Model makers:The Real Model part seven

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The day started off quietly enough. Karen awoke to find herself wondering if she dreamed it all. Looking in the mirror didn't help. Maybe she only thought about cutting her hair and fingernails last night before she went to bed? She was still looking at the model she and Henry designed two days ago. Be thankful for small favors, she decided. At least she didn't have to apply hardly any makeup. Everything was designed in. She couldn't change it now.

Heaven and Hell 2: Ways of Power on Kindle


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Being a succubus can be fun, but it ain't no walk in the park. Unless the park is in hell.

From insubordinate Hellhounds to Hellish Bureaucracy, Lorelei is learning to deal with The Ways of Infernal Power. It ain't easy, in fact, it can be hard as Hell. And that's just for starters!

Heaven and Hell 1: Recruiter


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Michael, after a debauched and corrupt life, goes to Hell, as he very much deserved. In a fit of demonic irony, the Powers of Hell recruit him to be sent back to Earth, transformed into a succubus called Lorilei.

Who the Hell knew he --now she-- would have such talent for the job? And if Heaven knew--They aren't talking about it.

Sex and power go together for a succubus and Lorilei learns to enjoy both with a spicy bit of Chaos as well. But there are dangers even for one of The Damned and Lorilei needs to watch her cute little tail with the spade-shaped point on the end.

Heaven and Hell

All Those Things You Always Pined For - New Kindle Edition


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I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Adrenaline surged...daring every sensory organ in my body to absorb the tiniest nuances of my first day out in public dressed as a woman. I touched the velvety skin on my wife's arm. "I'm so lucky!"

"Lucky?" Nicole shook her head in obvious bewilderment. "You've always wanted to be a woman," she had accurately said nearly eight months ago.

All Those Things You Always Pined For on Kindle


All Those Things You Always Pined For

by Angela Rasch

Basketball Is Life


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The formerly co-ed basketball team could clinch a trophy if they had one more star-quality player, now that they've gone all-girl. The league office thinks that 'Harper' is a girl's name. The coach has a marvelous idea. It would require a little roleplaying, but Harper's not convinced. Someone might find out his secret....

Baseball Annie


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Baseball players are the most superstitious of all athletes. Andy has played baseball his entire life and is currently a Minnesota Twin in the twilight of his career. The Twins win a game after Andy shaves his leg for the first time. When the players decide that there is a causal relationship between Andy becoming more feminine and winning games -- all heaven breaks loose.

Baseball Annie Cover

Pea Pod 3: Give Peas a Chance


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The continuing adventures of Doug Gordon, Queen of Ka'an. (Ka'an in Mayan means Heaven.) Ka'an is actually an alien world populated by women... and a man-eating plant. Well, it is actually male-eating plants that spit out females. Doug and his wives fixed everything, but now Doug must remake a planet... and it seems Ka'an will be remade in his image!

Pea Pod 3

It's the third book in Holly's rollicking adventure story about a man, a plant, a harem - Ka'an!

Becoming Sara


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Sean has a problem to get his book published the owner only publishes stories from women. Sean has used a female pen name,his sister's photo and a voice modulator on the phone but it wasn't enough. The publisher wants to see him in person. His friend Max and Jackie take him on his first journey to become the woman he wants to present. Can he handle it or will he find something more?

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Allison's Pledge Chapter 23

Synopsis: Allison works on recovering from her injuries and tries to choose a new sorority.

“Remy, I don’t like this,” I said quietly. We were laying in my bed at Brianna’s house, her arms wrapped around my chest as I grasped her hands. Her warm body laying flush with mine, and her warm breath overtaking the back of my neck. I was content, but I wasn’t. “I feel like…like I have a purpose for the first time in my life. I spent so much time playing video games or watching TV, I always felt like I could be something more, and now that I am, they want me to stop.”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 22

Synopsis: Instead of writing anything useful here I’m just going to complain about the keto diet I’m on and how I haven’t had a potato in three months….

“I am sooo excited,” Laura said as she bounced around me at the concession stand “I’ve been wanting to see this movie for ages!”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s just too bad Remy couldn’t come.”

“Good grief,” Laura laughed. “It’s not like she has to come everywhere with us.”

“Yeah, but, I mean…” I trailed off a bit, she gave me a kind of knowing grin.

The Cottage - Part 2

The Cottage
Michele Nylons

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Chapter Two

Michele uses her family's isolated cottage to crossdress in secret, but her uncle comes to the cottage unaware that she is there too. Finding this delightful young creature who he assumes is a girl, uncle Steven finds it difficult to leave her alone. Michele pretends to be Steven's nephew's girlfriend hoping he will leave her alone.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 21

Synopsis: Things take an unexpected turn when Allison is faced with a decision and an offer she might not be able to refuse.

