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Had you ever had a dream? In your sleep? So real and so detailed that you noticed rivets in the bus bodywork? Or colour and the pattern of the seats upholstery?.. And yes, seats were dull brown, and a pattern was a quite worn out artist's idea of the leather on vinyl.
And another thing. I traveled quite a few countries in my life, but never visited India.

Forsythe Saga - The French Connection

One of the many businesses that Adrian had fingers in was a 40% stake in a Vineyard in the Languedoc region of France. Maxine was still getting to grips with the affairs of the hotel in Devon when he said that it was time for them to visit it.

She looked up the location on the map and it was clear that it wasn’t the easiest of places to get to. A quick internet search revealed that one airline flew direct from London to Carcassonne a few times a week.

“Shall I book us some flights? They go from Stanstead,” asked Maxine.

Adrian laughed.

“Already booked for next Tuesday,” he replied grinning.


The truth doesn’t matter any more, Mum, because nobody wanted to listen to me then, and it’s too late to make a difference now.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention - Chapter 11

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

the same accident that caused the loss of his leg at age six also stimulated the latent genetics that ran in his family to trigger a mutation. Although becoming one of the ‘exo-humans’ the government monitored would prove to be the least of his worries once he stumbled upon his family’s secret.

Brought to you by the warped mind of Nuuan

Stick Her Shock 2 - Part 3

Chapter 8

After talking with Dana, Sandy didn't know what to worry about more, her husband and what was happening with her or the thefts going on in the store. Logic prevailed. There was nothing she could do at the moment about Jackie's situation. What she could and did need to do was concentrate on the job she was being paid to do. Maybe she and Dana could convince Jackie to take up her offer at dinner on Wednesday. Until then there was little she could do. She turned her attention back to the store.

Water in the Sky: a TG Mixed Tape

An adventurer announces their retirement... and reveals the secret burden they've been carrying. A couple of exes try to salvage their friendship from the ruins of their relationship... and maybe something more. Two U.S. Marshals hunt for outlaws in 1876 Arizona... and find monsters. A fox running for his life from a trigger-happy farmer encounters a strange being... and finds a new life. Dive into these and three other stories by Dark Sun Morrigan, Desert Willow, Morrigan Q.R., MrSimple, Paradox, and Trismegistus Shandy.

Foreign influence: part 43, final

Foreign influence cover BCTS.jpg

seventy one

Life at Davidwache went back to normal, as Biggi, Marion and Esme finalized the preparations for our celebration. Our outside guests, ThreeB and Maureen, Chris and Helena and most important of all Kathrin and Martin had been alerted and I had finally remembered to ask Esme about Agatha. Evidently she was a lost daughter of the house of Hessen, who had been written off immediately after her disappearance. We both thought it best to leave it at that, I because I knew Agatha would like it that way and Esme because she knew the parents and siblings.

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 6 / 6

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 6 / 6

An Altered Fates Story
By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

He dropped his arms and stared at himself in the mirror. Zadie, back from the dead.
It was sobering. It was shocking, and it made him realize how dangerous the medallion was.

Undercover Angel - Chapter 4

Chapter Four - End Game

The final episode in this Tranny on the run adventure; Steve eventually catches up with Rachel, our intrepid undercover angel, what will happen to her? Will he hand her over to Tony Leonardo, the master criminal, or will he keep her for himself?

Fair Trade

pantyhose -workshop edited.jpg
Fair Trade

Please heed the cautions before reading. A non-TG story about a couple who take a back road shortcut and break down near a lonely abandoned gas station. Two passing bikers offer assistance but their services require a fair trade.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

Part 1

The mouse scratched at the walls of the small Plexiglas box it found itself in. It didn’t seem to notice when the lights in the room dimmed or when a robotic arm with a laser scanner descended from the ceiling and bathed it in a red wave of flickering light. A slight electrical hum filled the room. Moments later a shining object looking rather like a giant sparkplug lowered itself over the mouse.

A slightly hollow sounding female robotic voice echoed throughout the room. “Sequence initiation in three, two, one. Initializing.”



April 3, 2028

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the CEO of Future Global, Malcom Sanders.”

The lights in the conference hall dimmed and a spotlight appeared on a man dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a Hawaiian aloha shirt as he walked across the stage. After an initial robust round of applause the attendees fell silent. Malcom Sanders was the latest Silicon Valley technology wizard that had quickly established himself far above his competitors in recent years. His appearances were rare but always accompanied by life and market altering innovations.

Undercover Angel - Chapter 3

Chapter Three - Ravaged On The Train

Steve is on Rachel's tail and has traced her to the motel from where she beat a hasty retreat. Rachel ditches her car and takes the train but it's a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. Meanwhile Steve is closing in on her.

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 5 / 6

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 5 / 6

An Altered Fates Story
By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ve been through a lot in the past few days -- I mean, the past DAY --
but I have to say, I haven’t seen my face look that sad in a long time.
What’s wrong?”

Forsythe Saga - Done Deal

Maxine continued her task of trying to understand the business and how Adrian worked. A lot of it seemed like magic to her but slowly his approach to doing business became clear.

