for Portrait 6 and wanted to get it up and away before I started thinking about 7, 8, and 9.

Because Wildcats was published on Amazon almost two weeks ago, it was important to get the Wildcats short story up to remind everyone that Wildcats was birthed here.

a question

hello everyone.

I have many things going through my mind about the whole transgender thing.

I am a father of three boys who are showing no signs of wanting to be female.

I used to be really against the whole transgender thing but as I get older I am trying to be more accepting of everything and everyone.

if any of my boys told me that they want to be a girl then I would now be 100 percent behind them and try to help them in any way I can.

I do have a question though.

Harriet delayed

My apologies to everyone following Harriet's latest story. There will be a delay in posting the next chapter, just a few days I hope. Sometimes other matters take up writing time, annoying though this is.
My sincere apologies. At least you weren't waiting for the resolution of a cliffhanger.
Best wishes, Bronwen welsh

Call of the Hunt: An Awakened Novel


For Aiden, bladecraft was life. It was all he ever wanted to do. School, friends, a social life, none of that could ever compare. To say it was a calling would be an understatement. It was a family tradition he was more than happy to continue.

Size Of Your Pointer And Ring

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I've just read an interesting web site that reverses what I've always thought. My ring finger is longer than my index (pointer) finger. WIN_20180130_21_37_54_Pro.jpgI was raised under the impression that was a masculine trait. However, I was reading an article entitled, "How to Tell If You Are Transgendered," by Melanie Anne Phillips, which said ring finger and index finger same length (men have a noticeably longer index finger)

The Family Girl #88: Just a Hi, and a Little Update About Danny

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #88: Just a Hi, and a Little Update About Danny

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know about some fixes I made regarding the posted Danny stories.

ANd the Drow twins are at it again! New story out...come and get it!

New chapter posted!

Shadowsblade carefully enters the reading room with a new chapter under her arm, "then shouts come and get it!" as her twin rings a dinner triangle.

Both Drow run from the reading room to escape the ravenous readers!

Login Bug?

For the last week and a half I’ve been encountering a really weird bug. At first I thought it was because of all the changes that had been going on with the server and whatnot so I didn’t think much of it at first. Now however It’s just starting to get annoying. Basically what is happening is that you login and have the persistent login enabled but when you move to another page say after reading a story for a period of time, it forces you to log into your account again even though you had the persistent login enabled.

04 - Personal Entry - It's A Distraction Pileup

We all know those ugly crashes.
When a huge traffic accident happens and so many cars crash into each other that they start to pile up.
That's how my life currently feels like. Just with "distractions".

The least of them is work. The whole company is under pressure to finish a project on time.
That means overtime. While that doesn't prohibit me from writing, it does sap my creative juices and my will to write.

The Family Girl #87: Finale of “Danny” Coming First Week of March 2018!


The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #87: Finale of “Danny” Coming
the First Week of March 2018!
But Help!! I Need Help!!!

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hello, everyone!

Yes, it’s true, the finale of Danny’s story is coming in a little over a month from now!

Cheerleader:Lee Will Cheer - On Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Word Count: 57,500+

Lee Will Cheer, the 3rd book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a junior boy in high school whose life is not going as planned.

In the first book, Boy for the Cheer, Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program where he was reluctantly introduced to crossdressing. Lee finds that he enjoys the softer side of clothing. Circumstances seem to be forcing Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in more situations. His freshman summer stole any attempt at masculinity.

Short of $$ at Month's End - Hatbox Funds Needed

The month's end has caught us a little short again with some unexpected bills for software and a forgotten bill or two. I've again used credit cards to keep us current but it would be nice to have some cash in hand for the weekend. - Erin

Below are Piper's comments on the upgrade:

what the heck?


For the second time today when I go to bc website i get this page "checking your browser" and then it eventually gets me to bc. There is nothing wrong with either my system or browser so I have to assume there is a problem going on with bigcloset of some type.

If I had not backed up my writing for next chapter of hard choice I would be very very pissed off right now.

I'm back with a TG Captions series

Hi all,

Nope. I haven't crawled under a rock. Just wanted to let you know that I just launched an online series on Youtube.
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.21.10 AM.png

So far I have over forty TG stories. Hopefully you'll enjoy them.

Please don't make things I'll never ask for.

Just don't please.

I don't want links and redo's of my work, I don't want or need pages of suggestions on my work or stories either especially when I never asked. It's not cool, it's not okay, it messes with my spoons when they've been really low for awhile now.

I work graveyard full time and often OT, I single caregive to an aging parent in the minisculic time off that I get. I have shopping, dishes, housecleaning and laundry all on top of that not counting sleep.

