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Sad Smiles Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Sandra disappeared on her hunt for the doctor and Lisa jumped on us for information.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me!” Lisa exclaimed.

“Let's get back to the waiting room, I only want to say it once,” I told her.

She hurried me to the room where everyone was waiting, even Aaron was sitting in one corner.

Time on My Hands Chapter 58 - 401-407 CE: Troubles with Goths

Time on My Hands
Chapter 58: 401-407 CE: Troubles with Goths

In the latter months of 401, General Stilicho had just reached Raetia to repulse invading Alemanni, when the Visigoths led by Alaric, suddenly marched west from Illyricum into Italy with a large army accompanied by their women and children. Alaric’s original intention was to petition to settle his people closer to Rome since he had a fascination for the 'golden age' of Rome. The governmental officials bluntly spurned his effort so the offended Visigoths were soon spreading desolation through North Italy and striking terror into the citizens of Rome. Italy itself contained no forces with which to resist the Goths. The Imperial court at Milan was immediately threatened by the invasion, but Stilicho, thinking that the emperor's flight would demoralize his subjects, persuaded Honorius to stay put while he gathered troops from along the Rhine and crossed back across the Alps. The Alemanni, who had been invading Raetia, were persuaded to stop raiding and instead be hired as mercenaries by Stilicho. The Alemanni joined the Gaulic legions, whom they had been fighting, in Stilicho's effort to save the emperor.

Rio de Janeiro Blue Chapter 3

We flew back to Rio on Tuesday morning and went straight back to Maria’s place where we made love for the rest of the day. On Wednesday, she took me shopping again and we came back with bags and bags of new clothes. She was incredibly generous. Wednesday afternoon I modelled my purchases in between bouts of love making that lasted the rest of the day and most of the night.

TG Techie: Chapter 47: Hell of a Rig

Hell of a Rig

Mom and I sat in the living room to eat the pizza. Pizza is not really a family dinner food. Pizza demands to be eaten while you watch a movie or something. But we aren’t really a TV family. I mean we have a TV… somewhere. I hooked the PS4 up to it so that mom could watch Netflix. But mom watches Netflix while she knits, reads a book, and listens to political podcasts. You can’t really add a piece of pizza to that.

Faerie Justice, Erin Grows - Book 2 Turning a New Page

Faerie Justice, Erin Grows Book 2
Turning a New Page

By Jessica C

Erin’s Growth Story is a continuation from Faerie Justice and the Snowball Thrower
Aaron’s probably becoming Erin forever…

Katie Ann - Chapter 5: The Contract

Katie Ann

Nineteen year old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Angels High

Angels_High_Cover_1.jpg"The summer of 1940 would have been a glorious time had someone mentioned to Mister Hitler that it was cricket season."

A tale of War, of love, and of friendship. (And a few Nazis)

String of Pearls


Miao Ling Grace and Siobhan Llewellyn are seemingly destined to be together. The pair learn later that Grace's brother Cretein and a girl he meets in college, Justine MacNamara, are integral to that destiny in ways that defy mere coincidence.

Though my first installment is easily acceptable to general audiences, later installments will have sections meant for adults only. That is to say:
At times, this story is not safe for work and truly not acceptable reading for those under 18.

Please enjoy my first story on Big Closet and feel free to leave comments of constructive criticism. I won't cry in my tea over some good advice. 8)

- Eclectic Kitty

The Maiden's Curse

After hiding in a mummy's case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing? And do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat that's fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artifact that is crucial for the world's survival is now in the hands of Bob. Is he man enough for the challenge?

The Maiden's Curse

by Prudence Walker

Murphy's Law : Book 2 | Red Harvest

Murphy's Law
Book II: Red Harvest
By Josie

Jack Murphy once again delves into the murky underworld to find a missing girl. Armed with only his dry-wit and cynicism, he journeys to a quiet little farm town called Waterston. It’s a beautiful place, renown for its cherries and the orchards that dotted the landscape against the rolling green hills beyond. But it’s also a world where the hunter becomes the hunted and where the forces of good collide with the evil cloaked in the myth and mysticism of an ancient belief.

It’s also a place where some find the "Red Harvest sinfully wild to enjoy, while others find nothing more than disappointment and regret . . ."

Murphy's Law (Revised)

Murphy's Law
By Josie

“Murphy understood the law and knew justice. He also knew that the two were often not the same. To catch the bad guy and win a confession, you had to be willing to step outside the box and take chances. That’s what made him a great cop. But that didn’t give him the right to take the law in his own hands. All he had to do was have a boy examined to confirm his true gender and now his mistake was going to cost him. Maybe his job? Maybe a demotion?

But then nothing in this case was turning out like it should. He should have seen this coming. He should have known that you can test the odds and you can test your resolve, but never pit your luck against Murphy’s Law. Because sure as the devil will get his due, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 23

Synopsis: Allison works on recovering from her injuries and tries to choose a new sorority.

“Remy, I don’t like this,” I said quietly. We were laying in my bed at Brianna’s house, her arms wrapped around my chest as I grasped her hands. Her warm body laying flush with mine, and her warm breath overtaking the back of my neck. I was content, but I wasn’t. “I feel like…like I have a purpose for the first time in my life. I spent so much time playing video games or watching TV, I always felt like I could be something more, and now that I am, they want me to stop.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Buffy's POV

High Notes had just about finished their set when Trish came to us and asked us to follow her.

“What's wrong?” I asked her.

“Lisa has asked me to get you. Drew has disappeared.”

“What happened?”

“Lisa will tell you, I don't know.”

We rushed back to find a frantic Lisa, holding a crying Mia.

“What happened?” I repeated, this time to Lisa.

“I'm so sorry. We thought it would be alright, but then Aaron was an idiot and Drew ran away and I tried to follow, but he disappeared.”

