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February 2013 Valentine's Day Story Contest Results

February 2013
Valentine's Day
Story Contest
Peek inside to see our winners!

Cassandra Cass as Jessica Rabbit

Just ran across this through a link on Dan Shive's blog:

Cassandra is a model and performer who was also in the documentary Trantasia.

I guess anything is possible.



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I overheard some men enjoying this rather rude joke at a party on Saturday, so as part of the language studies that my brother and I are doing, I translated it into my semi-bad Spanish:

Una vez Caperucita Roja estaba caminando por el bosque, para llevar una cesta de cosillas buenas a su abuela. Caminaba sola cuando un conejo se acercá³ a ella y le dijo: "Me temo para te, Roja. Hay un lobo en el bosque y él podrá­a intentar herir te."

I had a very strange evening

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I went out to eat at a fast food restaurant and felt a bit lonesome and bored afterwards. So I did something I do once in a while and headed over to the nearby casino to people watch.

As usual when I do this, I leave my purse and money in the car, taking in only myself, my keys and my phone and a small amount of cash in case I get hungry.

Reckoning -8- Gifted, Assemble!

Shirt_Template_Gifted_Assemble2.JPGRECKONING -8- Gifted, Assemble!

FROM CATHY: Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter. A computer problem is to blame, but all is fixed and here we go!

An incident prods our heroes to jump into action. Chapter 9 will follow very soon, I promise.

Reckoning -1- Awakenings 1 and 2

The Earth has reached a crossroad. Destruction could be immanent. Can a Rookie band of newly created heroes stave off Doomsday? Chapter 1 of a collaborative effort by several Top Shelf writers will begin to explore this dilemma. Introduction of the heroes and their powers will be the first couple of chapters. Writers are: Catherine Linda Michel, Grover, Ariel Strickland, Erin Halfelven, Maggie Finson and Scotty, "Voice Of Reason" Bishop.

The Pregnant Boy -11- Awake

Juice dozed off on the bus ride, his head lolling sideways on Jenn’s shoulder. She looked at him sleeping and reached a hand out to brush back a lock of hair but stopped. Touching him might wake him up and her expression showed her feeling that he looked so adorable.

She sighed.

The Pregnant Boy

by Erin Halfelven

The Pregnant Boy -10- Natural

Juice didn't want to take the suit off. "If I pull my shorts over the bottom half, can't I wear it while we're shopping?" he asked.

No one could think of an objection. The suit had been paid for using Ell's credit card and from somewhere Carmine had produce a 15% off coupon. The price totaled less than $30 dollars with tax, reasonable for a nice suit and exceptionally cheap for a Robin Piccone.

"Wow, Juice," said Shabeez. "I can't believe how good you look in that."

"It's the fool the eye swirly stripes," said Carmine. "Makes her look like she has actual tits."

The Pregnant Boy

by Erin Halfelven


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