Better Late or Better Avoidance!

Well its been a better second part of the week - a couple of short bike rides (80km and 135km!) and slightly better weather - well its got above 0c a few times even if I still feel a bit out of sorts.

The next Gaby chapter, Filmed, is now up for reading and i'll get cracking on the next instalments this week in the prelude to Gab's birthday next Sunday.

In the meantime, here's an extract from Avoidance 2 just to get the juices going!

Despite the warm sunshine, it’s just another rainy day.......

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Yeah, it may be warm and sunny outside, but here in my world it’s just another dreary, rainy day.

I had a really good weekend last weekend, spending five days at home in Upstate NY with my wife and family. My wife Emilia and I spent several really good days together - nothing special, just some shopping, riding in the car, a few quiet meals with just the two of us, just talking and enjoying being together. I surprised her with a Valentine’s Day gift early as I knew I wouldn’t be home on the 14th, and she actually bought me a little something in return on Saturday.



God bless the students who died at the hand of very angry and disturbed person.
R I P and God bless the families who lost their children. Valentines day will never be the same for those families.

Colds Suck!

and heave and splutter and are THE PITS! Yes as you may have guessed, I'm still laid low with the cold / virus thing, Lemsip is my friend and doing anything remotely strenuous is out. So no riding still - not that the arctic temperatures, snow and rain have exactly encouraged outdoor activity! But hey ho, it can only get better right? More concerned about my dad who's got a dose of the same but what can you do?

Now I've got that off my chest, (but unfortunately not the cold) we can get down to business!

Looking for a Story


I'm trying to find a story about a UK policeman (DS I think) near Reading. He's on duty when a train wreck happens, and a young girl is on the train with her mother. He suffers a heart attack? and is in the same hospital as the young girl who was in the train wreck. They apparently both die, but his spirit inhabits her body, and he becomes the young girl. Any help you can give me in finding this story is appreciated. I've tried numerous different algorithms searching for this story to no avail. Thanks. Rach

Missing Persons....?

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Forgive my short sightedness if this has been answered recently, but has anyone heard from or been in contact with Angharad? I know she was hurt sometime back in December, but while she doesn't have as much time or energy to devote to Cathy and her mob these days, I did notice it has been several weeks since she updated Cathy's memoirs and I was afraid that Bonzi and Whizz might be holding her computer hostage (by the usual method of sleeping on keyboards and chewing cords and such). Nevertheless I have grown a bit concerned. (For Whizz and Bonzi of course!

BCTS Funds


I'll send a few cents in respect to "commentator" who straightened up the graphics on my last story, among other things. Time is something we all have a limited amount of. I can not replace the time he-she spent on helping me. Not too sure how much of that stuff I have left for myself anyway.

To all the ladies who keep BCTS up and running. Many thanks and hugs for hosting the many gifted author's stories who wouldn't have found a home to share their love of writing if you weren't here for them.

Need some help looking for a story

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows about a story that I'm thinking about. The main character plays a rose gold trumpet and has a famous dad in football? I knows it's vauge but I have forgotten many details. Thanks

Long time lurker, New Author

Hey all! Been a long-time lurker and reader of many stories from here, so decided to post my fan-fiction Whateley U. based book: Into The Light. It's the first in a multi-book arc, second book is already drafted and in the dreaded editing phase. I'll be adding parts 2 through 6 of this one over the next couple weeks as I have time to convert the formatting. Hope people enjoy! Erisian

a question

hello everyone.

I have many things going through my mind about the whole transgender thing.

I am a father of three boys who are showing no signs of wanting to be female.

I used to be really against the whole transgender thing but as I get older I am trying to be more accepting of everything and everyone.

if any of my boys told me that they want to be a girl then I would now be 100 percent behind them and try to help them in any way I can.

I do have a question though.

Size Of Your Pointer And Ring

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I've just read an interesting web site that reverses what I've always thought. My ring finger is longer than my index (pointer) finger. WIN_20180130_21_37_54_Pro.jpgI was raised under the impression that was a masculine trait. However, I was reading an article entitled, "How to Tell If You Are Transgendered," by Melanie Anne Phillips, which said ring finger and index finger same length (men have a noticeably longer index finger)

Did an ongoing story get taken off the site?