Sad Smiles Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I woke up the next morning a little bit excited in the hopes that Gabi would be joining us. Sarah didn't say anything until we had gathered around for breakfast.

“I've decided that Gabi will be joining us today, so first order of the day is to get her ready. After we have finished breakfast we will need to go through some clothes and see what we can find that will fit her,” Sarah stated in a firm voice.

Sad Smiles Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The show was a great one. High Notes had gotten over their nerves that was quite noticable for the first few shows, and were gelling better and better. The Bleeding Heart Boys were their usual polished selves, but in the after party I could tell that Damon was in a depressed mood. I'm guessing Lisa had ripped into him again, after seeing Drew's hand and knowing the emotional trauma that he was suffering.

Sad Smiles Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I was the first to wake up the next morning. After our exhausting but very satisfying bedroom antics we had all ended up sleeping in the one double bed. Hardly enough room for two let alone four. I woke up on my side with my arm over Sarah, reaching far enough to lie on Gabi and Ellie's arm and leg were drapped over me.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 22

Synopsis: Instead of writing anything useful here I’m just going to complain about the keto diet I’m on and how I haven’t had a potato in three months….

“I am sooo excited,” Laura said as she bounced around me at the concession stand “I’ve been wanting to see this movie for ages!”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s just too bad Remy couldn’t come.”

“Good grief,” Laura laughed. “It’s not like she has to come everywhere with us.”

“Yeah, but, I mean…” I trailed off a bit, she gave me a kind of knowing grin.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 21

Synopsis: Things take an unexpected turn when Allison is faced with a decision and an offer she might not be able to refuse.

“That…was amazing…” I said as I laid in my bed staring straight up at the ceiling. “I’ve never done that before…it was my first time.”

“Yeah,” Remy said, scrolling through her phone and looking at Amazon listings. “I could tell.”

“Was it good?” I was genuinely curious actually.

“Uh…yeah, yeah it was pretty good,” Remy nodded.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 20

Synopsis: Allison faces the Alpha Gamma board and is forced to make a split-second decision.

“Remy, I’m scared,” I think I was cutting circulation off to her hand with how hard I was squeezing. We were sitting in a conference room that was far larger than the one at Alpha Gamma, and with a tiered floor. It was more like a courtroom if we’re being honest. I was really, really scared. What had led us up to this exactly? How could we get things back to the way they were before? Was that even possible?

Allison's Pledge Chapter 19

Synopsis: I’m having a bad day, so fuck actually putting anything here.

“Hello, Allison, my name is Doctor. McKee,” The huge white-coated man said to me. At least form my perspective he was huge; I wasn’t really a big person anyway was I? “What can I help you with today?’

You know what? I seriously hate it when doctors ask questions like that. They KNOW why you made the appointment, they KNOW why you’re there. It seemed to silly to make me blurt it all out once again, you know, considering my chart obviously said ‘male’ and here I was dressed as a 95% passable female.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 18

Synopsis: Insert a bunch of words here that relate to the text that you’re about to read.

“Allison! Allison wake up!” Brianna said cheerily as she tore back the curtains and bathed my face in the morning light. “Look at that, the sun has been up for HOURS. My god were you going to sleep all day?”

“I was trying,” I said, yawning.

“Well too bad, lazybones,” She said with a slight grin on her face. “We have to take you to get waxed and you have your first laser hair removal appointment today. Are you ready?”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 17

Synopsis: Remy is forced to accept some hard truths about Alpha Gamma while Allison tries to figure out what kind of person she really is.

“Um, Remy?” She said. “How…long have you been there?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Remy said dismissively. “Allison, you’re bleeding, what happened?”

“I…” I trailed off, still holding Brianna tightly.

“Okay, we’ll deal with that in a minute. There are a few things I need to talk to both of you about so…”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 15

Synopsis: After receiving a number of threats, Allison leaves the AG house. Meanwhile, Brianna receives the phone call she’s been dreading.

“Why are we here? What’s going on?” I demanded as Brianna and I walked into her house. Remy had basically shoved me into Brianna’s car and told her to take care of me. No one would tell me anything and I was somewhere between being pissed off and scared for my life.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 14

Synopsis: Allison finally reveals herself to Stephanie, but how will she react?

“Before we have the pinning ceremony,” Remy said, walking to the front of the row. The pledges were facing eachother just as we had during our pinning ceremony. It was a moment that would be seared into my mind for the rest of my life. “There’s a point that I really want to go over first. As you know, Alpha Gamma is an extremely diverse sorority and we believe strongly in furthering the cause of equality. As such, we’re proud to claim the organization’s first transgender pledge.”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 12

Synopsis: It’s time for the semi-formal; will Allison survive?

“Okay!” Cassandra clapped her hands excitedly and jumped up and down. “Let’s turn her around! Oh my god you look so amazing!”

“Hold on,” Michelle said, taking out her phone and snapping a few pictures of me. “Hey, smile a little bit would you?”

Time on My Hands Chapter 57 - 398-401 CE: Mayan Contact

Time on my Hands
Chapter 57: 398-401 CE: Mayan Contact

Red Jaguar and his retinue were surprised by the confident demeanor of the young boy and how fluently he spoke their language. They were also awed by his reddish hair and piercing green eyes.

“Kneel when you greet the King, impudent one,” a man snarled as he lowered his spear and stepped toward Raben.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 11

Synopsis: Allison speaks with her therapist about starting hormone therapy and learns about Philanthropy

“Allison? Are you okay?” Brynn asked me. I snapped out of my brief trance and looked back to her. Brynn was the therapist that Remy had referred me to and so far I had no idea how the session was going.

“I…yeah, I’m fine,” I think I was lying.


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