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Let the adventures begin!

As of today, entries are officially being accepted for the March 2016 contest, "On An Adventure!"

As a reminder, here is the original blog entry, including instructions on what the terms of contest entry and final prizes are. Y'all have two weeks to get your entries in, but with us utilizing the Kudos system for votes there is a minor advantage to posting earlier, though not as much as you might think! (Just look at the last contests' entries to see THAT!)

more from Yorkshire

Well, it's been a mild-ish day hereabouts, I had a short walk earlier around the nearest town to me (I live 10km from Sheffield Centre but less than 2 from Dronfield and 9 from Chesterfield even if my address is Sheffield!)

Then I set to at the KB and after a full ten hours, i've completed the final part of 1902 Sunbeam Safety! I'm pretty happy with it, it would have been so easy to have spun it out but that was never my intention with this. I'll get it edited and so on and you should be able to read it over the holiday.

TG Techie Blog: Blog 91: The Weirdness Starts

So this chapter is the start of the futanari. It's not the absolute weirdest that TG Techie is going to get, but we've just jacked the weird level through the roof.

Just so you know, futa is the ceiling. I'm not going as far as say, dick fucking, or horse cocks. If that's what you're into I don't have any judgement, it's just not where I'm taking this.

wow!!! 200 Kudos

Long ago when I wrote and published some stories on this site it was less active. You were doing pretty good with 100 Kudos and 150 was an amazing story. Times have changed. Now it is much more common to see a story with over 200 Kudos.

Today I visited the My Stories page and saw one of my stories had reached 200 Kudos. I was shocked, but happy about the development.

Jessica Jade - Metamorphosis is on Amazon

Finally, as they pried the last manuscript from my stiff, swollen fingers, I cried out! "Please let me look through it one more time, I know I can make it better!"

But, to my chagrin, they took it away and posted it on Amazon

Here's a link. Order it here and BigCloset gets a few pennies.

British Royal Marines

I am looking for someone to protect a servant (Protagonist) of the Queen while she performs secret work in the Palace. This young woman answers only to Her Majesty. These soldiers must be absolutely reliable. Would that be a British Royal Marine, not a spook?

Would someone be able to give this tale a read for the correctness of British speech, customs, and Royal protocols? At this time I do not think this story will be overly large. Perhaps twenty thousand words? It may be seen as a bit of a parody on the state of the world, and not a criticism of the Royals.

I need some volunteers

I have a rather unusual request. In my next story I have a character who will be offering trans people the opportunity to re-write their personal history, so they always were the girl (or boy) their heart says they are. And what I would like is to use a couple of real-life people as getting the offer. Talia has already given the go-ahead for me to use her, but I would very much like to get a couple more if I can. So if this sounds interesting to you, please PM me.

Deception of Choice

I was going to again read "Deception of Choice" (I think that is the title), written by Itinerant but the story is not listed in that Author's works. (I think Itinerant wrote it). I've looked elsewhere on the Internet and not found it. This story is very important to me because reading it, and "Bike" during the really hard years helped me to not allow things to end badly.

If I've gotten the facts muddled up, can someone help me please?

Much Peace


New Shadowsblade up! and early too!

New chapter posted

in this one the issues the twins are having with Mistress Ellena and their slavery are left in the background for now...MUHAHHA

I hope you like this one better, my read counts were the sames but comments and Kudos dropped like a rock strangely?

I know the subject is touchy, but it is my huge character arch that breaks them free from the past eventually!

Review: Dragonsword trilogy by Gael Baudino

The Dragonsword trilogy by Gael Baudino consists of Dragonsword, Duel of Dragons, and Dragon Death. I first looked into it because I’d heard of its having strong TG elements, and though the covers were unpromising, looking like fairly generic high fantasy, I was pleasantly surprised to find it much better and more original than I expected.

Question for smokers....

I’m wondering if I could get some help for a story I’m in the planning stages to write.

If there are any Smokers out there, can you explain to me how it “feels” to “Need” a smoke.

In a body swap story, a non-smoker ends up in a smokers body, and not being originally a smoker himself, how would the swapped person know the new new body is craving a cigarette ?

Thanks in Advance.


Need help finding something

So there was this story I read awhile back and I’m trying to find it again. It was about a trans kid who comes from a family of mechanics and does something drastic to keep from developing during puberty. They repair an old Camper and upon graduating they pack up and move cross country.

TransScripts Transgender Fiction

TransScripts Transgender Fiction

How can you help us to help you?

As we approach the end of the year the question of TransScripts keeps nagging at me. When I get an idea in my head I normally push it on people until it’s a success but, for whatever the reason, time has not been on my side with this particular project. To put things right I am here and now (I know it isn’t January first but I never follow the masses) make a resolution that 2019 will be the year of TransScripts Transgender Fiction.

Reading and Resisting Depression

I just finished reading the entirety of a certain very large story here, and it took me 3 months. Wow, what an epic! It is very well written and caused me to do considerable self examination.

It helped me immeasurably in dealing with the antics of Jabba The Hutt.

Now to properly purchase it.

Thank you.


TG Techie Blog: Blog 92: Back for a bit!

