Searching for a story

The story I am searching for was probably not on this site. A number of years ago I was reading a story I think was about a married man and his wife who were in grave financial trouble. A mysterious man offers to help, but only on the condition that the man agrees to undergo a transformation, based on how much help he gets. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!

A funny thing

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I had a funny thing happen at church today. It seems that a tomboy at church thinks that I am the perfect person to give her lessons on how to be a lady. She came up to me and said " I am trying to become more lady like and you are the most feminine lady as per my mom." Now I am very happy to have gotten the compliment, but I also think it's funny that I am 11 years post op, yes feminine facial surgery and also a bit of work done as well. That being said HER mom says she could learn to be more lady like from ME.

News from.......Brandenburg, Germany

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Just a quick note or two.

Well my best laid plans have fallen by the way side as my internet access so far this trip has been sketchy at best and non existent most of the time.

Anyhow, we've had a great trip so far, a mostly mill pond North Sea crossing and wall to wall blue skies and sunshine ever since. Gab has. Been enjoying herself with visits to Hameln of rat fame and the windmill museum up at Luneberg Heide. Maybe the other windmill visits were a bit more 'if we must' but we've some great stuff planned for the way back.

NYT Best Seller List or a Crony List?


Many years ago, yes we were publishers then, the NYT listed a book title as a NYT Best Seller. It hadn't even been written yet. I believe everyone in the publishing business knew the NYT was a Wine and Dine list. Those publishers who could wine and dine the owner, editors, and writers of the NYT were assured of selling hundreds of thousands more books if they made the list. It was a very exclusive club bought and paid for with lots of free food, women, lavish trips, and exotic holidays.

on tv

has anybody been watching madam secretary or blue bloods? madam secretary has a transgender character, she dresses as a man, and is a regular character on show. I just watched an episode where they were trying to get lbqt people out a country that was trying to outlaw and jail them. blue blood had an episode about trans people also. nice to see world somewhat accepting these people.

its a generation thing

Well yesterday was a landmark for my family - all of my immediate blood relations over four generations in one room at once. Sounds impressive but it's only five people (I do have a host of cousins etc so we aren't such a tiny family really) Anyhow I spent about three hours holding a very well behaved grandson as two exhausted parents failed to summon energy for more than drinking tea!

Fund raising

We've had a lot of blogs and comments about fundraising. So I'd like to add my abilities to the pot so to speak. I'm a fair to middling proofreader, and while I don't have a degree or any such thing I believe that I'm able to catch most common errors in usage and spelling. And no I will not be depending only on spell check or some grammar engine to help me out!

It takes money to pay the bills, keep BCTS running


I don't know any of the ladies personally but I do know why they started BCTS. They did it out of love and thinking they could provide for all the orphan writers out there a place to lay their stories to rest so anyone and everyone could read them. Have no idea how much actual businesses they had run before starting BCTS, the bottom line is this site won't run on love and warm feelings. That only starts a very small business, it won't keep it running no matter what.

Want to be a character in a mermaid story I've started?

Hey there

Before I come to the main point of this blog post I'd like to note that I've not forgotten my existing story "When among Dragons...", and I'd like to continue it sometime, but currently its stagnating. More on that below, for those that are interested in the reason.

Lack of Sails

ps: Just got the news, I'm a grandparent to Nathan George!
doing the happy dance!

Howdy, dudey folks!

Time for a new Gaby Chapter, A Rose by any other name is now up for your entertainment.

And I've sorted the pics issue so here goes, a few images from tilting at windmills last week with Gaby!

Positive Transgender News Story

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This news story came up for me on Yahoo today, and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

It's a good piece about a T-girl who began her transition in middle school, and the positive things that occurred with her new beginnings.

Of course I remind you to not read the comments, simply out of intelligent caution. I did not nor will I read the comments section. Too many 'idjits' out there that I don't want to hear from.

New stories from Snowfall?

I was wondering if anyone has heard from Snowfall about any new chapters to her stories or even new stories by her? I am not on here as often as I would like so have not seen her on here recently, I do hope she will publish some new chapters of Road Phantoms maybe or even a new story line.


Gaby release

Just a quickie.

Firstly, Happy Easter to everyone celebrating the day.

Next up, as promised I finished the next bit of Gaby book 2 yesterday and so today it's already available at Lulu and will be on Kindle a little later once they've done what they do.

Sorry no links but i'm on my phone! Maybe later if I can get on line again.


Sorry About The Lack of Fluidity In Space Updates


Thanks to everyone who has read my first few chapters of Fluidity in Space, and an ultra special thanks to those of you who posted comments about it or shared their opinions via private message. It means a lot to me to know that there are readers who enjoy the tale I've been weaving.

Lookin for a story about a Kitsune

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I can't remember if the story was completed

While the protagonist was expecting to have magical powers (I think), it may just have been an advanced mental trait like telepathy.

The government collected up a group with similar talents. I think they were taken to a bunker somewhere.

Some kind of war, which was why the protagonist and the rest of the group were rounded up.

The protagonists change to a Fox was unexpected as was the change in gender it was later that she found she was a Kitsune, and a powerful one.

Back from the Wild East

Nope, not an error, I spent the last couple of days tilting at windmills 'out east' in Lincolnshire! Some good weather, some horrible, one castle (birthplace in 1367 of Henry IV), 275km and 25 windmills! Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'm sure its doing me good, well I think it is anyhow.

Oh!, Where Have All Of...

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Hope's Stories gone?

I have been rereading Maggie Finson's "Heaven and Hell" Universe, which i had made a list of.

