A golden Oldie. Story is about a teen that refuses to cut his hair during the summer. Mother says okay, but you have to take care of your hair. Washed, conditioned, dried, all of that. And one more thing, when she is home, in addition to his hair being clean, it has to up off his neck, not cut, just up off his neck. So he gets a succession of up-dos, such as a french roll, a cascade of pin curls from an up do, or a Gibson Girl. Then he is spotted by a couple of senior girls, and things get interesting!

Sound familiar?

Writing Erotica Workshop

I ran across an interesting piece the other day entitled:
'Everything you always wanted to know about writing Erotica (but were afraid to ask) ' that may interest some of our authors. It is a free 42 page download of a Writing Erotica Workshop. The guy is obviously trying to sell his software/services, but the .pdf has some potentially useful info that may appeal to some of our authors:


that isn't the half of it, the Hotel tonight has a free wifi connection through Vodafone which is, to put it bluntly, crap. What should have taken a few minutes has taken best bit of an hour but you can at least read Instant Parent tonight! I guess its not helped by the control pad on my lap top working in reverse, one day i'll have computers that actually work properly.

No Escape?

Well maybe there is but No Escape is the new Gaby chapter.

Well we made it to Osterreich for the bike ride which I completed in glorious sunshine yesterday. I may not be the quickest but I was far from slowest so I was quite pleased. So now we are spending the week drifting back up through Bavaria to catch our return ferry on Friday.

So there might be a Wednesday post depending on wifi availability Rothenburg!

bye for now

Imp Side Story

Just did an Imp marathon. Damn, Morpheus can write a great character!!!

Now to my question: I distinctly remember a story about how Imp got her alternate classroom from Everhart (sp?). Everhart thought she'd put one over on the Imp because the room was full of junk that would have to be removed, a task Security had been dragging their feet on. But there turned out to be buried treasure in amongst the junk, including a cache of old Dr. Seuss books, some very rare and valuable printings. Dr. Seuss . . . hmmm. . . Green Eggs and Ham . . . . Guess what Sam gets?

Operations Kitty Update


I read the post Erin made on the 20th asking for donations because the Hatbox was broke. I understand completely that it is never fun to do that and a shame it has to be done. Many free-takers here. I also am well aware that the caretakers of this site are very busy as are many of us. However, I have a rub to get off my flat chest. Reading through the respondents to the plea made, there were many who gave the little they could share while there were others like myself were able to share more of the load. Some donations not even acknowledged.

‘The Wild Boys’ movie - Sexually charged, gender-twisting

An unusual movie

The plot follows a group of lusty teenage boys (played by female actors). They land on a tropical island filled with sensual delights and, partaking of the island’s pleasures, the boys’ bodies start to transform, softening, developing breasts, shedding phalli, which sends them into a terror before they eventually embrace their new forms. ... a rough sea captain (Sam Louwyck) who has a special method for taming their unchecked testosterone.

Click below on the word REVIEW

good news!

Further to yesterday's missive i've had a busy time today. I spent the morning getting the meds I forgot i needed to collect on Saturday before shopping for some new bib shorts and other bits I need before I go to Austria in a fortnight.

Back home a lot lighter of purse I got down to the writing I should have done Saturday. It went okay, I got the chapter finished mid evening which gave me enough time to put together and format the second arc ready for Wednesday publication.

Story and Author suggestions please!


Hello everyone!

I recently came across this site a few days ago and just created an account!

The community seems lovely, and I'd really appreciate some suggestions on particular authors or stories to read!

Personally, I like sentimental stories and slow transition/gender realization stories, but I'm pretty flexible and I'd love to hear peoples' thoughts on the best authors and stories to check out!

So happy to be here!

Gabycon is over

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Well everyone that attended seems to have arrived home in one piece. It might have been a little bijou in the numbers and the format was a little mucked about by the weather or as it turns out, non weather but first reports are all positive.

We had a nice meal on Friday evening, a chance to renew acquaintances and catch up on things in each others worlds.

Friend Zone is Now Available on Amazon Kindle!

US link:
UK link:


Sasha is the only girl I've ever wanted, but since she's never had a thing for "nice" guys like me, I'm stuck watching the girl-next-door date an endless queue of jerks. I've always known that if she gave me a chance to be more than just a friend, she might see something in a timid guy like me.

Still looking for a story


I don't know if I read it here or on FM . the story about a 18 year old boy who graduated from high school. his mother was trying to control him wanted to go to a collage they had close to her. He decide to go out of state I think it was in the mid west some where. when he got there he didn't know at the time that his room mate was a female. She came from money. they ended up falling for each other the only they could stay together was for him to dress as a female. it ended up his mother show up. that's about all I can remember. it's been a few years since I read it.

Looking for a story

I am looking for a story I read several years ago about 5 astronauts on an exploratory expedition that land on a planet that is ruled by large (very tall) women. Men are or are becoming extinct, and the women use the astronauts sperm to repopulate the planet. Each of the rulers of the planet take one of the men as their personal companion .
Thanks for any help identifying the title or author of this story.


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It has been almost 5 months but here's the update I promised.

So in 2016 I posted that I got married and would be losing my house.

The easy part first. I had a medical discharge in 2016 with led to me not having enough income to support myself AND my mortgage/renovation costs. Due to that I had to file for personal bankruptcy or give the bank free rain.I chose personal bankruptcy.

Missing Angharad

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I can now break the silence - your favourite author has been incommunicado as she's been fixing things at the Tour de France.

Seems all her hard shouting at the screen has paid off, tomorrow we'll be celebrating (barring complete disaster) the 6th British win in seven years at le Grand Boucle with a third rider taking the honours this year - let's hear it for Geraint Thomas, your time lad, is now!

Gabycon Worksop

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Can you believe it, Gabycon 2018 is just two weeks away!

I need some help now, whilst I know when some of you will come it would be really useful to know when others will arrive - I need to sort out somewhere to eat for Friday and maybe Saturday and I need numbers.

So if you are intending joining us for all or even just part of the weekend please drop me a line.

The programme is coming together, i've got tea shops lined up, visits to Creswell Crags for the cave art, Thoresby Hall Museum and some of Gaby's old stomping grounds.

I look forward to seeing you all

TV Transgender Superhero



I have just read that the TV series Supergirl is to get a Transgender Superhero. Here is the link:

This leads me to ask a question. Why are superheros such an American genre? Is it purely down to Comic / Graphic novels, or something deeper?

I would love to read your responses.

Love to all

Anne G.

Trying to find a story

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a story - not sure if it was posted here as a serial or if it has been published; it is a sci-fi about a space pilot forcibly transgendered (m2f) - rescued from the enemies "hospital" ship along with other crew who have also been changed. Helps some other crew come to terms with their change, while still having issues hirself. Finds out she looks like a member of an allied planets rulers, and that there is a plot to destabilize that planet.

Any ideas?

Just a quickie - again

So firstly, sorry for failing to post today, other stuff got in the way. What? Well a trip out to a Steam Fair - a lot of traction engines, fairground steamers, vintage trucks, cars and tractors all come together at Helmsley in North Yorkshire.

So it was photography rather than interweb out in the glorious weather we are still 'enjoying' in these parts.


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