Trying to find a story

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a story - not sure if it was posted here as a serial or if it has been published; it is a sci-fi about a space pilot forcibly transgendered (m2f) - rescued from the enemies "hospital" ship along with other crew who have also been changed. Helps some other crew come to terms with their change, while still having issues hirself. Finds out she looks like a member of an allied planets rulers, and that there is a plot to destabilize that planet.

Any ideas?

Just a quickie - again

So firstly, sorry for failing to post today, other stuff got in the way. What? Well a trip out to a Steam Fair - a lot of traction engines, fairground steamers, vintage trucks, cars and tractors all come together at Helmsley in North Yorkshire.

So it was photography rather than interweb out in the glorious weather we are still 'enjoying' in these parts.

Gabycon update

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If you are contemplating joining us at Gabycon 2018 this is for you. Due to some issues with the Teversall campsite we've had to relocate our base for the weekend a few miles across Nottinghamshire to Worksop. The new place is called Riverside Camping and it's situated close to the town centre, between the River Ryton and the Chesterfield Canal. (if you need a direct link to book please PM me)

Footprintsin the Sea Vol 5

It's been longer than I expected, loads going on at the moment but only a couple of weeks later than I promised, Footsteps in the Sea volume 5, with the title Volcano is up on Amazon Kindle and should be available on Monday or soon after.
There will be a link in the right hand column so order from here and help the site.

Looking for recommendations

Ok, so I have a friend that I am trying to direct to some new authors and stories.

Her biggest interest is in transition due to technological or chemical causes that occur over a shorter period of time than typical HRT. She also likes big boobs, but has read most of Holly Wholeman's stories :)

Let me know if anyone thinks of anything or has any questions.

Thanks in advance!

Something to ponder as we celebrate Independence Day

As I make my plans to celebrate Independence Day I remember the men who signed the revered document known as the Declaration of Independence. They were great men with a great vision. Their greatness was in their willingness to risk all they had. A testament to the fact they knew just what was at stake is contained in the final paragraph of that document.

Femboy 2 by Madame Queen is Now Available on Amazon!

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UK link:


This story is a continuation of ‘Femboy’ by Madam Queen, but can be read as a standalone.

When shy college-bound Alex, first met Melanie, the gorgeous girl of his dreams, he hoped for a picture-perfect future with bombshell beauty. But he couldn’t have imagined the future that Melanie had in mind.

Missing Without a Trace Review

I've read Missing Without a Trace (Book 1) and love it. (See actual review below) I'm closely following book two.


Packed with action, this story grips your attention right from the start. The disappearance of a research team on a remote island presents a mystery that can’t be ignored. Our heroine finds herself in over here head while she, the local sheriff and her prospective boyfriend attempt to unravel it.

To comment or not...

Ahhhh, to post, or not to post. 'Tis the eternal readers question, with nary a sign to guide ones way. Do I have something relevant to say? Is it alright to post years after publishing? What will I say? Will anyone see it?!? Does anyone care?!? What if my comment sucks and everyone hates me?!!!?

With much angst and wringing of the hands and.... Erm, ahem.

Always be ready for problems


It's been more than X amount of years I began warning the girls to find a lawyer before they found themselves facing harassment from the police or anyone else. Trying to think of who one could call when in the back of a squad car, jail, or at the very least pulled over on the side of the road is not a good situation. Back then finding a lawyer already clued in and sympathetic to one's situation was a crap shoot.

Code for the bathroom

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Went to go shopping at my local Safeway after my electrolysis today. When I got out of the car, I realized I should have used the bathroom before I left electrolysis. I was wearing a knit white top, a blue print skirt and some light tan sandals. I had my usual make up for electrolysis; mascara and a light pink lipstick. In the electrolysis building they are used to seeing trans folk in the restrooms. At Safeway not so much.


I seem to spend my life doing this lately, apologising that is. I had. Hoped to post you both new Gaby and a new Trixie today but stuff hasn't gone as I thought - no internet time for Maddy today. Both will now go up on Wednesday instead.

This change to plans is due to both UK Fathers day and a trip to visit Mum. Definitely a day of mixed emotions and I must admit some depressed thoughts now i'm home. I'm to say the least in a bit of a trough at the moment, a Churchillesque Black Dog.

daughter gave me


I will qualify this post first off, I am 55 years young and 13 plus years post op. I am also a gym rat that works on her figure and my weight. Today my daughter gave me fashion advice that women my age don't and shouldn't wear what she termed booty shorts, no matter how good we may look. I do admit they were a bit tight but that's how I wanted them, but not painted on tight, no camel toe showing.

Oot and aboot...

