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Thought some here would get a kick out of this

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So the backstory of this is I play several stringed instruments, I'm an amateur although I was taught by some well known (older) names in the Country and Bluegrass genre of music and in years past have been in some jam sessions with some very respected names in those genres.

One thing after another

So, there I was, on a roll after getting the last two chapters of What Milsy Did out in a reasonable time. I'm heading off into the next, crucial chapter, and with about 5,500 words written, a never-ending and seemingly random series of unexpected happenings has derailed me almost completely.

The Aftermath

So most everyone has gone home and the dust is starting to settle. We've not gone on the Honey Moon yet (that's in just under 2 weeks) but we are starting to find our slightly new routine.

For those that don't know, last Saturday (October 28th, 2017) CapturedByThePast and I officially (in both the eyes of the Church, and the state of NJ) tied the knot. It wasn't a big wedding or reception but for the most part, the people who mattered most to us were there.

The bills are paid, and for Amy (capturedbythepast) has started signing things with her new name.

Endless distractions

I finally managed to put up What Milsy Did #26 and that means it is time for yet another apology.

It's all Real Life, of course. I won't bore you with everything that has hit me but let me just say that some of it is coming from the generation before and some from the generation after.

In addition the meds I have been on since 2013 are tapering off and it is exposing underlying problems. These are making me real tired and there are lots of things that could occupy what available time I have. Writing, regrettably, is only one of those things.

The Family Girl #85: Napa Valley Forest Fires


The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #85: 2017 Napa Valley Forest Fires

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Hello, everyone. I’m sure you’ve been hearing about all the forest fires happening in the States.

Had a huge victory last week.

I've been kind of MIA for the past month or so, haven't had time to do hardly anything but work, take care of my oldest daughter and prepare for my custody hearing last week. As I had mentioned in a previous blog, I was divorced three years ago from a 15 year marriage with three daughters. Due to my circumstances (transitioning and court being held in Mississippi) my life has been hell. Quite literally hell.. On the initial separation my ex had gotten angry, extremely angry and for almost two years I had almost no contact with my daughters.

Men, I honour

So easy
To give in
To hate.

In letting
Anger rule me
Against all men.

Most of my abusers/bullies
Were born
Of this gender.

And yet
Tomorrow is
Father's Day.

As I honour
My opa* and dad.

Two men
Who's love
Have helped me.

And shoulders
I have cried

Willing to do
Almost anything
To protect me.

Whose deaths
Have marked
Transitional moments
In my life.

AUTISM: Walk For A Difference

Hi Everyone! I posted about helping us, and helping NinjaBaby via the POAC - Autism: Walk For A Difference already once, but with the walk only a few days away I thought I would post again.

And for those of you that are reading this after saturday (should you show up late to the party) It's NEVER too late to donate, even if the walk is over contact me and I will give you information for how to donate to POAC directly (not via our walk page). Every little bit helps (just like at BigCloset).

Samantha will be having breast reduction surgery

I spent the day running Sharon and Samantha around and it ended with some important news.

It looks like Sam is going for breast reduction surgery probably late this year or early next year. Her back will thank her when she's older, but I'm gonna be a touch worried about her going under the knife anyway.

Suffered a huge loss.

I just found out earlier today that one of the greatest men I have ever known passed away. Technically he was my Step-Dad, but honestly he was so, so much more to me than that. He was the man that stepped in and stepped up to being my 2nd Dad after my own passed away when I was 7. He was the one that taught me to be the kind of person I wanted to be. Someone who stands up for what they believe, to stand up and support your friends and family. The person that taught me to always do the right thing, not just when people are watching, but especially when people aren't.

Very cool conversation with my 17y.o.

Last Friday night I was talking with my Daughter and her plans to go to her Junior/Senior Prom at the end of the school year. She isn't dating and was wanting to take her best friend, who is a freshman, as her "date". Her friend I guess you could say for all practical purposes is my niece, her parents have become part of my "chosen" family since my real family mostly abandoned me once I started my transition.

Saftey, always remember to take precautions.

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It is with members of the Site mentioning the Apollo 1 Accident that reminds me of how important the little things we do for safety in our daily live can be.

The Simple step of Putting on your Seat belt every time you get in a moving Vehicle is the big one to me.

I have been in 3 major car accidents in my life 2 behind the wheel my self.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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Family sharing requires that we have our family Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve this year, so my daughter and son-in-law can visit his parents in Lincoln City on Christmas. So we are busy this morning getting the dinner ready for this afternoon.

The reason for my break is mostly over.

I just wanted to let those who were following my story, and some who were upset for the break, what was going on. i didn't want to say anything before hand, maybe I was afraid to jinx anything or maybe I was just afraid to mention it who knows. They psyche is pretty twisted on the best of days.

Interesting thing happened today

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Was with my 9 year old today when some lady near us said, "Oh my god that's a man in a dress!"

I couldn't help but smile when my little 3rd grader looked at the lady and said, "Maybe he's transgendered?" Defending the stranger.

I was unaware she even knew the term.

About me, and Hi there

I just wanted to drop a note introducing myself, I looked for somewhere to put it linking it to my author page and couldn't find a place for it. It might be just my unfamiliarity being new here, or it might be a function I can't access from my Ipad. I have my oldest two daughters here with me now for thanksgiving week, so getting access to my Computer is slim to none, so I'm using what I have available. Heehee. Anyway as I said I am new here and wanted to introduce myself.

A visit from Matthew- Update

We got through the night. Power was out for 3 hours but it is back. Other than some debris, there is no obvious damage to where we live. We'll begin calling friends soon to see if they're all right too.


