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Becoming Madeline: Prologue to Madeline's Adventure's

Pale moonlight streamed through the window and bathed the floor of my hospital room. Through the haze of the pain killers dripping down into me, I thought the full moon reminded me of a ghostly ship, cut adrift in a sea of darkness. My name is Mark Brewer, I just turned fourteen. Two weeks ago, I was in a horrible car crash that killed my mother and has left me a ward of the state. I’m told by a case worker that my older sister.. Kayla Brewer, who lives in Benton and owns and a operates a Christmas Tree Farm has agreed to take me in. Okay I lied a little.

Fit-4-U: Guaranteed-2-Fit

Did you ever sneak off somewhere to look at lingerie catalogs?

Guaranteed 2 Fit

Fit-4-U: Guaranteed 2 Fit

by Lainie Lee

I stole the little booklets from my sister's room and looked at the pictures in the bathroom with the door locked. In some of them the girls were practically naked, just wearing bra and panties. The images sent hot little barbs into my brain and made me feel sweaty in odd places.

"I’m going to have to wear a bra – to SCHOOL!?"

“I’m going to have to wear a bra – to SCHOOL!?

If you think things were going a bit off-the-scale, then you’d be right.

This began as one of my AP-500 pieces. I got one very useful comment about 'why and how' which got me moving and has turned into this continuation. Thanks AP

A Cam-eo Performance

While the wife's away Wanda will play. She HAD to see how the new dress looked on her. Chances like this don't come by frequently. Her bustier looked so foxy but it's hard to dance in heels. This could be auto-biographical. Take care my friends!

Wiley’s wife was out of town on a three day weekend conference that was halfway across the US. It was the most opportune time for his inner Wanda to come out to play. The timing was perfect.

Gabriel's Mistake

Gabriel was a stalker. He spent his days following the school's hot chicks, finding out where they lived so he could spy on them. He had a real talent for following girls without them knowing. They were always fooled into thinking he was just another pedestrian, walking home from school, not doing anything wrong. But they didn't know his habit of putting cameras outside the girls' windows to catch videos of them changing.

I’m PROUD of who I am!

I’m PROUD of who I am!

Taboo, Stigma, Prejudice - does hitting someone with those labels make YOU fell clever, smart or better. It kills some people. Zombifies others. Would YOU like it back at you? I can cope - I've gone past the hate.

We all know the situation, when the story just keeps going. So here’s one five-time escapee from the AP-500 bundle.

Jail Bait

Lately I had actually enjoyed going to school. It had started when a group of documentary filmers had chosen our school to do a documentary about every-day high school life. This would be their fifth week here. The first week everyone tried to get their attention. They strongly discouraged that. Their goal was to be as unnoticeable as possible. Blending in into the background while filming with their carefully disguised cameras, as well as some fixed cameras. By the fourth week they had succeeded quite well. The students didn’t take more notice of them than they did of the poster for the Chess club’s next game in the state championships. Quite a pity, I had spent quite a lot of time making that poster.

So given that the film team wasn’t interested in any drama queens why did my best friend Phil come to school dressed as a girl?

Confessions of a Train Passenger

[This story is based upon a conversation I overheard the on the train to work in 2011].

“Hi Wendy. I’ve not seen you on this train for a while?”

“Oh, hi Kylie. Yeah, I’ve been at the branch in Slough for the past few months. I could drive there in twenty minutes from home. Now I’m working in Reading for the next six months. The assistant manager is off on maternity leave. So here I am on the commuter express that stops at every station!”

“How are your kids?”

“Davy is a real handful. All he wants to do is play football.”

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 10

Olivia pushed Miss Johnson aside and ran out of the cafeteria, with Bailey right on her heels. Yelling for vengeance, Miss Johnson followed right behind them. She chased Olivia and Bailey out of the front doors and towards the hotel.

Olivia had never ran harder in her life. Her arms were running like windmills, and her breasts were swinging around like mad. She wished she had a bra to give herself some support. But it hardly mattered. All that mattered was that Olivia and Bailey would lead Miss Johnson into their trap.