“That…was amazing…” I said as I laid in my bed staring straight up at the ceiling. “I’ve never done that before…it was my first time.”

“Yeah,” Remy said, scrolling through her phone and looking at Amazon listings. “I could tell.”

“Was it good?” I was genuinely curious actually.

“Uh…yeah, yeah it was pretty good,” Remy nodded.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 20

Synopsis: Allison faces the Alpha Gamma board and is forced to make a split-second decision.

“Remy, I’m scared,” I think I was cutting circulation off to her hand with how hard I was squeezing. We were sitting in a conference room that was far larger than the one at Alpha Gamma, and with a tiered floor. It was more like a courtroom if we’re being honest. I was really, really scared. What had led us up to this exactly? How could we get things back to the way they were before? Was that even possible?

Allison's Pledge Chapter 19

Synopsis: I’m having a bad day, so fuck actually putting anything here.

“Hello, Allison, my name is Doctor. McKee,” The huge white-coated man said to me. At least form my perspective he was huge; I wasn’t really a big person anyway was I? “What can I help you with today?’

You know what? I seriously hate it when doctors ask questions like that. They KNOW why you made the appointment, they KNOW why you’re there. It seemed to silly to make me blurt it all out once again, you know, considering my chart obviously said ‘male’ and here I was dressed as a 95% passable female.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 18

Synopsis: Insert a bunch of words here that relate to the text that you’re about to read.

“Allison! Allison wake up!” Brianna said cheerily as she tore back the curtains and bathed my face in the morning light. “Look at that, the sun has been up for HOURS. My god were you going to sleep all day?”

“I was trying,” I said, yawning.

“Well too bad, lazybones,” She said with a slight grin on her face. “We have to take you to get waxed and you have your first laser hair removal appointment today. Are you ready?”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 17

Synopsis: Remy is forced to accept some hard truths about Alpha Gamma while Allison tries to figure out what kind of person she really is.

“Um, Remy?” She said. “How…long have you been there?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Remy said dismissively. “Allison, you’re bleeding, what happened?”

“I…” I trailed off, still holding Brianna tightly.

“Okay, we’ll deal with that in a minute. There are a few things I need to talk to both of you about so…”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 15

Synopsis: After receiving a number of threats, Allison leaves the AG house. Meanwhile, Brianna receives the phone call she’s been dreading.

“Why are we here? What’s going on?” I demanded as Brianna and I walked into her house. Remy had basically shoved me into Brianna’s car and told her to take care of me. No one would tell me anything and I was somewhere between being pissed off and scared for my life.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 14

Synopsis: Allison finally reveals herself to Stephanie, but how will she react?

“Before we have the pinning ceremony,” Remy said, walking to the front of the row. The pledges were facing eachother just as we had during our pinning ceremony. It was a moment that would be seared into my mind for the rest of my life. “There’s a point that I really want to go over first. As you know, Alpha Gamma is an extremely diverse sorority and we believe strongly in furthering the cause of equality. As such, we’re proud to claim the organization’s first transgender pledge.”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 12

Synopsis: It’s time for the semi-formal; will Allison survive?

“Okay!” Cassandra clapped her hands excitedly and jumped up and down. “Let’s turn her around! Oh my god you look so amazing!”

“Hold on,” Michelle said, taking out her phone and snapping a few pictures of me. “Hey, smile a little bit would you?”

Memories - CNY with Sky

sky2.jpgI've renamed and re-posted a story from 2013 that was entered in a Valentines Competition. The characters were real and the location was a small road in the beautiful French Quarter of Shanghai where I was living and working at the time. Sky was a very beautiful person who was born in the North of China. How lucky to have this experience and to find so much had changed for young people in China since my first visit.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 11

Synopsis: Allison speaks with her therapist about starting hormone therapy and learns about Philanthropy

“Allison? Are you okay?” Brynn asked me. I snapped out of my brief trance and looked back to her. Brynn was the therapist that Remy had referred me to and so far I had no idea how the session was going.

“I…yeah, I’m fine,” I think I was lying.

Curtain Fall Chapter 03

Curtain Fall - Chapter 03

Carol piloted the car carefully into the morning daylight. They began to see increasing numbers of people coming out of buildings. Most seemed to be cautiously exploring the nearest wrecks. A number, however, were just looking up into the morning sky. Curious, Gill craned his neck to look up out of the car as well and let out a curse, “Holy crap! Giant bubbles are way up in the air!”

