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I'm sick today, apparently the victim of a bad breakfast bar yesterday. This feels like it is going to be a 12-36 hour thing, so I expect to be okay tomorrow evening.

Today is when I meant to send out checks to the DP authors; I may be a day or so late since concentration while throwing up and running for the toilet is difficult.

So sorry. I will try again in an hour or so.


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Fantastic Mars -13- Tombs of Mars

Which came first?
Fantastic Mars -13-
Tombs of Mars

I knew I wasn’t dead anymore because my butt felt cold like I had been sitting on a cement park bench in the winter. My mind felt half-frozen, too.

Fantastic Mars -12- Slaves of Mars

If I should die before I wake...


Fantastic Mars -12-
Slaves of Mars

by Erin Halfelven

They came from the same direction we had come from, more of the huge green things than I could count. Gunshots banged out from our side, but they had firearms, too, monstrous pistols like the one we had found for Trike.

Fantastic Mars -11- Tongues of Mars

Such a treasure...

Red Martian
Fantastic Mars -11- Tongues of Mars

by Erin Halfelven

Seejay came over to us and kissed me on the forehead. I beamed at him and stood up so I could snuggle better and get another kiss.

Fantastic Mars & Patreon

Fantastic Mars 10 - Jewels of Mars just went up here on BCTS. If you are a fan, are you aware that I post the NEXT chapter of the Mars adventure on Patreon the same day I post the current chapter here? I do, and I'm also posting a story, The Mermaid's Treasure, two or three chapters a week exclusively on Patreon; it won't be posted here until it is complete!

Check it out: BigCloset Page at Patreon!

Here's The Mermaid's Treasure Cover:

Mermaid Treasure Cover.jpg

Frank wakes up naked on a cold and lonely beach after a terrible accident. He thinks he should be dead but the pirates who find him think she might be a mermaid!


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