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The Portrait -- Frame II

The Portrait: Frame II
by Ellie Dauber

This story is a follow-up to “The Portrait”, but I’ve tried to keep it as self-contained (and consistent) as possible. Both stories are part of a series that also includes "Valentine Gift" and "Shakedown", all of which tell of the very magical Uncle Stavros.


Dear Mr. Norman:

Stavros get your letter about the noise. Stavros sorry that nice lady, Miss Gray, not like Stavros’ music, but Miss Gray gone. She married now. Live with husband out in country.

Pretty in Purple

I finally had tricked my wife into a bet where as her forfeit she’d finally do something in the bedroom that she’d absolutely refused to do ever since that first crazy night of debauchery we’d spent together. There was no way I could lose the bet. I was really looking forward to collecting since there was no conceivable way I could lose. I could already smell the sweet smell of victory. The only thing I was worried about was that reality wouldn’t live up to memory.

I lost.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 68

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 68
Oh no, Larry. The scholarship. A fitting.

We had a talk with Amy’s mother about her ancestors. Then called Amy’s grandmother and found that one of Amy’s mother’s cousins in England had done some research on the family. Amy wrote a letter to the cousin asking about the possibility of an Indian ancestor. All this over a dream.

Then a hike on the lake trail had become interesting, very interesting.

We met with our lawyer and financial advisor about the scholarship. And Cathy, our lawyer, met Tom for the first time.

Mom and dad had come back from Hawaii. And now Amy and I were on the way to Kelly and Larry’s apartment to find out what had happened with Kelly’s father and Larry. It didn’t sound good.

Amy and I walked up to the door to Kelly and Larry’s apartment. As we had parked next to their car, we knew that Maria and Mark were already here. I knocked on the door, and Kelly quickly opened it. I hate to say this, but she looked like hell.

TransVixen Chapter 08

Michele Nylons

Chapter Eight: Wolford Hall Horror

The Balzono brothers are selling drugs at TransVixen's concert and Wendy tries to shut them down. She is forced into her office and defiled as is Panti when she tries to help her, but the Balzono's get their comeuppance courtesy of Tony. Final chapter in what has proven to be an unpopular story.

Jonathan Creep – Magician's Assistant

Synopsis: For those who might have wondered just whom the Jonathan Creek UK TV series was based upon, look no further than Jonathan Creep, Design Assistant to the Magic Circle. In researching the 1920's magician, The Great Morgasmo, Jonathan meets Caddy Goodhope, who temporarily becomes his Magician's Assistant to perform the greatest trick ever known to Jonathan. The real question is, if there's no such thing as magic, how does it work?

Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie

(This story is ADULT fiction)


We did as we were told. It was no big deal. Besides, most of us had begun to like the smell and taste of our lipstick. Some of us were also beginning to like the taste of our roommate’s lipstick as long as our roommate was wearing it. You could hear our compacts snap closed. We all went back to reading our copy of The Order of the Earrings; goals we had to meet.

The Order of the Earrings

Lost in Translation - Part 4


Lost in Translation
Part 4 - Red Letter Day

by Persephone

Author's Note: It's been a long time since I started this story. I'm sorry for the delay. I was probably too close to some of what I was writing so had to give it a healthy pause. However now I'm up and running again I hope that you find some small pleasure in this tale. As ever please be tolerant of my failings, and forthright with your criticism. ~Persephone

Sometimes going through transition can feel like you're walking through a minefield. And sometimes you actually are...

A Legal Trap - Chapter 12

Final Chapter...

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

March 13th, 2:35 PM
“I’ll come by your room at 7, OK?” I nodded and opened the door of the rental to get out, Paul reached over and caught my arm, “We good?”

“Yeah, we’re good…,” I smiled back at him, leaning over to give him a quick peck on the lips, then swung my legs out of the car. I smiled again as I closed the door and watched him drive away.

