That big erotic banner

I've visited nifty.org recently and they have the same, or rather the same breastforms site banner as on bcts with one essential difference - you and everyone who looks at your monitor see the banner as below:

hifty_org banner

if you are interested you move the mouse over it and then you see this:

banner hover

Is it very complicated to have the same banner on BCTS site?

Snow morels

Roger working in the gardenSnow Morels

I spent a lot of time in our small garden where we had few beds with various veggies. I was weeding carrots when my sis came home with her friends.

“Invite your sis to join us,” new neighbour girl asked my sis.

“But…” Lisa started to say something but trailed off.

I was stunned and confused. I wanted to join them but was afraid of a misunderstanding.

“What about that ‘sis’ business?” I asked sis later, “why didn’t you correct our neighbour?”

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror recently?” she asked instead.

Memories (are made of this)

There are key moments in everyone’s life that determine their future. They lie in one’s memory and emerge when other major events occur and this way they influence forthcoming life. Sometimes they seem negligible and are ignored by others while others that seem to be significant are just a consequences of a series of decisions made years ago. Those are not pleasant or sweet in most cases though they force me to go back and relive them again and again. Thus I can write only ‘bout my memories ‘cause only I and nobody else can know what moments are really key moments.

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