"I’ve done 25 – will I get to 26? Is it over."

"I’ve done 25 – will I get to 26? Is it over."

If these were lyrics they could be better – but I’m doing this My Way – or the highway – or the low way. And sorry – it may sound like this is going to be a suicide story – but – nope – not this time.

The 25th AP-500 story - and none has, yet ,been borrowed or adapted - come on, folks and folkesses,

You Can't Hide Your Secret Forever

During lunch break high school freshman Tom was sitting on a bench outside, reading a sports magazine (but with the edge of a Penthouse sticking up), alone as usual. Well, as usual as it could be the fifth day of term. Tom was not a popular boy. Small, ”dainty” and with golden locks that was rather longish. There really was nothing wrong with Tom except that he was terribly shy and new in town. He had lost his parents and the only relative was a cousin of his mother's. Matthew and Martha were considerably older than Tom’s parents but they considered taking care of Tom as their duty. Tom had all the material support he could wish for. However, they didn’t really care for him and since they never had had any children of their own they didn’t understand him at all. So the less he bothered them the happier they were.

Anyway Tom was sitting there ostentatiously reading a sports magazine featuring baseball. Tom was quite a good baseball player and had great hopes to get onto one of the junior teams. However, if you looked closer you could see the edge of a Penthouse sticking up behind the magazine. Not that Tom was interested in the pictures. Actually he found the sports magazine much more interesting and if he wanted to look at naked girls internet had an abundant supply and Matthew and Martha had no clue how to restrict his access. No, Tom had arranged the Penthouse very carefully to throw off any suspicions about what he had hidden behind the Penthouse. His real secret was much worse, something that absolutely NO ONE must know. Tom was totally absorbed by the latest “Thumping ❤❤, Broken ❤❤, ❤❤United” book, according to some the soppiest, most braindead romantic drivel ever written. Tom just couldn’t get enough of it.

Its Halloween Madeline!

The leaves on the trees had turned from green to orange and brown. The last of the soybeans and cotton was being harvest and the air was starting to become cooler. Pumpkins where starting to appear in the produce department of Sunflower, and sweaters, long skirts and leggings where starting to replace tank tops, sundresses and bikini bottoms.

O/our favourite position

my Master has fixed me up. i am lying on my back, legs raised up and spread wide, ankles fixed to the corners of the bed. i am so supple that my knees rested on the bed, either side of my head. Knees are also tied to the sides of the bed, and my wrists and elbows are tied together behind my back, and my wrists tied off to the opposite head of the bed.

Market Research

Tom meets an alien who is researching potential trade opportunities and gets a glimpse of more than one new world.

Market Research

By Jamie Lou Wendelin

Thanks to Kristina L.S., Scott Ramsey and another friend for reviewing drafts, finding mistakes and making helpful suggestions - and, oh yeah, Erin for making all this possible.
Of course all remaining mistakes are my own.


The Venus Touch

The Venus Touch
by Melanie T

Edited by Kristine Roland

When Ron spent the night with a strange woman, he never thought his life would be changed so much. Caught up in a web of sorcery and lies, Ron, who is now a woman named Ronnie must face a world of magic she never knew existed.

Hunted by powerful forces and aided by uncertain allies, Ronnie has to unravel the mystery of her transformation.

Out Centre 2

Out Centre 2
By Fallen Leaf - Playing in Lilith Langtree’s The Center

Douglas need's to enlist the help of his twin as she knows how to make herself look like him. Now he needs to learn how to do so to.


Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 9

After Saige had finished with her shower, she put on some clean clothes and went out to the cafeteria. Just like Piper said, there was Olivia, locked in a glass case and on display for everyone to see. The moment she saw her friend, Saige ran up to the glass case and pressed her fingers against the glass. "Oh, Olivia," Saige whispered. "Look what they've done to you."

