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Apples, Walnuts, Cinnamon, and Sweet Red Wine

For those of you who understand the meaning behind the Title, may you enjoy it with or without chrain (I grind my own) , before you eat you knaidels and drink 4 cups, tonight. A Zissen Pesach to you and your family.

To those of you, who have no idea what it all means, may you and yours enjoy egg hunts on Sunday.

And to those of you who could care less, have an enjoyable weekend.


Our environment.

Hi all,

If you have read my bio you will know more where I am coming from. I have spent quite a bit of my life helping an already quite energy consuming industry (Music and touring bands) to become even more greedy for electricity. To give you an idea, what the energy consumption of a system for a festival was when I left the business in 1984 it was on average 1,2 Mega Watt for the lights and between 60 and 100 Kilo Watt for the sound, not counting the energy consumed by the backstage area, the caravans and mobile homes for the musicians, ticket offices, catering etc. A normal modern household supply in Europe is about 12KW, but that is more like a possible maximum, not a general consumption, just to give a reference, and that could, with today's technology, be reduced considerably.

Why am I telling you this?

Happy new year commentray & wishes

Much of 2017 has felt as if we’d been sucked up into a tornado like Dorothy. In my 66 years of experience, this has been the world wackiest year ever. Trump is a fiasco, but despite his goofiness I still feel he’s a better choice than Hillary. I really wanted Bernie but a certain primadonna cheated him out of a fair primary. I hope the true Christians, those that believe in love not condemnation, rally to shut up those far right wing blasphemers. I hope the love Jesus has for everyone, especially those on the fringes of society, dominates the new year.

White Christmas

Well, my wife has always said she wished she lived somewhere where it snowed. And I've always been fond of a white Christmas. Well we move to a small town in the foot hills of the Oregon Coast range. So here it is, Christmas Eve and we have snow on the ground.

Looks like a white Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Living in the US Midwest our weather is quite unpredictable and sometimes has rapid changes especially winter weather. I've seen winters where the snow banks around my driveway and walkways at my house were so high that walking to and from the car was like walking through a maze with high white walls with temps dropping to negative 40 below. Then I've seen winters where puddles of water on the ground never freeze enough to step on without breaking through the ice.

Airlines are crazy

OK, so I'm trying to get price quotes for a round trip ticket from Detroit, MI to Cincinnati, OH, a distance of 250 or so miles. Here's what I discovered:

A NONSTOP flight from DETROIT to CINCINNATI will cost $375 + taxes/fees and take 2 hours.

A ONE-STOP flight will cost $250 + taxes. Here are my options:

DETROIT to CHICAGO (O'HARE) (200 miles in the WRONG DIRECTION) to CINCINNATI - counting a 3 hour layover, 6 hours and 30 minutes

Apologies for lack of output

I have to apologise to those of you who read my works. There's been a lot going on recently and I haven't ben producing as much as I would wish to. Partly this is real-life distractions, like the Evil Twin grand-daughters (tm), household matters, a short-notice holiday (vacation) in Cornwall and, of course, it is just too hot!

World Book Day - Celebrate with DopplerPress!

Hey Everyone! Today (April 23rd, 2017) is


Why not consider buying a book from Doppler.Press?

Every book you buy not only gets us our usual sales commissions just like buying via BigCloset links, but any book published by Doppler.Press will also give us our normal publisher share too!

No more Southern Comfort Trans Con?

It came to my attention this evening that The southern Comfort Transsexual Conference is no more!

I attended in 2009 and it was a life changing event for me.

The Con had relocated from Atlanta Ga. to Ft. Lauderdale, but apparently there were some lawsuits that have ended the Con that had been a fixture for Trans folks for 26 years!

Greetings of the Season

Is it really a year since the last time we were here?

Well it is and it's been an interesting year and i'm sure the next one will be too. Let me make some predictions:-

Some people will die
Some people will do good stuff
Some people will do bad stuff
Some kids will be born
There will be weather
Shit will happen

In other words pretty much the same as every other year to a lesser or greater degree. So let me wish you all more good stuff than bad, more joy than pain.

Back from Spain

Oh well, all good things must come to an end so it's back to the grind and colder weather. I can't believe that two days ago I was struggling with the heat as I tramped around El Hondo, a nature reserve outside Elche near Alicante. Now it's catch up time, do washing and other chores ready for work tomorrow. The latter is becoming increasingly difficult to psyche myself up to do, especially when there are things I'd prefer doing like chasing dormice or watching birds. However, going on holiday is definitely a luxury that my working pays for.

Blog from Spain

It is still quite warm here on the Costa Blanca. Yesterday was a bit of bummer as we had to wait in for the wi-fi connection to arrive via Spanish Postal services, so practically lost a whole day just kicking our heels. I did some university work and also read my book, Farewell to Ice by Peter Wadhams a scientist from Cambridge. I admit it felt quite weird reading about ice formation when the temperature outside was in the low thirties Centigrade. I explored the garden and found a couple of butterflies and the remains of a tiger butterfly, one of the Danaidae or milk weed butterflies.

Outwardly Perfect

We (Amy and Liam and I) have spent a wonderful week with a friend. A friend who came down to help just in case Amy was "laid up" after her surgery.

Amy's surgery went fine, recovery has been excellent and as a result we've manage to be out and about doing things most days.

We've been to flea markets, friends houses, the condo pool, and even had friends over for hot dogs and conversation, twice in fact.

