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The Vengeance of Dr. Rhino

Originally posted 2005-02-08

Sometimes getting even just isn't enough for a supervillain

The Adventures of Dr. Rhino, Supervillain


by Lainie Lee and Erin Halfelven


Suit Your Self

The popular Lainie Lee Sci-Fi romp now on Kindle!

Gordon's purchase of a lost suitcase would change his life in unexpected ways. Actually an artifact from a different universe and time, the SuitCase tempted Gordon with the possibility of living a life completely different from his own....

Suit Your Self by Lainie Lee

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SRU: A Higher Power -1- Spare Key

Originally posted 2005/02/03

The wizard knew just what Aaron was seeking--and there's more than one kind of key.

SRU: Spare Key

by Lainie Lee


I do not own the SRU universe, I am just borrowing it. The Spell-R-Us store and wizard were created by Bill Hart.

Esperanza - Now on Kindle from Doppler Press

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My novelette 'Esperanza' is now available from Doppler Press on Kindle. Proceeds go to support Erin and her crew here at BigCloset.

If you haven't read it, I think you will like it.

It's a story I wrote about 12 years ago from an outline given me by BoyChiq who has since gone stealth. It's a ghost story about a girl who wasn't a boy and a man who wasn't dead.




by Lainie Lee


On a rainy day near Buttonwillow, she stole a ride.

The stowaway hitchhiker called herself Kelly, or maybe Esperanza. She seemed to be haunted by the ghost of an old man…but was the true story even stranger?

Drabble Saga 28: Sleep On It?

"You want to sleep on it?" Larry asked.

"I don't think I can in this corset."

"A pill?"

"No. I'm going to read this contract again. Buy-out clauses. Extension options. Twenty-five hours a week for classes. Five days off a month and a three week all-expenses-paid vacation. But it doesn't say what 'personal services' are."

"Just being Dee Dee when the Boss wants to see you."

Drabble Saga 22: Would You Believe?

"What do I tell my folks?" asked Davey.

"Tell them as much or as little as you want," said Larry. "Whatever you say, they're going to find it hard to believe."

Drabble Saga 21: Hertz So Good

"Frankie Al Nez will pay my rent, pay for my schooling, give me an allowance and all I have to do is dress like this" --Davey gestured at his tight leather dress-- "and read to him?"

Drabble Saga 20: Paging Doctor Dee Dee

Davey explored the apartment. The kitchenette had a small refrigerator, a three burner range-top, a tiny electric oven, a microwave and a sink, all surrounded by blond cabinetry. "It's so cute," he said.

Drabble Saga 13: Just a Giggle, Oh!

Larry held the door as Davey entered the apartment on the fourteenth floor of the Del Amo Hotel. A distinguished middle-aged man sat in an antique chair, a bottle of wine and two glasses near him on an elegant table.

Larry made an introduction, Davey didn't listen except to start when referred to as 'Miss Dee Dee LaTours'. It's Davey Towers, he reminded himself.

Drabble Saga 10: Dress for Excess

While Ruby dealt with Davey's falsies, Beth had depilated his legs then creamed and soothed them and painted his toenails. Stockings attached to garters and then the blue leather mini went on, fastened with a concealed zipper in the back.

Ruby and Beth surveyed their work. "Mm, hmm?" asked Ruby.

"Mmm," agreed Beth.

Drabble Saga 8: Dee Disappearing Boy

It's like some fever dream, thought Davey. He stared into the mirror Beth held, staring at the woman staring back -- beautiful, bewildered -- and vulnerable.


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