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Well, it's been a mild-ish day hereabouts, I had a short walk earlier around the nearest town to me (I live 10km from Sheffield Centre but less than 2 from Dronfield and 9 from Chesterfield even if my address is Sheffield!)

Then I set to at the KB and after a full ten hours, i've completed the final part of 1902 Sunbeam Safety! I'm pretty happy with it, it would have been so easy to have spun it out but that was never my intention with this. I'll get it edited and so on and you should be able to read it over the holiday.

Need help finding something

So there was this story I read awhile back and I’m trying to find it again. It was about a trans kid who comes from a family of mechanics and does something drastic to keep from developing during puberty. They repair an old Camper and upon graduating they pack up and move cross country.

Hard to find story

The story is hard to find because while I know it is in a medevil\fantasy setting, and may be incomplete

MC is like in most stories the butt of many jokes by peers

there is a 'searching' that takes place at a festival of some kind

The local cause of trouble is a boy who while high-born, isn't as highup the chain as he believes and his father had become tired with bailing him out and is taken as a sqire to a knight.

The chosen have to travel, and MC discovers they have magic and a warrior?

Good news for a change

Yes there is some good news from Sheffieldland today - the first part of the new Gaby book just needs a run through the spell check and it's ready to go, cover illustration is selected' yup, Sunday is the day!

The wrist, having been confirmed not broken yesterday, improves by the hour but it still hurts like F! The problem now is the trauma to my hand, it got well rattled and the compensatory pains and strains - suppose I could take something for the pain but that's never been my way. I'm just fed up of hurting, can it go away now?

Sales Pitch is Now Available on Amazon Kindle!


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Jared just got a promotion and a new team of employees to manage at his department store. Unfortunately, the typically lazy college male can't seem to keep any of the sales women from skipping their shifts. He's often left short-handed with many counters un-manned.


Very much so i`m afraid, nice bright morning. Bit of frost so I was keeping to busier clear roads and looking out for ice on the road. Next minute i'm accelerating into an unstoppable off on some black ice!

Well to cut a long story short my right wrist took a whack and currently it's very painful to even hit a key on the phone! Which is a double blow as I had intended getting on with Gaby this evening ready to release tomorrow. Not sure what i`ve done, don't. Think it's broken but it's at least a bad sprain so things may be put back a bit.

Well more news tomorrow.

Book recommendations please

I'm hoping for some completed book recommendations. I've read and enjoyed Daring Diane, Maddy Bell and Karin Bishop.

I don't like forced sissification or humiliation. I'd also prefer longer stories.
I've found a few authors on the site that I enjoy but usually the story is still ongoing...

Any recs are welcome. If there are already posts that ask similar questions, please link them in.

looking for a book


I know it is a kindle book I thought it was a doppler press but could not find it.

It is about a teenager who takes allergy medicine and ends up with breasts.I don't remember more than that except he was trying to turn his life around started exercising also that it is him his brother and father and I think the brothers name is Rick.

Silly me!


I remember reading a story about a struggling actor that winds up working with his friend as a part time dom. BUT, I can't remember the name of the author or it's title. Could someone help me find this story. Thank you in advance!

Just a moment to be thankful

I just got out of bed this Thankgiving morning. We've had a busy week, and today will be no exception. It would be easy to complain about all the work and all the fuss, the traffic everything else that this season brings. But you know, I'm here in a warm house that I co-own with the bank; out front there's a reliable car, my refrigerator is full of food, so much so it was a chore to find room for the Thanksgiving turkey prior to roasting.

I just wanted to take a moment.......

To wish everyone a truly Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I for one have much to be thankful for - family and friends most of all. Those of us who have transitioned know just how incredible it is to realize that someone can really love you no matter who you are or how you present yourself to the world.

I wake up every morning astonished at the fact that my family and many of my friends are still here with me. My life is truly blessed in many ways - why, I have no reason. But I am truly thankful for all that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Is there a sequel to ....

.... Ellie Dauber's "Bikini Beach: Purse Snatchers"

This excerpt is why I ask if there is sequel

The Boss was in her office working on some papers when there was a knock on the door. She looked up from a bill of lading. “Come in, Felicia.”

Felecia Ormand walked in and sat in a chair opposite the desk. “How did you know it was me?”