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Lately I've gotten a bit of contract labor that has me out-of-doors cleaning up around campgrounds and a local boat launch ramp... Where I live is heavy with poison oak and ivy... being out and about doing what I've been doing means I've been all up in the poison oak and ivy! So I'm feeling somewhat good about earning some immediate cash, but I'm also suffering somewhat due to being all up in the poison oak especially. I didn't see any poison ivy but suspect it is there too, so sort of a toss up for days as far as what I'm feeling....

Trixiebell Heartswoon

Just a quick note.

Well today we have silly gale force winds with storm Hector so i've had to put off today's bike ride. Pity as it's otherwise a nice sunny day - with a following wind (ha ha) i'll get out a bit later for a couple of hours..

Anyhow, due to that i've been sat writing and the current lump of Trixie is now complete! It may get posted on Sunday if I get the opportunity so keep an eye out.

So now i'll crack on with Gaby book 23 - with luck the first bit will be done before the end of next week.

Ta ta for now

How a bout of psychosis brought my muse back

Hi there everybody. My name is Jamie (also lovingly called "hey you!"), and I found my muse after 6 years or so without it thanks to my brain's misfiring. I'm being nitpicky about my first story here, so give me a week or so, and I'll have a decent chapter for you all.

Also, I am one of Erin's little birdies, so if you need something in the middle of the night, I tend to be awake :)

latest from Yorkshire

Heya folks

Thank you all for your responses to my editing request - once I get myself sorted i'll be in contact with the chosen ones, if you don't hear from me it's not for any reason other than the numbers!

Well my ride yesterday went very well, thank you to all those who sent cheers! In fact I shaved @ 25 minutes off my best for the course finishing in a slither under 5 hours. That put me in the top 5% of finishers and second in the old crocks category I now qualify for!

only realised

I only realised last night that my last news was somewhat innacurate. I did mention that i'm out doing a little ride up in't Dales tomorrow precluding a posting.

But I said there would be one on Wednesday but there won't. Back in January I booked up for a sort of history day trip to Calderdale, which is on Wednesday. So no Wednesday update but there is a possibility I might get online a different day.

In other news -

i'm one and a half chapters into the next Gaby book with an interesting and unexpected turn of events!

Flying Visit

Yup, a flying visit indeed, not got much web time today - its complicated! partly its due to my new kitchen - its almost finished and partly due to setting up a new PC to get onto the interweb - its currently chortling to itself updating stuff.

I have just about managed to get you a new Gaby, which is Flying Visit, chapter 36 of book 16.

My blog - rant


Yup, you guessed it, this is a rant about my blog. Or more accurately what to expect on my blog - my perspective.

YES! That's right. Everything you read on my blog will be written relative to my perspective. How can this be a shock, or even a question?!? I'm not writing a story in which the narrative is that of a character external to myself. Smh.

I'm flawed. I'm erratic, oft flighty. I can be extremely passionate or apathetic. Sorry to dash any expectations pfft.

Lilith Langtree

Another of my author shout outs. This one is specifically for Lilith Langtree.

I will say now that I'm an unabashed Lilith fan-girl. The very first story I'd read ("Either Do It Right, Or Don't Do It At All") left me impressed with her talent, and each subsequent work only added to that impression.

Lilith's writing is both brilliant and well executed. If you've not read any of her pieces yet I very highly recommend doing so.

Sadly, Lilith no longer publishes her writing on BCTS ( I don't know if this holds true elsewhere), though I believe she is doing well.

Author shout-outs

Or more accurately, Universe shout outs ^^

Just saw "Fey", by Maggie Finson republished and it reminded me of some really good stories....

Whateley Academy, and Comics Retcon.

Whateley Academy Tales. I can't recall a single story set in this universe that wasn't simply amazing. It's fantastical, sometimes bizarre, and totally worth reading (probably more than once lol) Think I've only read them on Sapphires Place but I'm sure they're all here too.

Was a post of mine inappropriate? (At a different fiction site)

I was reading a rather different serially posted TG story on another site. The story is well written and the plot is subtle and slow in it's development. It was about an extremely conservative religious patriarchal rural family that found and took in an abused TG youth near death. Even though they thought the child was going against their religious beliefs, they decided to support the child and foster him/her. They really did go out of their way to accommodate the child's desire to transition.

Author shout-outs

Shouting out for two authors, here - Dorothy Colleen and Rebecca Jane.

Dorothy Colleen. She's got this vast collection of short stories that's simply awesome! Running the gambit of topics, Dorothy is frequently upending tropes on their heads and giving new takes on various genres. Well worth a look, but beware, you might lose yourself for days within her prose ^^

Yay! New Nena is up!

It has taken a while but I've managed to upload the new Nena tale to Kindle and Lulu this afternoon!A Global Christmas is full of the usual Nena features - travelogue, awkward situations and even drama! It's a must for all Nena fans and as an introductory offer, the printed version is being offered at a discount for the next 30 days.


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