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What might happen if the woman who lived in the flat upstairs had the power to redefine reality? This is the story of the courtship of Robert and Janet as they get to know each other and ‘edit’ the universe together. Oh... and did I mention that she likes her men girly? A science fiction story set in present-day Edinburgh with a slow-burning transgender theme.

If You’re Done

When a ghostly, gender dysphoric boy who never quite crossed over meets a girl who’s on the brink of suicide for reasons of her own, he asks her a difficult question:

“Your body: if you’re done with it … can I have it?”

Bryony Marsh


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Bryony Marsh

Hi! I’m Bryony Marsh, blogmistress at ‘Sugar and Spiiice’, where I offer access to some of my short stories of a transgender nature, and provide links to others that I like.

I’m on a mission to address some of the criticisms levelled against the tranny fiction genre, and have some laughs as well.

Three Steps

The ‘Tape’ is a device that acts as a gateway to an alternate universe where your birth gender was different. A man can lay down the tape, walk over it and become a woman – and learn everything that his alter-ego has experienced during her life.

A person with trans leanings would jump at the chance... right?

Well, perhaps he shouldn’t.

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