Was asked to do something at church... Not sure how I feel about this...

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First off I do need to say this, I attend an amazingly accepting church here in the Tampa Bay region, and have been for five years. When I first started my transition I had been struggling really hard, not just gaining acceptance, but also of accepting myself... The Unity I found was my turning point, and in many ways probably saved my life... I even have been singing in the choir now for over 4 years, even if the best I can do is tenor, curse you puberty for making me a natural deep bass!!! (Hah). We actually performed this last Sunday and after the service this happened...

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or treat transgender patients

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or
treat transgender patients


The Aftermath

So most everyone has gone home and the dust is starting to settle. We've not gone on the Honey Moon yet (that's in just under 2 weeks) but we are starting to find our slightly new routine.

For those that don't know, last Saturday (October 28th, 2017) CapturedByThePast and I officially (in both the eyes of the Church, and the state of NJ) tied the knot. It wasn't a big wedding or reception but for the most part, the people who mattered most to us were there.

The bills are paid, and for Amy (capturedbythepast) has started signing things with her new name.

How Should Christians Respond to Target’s Bathroom Policy?

My wife had this pop up on her Facebook page.

How Should Christians Respond to Target’s Bathroom Policy?

While the lady isn't in favor of Target's policy, she is very reasonable about her feelings on it and speaks with a clear head, leaving out the knee-jerk response that the other vocal Christians scream with.

I encourage you to read this. If all Christians had this attitude then there would be a lot less angst regarding bathroom use.

Question RE Marrage

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My wife and I Did divorce last April. We parted as Friends. Her mother has Alzheimer's and is in Canada. If you love them let them go. I let her go, and we ARE friends.

My Question is this

We Married in the Presbyterian faith, in Canada, MY faith, and divorced 25 years later in the Indian River County Court House, "faith". I did not go to a Church for the divorce. I did NOT NEED to seek approval for this from my religious faction.


I felt compelled to write an post this. I guess it is kinda a poem or something about my regret for disobeying God when I was ordered to 'go there' years ago. It isn't anything trans related. It is simply that I feel that I was at a critical junction to my destiny and by failing to follow God's demand I have failed to fulfill my potential. I am knowing that I was to have two daughters, Sarah and Teddi and now I have denied them existence. Or maybe it is just depression and a psychological disorder, either way.

Reform Jews approve far-reaching transgender resolution

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Reform Jews approve far-reaching transgender resolution

Reform Judaism movement in US approves far-reaching resolution supporting transgender rights
November 5, 2015 11:37 PM

By Mike Schneider / Associated Press

Bless 'em all.

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From the Guardian a story about how one parish convinced a diocese to put a proposal to the General Synod of the Church of England about renaming ceremonies for transgender Christians. While I'm unlikely to consider it as an unbeliever, I welcome what looks like the slightest movement of progress for those who do, and I wish Blackburn Diocese good luck with their motion.

The Ice Saints

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The Ice Saints (Die Eisheiligen in German) are saints named for 4th and 5th century martyrs and so on.

This year the Ice Saints' Days start today, according to German-speaking countries. Other countries modify the 'rule'!

This year:

11th May - Mamertus
12th May - Servatius
13th May - Pankratius
14th May - Bonifatius
15th May - Kalte Sophia

Why is this important?
Well, according to farmer's observations over hundreds of years, these days are the last fling of winter, after which no more frosts and no more snow.

Don't Say It Can'tHappen Here, IT HAS

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the massacre of Armenian by the Turks. The Turkey government still denies their culpability. Neither the U S or Brittan can claim innocence if similar acts. Please note that the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20) is designed to prevent future violence on us. I have met the granddaughter of one of the survivors of the Armenian massacre. She told a Yom Hashoah event a few years ago of how her grandmother was the sole survivor of an extended family of over 100. I also know know descendants of the Trail of Tears.

