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Gaby Book 22 - Avoidance

Okay so Book 22 has been released - yay!

However there are some issues with the published versions and I need the help of maybe a couple of editors. I have 2 printed 'proof' copies which i'd like the editors to work through and return to me so I can present an even better version to the wild masses!

I'm not expecting this as a freebie, the 'lucky' editors will each receive a hard copy suitably inscribed for their efforts and mention in the titling as editors.

Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *23* New Relations

*Chapter 23*
New Relations

“You decided yet?” Steff enquired.

I was back to the usual bakery ritual on Wednesday and talk was dominated by the upcoming Con in Koblenz.

Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *22* Pact

*Chapter 22*

“So let me get this right, if Mart is the ‘father’ they can’t take her away?”
“She’d have dual nationality so it would be more difficult and we lived here we’d be safe.”

Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *18* The Size Of It

*Chapter 18*
The Size Of It

“So I get off at Lohrsdorf right?” Mand confirmed.
“It’s the first stop out of Remagen,” I pointed out.
“Should manage that.”

Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *13* Filmed

*Chapter 13*

“And just when were you going mention the cinema?” Mum demanded as I walked into the lounge after Garde, Herr Sebenschuh was on taxi duty tonight.
I was caught a little on the hop to say the least.

Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *11* What Dad Does

*Chapter 11*
What Dad Does

“I’ll be back Thursday afternoon,” Dave advised the assembled masses, well Jen and his youngest.
“George picking you up?” Jen enquired.
“In about,” he checked his watch, “ten minutes.”


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