One I had listed was "There's always Hope" By Hope Eternal Reigns, that I had listed as being posted here at Big Closet seems to be missing along with all of Hope's stories

Spring and now Summer!

Yes apparently winter is over, the equinox is past and the clocks have gone forward - not that its that much warmer!

So in Pact, the 22nd instalment of Sweet Sixteen, Bern finally comes clean on the plan to thwart the SS, Gab wears gloves and some pizza is eaten!

I've finished more new chapters and sent them off, I'm still hoping to get them out for the desperate by next weekend - fingers crossed.

Help finding two stories please

The first story I believe I read on this site.

Young boy and girl are neighbors.

Girl has difficulty relating to boy due to childhood trama with man and then boy presents as girl and they enjoy playing with each other. As they become older their relationship deepens and they are content as lesbians.

Something causes one set of parents to move cross country (in later teens?). TG teen and girl reluctantly deceide that a long distance relationship will be too difficult for both. They stop communicating with each other.

Spring has, er bounced

Yep, its officially Spring here in the northern hemisphere, days are longer than nights, the temperatures are rising - well maybe and the land has shaken off winters cloak, except for the left over snow drifts and last nights frost of course.

By happy coincidence - I think, todays Gaby chapter, Awkward Feeling, has a somewhat wintry element!

Last gasp of winter

Well I suppose it is technically still winter until Wednesday so this weekends snow shouldn't be such a surprise but even so, 15cm (6") of the white stuff is as much as any of the winter's previous deposits and despite the warnings plenty of peeps have been caught out - again!

I did get to ride yesterday but arrived home encased in ice and snow - the bike too was looking like it'd been to the Arctic rather than Sherwood Forest! But hey ho, Spring is in the air.


is mounting here in Yorkshire as #1's first born, erm, approaches being born!

Had a good visit Sunday to deliver the nursery furniture, all the expectant grandparents either have (Yorkshire crew) or will be (southern lot) visiting this week before mum finishes work at Easter.

Okay, i'll admit to being a bit distracted with both baby and my new kitchen but I will get down to some serious writing tomorrow, honest.

Wes Boyd, author of The Girl in the Mirror, died 2018/03/08

I found out yesterday that Wes Boyd, who wrote The Girl in the Mirror, amongst many other novels, died on 8 March, 2018.

His daughter and son-in-law plan to maintain his website, and continue posting his finished work until it's all posted; apparently there are eight more books after the one currently posting.

All proceeds from the sales of his works will go to help support his widow.

Hiding in a wood\forest by a stream\river

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I'm not sure what the Universe is, except that the story is not from Morpheus' Legacy Universe

1. MC has no familial connection to a superpowered\Hero family
2. MC's attaining powers were not caused by situational stress
3. I was reading "The Knight is a Lady" which reminded me of the other story

Small steps - a bigger one

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I didn't blog here for more than four years... :-(

Many thinks happened during this time:
I removed my old "disguise" completely after Halloween 2013. Fortunately there were no problems at all at work and in my private life.
August 2014 the status and name change was finalized, including my birth certificate.

A little warmer

yes after the last week's cold and snow this week has turned to slightly less obscene weather! Having said that, my ride yesterday in the Peak District (bit of a misnomer as there are only a couple of actual 'peaks') did include negotiating a few snow drifts although there was a lot of localised flooding too - at least the ambient temperature was above 0c!

I will be cracking on with the writing this week, the plan is to have another Gabysode and possibly the new Nena out before Easter - well providing RL doesn't get in the way!

Looking for Stories


I'm looking for stories that have happy endings, romance and very little or (preferably) no violence.
I'm not having a good time the last few weeks and I'd like to read stories that are light and cheerful.
Please no erotica, stories can have sex but nothing explict.
Hope others are having better weeks than me
Love Hotaru.

Wipe Out!

Yup, much like most of the UK, Bell acres has had its share of snow this week, its still white outside although there is a bit of a thaw going on today. Net result is no bike rides for a week, which wouldn't be so bad if my muse hadn't decided to go for a vacation at the same time!

Hey ho.

Anyway you do get a new Gaby chapter today, Strange Reunion so there's something to cheer.

Crossed Out

is the new Gaby chapter from the wild and snowy North! So if you want to catch up with things Bond, click right here!

As you might have guessed, the 'Beast from the East' has arrived in my neck of the woods, cold wind with copious supplies of white stuff riding in on its back - about 4-5" so far with more forecast over the next five days.

Hopefully there will be more from me next month but that depends on the weather!

Life sucks, no matter how much you try.

This past Saturday afternoon, my Inbound freight manager, a beautiful woman by the name of Dana, and I boarded a plane in Charlotte, NC, headed for Phoenix, AZ. Beyond our good timing at escaping the bizarre ritualistic festival surrounding Billy Graham’s funeral in Charlotte, we were headed to Phoenix for the annual RILA gathering which was scheduled there this year

Catwalk Confidence by Connie Alexander

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I'm about 3/4s of the way through re-reading Catwalk Confidence

I was reminded of another story, the protagonist is similar to Alex's sister Ellen who is a student in couture.

The story begins in the US, Protagonist is a couture reporter I think.
The investigation takes the protagonist back to the UK, London?, where she bagan as a student in couture.

European 'designer' stealing designs from students in couture, who drop out usually for family related reasons.



I am pondering something in my head that I would like to try to work out, could anybody please tell me if they are aware of another author sharing the universe built by Megan Campbell and Connie Alexander, I am not fussed at the time taken to work this out as long as get some sort of answer.

This is for Erin & all of other techies that maintain this fantastic website, how hard is it to code in something that will take someone to the corresponding top of each starting letter in the persons name?


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