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Yesterday, I sat on the Pier at Southwold, Suffolk (just about the most easterly point in the UK) and ate an Ice Cream. It was sunny, warm and balmy.
Earlier in the day I'd watched Marsh Harriers performing their aerial courtship, some Mediterranean Gulls nestbuilding and other birds singing in the sun.

Definitely the calm before the storm
This morning and less than 10 miles from Southwold I woke up to find almost 2in of snow on the ground.

And there is more to come. Brrrr.


Almost there...


I'm nearly done (and done in for that matter) getting my aged mother into a Care Home.
I moved her from the temporary home where she's been for the past 5 weeks into a home that is funded by the County Council.

Friday is the big day when her home for the past 24 years will be cleared, the meters read, the phone disconnected and everything else.

Then next Thursday it is her 96th Birthday.

Where have all the ...

SOLO's gone?

Ok, I have to say that I've posted more than one multi-part story in the past year but these were intersperced with solo pieces but it does seem that there has been a big drop off of SOLO works in recent months.

Do people not like writing then anymore? I do and most pieces I start, start off as SOLO's and only go to multi-part when it becomes obvious that it will work better when published like that.

Look out for SOLO story from me over the weekend. It will be called 'The First Time I Saw Her Face'.


2017 and what to look out for in 2018

Well, here we are almost two weeks into the new year and it seems that we are doomed to have grey skies each and every day here in my bit of the UK.

If I look back to 2017, I find that I have posted almost 50 items of fiction, be they SOLO's or parts to a multi-part story.
Some have been very well received and some not so. That is life.

So, what is to come for 2018?

It is 'Panto' time again

It is Panto season again here in the UK. All manner of tales are being performed all over the country. My local theatre is doing 'Aladdin' this year.

I've done a couple of stories in the past where the action centred around a Panto.

This year, I've done something slighly different. Call it a 're-imagining' of a classic tale.

My tale is in three parts that will be posted next monday, tuesday and wednesday.
It has three ugly sisters, a ball, a sort of prince charming and of course a waif who is plucked out of servitude and sent to the ball.

Grayson Perry's Dresses

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The British Artist, Grayson Perry is well known for his alter-ego Claire and her somewhat flamboyant dresses. An exhibition of some of them opens tomorrow at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

Could be worth a visit if you are in the area.


The 'Tax' on being different

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This video blog on the BBC is quite illuminating.

Firstly, the narrator is Transgendered and a PHD.
She talks about the monetary cost of being a woman in business today.
She puts it at $250K over a lifetime. (how much worse will it be for M2F transpeople?)

Helping Hand - next chapter

The posting of the next chapter of "Helping Hand" will be delayed by one week.
I'm in Brittany on a Motocycle Holiday and the internet is a tad iffy from the Gite where I am staying. That is all down to me for choosing one that is in the middle of nowhere (8km N.W. or Rostreven if you want to know)

It will be back next Tueday.


What constitutes a 'Universe'?

I have an idea that came from to solo pieces (That are linked) that expands the scope of further stories that use the environment that is described in those stories.
Does this expansion of scope constitute what people mean by a Universe? These further stories are linked but essentially stand alone pieces.

So, what does constitute a Universe?

Trump bans Trans people from US Military

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US President Donald Trump today announced that Transgendered people can't serve in the US Military.

This seems to be another rolling back the advances made under the previous president.

How very different this is from the British Military as some people who post here know from first hand experience.

Sad, so very sad.

Where has the old site gone?


Has it gone walkabout?
Any chance of getting it back?

If there are changes being made then please, please, please tell us in advance and perhaps make a trial page so that we can see what is happening and comment on it.
The site as it stands today (08:28 Friday) has gone backwards a long way in terms of usability. If this stays then I'll be making far fewer visits.
Sorry for the bit of a rant but that is how I see it.

Interesting story on the BBC

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This is a quite moving piece on the BBC about someone who is transitioning MtoF. The come from a farming family in Wales and the piece is told by the family of Llyr.

