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about writing stories

I would like to talk about writing for a moment, if you guys dont mind.

See, I have a theory about my stories.

I dont think that writing is like a carpenter making a table, but rather like a woman giving birth.

For I believe my stories have a life of their own.

And my latest story is a good example of what I mean.

Because when I first conceived the idea, it was going to be a horror story.

the history of Solomon's Test

I hope you guys don't mind, but I'd like to give a little background on my story, Solomon's test.

See, the story is actually the 2nd oldest story I have published here.

(The first, if you're curious is called "Six Forty-Five")

See, way back in my teens, I started fiddling with the idea of becoming a writer, and wrote down some story titles I felt I could expand into full stories. And, as I had recently become a fan of super hero comics, one of those ideas involved creating a hero of my own.

I need some volunteers

I have a rather unusual request. In my next story I have a character who will be offering trans people the opportunity to re-write their personal history, so they always were the girl (or boy) their heart says they are. And what I would like is to use a couple of real-life people as getting the offer. Talia has already given the go-ahead for me to use her, but I would very much like to get a couple more if I can. So if this sounds interesting to you, please PM me.

a profound moment at the pool?

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I went to a local pool today, and they have a "lazy river". It was really nice and kind of fun to let the current take me along, but there was always the security in knowing that if I wasnt happy with where I was going all I had to do was stand up. Gee, there might be something profound in that, dont you think?

writing update

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wanted to give you guys an update. Now that my new computer is up and running, I am hoping to get back to writing as my spoons allow. unfortunately, as the two projects I have on the go are longer than my usual, including one I hope to make into my entry in the next contest, it will be a while before I have something to share with you all.

But I'll still be my usual comment-happy self, so no worries there ....


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