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Blog Entry 8th October 2017- the D-side

No song this time (even though it's been three months since my last update).

Roughly fifteen months ago, a new user by the name of Kris Traverse sent me a private message on here expressing her appreciation for my stories and asking for support in writing her own story.

Blog Entry 3rd March 2017- Dizzy

One of my all-time favourite songs by one of my all-time favourite entertainers-

Five days ago I posted this blog entry explaining how I had a bad cold/flu/fever/yuck and the next chapters of my story would be delayed a bit. Well, the good news is my fever broke on Wednesday morning and I started feeling a lot better yesterday.

Blog Entry 5th February 2017- Super Bowl Night

Being from England, I don't follow the NFL as religiously as our nation's 'cousins' across the pond, but I do write a story with some American characters in it, and one of them is from Atlanta, so I reasoned that I couldn't let this slide. So for the second time in as many nights, here's a Fly Girls flavoured blog post for you all...


"I didn't even realise you liked so-called 'football' anyway," Natalie said as she sat down next to the fidgeting American girl.

Blog Entry 4th February 2017- Fly to the Angels

I Googled 'songs about flying' and this one came up and well, how could I not? :-)

This blog entry is going to be more about the 'flying' part of my stories rather than the 'Angel' part, and will include spoilers for Fly Girls 16. You have been warned...

Blog Entry 13th January 2017- Waiting for a Story to Fall

It's two letters different. That's close enough for me- . It was originally going to be this one, and the blog title would've been the slightly non sequitur-ish 'inexplicable bagpipe solo'. :-)

Blog Entry 6th December 2016- Ill enough...


...I couldn't even find the strength to find a song. :-(

Yeah, I'm really laid up with flu at the moment. I'm hoping this is the kind I can shake off in 24 hours, then again, when I could shake fly off in 24 hours, I was 24 myself, rather than 35. :-/ I've been spending a lot of my time huddled under a blanket trying not to shiver a hole in the ground. In short, don't expect Jacinta parts 2 & 3 or Ashley part 9 anytime soon.

Many thanks to Kris Traverse for acting as long-distance nursemaid, though. ;-)

Debs xxxx

Blog Entry 17th November 2016- A Year Late

The song-

Exactly one year ago, 365- no, wait, 366- days ago, I started a (yet another) new story. I finally started seriously working on it this week. I don't know why my writing pattern always seems to consist of this ridiculous gap between starting and fleshing out a story, but, well, it does.

Blog Entry 3rd September 2016- Walking on Broken Glass

Because whenever I feel unwell, her majesty Annie Lennox is always there for me-

In my case, I'm not so much 'walking on' broken glass as 'swallowing' it. :-( Been off work all week with a rotten case of tonsillitis, which has caused a delay to the next part of Laura. I'm not in any way blocked, as the story's flowing beautifully, it's just finding the strength to actually sit down and write it as opposed to laying on my sofa feeling sorry for myself.

Blog Entry 9th August 2016- Work Hard

The song was fairly easy to come by as I've recently been rediscovering my love for early 80s music and I've always liked Depeche Mode-

I'm blogging mainly to announce a slight delay in the next chapter (Ashley 7). Mainly because we're slammed at work (hence the song) and mainly because... Well, see below.

Blog Entry 11th July 2016- Down with the Sickness

Had this one saved for a while now, hoped not to have to use it-

So... Yeah. Made it two hours at work today before nearly coughing my lungs up and my ribcage feeling like it's imploding, a sure sign that I'm in the grips of a nasty chest infection. :-( This means that part 5 of the War of the Angels will likely be delayed. And/or split into two parts. Sorry. :-(

As a compensation, here's my entire upcoming schedule that I have planned for after the war-

Blog Entry 12th June 2016- All Around the World

The song- (the options were Justin Bieber or Oasis. I'm 35 and live in Northern England. It was no choice. :-)

Chapter 13 of Fly girls is going really, really slow. It's not a case of writer's block, more a case of real life really getting in the way, but I should have done by Friday at the latest. My 100th chapter extravaganza, 'The War of the Angels', is also going really, really slowly. That one IS a case of writer's block.

Blog Entry 31st May 2016- The 4th of July

Here's the song-

As the next chapter of Laura is going to take a while and I'm also busy working on my (hopefully) epic crossover The War of the Angels, I figured I'd put up another little mini-scene here like I did with Nikki here- -only this scene is going to be focussed on the fly girls instead. Enjoy. :-)

Blog Entry 24th May 2016- Bargain

Blog About: 


The song- (consider myself a bit of a casual Who fan, never heard this one before though)

The bargain? I just signed up for a $100 annual membership to the BC Hatbox. I've got so much enjoyment out of this site over the years, I felt like it was the very least I could do. Long may this site continue. :-)

Debs xxxx

Blog Entry 20th April 2016- Across the Universe 2

No song this time as I'm reusing the blog entry title. :-p

Ten months ago (to the day, actually) I wrote a blog post detailing five stories I had in mind to add to the expending 'Jamieverse': 'Stephanie', 'Ian', 'Simone', 'Karsten', and 'The Playboy Club'. Here's the link to said post-

Blog Entry 24th February 2016- Accompaniment to Ashley part 4

No song this time.

Spoilers if you haven't read Ashley part 4 yet-

...Yeah. Ashley's big coming out did not go well at all. And it very nearly did- I very nearly gave Ashley the happy ending he wants (and deserves), but I didn't. I gave him the disastrous coming out for one very good reason- it went the exact same as my own coming out.

Blog Entry 14th February 2016- Two Hearts

I'm on a bit of a Phil Collins 'thing' at the moments-

Today is, of course, Valentine's Day (it's also the day after my birthday, but that's much less important ;-), and I had a scene in mind for one of my stories that just didn't fit anywhere in any of my stories, so I thought I'd release it here as a little Valentine's Day 'treat'. Nikki and Sarah never have the best Valentine's Days, but they do always have each other...


Blog Entry 10th January 2016- Read All About It

Here's the song-

Yes, I'm writing this in lieu of a new story chapter. With the always-lengthy Charlotte next in line for a new chapter, this may well be the longest break between chapters since I uploaded the first chapter of Nikki at the end of 2014- even though that feels like a lifetime ago!

Blog Entry 1st November 2015- Time After Time

This was an easy one to find a song for-

As all of my stories exist in a shared universe, one story will have an effect on another, events move stories together... You get the idea. I try to keep stories distinct enough that you CAN enjoy one story without having to read the others, but that you will (hopefully) get more enjoyment by reading all of them.


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