Sad Anniversary


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Today is the anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. At 9:02am White Nationalist Timothy McVeigh set off a U-Haul truck loaded with 55 gallon drums filled with anfo* explosives that killed 168 men, women, and children. The truck was parked in the street directly in front of the building's daycare center insuring a heavy loss of life among these youngest victims. An additional 680 men, women, and children were injured. This remains the largest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

Cutthroat Politics in the Publishing World


When I was in publishing, a NYT best seller was listed before it had even been written. Of course none of the major newspapers carried the story about the gaff. Among the independent publishers the story made the rounds but then we already knew publishing was as much political and who each publisher courted which book reviewer to get their books ranked at the top of everyone's list.

Before Bill Gates and MS


Someone had mentioned a time line for Model Makers. I replied it was written before MicroSoft. It also was before floppies and hard drives. Those of us who built our own computers?, they were two bit binary, also had to write our own programs. Ahh, the trip down memory lane had me question what we used for data storage? We used tape. Yes it was a tape recorder tied into the computer? to hold our programs. We programmed in basic and a thousand bits was a program hog.



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The last month made me realise I am not doing that good healt (mostly mental) wise. I don't have any 'reserves' or coping mechanisms (used to just go on long gaming sessions to relieve frustrations but no more gaming setup).

If I didn't have the pets or the internet I wouldn't know where I'd be.

The fact that a part of my bankruptcy problems is 'solved' (or will be as soon as I get the paperwork) has helped with it, Bbut I need a real goal to work to.

Looking for a story

Hey, I'm Sunset, and I've been lurking here for a very, very long time. Well over a decade. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to create an account here, and I kinda feel bad about it. It's funny... I've been reading stories here for several years before I accepted I was trans, and now I'm half a decade post transition... um, nice to finally met y'all, I guess.

You have pretty eyes

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Our church sponsors a food bank twice a month. My wife and I volunteer there. There are about 30 volunteers there on any given day. One of the regulars is an older, I say older because she's older than me and I'm pretty old, older Hispanic lady who doesn't speak very much English. Because of the language barrier, I really don't know her enough to more than say hi to her. I don't even know her name.

Disturbed and disturbing

As the drabble I posted for last week's contest entry shows I'm experimenting with the short story. I've been attempting to write a flash of some sort every day for the next thirty days. So far I haven't missed though I did get pretty shy with House Hunting.
Be that as it may, I'm posting some utterly disturbing pieces over at SOL for anyone who wants to take a look. Be warned they feature violence, forced Feminization, and rape.
Still if you wish to look the site is:

2019-03-10 Fingers crossed


People who read my blog know that the last decade wasn't the best for me with everything going on. But I got some news 2 weeks ago that at least a part of the difficulties I am having (the bankruptcy ones) is on it's way to be, at least. partially solved as there's been an offer for the house. So now I am waiting to see how the next few months (max of 4) go . Best case scenario will have me completely free of at least the bankruptcy (instead of doing the the rest of the 7 years ( 5,5 to go))..

So little bit of light at the end of this particular tunnel.

Breast feeding

Since my transition many years ago every few months my breasts will produce milk.
I went to my doctor and she informed me that it is normal that it simply happens when my progesterone levels drop.
I have a neighbor who is a good friend who recently had a baby and was adamant that she wasn't going to use formula ever for her children. A couple of months after giving birth she became ill and her doctor advised her to stop breastfeeding immediately for the babys health.

Plans Awry

Well my writing has gone particularly slowly since midweek so the chances of me finishing the next bit of book for tomorrow are exactly nil! Sorry about that, i'm not exactly happy about the lack of progress myself.
Things are going the right direction so it shouldn't be a long delay, I just need to knuckle down to it.
Off for a ride in a few, shake the cobwebs out and get my head in the right place.


Write Your Novel Step by Step By Melanie Anne Phillips

I'm on a mailing list that has some really great writer stuff. If you haven't seen this before, it's looks like a great book for authors. It's a free online book.

Write Your Novel Step by Step, By Melanie Anne Phillips

You can also "Browse Our (their) Library" of writing articles.


So I managed to get two complete chapters down yesterday and started on a third. I'm a little behind where I really want to be but i'm still aiming for a Sunday book release to sort of coincide with Gaby's birthday on Monday.

Another bright day here but it often snows around Gab's birthday so it can't last!

A new chapter of Summery will be up tomorrow.


MUSIC - Jolin Tsai

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Jolin Tsai has always been pretty outspoken in her support for LGBTQ people (from a non-western / taiwanese standpoint / view) in her music. Although most of her songs (according to what I have heard /s een of them) are gay or lesbian themed, her last one is T related.


PS Chinese with subtitels.

Tech questions

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I'm having trouble accessing some websites. For example, I'm able to access this site but the Whately Academy site is timing out. Also SOL (stories on line) is timing out. There are some other sites, like gamesgames and agame that are timing out. So, can anyone give me a clue as to why some sites are timing out and others (like this one) are not?

Which Readers do You Leave Out


The lady has moved from True Romance and into Action. Not everyone is going to be pleased. However if she doesn't put the action into her action story she is going to lose those who would read and or purchase her story. Those who follow her romance stories may or may not like the inclusion of the reality of life, violence, murder, suffering in her story.

"IF" one wishes to appeal to the broadest readership then they must write to include the whole story not truncate parts which don't appeal to a few select readers.

I’m doing fine

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It was pointed out to me, and rightfully so, that my previous blog post was both a while ago and a bit worrying. I was hesitant to write because compared to others my life is going great.

I have actually transitioned and am perfectly happy being myself. The children (14 & 17] accept me and love me. I have divorced, which in this case is a good thing as the negative influence of my ex partner is mostly gone and more easily mitigated.


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