Well the 3rd draft of 11th Sun is being a cocksucker and I'm in the need of a little love. TG Techie is resuming, so everyone can tell me what they thing of something. I would put all the finished drafts of 11th Sun up, but then no one would buy the book. Which would be sad.

I'm not in a great place and I need a push to keep going.

Blog Entry 9th December 2018

As you’re undoubtedly aware, just over a month ago, my best friend and occasional collaborator Kris Traverse sadly passed away after a heart attack just over a month ago. This has made this chapter really rather difficult to write for many reasons. First, because fly girls was her favourite of my stories, second, because she was deeply emotionally invested in the love affair of Jessica and Paige, and thirdly, and most sigificantly, because her chapters appear in this chapter.

Hard to find story

The story is hard to find because while I know it is in a medevil\fantasy setting, and may be incomplete

MC is like in most stories the butt of many jokes by peers

there is a 'searching' that takes place at a festival of some kind

The local cause of trouble is a boy who while high-born, isn't as highup the chain as he believes and his father had become tired with bailing him out and is taken as a sqire to a knight.

The chosen have to travel, and MC discovers they have magic and a warrior?

Good news for a change

Yes there is some good news from Sheffieldland today - the first part of the new Gaby book just needs a run through the spell check and it's ready to go, cover illustration is selected' yup, Sunday is the day!

The wrist, having been confirmed not broken yesterday, improves by the hour but it still hurts like F! The problem now is the trauma to my hand, it got well rattled and the compensatory pains and strains - suppose I could take something for the pain but that's never been my way. I'm just fed up of hurting, can it go away now?

God love the forgotten Child....

OK. I have spread myself WAY too thin. :-(

....did not expect to be 'ditched' by the muse.

Summer of Love ...while SO not forgotten.... is being pushed aside while I struggle to advance "Secondhand Life" and "Roomies".

My imagination reels with all three tales, but 2HL & Roomies have ....connectable dots... while SOL has been pushed aside.

Ironic... since SOL is the most fleshed out narrative in my mind.... which, ...maybe, is why I think it's the best able to wait....

New Shadowsblade up!

Well come and get it!

new story posted and I hope you all like it

writing this part took some time and I had to run a razors edge trying to balance out a plot that put the characters in jeopardy and kept the readers happy...its hard to swing a story arch this way...into the darkness.

have fun you all and post you notes input or what you want to

do note you can PM me at anytime!

New Short Story: Legends

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've just posted a new short story, Legends. If you've already read it since I posted it, I have just revised it (fixed the typos, hopefully all of them, and added some extra bits to the story). I want to add that the story is a mix of mystery, a puzzle of the past, and a hodgepodge mixture of science fiction, magic, mythology, gods and the continuation of a long-standing vendetta. Creating the main character's voice and how he tells his story was hard and--in the end--very satisfying.

Asking for your input again (a poll)

Okay, so I thought I'd take another stab at this poll thing. This time around, I have a few new stories to the list and instead of choosing one story. Each idea on a scale can be rated from 0 to 5.

Please follow the link to vote.

I'll repost the full text of the blog here, but due to technical limitations the only way to answer the poll is on my website.


Very much so i`m afraid, nice bright morning. Bit of frost so I was keeping to busier clear roads and looking out for ice on the road. Next minute i'm accelerating into an unstoppable off on some black ice!

Well to cut a long story short my right wrist took a whack and currently it's very painful to even hit a key on the phone! Which is a double blow as I had intended getting on with Gaby this evening ready to release tomorrow. Not sure what i`ve done, don't. Think it's broken but it's at least a bad sprain so things may be put back a bit.

Well more news tomorrow.

Book recommendations please

I'm hoping for some completed book recommendations. I've read and enjoyed Daring Diane, Maddy Bell and Karin Bishop.

I don't like forced sissification or humiliation. I'd also prefer longer stories.
I've found a few authors on the site that I enjoy but usually the story is still ongoing...

Any recs are welcome. If there are already posts that ask similar questions, please link them in.

Seven Years of Hope suggestions

Some of you may have read Seven Years of Hope, a non-TG story written by yours truly. It's a novelization of my visual novel meant to create hype for the game. Anyhow, for the next chapter, the player will be given a choice of which power (only 1) they want to inherit from their past life:

Football God to Fan Girl

Kaitlyn Parker aka totalditz on The Haven has published a book on Amazon that is labeled forced fem but is really mild. The girls are devious, and the plot is clever with several scenes that are well written and well played. I think you will find it highly enjoyable much like Daring Diane's Corporate Dress Code in style and execution. Worth picking up and reading.

A New Karin Bishop Book

This holiday season, I am publishing a new book, Transfer. And for the first time, my book will be available in most formats and platforms, not exclusively through Amazon. So, whether you read on a Kindle, or a Barnes & Noble Nook, use an iPad or ereaders from Kobo or Sony or others, you should be able to get it, anywhere in the world! So here’s the teaser for Transfer:

I'm Back

After a 4 month hiatus, I decided to try writing and posting again. I've been frequenting the site every day almost as a reader and decided I should really get back on the horse. So first I'm going to try mining my back log to see what I can do. First, I posted a never posted chapter of Spectacular, the latest story I was working on. I never posted it before because its as far as I ever got with that story. Frankly, I NEED help trying to finish it.


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