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Um, minor delay...

I've had a cold for about two weeks, one that seems to be a bit like that mythical snowball. It was so bad this morning that I have canceled the appointment I had with my consultant tomorrow. I won't drive there and I don't want to expose everybody else to my viruses.

Then, at about 5pm on Saturday last, the hard disk on my main server died. Joy! Try fixing that when you barely know which way is up!

Princess Holy Aura now available!

I apologise in advance if this is inappropriate. I have no connection to Baen Books except as a long-time satisfied customer.

As somebody mentioned a few weeks ago, a 'Magical Girl' story, previously seen as pre-publication, is in fact now on sale from them:

Princess Holy Aura

Price is $8.99. I shall be buying a copy just as soon as I can find my wallet...


One thing after another

So, there I was, on a roll after getting the last two chapters of What Milsy Did out in a reasonable time. I'm heading off into the next, crucial chapter, and with about 5,500 words written, a never-ending and seemingly random series of unexpected happenings has derailed me almost completely.

Endless distractions

I finally managed to put up What Milsy Did #26 and that means it is time for yet another apology.

It's all Real Life, of course. I won't bore you with everything that has hit me but let me just say that some of it is coming from the generation before and some from the generation after.

In addition the meds I have been on since 2013 are tapering off and it is exposing underlying problems. These are making me real tired and there are lots of things that could occupy what available time I have. Writing, regrettably, is only one of those things.

Apologies for lack of output

I have to apologise to those of you who read my works. There's been a lot going on recently and I haven't ben producing as much as I would wish to. Partly this is real-life distractions, like the Evil Twin grand-daughters (tm), household matters, a short-notice holiday (vacation) in Cornwall and, of course, it is just too hot!

Universe Rules Updated

Doing some administration around SEE and associated works I realized that the Universe Rules were the same as when I first posted them ages ago.

Since the main tale is now complete, and many more facts have been published since I wrote the original rules, I have completely revised them. They now mostly describe things that are self-evident but will still provide a useful guide for anyone else attempting to write in that universe.

SEE Commentaries #19 to #22

Author's Commentary on Somewhere Else Entirely: Chapters 19 to 22

In these chapters a major character gets introduced and Garia receives a shock which underlines her new reality to her. Otherwise, the business of introducing basic technology to Palarand continues.

There isn't too much in these chapters that required major attention.

More Health Problems

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Just a quick note. I had some facial eruptions on Monday last (9th) which I thought were due to a resident Staph. infection I have. This has gotten progressively worse during the week, though curiously limited in extent. I was given antibiotics which didn't seem to help.

After severe pain early this morning I went and saw an emergency doctor with a completely different result.

SEE Commentaries #15 to #18

Author's Commentary on Somewhere Else Entirely: Chapters 15 to 18

I'm now into the meat of the story (or so I innocently believed, anyway) and I am working my way through the preliminaries before the essential action takes place - the as yet completely undetermined journey to the north, which will resolve everything.

Well, it did and it didn't, but that is for another commentary. For now, Garia is still establishing her place in the palace structure.

SEE Commentaries #4 - #6

As before, these are notes which explain my thought processes and decisions while writing SEE, provided here as a service (or a warning!) to other writers.

These three chapters have only minor adjustments in general. The usual things like Capitalization and fixing typos. There are a few cases where I have changed "Yes" to "Aye" but in the main it will be difficult to spot most alterations. I have slightly changed one or two speeches but nothing that has any major significance.

SEE commentaries

As you all probably know I am currently writing What Milsy Did, but along with that there are of course many other projects on the back burner, not all of which are Anmar related. In addition I have to balance writing with Real Life, Health and my recently increased family. (I'm off on Friday to help my son build two wardrobes to replace the temporary ones that the Twins have destroyed.)

Although Somewhere Else Entirely seems like a good story - good enough that I see people reading it every single day - as the author I am aware of many shortcomings and just plain goofs. Like most stories it evolved during the creation process and so various parts don't quite gel. It is my intention to slowly go through it from one end to the other correcting the worst of the problems.

Milsy Slowdown

Although I've managed to get the preceding chapters of What Milsy Did out in a reasonably prompt fashion, it looks like I won't be able to keep that pace up.

Various Real Life issues including but not limited to health, family and house need my attention and so there will be less time for writing.

Sorry, folks.


SEE hit counts

Since completing - nominally, anyway - Somewhere Else Entirely, I've been keeping an eye on the read counts. I know that some of you like to wait until stories are complete before reading so I expected some extra traffic. I also know some of you like the story enough that you are re-reading it again. Me, too! Sometimes I still can't believe I did this.

I have noticed that the total read counts vary between ~2,000 and ~5,000 (ish) for most chapters, which is only to be expected. #1 is slightly different (12,905), but that's because a number of people have dipped in and decided it wasn't for them. Fair enough. But three chapters have read counts way greater than the normal spread and I don't know why.

Edited due to poor research :(

Taking Movies to Palarand

So when Gary returns to Anmar he'll have an unspecified number of SDHC cards. Now, most of these won't be of immediate use but you can be sure that a specification of the interface will be available - and all those chips will act as a sure incentive to find out what's on them.

You can take it for granted that among the contents will be movies. An average movie can be from 1Gb to 5Gb depending on length and bitrate so a single chip will hold many. So, what exactly might he have taken?

Five years of SEE

I just had a look at "My Stories" and I notice that there is activity all along the line back as far as Chapter 1. So, people are still re-reading it! I admire your stamina.

I also noticed the date I posted the first chapter, 22nd December 2010. Wow, a whole five years! I swear I never intended for it to take this long!


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