In spite of her pain, Olivia looked down and saw Saige outside her case. Olivia wanted to scream at Saige to get out of here, to save herself while she still could, but she could not.

Out Centre 1

Fourteen-year-old Douglas often feels his twin gets the better of him in their deals. The latest has him trying to ensure he doesn't lose his twin's U15 soccer teams good birth into their playoffs. Their step-mum caught them trying to swap, where Douglas would do his twin's detention. So now he is playing soccer for the first time this year. Of course neither his step-mum or step-dad know this, because they thought it was Douglas's U15 soccer team. Breanne is on the girl's field hockey team.

Out Centre
By Fallen Leaf - Playing in Lilith Langtree’s The Center

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 8

Piper was lonely.

Several weeks ago, she had had a lovely family of dormmates at the Y. F. F. H. Bailey and Valeria had been nice to her, but when Olivia showed up, it had made their happy little family even happier. They had all had an awesome time living together, and doing things together. But all of a sudden, Olivia and Bailey had gone poking around in Miss Johnson's lab under the hotel next to the foster home building. Piper had gone with Valeria to save them. Olivia and Bailey, along with Stephanie, had escaped to an unknown fate.

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 7

"Saige, you okay, honey?"

Saige's eyes fluttered open. She found herself lying on her couch, with her mother standing over her. She looked around and realized she was in her house.

"Mom," said Saige. The events of the failed date last night were all coming back to her. "Where-where's Olivia? Where's Tony?"

"Calm down," said Saige's mom. "You're safe now."

"What happened?" Saige asked. "How did I get here?"

"The Red Lobster manager saw you and Tony lying on the floor," said Saige's mom. "He called the police, and they took you and him home."

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 6

Saige was nervous about asking Tony out, but she had to do it. She went up to him after Fourth Period and said, "Hi Tony."

"Hey Saige," Tony said back. "What's up?"

Saige managed to find the words, "Want to go out tomorrow night?"

Tony smiled. "Sure. Where did you have in mind?"

"Well, Olivia bought tickets for me and her to see Wreck-It Ralph 2," said Saige. "Maybe I could talk her into giving her ticket to you?"

"Yeah, sure," said Tony. "And we could go out to dinner at, I dunno, Red Lobster."

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 5

For the rest of the week, Saige continued to hang out with Tony, Olivia, Bailey, and Stephanie. During that time, Saige got fully acquainted with her new girl body. She could take a shower, change her clothes, and brush her hair without help from her mom or Olivia. She even got rid of all the boy stuff she used to have and bought some new things to satisfy her new, girly interests. Now her room was painted pink with a Justin Bieber poster hanging on the wall. Saige was surprised to find herself liking Justin Bieber now. As a boy, he had HATED Justin Bieber.

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 4

The next morning, Saige woke up to her alarm blaring. She hit the Snooze bar and got up for the day. She went down to the kitchen, still wearing her pajamas. While she was making herself a bowl of cereal, Saige's mom came into the kitchen.

"Good morning, princess," Saige's mom said.

"Hey Mom," said Saige. "Hard to believe I was a boy 24 hours ago."

Her mom laughed. "I know. I have to leave in twenty minutes, so you should take a shower real soon."


Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 3

After their kitchen-table conversation, Saige and her mother went out to go clothes shopping. They first got dinner at Panda Express (Saige no longer felt a desire to go to McDonald's), then went to the mall.

Using the tags on Saige's current clothes, Saige and her mother were able to find underwear that fit her. Saige tried on a few sizes of shirts and pants, eventually finding the perfect size for her. Saige and her mother purchased ten shirts, three pairs of jeans, four pairs of shorts, a couple skirts, and a bikini swimsuit.

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson, Part 1

[Note: This is a sequel to "Wrong Bathroom" and "New Home." I decided to write this after comments on both of those stories saying that I should continue them.]