I don't need the reminders that I haven't been writing, I don't need the pressure.


Writing together is not easy.
I was lucky, when I joined a project Cashmere Chloe proposed on TGS, to find two authors, with whom I was able to bounce ideas off one another, so that we were able to write three interacting stories.

I particularly clicked with KhiriCastares and Sabrina and Shifter Sister turned out really well, since we set certain scenes together with only one writing the dialogues respectively, so that they always matched perfectly. It was a really pleasurable experience.

TG Techie Pinned Blog: Pokemon GO

Alright. This is a comprehensive everything on Pokemon, and Pokemon GO. An explanation of what has happened in the story so far is at the bottom of the page. This may or may not be updated, as I feel like. The text is meant to be organic and easy to read for experienced players, so if you are not one of those you may find it useful to check back here, if I have indeed updated it. There will also be a curory explanation in Chapter 21. If you're too excited to progress that far, or it still confuses you, check here.

Did an ongoing story get taken off the site?

I was following an interesting story about a collage student taking a women's study course. He decided to temporarily present as a woman for the course and do a paper on it.

He had group of women friends that lived off campus and offered to help him, including one that he had crush on. She liked him also. One of the women's group (Lillith as I recall) wanted to humiliate him because she thought s/he was mocking women.

My Malwarebytes is showing it's blocked a malicious website..


Hello everyone,

My malwarebytes antimalware program started going off when I visit BigCloset about 15 minutes ago or so and it's saying that it's blocked a malicious website "" with the IP: I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if Erin and company think it's something important or not? I've visited most of the other TG Fiction sites and this is the ONLY site that Malwarebytes raises an issue with and I've ran it for years with not one squeak when visiting here.



first new release for 2018

So, after much scratching at the words and debating direction I've completed the first segment of Gaby Book 22, working title of which is Avoidance.

Gaby book 22.1 cover.JPG

For the impatient, part one is released today in the usual formats, all I can say now is I hope you enjoy it! Of course I'm happy to get your thoughts and comments so please tell me what you think.

A Rose in the Cracks (Chapter Removals)

You are not going crazy! I had indeed posted the same seven chapters of "A Rose in the Cracks" offered in the free "Look inside" option on Amazon. With the encouragement of BCTS, the wonderful community here, and Sephrena in particular... I nervously published my first-ever novel there around the holidays. Frightened of running affoul of Amazon's guidelines though, I didn't go beyond that "Look inside"... and have asked the amazing people of BCTS to take down the samples chapters here.

Holidays, Writing and the Flu

Really? It's nearly the end of January already?

Family stuff and visiting people has taken up a lot of my time recently. Good news is, we got another session of Divine Blood in the can last night, so there should be a new Twin Tails soon. Otherwise, my new Sara story, Dissonance, and Fate and the Iron Tiger Part 6 is being worked on and moving towards inevitable, if slow, completion. Compounding that issue, I have to work on Thrythlind's new Divine Blood books and kick them out the door asap.

10 Most Trending Book to Movie adaptations 2018


I looked at this and wondered what in the cat hair is going on? The dismal movie audience attendance for 2017 has been in the cellar. Now they want to put this mmmm, out there to entertain and entice the public back into the movie theaters? Really? Come on guys, I wouldn't ask my dog to sit through any of these movies. A hundred mil spent on a Wrinkle in Time? Yer pulling my leg ain't yuh? From the preview it ain't James Cameron Avatar. On a scale of 1 to ten I give it a zero.

"the trial never ends"

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the optimist says: Look at the progress we've made. The former Eastern Block is now full of prosperous democratic countries, in fact more countries are freer than ever in history. For LGBT folks, more of us are coming out, and getting support from our family and friends, progress has been made in acknowledging our rights in many countries, and there are positive portrayals of us in the media.

Should Number of Hits Tally Be Eliminated


A few days ago, someone made the suggestion that if it would help the site run more efficiently that the tallies for hits could be eliminated. Erin mentioned that these tallies consume large amounts of computer capacity. Maybe we should discuss this more.

This is Erin's site. She has the most at stake. More importantly to us users, through her leadership, this site has survived. She knows more about what her customers want than anyone and has skillfully implemented and monitored.

She also listens to comments.

Feeling a Slump

I'm feeling a slump lately. The words aren't coming as fast. I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure to write, and keep writing. The "muse" isn't talking to me much. I'm not sure where the story is going.

I'm sorry but for right now the release schedule for TG Techie is...

See: below the fold for important and possibly heartbreaking news

Footprints in the Sea Vol 4

Chapter 76 of Vol. 4 has been posted and Charlotte shows her romantic side. A non TG fiction will be up on my website and available through the Top Hat link here sometime next week, this is the second in the series of Albion's Children.