The Visit - Chapter 13

The visit.jpg

Chapter 13

Adele felt supremely confident in her role as Mr Arthur and felt her grandfather would be very proud as she shook the General Manager by the hand as firmly as she could. He introduced himself as Mr James Ramsbottom and he had been waiting as Arthur entered the reception hall.

Model Makers: Adjustments part six

Model makers BCTS cover.jpg

Karen cried off and on most of the day. She tried to run a program for a duplicate and gave up after several feeble attempts. It was impossible to keep her mind on what she was doing. Henry could have carried her though it, but he knew she didn't feel up to the task even if he did the whole thing. She finally made up her mind to stop feeling sorry for herself and told Henry just that.

Sad Smiles Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The next morning we were all feeling worse for wear. The only thing that any of us seemed to regret was the amount of alcohol we had consumed. I'm not sure I regretted even that, as last night probably wouldn't have happened without that lubrication. So, although we had headaches we all had smiles and little touches of affection.

Allison's Pledge Sidestory: Brianna

Synopsis: Watch the story from Brianna’s point of view as she receives an unexpected phone call.

My eyes shot open as I heard the phone ring. The room was bathed in darkness, still, and the clock beside my bed read 5:59 AM. Who in the actual hell was calling me at almost 6 in the morning? This was my day off, right? I checked the phone screen. Yep, Saturday. I squinted a bit, I knew the number. Why did I know that number? I swiped the answer icon and held the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I said, doing my best impression of an ‘awake’ person.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 8

Synopsis: Allison has some one on one time with her sister and gets ready for class

“Wake up sleepyhead,” I felt a hand on my shoulder and gradually opened my eyes. The room was still dark. Was I back in my dorm? “Oh my god you sweat like everywhere.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Author Note// This entire chapter is a sexual scene. Not done in ridiculous detail, but what goes on is very clear. If this is going to offend you, please don't read it.

Sarah called 'shot', so we all had another round.

“That is not a dare!” The drink was starting to get to me and certain, sexy, naughty thoughts were beginning to become thoughts that I wanted to share. “The traditional dare is a kiss, so pucker up.”

“Hey, not fair!” Sarah exclaimed. “He needs to kiss all of us, right Ellie.”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 7

Synopsis: Allison confronts her big sister and purges her old life

The ceremony ended, I looked down at my chest, touching the pink and white pin that my sister had attached to the collar of my dress. It was all so surreal, I can’t even begin to describe it. I spotted my sister in the crowd, talking to Remy and Laura. Of course she would be talking to the president and vice president. Why wouldn’t she be? I looked around at the rest of the girls, they were all so happy, laughing, talking…was I allowed to be that happy?

Model Makers: Adjustments part five

Model makers BCTS cover.jpg


As chief executive officer for Commercial Technologies, Bill Chambers usually spent his day making internal memos and playing golf with executives from other companies. Every time an article made the news Bill always made sure he was mentioned as the driving force behind Commercial Technologies. He would pose for pictures with various dignitaries or company personnel when the public relations department was promoting the company or one of the departments. The day to day workings of Commercial Technologies, Bill left to the lesser personnel of the company. Karl Adder was one of those lesser personnel.

Model Makers: A mistake part four

Model makers BCTS cover.jpg

David and Karen made it to the entry door without someone right behind them. As soon as they were inside, Henry used the electronic security lock on the door. People could still get out by pushing on the crash bars, but it would be a minute before he unlocked the door and allowed anyone to get in. He would make sure no one followed David and Karen to their labs.

Sad Smiles Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Buffy's POV

I couldn't believe that arsehole. I saw it all. Drew was happy and considering he had so much to be sad about at the moment, that was a fricking miracle. And then that Neanderthal tried to crush his hand in some weird male dominance stupidity. I considered myself a dom, but this display reinforced my belief that dom and sub behaviour had nothing to do with gender, because that was some male shit that I was never going to understand.

Model Makers: A mistake part three

Model makers BCTS cover.jpg

Slowly, the rest of what she had seen, but hadn't yet grasped, dawned on her. Looking down at her breasts, she held them as her mind raced in desperation searching for solid ground. Her reasoning and sanity were in doubt. A blizzard of questions and answers swirled in and out of her mind. Nothing was there she could comprehend. Questions screamed for proper answers. Her mind searched in a futile effort to snatch logic from a whirlpool of illogical, irrational denominators. There wasn’t a match anywhere.

Sad Smiles Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Aaron's POV

I can't deny, I was feeling a little bit frustrated. The concert went great and I was feeling really pumped. It was in the after party where we met our diehard fans that everything started going downhill. All my friends were starting to settle down, either in a steady relationship or married with kids.


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