It's been a wonderful week, a great Memorial Day weekend, even if we didn't really plan it that way.

Memorial Day Weekend. 8 Years post RLT

So. Memorial Weekend is upon us once again. Funny how that happens about this time every year. Celebrating my 8th B'day (8 years post-transition) and remembering the monumental few days surounding this date 8 years ago.

Happy Valentine's!!!

I want to be first in wishing all the writers and readers here a happy valentine's day. Some have romance, some wish for it, some write for it and some read of it. I've made friends here and love them with all my heart. Hugs and kisses for all that want, double for those that need. My regards to those you hold dear.


Merry Christmas to all

Hi everyone to be totally politically incorrect I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Stuff the happy holiday theme I was raised in a conservative home and I'm proud of that. It's not rocket science to know that we're living in very troubled times. So no matter what your personal beliefs are I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas. And also a very prosperous and successful new year.

Christmas Tune Acronym Quiz 2015

So we're approaching that time of year again, so it's time to roll out my annual tradition - the Christmas Tunes Acronym Quiz!

This year, I've compiled over 200 tunes to decipher, including a handful of instrumentals in addition to the usual mixture of songs, carols and novelty / parodies. There's also an "Add Your Own!" tab in case your favourites aren't represented in the list (already filled with a handful of songs I discovered which didn't make the 200).

Holiday Blog

Holiday Blog.

Sorry haven’t had time to write Bike tonight I’m a little tired after traipsing round sand dunes in pursuit of our avian friends. Yesterday we visited a nature reserve near Torrevieja and saw a flock of stone curlews, amongst other things. Crested larks, bath white butterflies, flamingoes and Isabelline wheatears made up some of the rest of my haul of observed species.

My day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

My wife and I were on vacation last week on the Oregon Coast. I love her dearly. She struggles to accept and understand her feminine husband. It is with great effort that she lets herself be seen with me when I'm not masquerading as an average male.

Aug 31-birthday wishes

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Today August 31 is our good friend Da11as' birthday. May today be wonderful and filled with well wishes for you today. Many hugs to you Dally. please enjoy this day as much as you can. I'd very much like to get together next year to share a drink and cake if we can. Much love Valkyrie Sister and we salute you!

(alecia) Snowfall

Brutal but honest way to test your family.

While on vacation I visited with my family this past weekend. I found a easy way to test someone to see how they would react to a trans person. When someone is nice and relaxed just watching tv, put it on a channel where Caitlyn Jenner has a show on. One 30 second commercial with her in it and your friend or family member will most likely reveal how they feel about transgender people. This happened to me on a few separate occasions this past weekend. It was not pretty.

Free Comic Book Day

Today is a fun and free Holiday to those that enjoy Graphic novels and Pictorial Books.

In other words it is "Free Comic Book Day"
How does this holiday work you ask?
It is easy you go to a comic or one of many hobby stores and ask for a copy of a Free pre-approved comic book.

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day, a celebration commemorating the day in 1788 when, after losing their traditional dumping grounds due to the recent unpleasantness in the former American colonies, the English, known affectionately by later day Australians as Pommies, landed several boat loads of convicts on the shores of New South Wales.

Well done lads, well done.

HW Coyle
a.k.a. Nancy Cole

P.S. I wonder how Bree from While the Band Played Waltzing Matilda is celebrating the day? Safe to say she probably isn't serving sushi.

I Don't Think I Will Ever Fly Into Birmingham

We fly to Europe fairly frequently; however I think I will continue to take the train to Birmingham. That's not a runway, that's a rollercoaster.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hello everyone,

I wish you all Merry and Happy Christmas! With many presents and in company of true friends. And to make it for your even more pleasant, let´s play some piano music which I found here:
So may your Muses be with you XD.

Robin Šebelová
Otrokovice, Czech Republic

Away for a bit

So my little side-story came out before I anticipated it would, but there you go. I have this character defect where I find it difficult to sit on a story. I even managed to write another chapter of SEE.

Unfortunately, there won't be another one for a while... I'm off to that place again, you know the one, where men are men and the women seem to be mostly men as well...

Holding on to hope in the middle of grief

When I was in high school, we were assigned a project that involved creating a coat of arms that would represent us. Mine ended up having a sun ray of hope, a cross of faith, an open book of knowledge, and a broken heart held together by a band-aid.

Looking back on it now, I think that it shows that even though I saw myself as "broken", I continued to have hope that some kind of healing was possible for me.

I've told you that story so I can tell you this one:

TSA ARE Prevs.

As a few of you know I was in a life changing accident around the beginning of the year that cost me my left leg. Over the past few months I have had my ups and downs with my recovery. As a freelance Network Designer by trade I do a lot of traveling, but until just recently I have not had to fly anywhere. Most of the time I just drive or if needed the Amtrak. (For our overseas readers that is the train.)

TSA ARE Prevs.

As a few of you know I was in a life changing accident around the beginning of the year that cost me my left leg. Over the past few months I have had my ups and downs with my recovery. As a freelance Network Designer by trade I do a lot of traveling, but until just recently I have not had to fly anywhere. Most of the time I just drive or if needed the Amtrak. (For our overseas readers that is the train.)

The goodbye from Heck

So, as I mentioned in a previous blog, the other half has gone to the US to help out with son+new wife+twins. To get to Heathrow (LHR) involves a local train ride, then a bus link to the airport. The flight's at 1600: we have plenty of time to make it. What can possibly go wrong?


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