Cockatoo Volume 2


By Nikkie Silk

Vol 2

Meeting Shane

Chapter 1

It was late afternoon by the time my flight left Bangkok and dusk began to fall about halfway back to Koh Samui. Lights from the fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand glittered like tiny jewels in the gathering darkness. I made out the shrouded bulk of Koh Tao island, and I shivered at the memory of what had happened down there only a few weeks ago. How close I had come to death in the cold, dark water, and how I was determined to make the most of the second chance I had been given.

Girl’s Night Out - 7 New Sense of Family and Friends

Girl’s Night Out - 7
New Sense of Family and Friends

By Jessica C

Nera took Heath for his second time to their Girls Night out…
Somewhere that night Heath became Dara and free to be…

My Russian Wedding

The UK Immigration authorities will do everything they can to prevent Tommy's Russian cousin from marrying a British citizen. Tommy is asked to help the wedding go ahead.

The seduction: part 12

after Lauren.jpg

Chapter thirty four: another round of music.

To neither Stephanie’s nor Maureen’s surprise they found both, John and Aileen, waiting when they got back. Of course they wanted to know how it had gone and both Maureen and Steph were full of praise for the hair stylist and the resulting transformation of Sinead into a teenage version of Stephanie. They really looked like being sisters about a decade apart in birth. Their hosts, of course, were delighted. Then Stephanie mentioned Dónal’s comment about owing people another concert.

A Visit To VentureRealm Part 8- Finale

The finale of the homage/crossover. This is also the final story set in "Generation 1" as the next stories will take place years 16+ years later. Thank you to Snowfall for allowing me to write using your characters. It was tough thinking up ways of incorporating many characters and finding so many obscure or forgotten about characters who fit the storyline perfectly. Sadly not all could be use, with a heavy heart Zeke the overnight security officer and who touched us as readers wasn't included due to timing issues.

The Voyage of the Visund -6-

A simple leg of a voyage from one port to the next turns out to be anything but, as the Visund is attacked by one of the creatures that live in the depths of the great river. An alternative landing must be found for their injuries to be treated, but their lodgings for the night is unexpected.


The Voyage of the Visund

A tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

6 - Brief Encounter

Suit Yourself

A little bit of fluff inspired by a recent story by one of my favorite authors on this site – me ;)

Walking about at the pool party with all the company top management and VIPs from our most important customers I remembered how hard I had worked to become a ”Suit”. My goal was Customer Relations. My great talent is that I speak several languages. I had not been very successful until my cousin James got promoted, basically for going to work dressed as a woman, and not very convincingly at that! Well, he complains, especially about the high heels. I don’t believe him for a minute. He must be thrilled by his promotion. If he could, so could I!

O/our favourite position

my Master has fixed me up. i am lying on my back, legs raised up and spread wide, ankles fixed to the corners of the bed. i am so supple that my knees rested on the bed, either side of my head. Knees are also tied to the sides of the bed, and my wrists and elbows are tied together behind my back, and my wrists tied off to the opposite head of the bed.

TransVixen Chapter 07

Tv Band1.jpg
Michele Nylons

Chapter Seven: Panti Love - Michelle Lust

Panti and Michelle are now living full time as trans women and both are in relationships of sorts but trouble looms on the horizon

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 67

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 67
A letter. A meeting. Kelly and Larry.

We’d had an interesting weekend with Kelly’s family in Indiana. And I think that Kelly’s dad and I came to an understanding. At least I hope we did.

Amy had started having a reoccurring dream about an Indian girl and a sailor. They appeared to be lovers, and it was a long time ago. And Amy felt that she knew them or should know them.

We had gotten in touch with Naainish, and Amy had talked to him about the dream. After they hung up, I asked her, “Well. What were his words of wisdom?”

“It’s interesting.”, Amy said. “He thinks the two people in my dreams maybe ...

TransVixen Chapter 06

Tv Band4.jpg
Michele Nylons

Chapter Six: Bliss

Cherri is now living full-time trans as Michelle Murphy and works for Wendy Grayson during the day as an entertainer promoter, playing with TransVixen at night. Panti looks to have settled down but Michelle and Wendy's relationship is leading away from the platonic. Against Wendy's advice, Michelle accepts a dinner invitation from Tony Carlotta.