Indiana Discrimination Law Follow Up

As an Indiana resident in Indianapolis, and a Religious Jew, I will be picketing the State Capital and Governor's Mansion claiming the Discrimination Law is against God's Law as soon as my foot doesn't have an ulcer.

Companies with headquarters in Indiana:

Well, my sister has now thrown the gauntlet at me

I got a FB PM from her this morning. She tells me that she still loves me but because of her belief's WILL NOT concider me to be her sister. Not only that but she will continue to use male pronouns and my birth name to introduce me to others and speak to me. She says she wants to have a conversation with me about my transitioning however from what I got from the PM, she is absolutely sure that God conciders what I am doing to be an abomination.

The Orange

Once there was a Seder headed by a female Rebbe. On the Seder plate was a crust of bread. A disciple asked, "Why...?" She told the story of Puah, a girl from a family of women, asking her Rebbe "Is there room in Judaism for a lesbian?" He said, "There is as much room for lesbianism as there is a crust of bread on the Seder plate." That is why this Rebbe had a crust on the Seder plate. -- based on the Oberlin College Haggadah.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all guys, may you be happy at least for short while, with those close to whom love you and you love them back. Please, remember it ´s not about gift, but the joy to be with loved ones and bitterweet rememberance of lost ones.
Even though Christmas are mostly Christian celebration, please make a gift of joy to one you love, so they feel loved. Touch them, hug them, because, if there ´s time to do so, today is the day.
Once again merry Christmas to you all.


I am Back, .... And my cat is dieing

Thank to the work of Joyce and Erin of One of the best sites on the Internet.

I have obviously been able to finally after a 1/2 year of not being able to sign-in, sign in again.

The Family Girl #67: In Remembrance

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #67: In Remembrance

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl Blogs, click on this link:

As many of you know, Holly Hart passed away recently. 40 days ago, to be exact.

I don't really know about others, but among traditional Catholics, we usually hold a requiem mass forty days after a loved one's passing. I was not a relative of Holly's IRL, so I did not think it proper to arrange for such a mass. So all I did was to include Holly's name (both as Holly Logan and Holly Hart) in the list of mass intentions for yesterday's regular service (people can ask a priest to offer a Mass for several reasons, like for example, in thanksgiving, for the intentions of someone else, like a birthday, or for the repose of the soul of someone who has died).

I am not a "real" relative, nor do I think Holly was Catholic, nor particularly religious. I guess this is more for me more than anything, to declare my wishes for her, and to declare my sadness that she's gone.

The Family Girl #64: Just Going Away for a Couple of Months

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #64: Just going away for a couple of months. Peace!

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Hi, everyone. Will be away for a couple of months, so don't get mad, or worry if you don't see me logging on or posting for a bit. Peace! Sweetie and I are just taking some time off from everything, to recover from the loss of the baby. Just need some alone time. I'm sure you understand.


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I was reading an academic work the other day and they classified transgender as "Tomboys" and "Sissies". I was wondering what the community thinks about these labels? I will put in my 2 cents after others have chimed in. I do know that there are several who have sissy in their name here, I want their input too.

A Question for Us Jews regarding one of my essays

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I am considering asking Moment to publish my "Devar Torah: Haphtorah Shofteem: Drunk Without Wine" in their magazine. Do you think it would fit?


Happy Passach Y'all

To all of the other Jews in this B/C family have a happy Passach. May you dwell on freedom and dignity. May the matzoh not be too binding.


The Family Girl #52: A Simple Palm Sunday this year

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #52: A Simple Palm Sunday this year

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Since we are twelve hours ahead of everyoe back home, I decided to wait until now to post this.

That's so I can greet everyone, and say Happy Palm Sunday!


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This is quite interesting:

I hadn't taken it to quite the extreme that the author did, but he is exactly right.

The article mentions the Old Testament prohibition of homosexuality, but it is equally applicable to what the OT says about cross dressing.

There are lots of other examples of rules that people universally consider to be Christian commandments, when what they really are is cultural norms masquerading as morality.


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