I am well into the collection of TG novellas and short stories and I'll let you know as soon as it's published and if I can I will post a few snippets on here. I may also publish this as a paperback, again, I'll let you know because how much I post here may be influenced by the paperback publisher.

Fast Update

So after giving it some thought, I've decided that my current story---Burning Bright---will end its first part with ch.9. I've since updated the last chapter with a To Be Continued at the end. I always planned on the story being told in pieces. I can honestly say that I have no idea when the next part will be up though. Its one of those stories that my Muse felt very strongly about all the way through until I got to the end of Ch.9. I started Ch.10 and finished it more than once. Only to continue to stumble with where I wanted things to go from there.

Muse on a rampage again? LMAO

We're barely halfway through January, and I've posted NINE pieces in the last eleven days! That has to be a record for me.

What makes it even scarier is that there are still ideas bouncing around for more pieces, most of those being continuations of current stories.

I have no idea how long this will last, but I may as well go with the flow and write while the ideas are there, right?

It's kind of funny, there have been times where I've grumbled that the muse was being stingy, now she's on a major roll. LOL

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or treat transgender patients

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or
treat transgender patients


I’m On the Outside: Updated

Spent some time today working on “I’m on the Outside” and had to consult the original book due to some the scenes overlapping. This book tells the story from Matt’s perspective, showing all of the details Jennifer does not know about and filling in the gaps about what happened to the four guys during the two year gap.

serious adulting done today

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Serious adulting done today. I went and got my oil changed, my air filters changed, and a new wiper blade put on my car, then I went downtown and paid my speeding ticket.

Its not normally the case that i would be celebrating spending close to $ 600, but I feel a lot better about things with those tasks taken care of.

Cheerleader:Boy Can Cheer - On Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Word Count: 86,500+ over 220 Pages in Kindle Format

Boy Can Cheer, the second book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a sophomore boy in high school whose life is not going as planned. In the first book, Boy for the Cheer, Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program where he was reluctantly introduced to cross-dressing. Lee finds that he enjoys the softer side of clothing. Circumstances seem to be forcing Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in more situations. Even his summer seems destined to steal any attempt at masculinity.

Time on my hands...

The first chapter is up. I hope it's tantalizing as I have 21 more ready to go. It's been slow writing because I tend to get a bit anal about details so my research is extensive and often side tracks me. I also use real places and will be listing Google map coordinates for those who might want to check out locations.

Hope you enjoy!

02 - No "The Lokian Way" This Weekend Either

Hey readers of TBC,

I must admit I am kind of in a bind.
Lately, my progress had been marginal and what I wrote I didn't like.

My usual bag of tricks doesn't help.
Tried to clear my head by writing flash fiction.
Now I have a dozen tiny stories but next to no progress on "The Lokian Way".

Writing the ending of a story is always hard for me. Not that the next part is the ending.
But it is very very close. Trying to make sure that every last detail is right can be exhausting.

a needed lift

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on a day when I needed a pick-me-up, I got three. First, two different people mistook me for my mom when I answered the phone, and then while on a walk with Lady, a nice man said "you two ladies have a nice day".

You gotta celebrate the little victories cause you never know when or even if the big victories will happen.

Apologies to who was following Reconnecting The Past

I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to keep the story going but after a month+ I just cant. I’m going to let the story stand where it is, on a positive note. I originally had a lot more I wanted to write, but after getting to care about the characters I just cant finish it... My muse just refused to cooperate anymore... I might return to it in the future, but honestly right now I don’t know... So for now it stands as it is.

Frost in Florida ?


It's just plain wrong to come out to car in Florida and have your windshield frosted over, who even owns an ice scraper anymore. The sun is out and still struggling to get over 50. The weather people promise even colder by end of the week.
I know their are some of you who would love to have a 50 day but hey this is Florida. :-)
Stay warm and safe

2017 and what to look out for in 2018

Well, here we are almost two weeks into the new year and it seems that we are doomed to have grey skies each and every day here in my bit of the UK.

If I look back to 2017, I find that I have posted almost 50 items of fiction, be they SOLO's or parts to a multi-part story.
Some have been very well received and some not so. That is life.

So, what is to come for 2018?

Working on a new idea “Stripping the Light Fantastic”

Taking notes on a reworked idea, originally entitled “Moonprysim” (yes, that is a Sailor Moon reference) about a club dancer and highs and lows of her job. It was never completed but I’m trying to see if if it would be better to change the gender of the main character and take it Down another path.

The first few blurbs of the opening:

When I was seven I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.
I wanted to be a fire truck.