After having her gender changed in the school bathroom, Saige went to her last class, which was Algebra. But when the teacher, Mrs. Gillmore, was taking role, she did not see Saige Johnson on the list. There was a Sage Johnson, yes, but no Saige Johnson. Saige tried to explain to Mrs. Gillmore that she was Sage, that the bathroom had changed her gender, but Mrs. Gillmore didn't believe her.

Wrong Bathroom

Sage was walking through the school, looking for a bathroom. He had to poop really bad. He'd been holding it for half of English class, and he was going to burst if he didn't find a bathroom. Luckily, he saw the bathrooms just down the hall from where he was. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him toward the nearest bathroom, dashed inside, and went into one of the stalls. He locked the door, pulled his pants down, and sat on the toilet. He let out a sigh of relief as his poop fell into the toilet bowl.

Life in the city - Chapter 7

“You did what?!” Leah said.

“It just happened, it was something silly”.

“It isn’t something silly anymore Dani”.

Leah came to sit next to me in bed.

“Have you thought about it? About how you feel? What this actions may reflect about you?”.

I didn’t want to answer, mostly because I really didn’t have an answer. It all just happened, and I enjoyed it, it was something I had just discovered and didn’t put much thought to it, when I did my mind got foggy and I got anxious.

“I… no… I haven’t” I said turning my head to the floor.

The Editors Dilemma - What Happened Next

This is a sequel to “The Editors Dilemma”


The tale resumes at the Hotel in Cynthia’s room after Cynthia has poured a cup of tea for Jennie.

Jenny sat down totally stunned by the person who was in front of her.

“I don’t know what to say.”

Cynthia smiled.

“I know that both my manuscript and how I look now is a bit of a shock but this is me now. Oh, and the final three chapters of it are on the table.”


Green Lantern: Star Sapphire's Wrath

Hal Jordan encounters a dying alien but initially refuses to accept the power of the Green Lantern. Instead, his boss and friend Carl Ferris takes up the job only to be kidnapped, changed, and brainwashed by the Violet Lantern Corp. Now, Hal Jordan must take on the difficult task of protecting the Earth from his best friend's wrath.

Changing my life, what joy. To Joy.

Changing my life, what joy. To Joy.

It was the rite time ….. and the rite place. As Annis said, “It’s a kind of magic.”

And another AP-500 story - hooray me.

It may be the difference of a better-chosen title, but some recent stories have hit new heights - 1000 hits in a day; 100+ kudos too. But still nobody has been triggered to take one of my offerings to adapt, grow, build or whatever (as far as I know). Oh well. maybe sometime soon what with the suggestion by Angela Rasch and others for MORE STORIES.

"I’m going to HAVE to wear a bra! No way!"

“I’m going to HAVE to wear a bra! No way!”

“Stand up, Mike. And take your shirt off. ……… Well, that’s unusual.”
Some time later ……"NO, Mum. I’m never going to wear a bra. Never.”
“I’m not sure those, erm, chesty-things give you a choice!”

An AP-500 story

Waisting my life – why I love corsets.

Waisting my life – why I love corsets.

“That’s how it began – Just an injury – then a corset but now …...

You don’t get life-changing injuries in Tennis! Not unless you’re very unlucky. T’was so for me.

An AP-500 story

"What? I’m not a girl – am I?"

”What? I’m not a girl – am I?”

So many things that I didn’t know. I mean about girls and all the soft, pretty things girls do and wear. So much to learn. And something told me it was what I really wanted. But I was a normal boy, wasn’t I?

An AP-500 story to borrow and grow.

Journal (Cheerleader TG)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Yeah, so I'm grounded this weekend, and I found this journal my grandma got me a few years ago. Beyond the smell, it's a pretty good journal.

Anyway, explanations. Today at lunch, Christine was acting like a jerk as usual-your stereotypical blonde. I overheard her trash-talking my friends, and I went over to her and slammed my lunch tray in her face. It was worth it to hear her scream. She deserved it.

But I had to go to after-school detention today, and my parents grounded me. Whoopty-doo.

Monday, November 5, 2018


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