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The XX-Factor


A lonely young boy tries unsuccessfully to cope with recent changes in his life until an odd group of strangers arrive in town and show him that maybe his curse is a blessing after all.

The XX-Factor
by Woggie

Copyright  ©2003 Woggie
Revised edition: February 12, 2010

Murphy's Law (Revised)

Murphy's Law
By Josie

“Murphy understood the law and knew justice. He also knew that the two were often not the same. To catch the bad guy and win a confession, you had to be willing to step outside the box and take chances. That’s what made him a great cop. But that didn’t give him the right to take the law in his own hands. All he had to do was have a boy examined to confirm his true gender and now his mistake was going to cost him. Maybe his job? Maybe a demotion?

But then nothing in this case was turning out like it should. He should have seen this coming. He should have known that you can test the odds and you can test your resolve, but never pit your luck against Murphy’s Law. Because sure as the devil will get his due, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!”

Air Force Sweetheart -- TacPzlSolGp Chap. 01/34

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Air Force Sweetheart
Chapter 01/34

by T. D. Aldoennetti

Apprehension is running rampant, with many of us sweating from the effort of considering the Colonel’s cryptic remarks, rather than from the heat which, so far today, isn’t too bad. The phone rings again and now I am taken from the room. I’m uncertain if I am more anxious or relieved. The sergeant shows me into a room with a large table and six men seated around one end of it. The Colonel is there, of course, as is the Major who left our waiting room with him. There is a one-star seated at the end of the table and three men in civilian clothes. The stakes seem to have been increased. I’m beginning to think I’m the one who has gone through the looking glass, I certainly don’t remember following a white rabbit with a watch.

Shit Happens, But So Do Miracles! Parts 1 - 5

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Shit Happens, But So Do Miracles!
by Tanya Allan


Shit_Happens_iStock_000004431591Small.jpg Synopsis
Young Martin Collins was the youngest of five brothers, and no sisters! His mother, Jenny, had always wanted a girl, and although slightly disappointed, treated him no differently!

However, from a very early age, Martin himself realised that things weren’t quite right, and when playing with some girls his age, he made the discovery that was to charge his life!

He was in the wrong body!

Childhood should be a time of fun and laughter, but for Martin it was to prove a depressing and miserable time, until things started to change, and a light shone at the end of his tunnel!

Miracles are few and far between, but for Martin, his life went from bad to brilliant!

blood Splattered nights (revised)

Blood Splattered Nights

Cold, cold is all I feel, no flash off my life before my eyes just cold, no pain as the warmth flees my body, I can't believe this is how it will all end laying, in a pool of my own blood on the pavement in a dark alley, alone it just felt so surreal as my eyes and mind fill with darkness, no bright light where my lost friends and family awaits just… nothingness cold and black...


Chapter One

Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 50

Drew and the Half Term Break
By Sharphawlad
A Gabyverse fanfiction

Chapter 50 Off to Isle of Man

Drew awoke with a start. He looked round and then realised he was back in his old bedroom back in Warsop and he was Drew again. Still half asleep he tumbled down the stairs and went and sat down in the kitchen. Only after a breakfast of Orange juice and waffles covered in honey did Drew fully awake.

Drunken Mistakes

I'll admit it. I shouldn't have treated her badly. But what did I do to deserve this?

Suzanne was a liberal feminist. We got along quite well for a while. Until, I complemented her. I simply stated that she had a cute butt. Since then, we hadn't talked much.

One night while my parents were away, I got wasted. I went onto Instagram and began to comment on Suzanne's pictures.

"I want to fuck you in the ass and shove my shit covered cock into your mouth, you whore!"

She replied, " WTF, Ryan!!?!?!? I thought we were friends!"

Wishful thinking

Ted was a normal teen, inseventh grade, but he was mid understood everywhere by everyone. Day after day he felt sad. Expecually after rejections. But his dog was always there for him. It was mid school year, and after lots of thinking Ted relized, he would fit in better with the girls. He was friends with most anyway. So on his birthday, as he blew out his candles, he wished that he could be a girl with everyone knowing him as one. It was his way for a new start.

Revenge: A Story of Pleasure Island

REVENGE: A Tale of Pleasure Island

By Christopher Leeson © 2014

Version date Jan. 03, 2015

Author's Note: This is a new revision, with some small textual changes and illustrations added. I took a bit of experimentation to figure out how to put in images. I still need to learn how to do tables in BC html, and if I do, things should look even better. These illos are not all the same one appearing in the earlier posting of the story, at This story should serve as a general introduction to the universe of Pleasure Island. If anyone is inspired by it, or by the Mana Universe that it is a part of, they are invited to try their hand with stories of their own. (I'm sure I'd enjoy reading about Pleasure Island without having to do the work of writing the story myself first) :-) Pleasure Island was inspired in me partly from the evil island in the Pinocchio story (aren't we glad that they got off that donkey schtick?) and also by Fantasy Island. I want to keep these stories short, to make them easier to write to a conclusion, but to explore different facets of the subject in each one, and also the different reactions from the boys involved. Carl Boelke is mentioned in this tale; I'm gradually getting a revision of Carl's personal experience ready to post here at BC.

Revenge 1.jpg


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