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I really wanted to have something for you soon

I thought I had solved my block on the final chapter of "By the rivers of Babylon", but unfortunately, a really bad PTSD attack last night has left me with no spoons for writing. And if I dont get it done by the middle of next week, well, I'm gonna be a tad busy with my daughter going in for surgery on Wednesday.

Sorry ...

make of this what you will ...

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Okay, so I've had bad dreams, and sad dreams, and searching dreams, but I dont think I have ever had a dream quite like the dream I had last night.

I was with my brother at a mall, when I suddenly caught a look at my own reflection.

And there was a beautiful woman in the mirror.

I mean she was fantastic looking!

I wasnt sure if I should say something or not, I just kept finding reasons to look for reflective surfaces to try and confirm what I was seeing.

Make of this what you will ...

got a double boost today

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okay, so anyone following this blog knows the last while has not been very good for me.

Today kinda made up for it.

First, it was a hot day, so I decided to break out a skirt for the first time this year, and while I was out walking the dog, an elderly lady complimented me on my outfit, making me blush.

Then, tonight, I took Sharon and Samantha to a pizza place for supper, and as I got out of the car, Samantha remarked on the skirt, suggesting that I might want shorts under it in case a breeze blew it up, and Sharon agreed.

not in a good place

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well, I think I spoke too soon about my depression lifting. I'm in a bad place where the only relief I seem to get from sadness is just being numb.

Worse, my writing has dried up, leaving me without one of my major outlets for dealing with crap.

I'm sorry to have to ask, but all hugs, prayers, or positives about me are appreciated.

some good news about my daughter

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I got some good news about my daughter. I found out that she has been accepted to go to a continuing education program specially set up for handicapped people post grade 12.

They will focus on combining academics with life skills, and it will go for two years.

I'm very proud of her.

magic blood pressure spikes

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Do you guys remember the dancing frog from the Warner Brother's cartoons?

Well, I've been having blood pressure spikes that seem to be doing the same thing - I see it at home, but they disappear as soon as my doctor checks me.

So my doctor has ordered a special bp test, to see if we can figure out what the heck is going on ...

Harry Anderson has passed away

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Harry Anderson, best known for playing the judge on the TV show "Night Court" has apparently passed away at age 65.

I loved the show, and it had one of the earliest sympathetic portrayals of a trans person on network television.

I hope he's doing goofy magic tricks in Heaven.

a most unusual dream

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I had a really unusual dream last night. I dreamed that I was back in university, but this time I was Dorothy. Not only that, I had this ... confidence about stuff I dont normally have in real life. Even people who reacted negatively to me were dismissed in my mind except to report them to a university official.

Not sure what that means ...

busy real life eating into my writing spoons

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For my fans (I still have fans, I think), just to let you know that it still will be awhile before I have more for you guys to read, as real life is eating into my writing spoons.

But I will still check in and leave kudos and comments as I can ...

when a story flops

Even the very best authors probably have at least one story in their collection that just ... isnt as good. Something between imagining the story and writing it down some factor gets left out, or something that doesnt scan gets added in, and it just ... flops.

So what does an author do?

Well, hopefully, learn from it.

So, as I am in that place with my last story, I'm hoping for some constructive criticism in the hopes that I might get better the next time.

writing update

I just wanted to give everybody an update on where I am with my stories:

"Pathfinder": New story being worked on, going slowly, but hasnt stopped yet.

"E-Girl: the Gift" : might have a new chapter, but its coming to a halt.

"Branded": Totally stuck, actually hoping somebody might have a suggestion.

"The secret of MYTH": coming close to totally stuck.

and "By the rivers of Babylon": current chapter is grinding towards a point where I might have a new chapter, but not sure what happens after that.

My family has a knack for making a bad situation worse

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If my extended family has a knack, its to make a bad situation worse.

My aunt is going into the hospital on Thursday to get treated for cancer in her uterus, and two of my other aunts decided that wasn't enough stress, so they started fighting over who will look after my aunt when she gets out of the hospital.

Sighs ...


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