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The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 2

Tizzy and Keith head back to the station to see what they could dig up on Daniel Covern. While Tizzy runs his name through DMV, Keith was looking for any past convictions.

“Well, this is interesting.” Keith had found out he had been arrested for raping a ten-year-old girl in California.

Which turned out to be his own daughter. He was arrested again for four counts of statutory rape and kidnapping in Washington state.

“Man, this guy is a piece of work. He’s a sexual predator.” Keith couldn’t believe he was out of jail and walking around.

The Visit - Chapter 19

The visit.jpg

Chapter 19

Mr Walker stopped the discussion and pushed the document towards Robert and Adele to consider before highlighting its significance. It was a birth certificate issued 20 years ago but it was not issued at the same time as a second document that he also produced that was the death certificate for Elizabeth Deane.

Magic Revealed Excerpt 1

The Magic Revealed: A Gifted Saga Story


Rodford Edmiston

An excerpt from a novel in progress. I would love comments, especially on the medical matters discussed herein.

The Gifted Saga is a long-term project (stories here: ). The idea is that unexpectedly several thousand people spread around the Earth have their secret wishes and desires fulfilled. Though some receive apparently random powers and transformations.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 27

Synopsis: Allison contemplates her future and the initiation ceremony commences

“Hey lady, what are you up to?” Remy asked as she passed by me in the common room. “The ceremony is in like…fifteen minutes. You really need to be in there.”

The Cottage - Part 4

The Cottage
Michele Nylons

TV Hooker.jpg
Chapter Four

Michele and her uncle continue their interlude at the cottage while they are snowed in but all good things come to an end. Michele figures out a way to rekindle their romance away from the cottage

Katie Ann - Chapter 6: Sign That Life Away

Katie Ann

Nineteen year old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

The Visit - Chapter 18

The visit.jpg

Chapter 18

Adele was made welcome and shown to the morning room that pleased her. It gave her the opportunity to more closely scrutinise the array of portraits and paintings around the room and she focused on the two that included William, Aunt Roberta and the infant that she observed was dressed as any male or female infant was at that time. Polly entered to ask if she would like a refreshing drink whilst Aunt Roberta and her niece were making ready for the outing.

Model Makers:The Real Model part eight

Model makers BCTS cover.jpg

Karl Adder was in a rage. He had made a big show of letting everyone know he was being promoted to head of the duplication department. All his personal things were still boxed up for the move. His just rewards had been taken from him more times than he could tolerate. He made everyone within reach pay for his misery. Verbally abusing those around him, he soon had everyone in his department filing for a transfer. It didn't do any good. They couldn't transfer out because no one would transfer in to take their place. There were only two ways to escape the hell Karl was spreading in his department. One was, quit the company, or two, if someone hired on and you happened to be the worker with the most seniority then maybe, just maybe, you might get a transfer. The new help would take your place in Karl's little office of hell.

Sad Smiles Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Sandra disappeared on her hunt for the doctor and Lisa jumped on us for information.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me!” Lisa exclaimed.

“Let's get back to the waiting room, I only want to say it once,” I told her.

She hurried me to the room where everyone was waiting, even Aaron was sitting in one corner.

Acceptance: Spousal - (mild version)

Spousal Acceptance: Perfect wife, perfect life

It was another Friday evening following a hard week at work. Jack was taking his customary after work shower and his wife Joanie was putting the finishing touches on their evening meal; 30 minutes in the oven and dinner would be ready. Joanie would shower after Jack or join him in the shower. It was large, recently renovated and could hold four people. The built in bench seat was a convenient addition.



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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to locations, persons living or dead is purely coincidental. There is also sex between consenting partners over the age of 18 which may include sexual fetish elements and role-playing. As always I write this for your enjoyment. A comment if able would be greatly appreciated. Hugs Mary Beth.

Rio de Janeiro Blue Chapter 3

We flew back to Rio on Tuesday morning and went straight back to Maria’s place where we made love for the rest of the day. On Wednesday, she took me shopping again and we came back with bags and bags of new clothes. She was incredibly generous. Wednesday afternoon I modelled my purchases in between bouts of love making that lasted the rest of the day and most of the night.

O/our favourite position

my Master has fixed me up. i am lying on my back, legs raised up and spread wide, ankles fixed to the corners of the bed. i am so supple that my knees rested on the bed, either side of my head. Knees are also tied to the sides of the bed, and my wrists and elbows are tied together behind my back, and my wrists tied off to the opposite head of the bed.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 26

Synopsis: Allison confronts an old friend

“Initiation tomorrow,” Remy grinned at me as she slid one of her tops onto a plastic coat hanger. “Are you ready?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted nervously. “What happens at initiation?”

“Well,” She said. “You know those pledge paddles you’ve seen laying around the house?”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 25

Synopsis: The future of AG is discussed, and Allison makes a decision

“What are we looking at? What is this?” Brianna demanded as she stared at Remy’s iPad. It was the same iPad that they’d used in the conference room after rush. Kind of funny to see Amber Geer standing on the other side of it.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 24

Synopsis: Allison meets with Pi Lambda Sigma, the members of Alpha Gamma reach an impasse with National

“Okay this is it,” Brianna said, pulling the car parallel to the sidewalk between two other vehicles. I’ll never in a million years understand how she was able to parallel park like that; I certainly couldn’t do it. “Hey, when you get out of the car, I want to show you something.”

“Is it a different bid?”

“Shut up,” She said. “Just get out.”