I found it quite moving how accepting they were even though the father is obviously having a hard time calling his son 'she'. I expect that will come over time.

Posting of 'The Italian Job - Part 10'

I've posted the next part of my story tonight so that those readers in the UK (and Europe) don't have to suffer IMHO, the turgid if not torrid 'Eurovision Song Contest' which is on tonight.

If you want to see how voting is really done on partisan lines then watch this. Well, I won't but apparently millions still do. Can't see the point really but there you go.


Snowed In!

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Here I am in the hills/small mountains south of St Ettienne and we had a big gale last night. Strong winds and rain that brought more than a few trees down.
Woke up this morning with the prospect of a 550Km drive ahead of me and we are snowed in. Yes folks, the 1st of may and I'm snowed in at my hotel. About 4in of the white stuff fell in the night.
It is also a bank holiday here so the snow clearance vehicles won't be out. I'll try to get out after breakfast as I have 4WD but I don't recon much of my chances.

Deep Joy!


Where have all the Cyclists gone?

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I know it is election day here in France and where I am now (SW of Brive la Gallarde) is wonderful cycling country. The roads and even the minor 'D' ones are well surfaced if you avoid the Department of Correze yet I saw very few out on the road today. The weather is perfect as well....
Where are they all? If this was England, there would be lots out on the road on a fine Sunday Morning.
I spoke to two Australians at lunchtime. They are in the middle of cycling from Oslo to Athens and they remarked on the lack of cyclists in this area.


Ricki Ortiz - TG Streetfighter Player

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I'm not a computer gamer but this caught my eye.

I'm not sure about viewing it from outside the UK though.

She came out as Gay but she still didn't feel right.
The Gaming Fans seem to have accepter her very well which is a refreshing change,

My prizes for the Christmas Contest

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After due delibaration and contemplation, I have come to a decision.

Cue drum roll....

First Prize goes to
• Lost and Found by Julie D. Cole

Second Prize goes to
• Ghost Gift by Dorothy Colleen

Both of these are IMHO right on the nail when it comes to 'The Spirit of Giving'.

The money will be on its way tomorrow according to the wishes of the authors.


Possible delay in awarding my Christmas comp prizes

Just a heads up to say that there might be a delay in the awarding of my extra prizes winners for the Christmas Competition.
My 94 years old Mother was admitted to Hospital last night. The Doctors don't really know what is wrong with her at the moment.

I've read every entry at least once and was in the process of producing a shortlist when this happened.


Whatever you want...

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This year has been a bad one for the musicians who have been in my life for... forever.

Today, we lost Rick Parfitt of Status Quo. I hope he is 'rocking all over the world (of heaven)'.

What with David Bowie, Greg Lake, Keith Emerson and now Rick Parfitt, this year has been bad.

RIP all of them

Tour de Yorkshire - 2017

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The route for next years event has been announced.

Maddy will be happy as the finish is in her back yard.

One of the names of the climbs got me laughing... Côte de Shibden Wall
Would not want to ride (up or down) in the wet though.


Backups? wot Backups?

Backups are a PITA so they often don't get done.
Just refer to the anguish that Maddy Bell had where her PC stopped working.
Now she's got no excuse for not backing up her work. {courtesy of yours truly}

I came upon this little ditty again today.


All those backups seemed a waste of pay.

Now my database has gone away.

Oh I believe in yesterday.


There's not half the files there used to be,

And there's a milestone hanging over me

The system crashed so suddenly.

Christmas Competition - extra prizes

Following on from Sephrena's post about the competition and the discussions between the two of us, I am pleased to announce extra prizes...

1st prize - $250
2nd prize - $150

I'm the sponsor for these prizes but will be awarded in the same way as the other prizes.

so what are you waiting for... get scribbling


Home again

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I've arrived home safely. The Ferry from Santander to Portsmouth was great and as on the outbound trip was a flat as a millpond.

Thanks for all the kind words. My little accident could have been worse, much worse now that I think about it and reflect upon it.
I traveled just over 800miles on the trip (3 days riding) and averaged more then 60mpg (UK gallon).


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