I live in central Palm Beach County and we're already getting brushed by the Hurricane. We have power and internet but for how much longer is anyone's guess.

A fire station is a very short walk (.2 miles) from where i live. Power might be restored fast. My family made a small move in 2015. After Wilma in 2005, it was 11 days before our power was restored.

Girly glasses, girly shoes and an expanding ponytail holder.

In a comment to my blog, "Acceptable shoes" someone accused me of pushing the envelope and I freely admitted doing so. The "push the envelope" bug has bitten me again.

Mellowed with age...

Over the past couple of decades, I've been weeding the men's clothes out of my wardrobe. First went the underwear, then little by little the outer wear was replaced with items from the women's rack. At the present time, I only have one outfit that is strictly men's clothes. I'm hanging on to that as I, twice a year, go drab for my wife. Once on her birthday and again on our anniversary.

Outwardly Perfect

We (Amy and Liam and I) have spent a wonderful week with a friend. A friend who came down to help just in case Amy was "laid up" after her surgery.

Amy's surgery went fine, recovery has been excellent and as a result we've manage to be out and about doing things most days.

We've been to flea markets, friends houses, the condo pool, and even had friends over for hot dogs and conversation, twice in fact.

It's been a wonderful week, a great Memorial Day weekend, even if we didn't really plan it that way.

Cuteness overload

When the human world gets to be too much for me (which is most of the time, these days), I watch this:


Twenty minutes of pure bliss and contentment. Not a word is spoken, and yet they manage to say it all. If only I’d had parents like these? When my father gave me a licking, it never looked like this. If mom had this sort of patience and affection?

My eternal thanks to the clever folks who write video download software… :}

I feel like an idiot :(

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For all the women on here, let's hope you don't do what I did in the shower this morning..... I've neglected shaving my legs for a while and my legs were "moderately" hairy. I get done with one leg no problem but about halfway through the second one I cut myself with the razor and it hurt like hell(keep in mind that I had never cut myself with the razor before this morning). My boyfriend was cracking up when I came out of the bathroom with a bandage on my leg saying "Looks like someone got a bit messy I see?"

I hope I don't have to deal with that again.......

A personal account of the son of a transparent

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We don't often hear the other side of the coin, here is one person's take on it. Joshua's dad decided to become a woman and his story, in retrospect, of how he felt about it. A very interesting piece.


Blog Entry 24th February 2016- Accompaniment to Ashley part 4

No song this time.

Spoilers if you haven't read Ashley part 4 yet-

...Yeah. Ashley's big coming out did not go well at all. And it very nearly did- I very nearly gave Ashley the happy ending he wants (and deserves), but I didn't. I gave him the disastrous coming out for one very good reason- it went the exact same as my own coming out.

The Last of My Family

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I just got a call this afternoon that the last of my immediate family is dying.
My sister fell out of bed in the care facility, broke her ribs and is in extreme pain. When they went to change her clothing, they found she was bleeding out internally.
Its just a matter of time now. Waiting for the Dr. to arrive and give her some potent pain meds. She is unable to swallow or talk now.

Oh boy

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I have to call the police tomorrow.
Just found out that on Friday my ex was showing my daughter a gun on Skype. A nice realistic pistol.
My daughter was talking about it today, so we went and checked the video camera which records the calls, and there's my wife holding a pistol up quite happily showing it off.
Since she's never taken a firearms course, it's illegal, and with how she's been asking very specifically about my daughters schedule, I'm a little alarmed. Only the fact that she's 14 hours away keeps me calling the police right now.

What? Me, cynical?

Ok, I was reading something about how you have to humor small children with their various play activities. One of the comments was:

it’s very important to a child’s development to not be shut down by parents and other caregivers

To which someone else replied:

It probably says something about my family that I read that last comment as “not to be shut down by their parents and captors,” doesn’t it?

Now as some of my comments and posts have implied, I didn't have the greatest family life either.

Things children say

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I'm getting divorced from my wife, after she hit me in front of our four year old daughter. So I've got our daughter and she and her mother haven't personally met since May, but talk on Skype regularly.
Quite often my wife will ask if she misses her, and my daughter if she answers will quietly say no, giving my wife the chance to say she misheard or come up with some excuse.

About private "Dicks"...

Pursuing idea stememmed from Sue Broun story...
What if all of the guys in the "seedy" joint were lured there by hiring them to follow someone? Still most of the ideas of how to continue them comes from the old ancdote where God appeared in front of the one of the intended shipwreck victims to say - "it was not trivial to gather all of the sinners on that one ship."

does this sound familiar?

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Imagine the scene. A mother is talking to someone else

'I didn't have a daughter. I had a son who turned out a bit different'

Sounds familiar?

This was in a brief scenes of a forthcoming BBC TV series. It starts in September.

I wonder if it might turn out to be a tad interesting.

I only caught the tail end of the advert so I can't remember what the series was called.

I'm really worried about my mom

I am really worried about my mom.

She's panicking over having to move, she's not sleeping well, and has been very forgetful and doing stuff without thinking.

Yesterday I came across the stopper for the bathroom sink in the fridge, for no reason.

All prayers and good wishes are appreciated

Brutal but honest way to test your family.

While on vacation I visited with my family this past weekend. I found a easy way to test someone to see how they would react to a trans person. When someone is nice and relaxed just watching tv, put it on a channel where Caitlyn Jenner has a show on. One 30 second commercial with her in it and your friend or family member will most likely reveal how they feel about transgender people. This happened to me on a few separate occasions this past weekend. It was not pretty.


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