TransVixen Chapter 05

Tv Band2.jpg
Michele Nylons

Chapter Five: Panti Pops Her Top

Cherri continues her quest to being transitioning whilst Panti becomes angry and self destructive. Wendy tries to reason with daughter but Panti rebels dangerously.

Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie- Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie

(This story is ADULT fiction. Comments would be appreciated. Thank you.)


“Adjourn to breakfast and meet back here in an hour. Take note that from this point forward any time you need to pee you MUST sit down. To not do so could put you on ward C. As you noticed there will be NO excuses. Enjoy your breakfast and special vitamins. Report back here in 60 minutes for a late breakfast. We have many things that you need to know.”

Day 16 - Breakfast

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 66

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 66
Church? Mary Beth. The dream.

Saturday had been a crazy day. We’d followed Larry and Kelly to Muncie Indiana to meet Kelly’s family. We met them alright, Mr. O’Brian and I had gotten into, for the lack of better words, a discussion. And I’d finished up by calling him a bigot. We’d left the house followed quickly by Kelly and Larry. Then we’d checked into a local motel and ended up sharing a room.

We’d been given the cooks tour of Muncie by Kelly. The last place we stopped was the church where Kelly and Larry were to be married. We had a nice talk with the priest. Then we found Mrs. O’Brian at the motel when we got back, and we discussed what had happened at lunch.

Then we went star gazing, Did the shooting star that Amy saw mean something?

TransVixen Chapter 04

Michele Nylons

Cherri announces that she is going full time trans to Wendy who encourages her protege. She goes shopping for something special, her goal is to settle things once and for all with Tony Carlotta which she does...but it comes at a cost.

Chapter Four: Substitute

TransVixen Chapter 03

Tv Band3.jpg
Michele Nylons

Chapter Three: No Good Deed

Transvixen make their debut but Tony as ever is a snake in the grass and elusive when it comes to locking down a venue for the tranny rock band. Wendy sacrifices herself for the good of the band and Panti and Cherri explore their relationship.

The Good Sith Triumphant

A Tale of the Star Wars
The Good Sith Triumphant
E. E. Nalley

3642 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)
Balmorra The Colonies Area of the Galaxy

As retreats go, ours was in very good order.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 65

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 65
Mr. O’Brian. A priest. Mrs. O’Brian.

Amy and I had gone with Kelly and Larry to Kelly’s hometown to meet her parents, the O’Brians. At first, it was okay, and then it got ugly. Kelly’s father had asked if I was a hippy. And I responded with, “Sir I am not a hippy! And neither is my wife. I’m a Navajo. A proud member of the Navajo Nation.”

Then, Mr. O’Brian had said, “Oh. So, you’re an Indian.”

“Yes sir, I am.”, I’d replied. “And proud of it!”

“You all should be kept on a reservation.”

“Excuse me!”

TransVixen Chapter 02

Michele Nylons

Chapter Two: TransVixen begins

Wendy convinces Panti and Cherri to front the band in their femme personas and gets the other musicians onside and smartened up. Trouble arises when the shady businessman reneges on the deal for their debut venue. Panti decides to visit the businessman and see if she can't change his mind.

A Legal Trap - Chapter 11

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

March 12th, 8:36 PM
"Whoa, Whoa! Elizabeth, you OK? Hey, hey... Just sit still, don't try getting up. Wait... You're OK... Just relax, stay sitting..."

The seduction: part 11

after Lauren.jpg

Chapter thirty one: the day after.

Maureen and Stephanie took their leave, but not without both children crying. They had to promise to return the next day and even Dónal was looking pleadingly at Stephanie, whose heart melted at his look. Yes, this was supposed to be a holiday but there was enough time for her and Maureen later. And Stephanie felt kind of responsible for Sinead and Roisin. It was a bit of a relief to have Maureen the elder stay for the night. Her slightly haughty attitude had quickly been corrected by Stephanie’s actions, she had been surprised and humbled by what she had experienced the girl do. In her mind she more and more congratulated her granddaughter to her ‘catch’.


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