Trying to find a 'Supers' story

Don't know if the story was part of a Universe or a stand-alone

It was quite dark.

MC mutates, becomes catatonic, ends up in an institution

While in the institution is abused along with the other patients, used for drugs testing.

MC's begins to come out of the catatonic state, finds they have telepathy, telekenesis.

Newest favorite Author


On October 18 Casey Brooke wrote and posted Svala which started me rereading her stories and her stories I have not read. I just wanted to give a shout out to so many great stories and if you are looking for hours of reading check them out.
Also for you new members check out some of the authors that no longer post stories by going to categories and then type of stories you like go to last page and work back to present
Have fun and enjoy so many good authors and stories

advance warning

Well i'm having a bit of a time of things this week but I have got 1902 Sunbeam part 2 completed. The plan is to post it tomorrow.

Another mild day today, blue skies and sunshine this afternoon and some new lanes explored. Was a bit disappointed when I got to my Lunch stop of Rufford Abbey that they were having a Christmas Fayre! It's barely mid November, I thought Xmas was in late December?

on a lighter note

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Thursday and with a nice dry and mild day I went for a ride - well you all know that's what I do for relaxation / inspiration. Today I heade east to Conisbrough Castle which overlooks the River Don not far from Doncaster. You might not know the name but it's where Ivanhoe was set and there are connections with the whole Robin Hood folklore thing (Robin actually came from Sheffield, Loxley is the home to Titanium manufacture believe it or not)

broken news

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So, got home last night, turned PC on and a minute later - nada!

Yep you got it, Mad's PC has issues, it won't boot. There was no indication of an issue previously, no warning, its never been connected to the internet so not a virus but it's effectively dead.

The only good news is that the only work I can't access is the half chapter of Gaby book 24 I wrote on Monday. I'm sure everything is there still, just need to get to it!

There may be a delay in getting stuff out but hopefully it's just a short blip.


Hug and Kiss your pets


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Went to the vet tonight for my cat last trip.

A few week ago I spot a grow on her jaw, but as I was STUPID and busy, I wait before seeing the vet... Long story short, it was one of the aggressive cancer.
With her lost of will to live and the quality of life she could have hope after any treatment. I only got one human option.

Don't forget to love and cherish any moment you got with those bundles of Love.

Love and Hug tmf

Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness
RIP Tempête

My day off

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I sit here in my recliner on a peaceful Monday morning secure in my home surrounded by family as I ponder why it is I'm not at work.

I grew up in the Vietnam era. My one and only brush with the law happened when I was 17 and I was still on probation when I registered for the draft. As a result, I was classified 1Y. I was never called to serve, as a matter of fact, when I tried to enlist, first in the Navy and then the Army, they both decided to give me a pass for the same reason.

Paying the price


Sad as it is, not every husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter comes back. And even if they do come back sometimes they left a piece of them behind. Tomorrow it's Armistice, and we remember those that payed the ultimate price. But I would ask everyone to also remember the families, forgotten by many, that lost a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a son or a daughter.

Le soldat

Florent Pagny

November - Sandal's?

Just a quickie - well I got my ride in, 115km (that's @ 75 old fashioned miles I think) and visited the Sandal's up near Wakefield. Had my sandwich and flask of coffee sat overlooking the Castle which, after the 'good ole boys' (aka the Parliamentarians, think Trump but with a more vindictive nature) got done with it in the 1640's is but a shadow of its former self.

Story about

A Lad sent to stay with his aunt by mother, I can't remember if there is a father, mother going away

Mother call every night, all seems fine until he notices itching in chest

he tries to get help from mom, mom believes aunt she is moms sister after all.

help finally comes from female friend, friend i think lives next door, the only one that aunt lets him accociate with

This relationship is aunts undoing as, the friend is M2F but aunt thinks her parents are as ill as she is

Mom finally arrives at the hospital and begs forgiveness

break from Gaby

Well only a short break. Instead of writing new Gaby today i've been going at a short stand alone story. It's been slower going than i'd hoped but i've got over 2000 words down, there may be another couple of thousand to go - I know the plot, it just needs fleshing out.

I'm making no promises but it might be ready for Wednesdays update. No spoilers other than to say there are bikes involved, a death and the lead character is rather bland.

Well i'm off to bed, the weather is set fair for tomorrow so i'll get a bit of a ride in.



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