I was following an interesting story about a collage student taking a women's study course. He decided to temporarily present as a woman for the course and do a paper on it.

He had group of women friends that lived off campus and offered to help him, including one that he had crush on. She liked him also. One of the women's group (Lillith as I recall) wanted to humiliate him because she thought s/he was mocking women.

My Malwarebytes is showing it's blocked a malicious website..


Hello everyone,

My malwarebytes antimalware program started going off when I visit BigCloset about 15 minutes ago or so and it's saying that it's blocked a malicious website "" with the IP: I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if Erin and company think it's something important or not? I've visited most of the other TG Fiction sites and this is the ONLY site that Malwarebytes raises an issue with and I've ran it for years with not one squeak when visiting here.



first new release for 2018

So, after much scratching at the words and debating direction I've completed the first segment of Gaby Book 22, working title of which is Avoidance.

Gaby book 22.1 cover.JPG

For the impatient, part one is released today in the usual formats, all I can say now is I hope you enjoy it! Of course I'm happy to get your thoughts and comments so please tell me what you think.

10 Most Trending Book to Movie adaptations 2018


I looked at this and wondered what in the cat hair is going on? The dismal movie audience attendance for 2017 has been in the cellar. Now they want to put this mmmm, out there to entertain and entice the public back into the movie theaters? Really? Come on guys, I wouldn't ask my dog to sit through any of these movies. A hundred mil spent on a Wrinkle in Time? Yer pulling my leg ain't yuh? From the preview it ain't James Cameron Avatar. On a scale of 1 to ten I give it a zero.

Frost in Florida ?


It's just plain wrong to come out to car in Florida and have your windshield frosted over, who even owns an ice scraper anymore. The sun is out and still struggling to get over 50. The weather people promise even colder by end of the week.
I know their are some of you who would love to have a 50 day but hey this is Florida. :-)
Stay warm and safe

I've been a bad girl and even a bad husband

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I've been less than forthright with my wife. While I've bragged a lot about the strides my wife has made in accepting my feminine nature, I still have problems making myself be upfront with everything that is going on with me.

Dialogue heavy stories ok?

This blog is a question for authors and readers alike to answer. Are dialogue heavy stories okay in your eyes if they're written properly? Or does the heavy amount of dialogue ruin the story? I'm asking this because the story i'm in the process of writing is very dialogue intensive in the early parts of the story and I had someone read the beginning of said story and they said there was too much dialogue but they also pointed out that the dialogue in itself was very well written and it just needed some more besides the dialogue.

Change in meds

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I had been on spironolactone at 300 Mg per day. Unfortunately, my kidneys objected to that high a dose. I spent three week sans meds and tried again. Even at the low dosage of 50 mg my kidneys showed signs of reacting. The doctor changed me to finasteride at 5 mg per day.

Looking for a stories author


I recently read a story on a site called nifty archive and I am hoping to find a way to contact him or her. The author's name is Sandi Randolph and the story is called journey of the soul, about a computer whiz that comes to terms with being transgender after being kidnapped and almost killed at his wife's direction so she can take over his company. I was or am hoping to find out if it ever got continued.

Any help with info on this story or author would be greatly appreciated.

honesty is the best policy?


I am not sure honesty is always the best policy. Last night at the end of our third date I told the guy that I am Trans, this I did to be HONEST and not have him felt lead on about me. He promptly got up said he HAD feelings for me until I came clean now our date for New Years is off and so are his feelings as well. He was honest I guess as I was told that if he had known about me from the get go he would never have asked a freak like me out to start with.

once again

Yep, i'm sending greetings in advance as i'll maybe not have a chance on Sunday. So Happy New Year all.

I hope you've all had a nice festive season and enjoyed the break if you've had one. I arrived home from Austria late last night and i'm nearly caught up now!

Frohes Weihnachten

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From a very cold, bright and yes, in places white Austria!

Indeed as I stand here outside the basilica in Rankweil i'm looking out to the snow clad Swiss slopes on the west of the Rhein valley, the sun glinting off the white edges - a fine place and view to contemplate the events of the last year - there are certainly worst places to be.

So anyway, holiday greetings to one and all, back in 2018 with more blockbusters for your delectation and delight!

Gruss Gut


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