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A girl wakes up and discovers she remembers nothing of her past life, not even her name. All she can figure is she came from a place where evil knows no bounds.


By TGSparadox

Note: The first eight chapters are already available on Tgstorytime. I'm uploading the first four tonight and the second four before christmas.

Parkour Jam Hooligans

Erik Mahren is a teacher at Whateley Academy, one who teaches the kids how to fight back in a world that hates him. He's not a kind man, or a nice man. But maybe, for the kids, he can be a good man.

This is the prequel for Upheaval.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon Story

Graduation 2010: A Whateley Fanfiction Story

This is a Whately Academy Fanfiction. A short story of what happens at Team Kimba's graduation. Caution: This story contains non graphic death destruction and mayhem. All of the characters and settings belong to those that own them, I make no claim to any of them. Enjoy it at your own risk.

PS: No Spider-rats were harmed in the writing of this story. (Why does my browser know the correct spelling of Spider-Rats?)

My Super Secret Life-34.

My Super Secret Life-34.


Steve passes the rhino off to the police. “Lock him in a max cell. Titan you’re with me.”

“Right.” I walk with him but get a SWAT utility belt from one of the officers and two headsets and I pass one to Steve. He nods. We head to where the hole is and he moves the truck from the hole and we both drop down well it’s different he flies down and I jump but we do this combination of me grabbing his shoulder and him my arm and we don’t touch the ground or the sparking rails.

We’re looking for sign and I can…I can see this sort of trail of foot prints leading east.
“I think, I think I’m seeing heat…? Two on foot one’s another gorilla.”

“Okay, are you ready?”

“Yeah they killed a guy in cold blood. Let’s bring them down.”

*And Now…

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-6.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond 6.

Chapter 6

The last two days were really busy really in just getting settled down and unpacked into my condo here in The Tower and getting things the way that I like them and getting tips from some of the female members and staff here at The Tower.

Mom had actually the great idea of me having a housewarming shower here in a sort of open house sort of way here for the people here that worked in the building and the other members on the team.

My Super Secret Life-23.

My Super Secret Life-23.

Chapter 23

Okay going to the mall with Terry and her Mom was a really good time and it helped me get my mind off of things. I even kind of had a few of these really cool moments where I could see Terry’s fledgling girl soul starting to flourish and come out into the foreground of her new self.

It makes me wonder because am I like that remotely?

My Super Secret Life-20.

My Super Secret Life-20

Chapter 20

I was more than ready for the shower after my time in the gym with Terry it had helped actually helping her and helping out Shane with her friend Kyle. Shane gives me something to really think able other that my break up with Matt.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-3.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-3.

Chapter 3

My Mom looks at me and sighs. “Honestly honey I don’t know. I suppose we play it by ear with these folks and see what their doctors can tell us.”

“Okay, I guess there not a lot of choice in the matter is there huh.”

“It really doesn’t look like it.”

Originally a comment for Maggie Finsons Shades of Grey

I had originally posted this in the comment section of the final chapter of Maggie Finson's Shades Of Grey, in Lilith Langtree's Comics Retcon Universe.

After posting there, i realized i had to share this broadly..

My first story posting here!

Hello again,
I am so proud to announce the posting of my first story "Magnetic Personality" to Big Closet and Lilith Langtree's Comic Retcon Universe... I hope you enjoy part one.
Diana Howe

What Light Through Yonder Shadow... - Act 1; 2

200px-AngelusForce.jpgdkg5.jpgWhen the Angelus looks for a new vessel She is weak. The Darkness seeks to gain the upper hand.

I wish to thank Top Cow for such great characters and give them kudos for showing the development of a lesbian relationship in mainstream comics.


Catwoman Catatonia
By Maid Joy
Things keep going strangely for Catwoman. But when an opportunity to grab some very expensive artifacts comes along, she just can't resist.

Unfortunately that is only the first herald of the changes to come.

Detective Comics owns the copyright to Catwoman. This is a retroactive contunity, or a Retcon of the same character.

Heroes of Justice

Greg and the guys are your normal group of gaming geeks looking to escape from the pressures of reality for a few hours. The newest Superhero Role-playing game is promising adventures beyond their wildest dreams. What if it is right? Do you want to play the game?

Heroes of Justice


by Grover

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