All the time, the bid to buy the Hotel in Devon was on the table. Adrian’s lawyers tried to get a decision about the bid but for a while, they were fobbed off by the phalanx of Amercian Lawyers and Accountants that seemed to be pouring over every aspect of the UK Company’s operations. Adrian was perplexed as this should have been done as part of the ‘due diligence’ before the deal was signed. He wondered more than once if there was something in the books that was very dodgy.

Six weeks after the bid had been put on the table, the reason for the delays became obvious. Two of the former UK company directors were arrested on suspicion of money laundering and employing illegal immigrants. Jon Lord was also implicated in the wrongdoing.

Stick Her Shock 2 - Part 2

Chapter 5

Of course Jackie had forgotten that Tess was her relief, so she faced lunch alone until she was summoned to Cindy's office. She got there to find her talking with Anna. They stopped and looked up at her in the doorway. Cindy smiled and Anna had that smirk she'd seen earlier.

"I want us to eat lunch in the conference room and discuss how Anna will handle Jack's clients. I want you to give her the lowdown on them. We want to be proactive and try not to lose any of them."

Undercover Angel - Chapter 2

Chapter Two - Hell Motel

Tranny on the run with a suitcase full of cash is a dish two young robbers can't resist. Rachel has to escape the Motel unharmed and is still unaware that she is being tracked by Tony Leotardo's henchman Steve Marshall. She also is slowly becoming aware of her sexuality as a trans woman.

Undercover Angel - Chapter 1

Chapter One - On The Run

When Mike Harris steals over two million dollars from a mob boss he has to go on the run and assume a secret identity. He transforms into his female alter ego Rachel Coulotte. But being a sexy attractive transvestite can have consequences, as Rachel discovers.

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 4 / 6

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 4 / 6

An Altered Fates Story
By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

“Do you think the medallion can turn me back into Jack?”

Grady hesitated before he answered. “If that’s what you want.”

“Of course that’s what I want! Why wouldn’t it be?”

A Few Good Panties Parody

A Few Good Panties Parody (Apologies to Tom Cruise and the A Few Good Men movie)

You can't handle the panties!

Kaffee: Did you order the Red Corset, Colonel?

Jessup: Son, we live in a world that has lingerie, and that lingerie needs to be worn by men. Who's gonna do it? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater supply of panties than you can’t possibly fathom. You secretly yearn to wear panties and yet you curse crossdressers. You have that luxury.

Possession at The Old Vicarage

Most of my mates still can’t believe that I’d managed to pull a drop dead gorgeous, university educated girl from an upper middle class family who spoke with a veritable bag full of plums in her oh so entirely kissable mouth and she actually married me. I get on with her family though her parents don’t totally understand the way their daughter chooses to live, permanently pregnant and surrounded by kids, even if she is living in more affluence than they are. Hey don’t look at me. I just do what I’m told and earn the money.

Cynthia and the Wonderful Corrections - Chapter 2

Cynthia and the Wonderful Corrections - Chapter 2

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: This story is the fourth and final story in a series within a series. The overall series is the “Cynthia Chronicles”. This story is directly connected to “Simoné and the Second Time Around”, “Marti and the Doppelganger”, and Marti and the Doppelganger – a Follow Up”. Several of the stories in the Cynthia Chronicles left some unanswered questions. In “Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling” two of the antagonists are regressed to childhood. Now we will learn what happened to them. In “Randi and the College Professor” Randi and Frank Deere adopt Betty, a bit of a rogue witch. Betty was regressed to early childhood, but she kept her powers. As it turns out, Betty was a real blessing. We also learn a bit more about Cindy’s first born who is the first new wizard in probably close to a thousand years. Then there is a question that has been floated about. What about death?

Remember Betty? She was the young witch who tried to break up the romance between Randi Lewis and Frank Deere. She didn’t know there were other witches and had never had any formal training until she found a book of programmed learning for witches. She doesn’t understand her power and makes some significant, far reaching mistakes. Betty is given a second chance, and now she is the adopted daughter of the two people she tried to break apart. Things are going quite well as we shall see.

Forsythe Saga - Yet another new job

Maxine is on the phone to her boss Sally on the Bank Holiday Monday evening. The events described in this part run in a parallel timeframe to those described in ‘Doing Business’.

“I want to do things right Sally. To me, that includes working out my notice. I don’t want to suddenly up and disappear. What if at some time in the future, I need to use your research team? I don’t want to burn my bridges and all that.”

There was silence down the phone.


“No, I’m not some monster that you created. I’m trying to be reasonable and behave like an adult.”


The girls came round later that afternoon, it was my turn to have them. Now don’t get me wrong I love my daughters, and I really enjoy our Sunday activities, but I do find the three hour Saturday afternoon Monopoly sessions rather dull. This week was different. The girls had a new set. New to them anyway.

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 3 / 6

Santa’s Helper (Sexy!) With Boots : 3 / 6

An Altered Fates Story
By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

“I hear you need some help getting your car back,” Grady said,
and his voice resonated in her chest. In that moment,
it was the sexist thing on earth that any man had ever said.

“Yes,” she replied, hoping that he could detect all of the heat and desire
that she’d loaded into that word.

I'd like to think about it

The CD aand T1G elements only come in halfway through the story please stick with it through the preliminaries. I apologise in advance for any medical inaccuracies, and hope any do not spoil your enjoyment.

I'd like to think about itI'


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