The Cottage - Part 3

The Cottage
Michele Nylons

TV Hooker.jpg
Chapter Three

Crossdresser Michele is snowed in, in a cottage with her randy uncle who does not know that she is trans. He fancies the pants off her and Michele uses his desire to her own advantage.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 23

Synopsis: Allison works on recovering from her injuries and tries to choose a new sorority.

“Remy, I don’t like this,” I said quietly. We were laying in my bed at Brianna’s house, her arms wrapped around my chest as I grasped her hands. Her warm body laying flush with mine, and her warm breath overtaking the back of my neck. I was content, but I wasn’t. “I feel like…like I have a purpose for the first time in my life. I spent so much time playing video games or watching TV, I always felt like I could be something more, and now that I am, they want me to stop.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Buffy's POV

High Notes had just about finished their set when Trish came to us and asked us to follow her.

“What's wrong?” I asked her.

“Lisa has asked me to get you. Drew has disappeared.”

“What happened?”

“Lisa will tell you, I don't know.”

We rushed back to find a frantic Lisa, holding a crying Mia.

“What happened?” I repeated, this time to Lisa.

“I'm so sorry. We thought it would be alright, but then Aaron was an idiot and Drew ran away and I tried to follow, but he disappeared.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I woke up the next morning a little bit excited in the hopes that Gabi would be joining us. Sarah didn't say anything until we had gathered around for breakfast.

“I've decided that Gabi will be joining us today, so first order of the day is to get her ready. After we have finished breakfast we will need to go through some clothes and see what we can find that will fit her,” Sarah stated in a firm voice.

Sad Smiles Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The show was a great one. High Notes had gotten over their nerves that was quite noticable for the first few shows, and were gelling better and better. The Bleeding Heart Boys were their usual polished selves, but in the after party I could tell that Damon was in a depressed mood. I'm guessing Lisa had ripped into him again, after seeing Drew's hand and knowing the emotional trauma that he was suffering.

Sad Smiles Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I was the first to wake up the next morning. After our exhausting but very satisfying bedroom antics we had all ended up sleeping in the one double bed. Hardly enough room for two let alone four. I woke up on my side with my arm over Sarah, reaching far enough to lie on Gabi and Ellie's arm and leg were drapped over me.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 22

Synopsis: Instead of writing anything useful here I’m just going to complain about the keto diet I’m on and how I haven’t had a potato in three months….

“I am sooo excited,” Laura said as she bounced around me at the concession stand “I’ve been wanting to see this movie for ages!”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s just too bad Remy couldn’t come.”

“Good grief,” Laura laughed. “It’s not like she has to come everywhere with us.”

“Yeah, but, I mean…” I trailed off a bit, she gave me a kind of knowing grin.

The Cottage - Part 2

The Cottage
Michele Nylons

TV Hooker.jpg
Chapter Two

Michele uses her family's isolated cottage to crossdress in secret, but her uncle comes to the cottage unaware that she is there too. Finding this delightful young creature who he assumes is a girl, uncle Steven finds it difficult to leave her alone. Michele pretends to be Steven's nephew's girlfriend hoping he will leave her alone.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 21

Synopsis: Things take an unexpected turn when Allison is faced with a decision and an offer she might not be able to refuse.

“That…was amazing…” I said as I laid in my bed staring straight up at the ceiling. “I’ve never done that before…it was my first time.”

“Yeah,” Remy said, scrolling through her phone and looking at Amazon listings. “I could tell.”

“Was it good?” I was genuinely curious actually.

“Uh…yeah, yeah it was pretty good,” Remy nodded.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 20

Synopsis: Allison faces the Alpha Gamma board and is forced to make a split-second decision.

“Remy, I’m scared,” I think I was cutting circulation off to her hand with how hard I was squeezing. We were sitting in a conference room that was far larger than the one at Alpha Gamma, and with a tiered floor. It was more like a courtroom if we’re being honest. I was really, really scared. What had led us up to this exactly? How could we get things back to the way they were before? Was that even possible?

The Visit - Chapter 16

The visit.jpg

Chapter 16
Over their lunch Adele and Robert discussed the information provided by the solicitor, Mr Walker. Robert had not been fully focused because of his discomfort and nervousness feeling he was being closely scrutinised but Adele reassured him that this was a normal experience for women and especially since he was very pretty.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 19

Synopsis: I’m having a bad day, so fuck actually putting anything here.

“Hello, Allison, my name is Doctor. McKee,” The huge white-coated man said to me. At least form my perspective he was huge; I wasn’t really a big person anyway was I? “What can I help you with today?’

You know what? I seriously hate it when doctors ask questions like that. They KNOW why you made the appointment, they KNOW why you’re there. It seemed to silly to make me blurt it all out once again, you know, considering my chart obviously said ‘male’ and here I was dressed as a 95% passable female.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 18

Synopsis: Insert a bunch of words here that relate to the text that you’re about to read.

“Allison! Allison wake up!” Brianna said cheerily as she tore back the curtains and bathed my face in the morning light. “Look at that, the sun has been up for HOURS. My god were you going to sleep all day?”

“I was trying,” I said, yawning.

“Well too bad, lazybones,” She said with a slight grin on her face. “We have to take you to get waxed and you have your first laser hair removal appointment today. Are you ready?”

The Visit - Chapter 15

The visit.jpg

Chapter 15

Robert was nervous to leave the house in female garb that was sensed by Adele who took his arm to steady him. He stopped on the pavement nervously looking both ways for passers- by then across the Square but it seemed that nobody was taking notice. London was a busy city compared with his home town of Bristol that was much to his relief.


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