Seriously,I wanted to be a fire truck: drive around with lights and sirens with firemen to put out fires.

a question about the American Army

I am writing a story that involves a group of soldiers during the first Gulf War, and have a question about how soldiers refer to each other. For example, according to what I found online, there is a rank called "specialist" which is above Private and below Corporal. How would say a Sargent call for such a person? How would someone distinguish between a Sargent and say a Master Sargent?

Any advice appreciated.

The reason why next Cross Race Destiny is not yet up

To those who read my work, you probably noticed that I said Cross Race Destiny was going to be up before Christmas. Unfortunately, although it's mostly done, it's not actually done yet. I haven't been able to work on it since a few days before Christmas. The reason being mostly because of work.

Princess and the Plague

Okay, I have a few chapters of Princess and the Plague ready to go up and I seem to have my muse back. the question for you all is, Should I start posting what I have or wait another month or so to get more material before starting to post the chapters?


I'm such a tease.

TG Techie: Blog 93: Sorry About The Bacchanal

This site isn't really here for erotica, and I get that. There are some erotic stories but by and large the content (or at least the popular content) is rated PG-13 at worst.

I'm not really a PG-13 kind of person.

So if you're reading TG Techie and you like the plot part but not the sex part, I'm sorry for that last chapter that was exclusively a bacchanal, and in which no plot moved forward. That thing about drawing a bottle will come up again, but don't worry about it if you skipped the chapter.

adding pictures to (some of) my stories

Thanks to the recent blog on adding pictures to one's stories, which resulted in someone going through the steps in a way even I could understand, I am now adding some pictures to a some of my stories. I'd love feedback on the pictures if you happen to come across them (hint: Help my girlfriend is a unicorn, Mercy, and the E-girl universe have pictures now, as does my most recent story)

I've been a bad girl and even a bad husband

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I've been less than forthright with my wife. While I've bragged a lot about the strides my wife has made in accepting my feminine nature, I still have problems making myself be upfront with everything that is going on with me.

Taking malicious advantage of others.


I started coming to this site around 2006, though did not publish until 2007. I was extremely shattered and emotive, but through the support of those at this site and the release of "Telling My Truth" somehow managed to avoid suicide. Many of those old souls that were here no longer are, for what reason I do not know.

The fact is those of us who remain are going to lose this site if we do not pull a finger out. I don't give two shits about any excuses.

Help out or lose this site.

You may have noted

the post slightly below this one by Daring Diane about her new book Cheerleader which is a great read along with her first book Kappa Delti Girls. While buying her latest I noted a book in the 'what others bought' below that sounded interesting. It is Sisterhood by Roz White about a group of transwomen. In fact it is the first of what is currently a four book series. The interesting part is the reviews are from gg's and they are very good.

Miss Trans America Founder murdered

Sad news out of Massachusetts this morning Miss Trans American founder has been murdered by her husband.

I added that it was her husband that was the murderer because it apparently was misconstrued by some that this a hate crime. It may be just domestic violence and not a hate crime but this is still a significant loss for the transgender community.

Cheerleader:Boy for the Cheer By Daring Diane On Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Word Count: 64,000+, 126 pages

Boy for the Cheer introduces Lee Corcoran, a freshman in high school whose life is not going as planned. With visions of being a star athlete, Lee is disappointed when he is not good enough to play on the high school soccer team. Days later, his best friend Darby and several other cheerleaders convince Lee to help them train.

Going to be slightly housebound for a bit

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As it is supposed to be super cold here the next couple of days, I'm going to stay in as much as possible. I'm just wondering if anybody would like to share their "snow day" activities - the stuff they would do if stuck inside for a day or more?

been a bear of a weekend/monday

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I would like to get back to writing, but that terrible thing Real Life has been acting up. My mom's been super sick and still recovering from her burn, I am not 100% well myself although I might be better off than my mom because I got the flu shot, plus the usual list of stresses that seem to be doing their best to keep me in a funk.

Times Up Progress for Women Golden Globes

If anyone watched golden globes last night it was a great night for women’s empowerment and it was all about women. Sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace, gender equality, and the pay disparity were talked about. Oprah’s speech is worth watching

Christmas Contest Winners Missing

I have just started paying out today and a ton of winners have not contacted me for their payouts. I need:

  • Crazypagangurl
  • Melanie Brown
  • Savannah Maun
  • SamanthaMD
  • Jessicac119
  • Andrea Lena
  • Leslie Moore
  • SusanJ
  • A Zesty Lemon
  • Jennifer Sue
  • Tigger
  • Nessa M
  • Jengrl
  • Shinaai
  • Maeryn Lamonte
  • Ray Drouillard

To please pm and provide how you would like your winnings and the info needed to pay them please.