Jason had been walking down the hallway at work when he spotted a woman swaying from side to side in front of him. He ran to catch her, barely doing so as he did. She had opened the door, mostly, to a seldom used handicapped washroom. He finished pulling the woman inside as the door closed behind them.

Inside he maneuvered the woman onto the only seat in the washroom which was the toilet seat that he flipped down using one foot. His men's dress shoe fell off in the process.

"Lady? Are you alright?" He asked as he maneuvered her onto the toilet seat as best he could.

He got no answer as the woman appeared to be out cold. He stepped back and looked at her. She looked sort of familiar and he tried to place the face before turning to the mirror and seeing his own. It was then that he noticed that her face and his own was similar.

He turned back to look over this woman that looked eerily like him and took stock. Her smoothly made up face made it look much more feminine than his own. Her crisp wine colored blouse with its semi shiny fabric looked very nice over what appeared to be very full breasts. Her tan colored knee length skirt matched her jacket perfectly.

Her legs looked to have nylons on them ending in a pair of patent leather tan heels. The heel was maybe an inch or inch and half with a very simple design of closed pointy toe. Her hands did not sport a wedding ring but they did have a simple ring on the index finger. For other jewelery she wore a simple chain necklace and small heart shaped earrings that had a slightly larger heart dangle from them all in gold. On her wrist was a plain woman's wrist watch also in gold.

Her purse was large. Not as large as he had seen some women's purses but plenty large. He retrieved the purse and put it on the counter intending to look through it for identification. Inside he was surprised to find that it contained a fair amount of makeup. He took out foundation, concealer, a loose powder, eye liners in two colors, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick.

He stared at the makeup before looking again in the purse and found a scissor like device for curling one's eyelashes. He turned back to the woman and looked at her. Her head had moved to the side so he went to check. Her head had only moved back not to the side but her long brunette hair turned out to be a wig over very short sparse hair.

Not wanting her wig to fall and get ruined he took it back to the counter. At the counter he looked at the wig and then the mirror back and forth a few times. He had the urge to see if he could make his face match hers and then try on the wig. He shook his head putting down the wig gently and moved to the door. He got to the door when a shiver started.

He didn't know why he was shivering but just that he was. He looked back at the counter with its makeup and wig that seemed to call to him. With shaking hands he clicked the door to lock and went back to the counter. Maybe just one try and that's it he thought.

He loosened the tie from around his throat and unbuttoned the top buttons of his dress shirt before he lifted the bottle of foundation.

"No I can't do this!" he said. He put the bottle down and looked in the purse again finding a small bag with a small sponge that looked to already be full of foundation. He took out the bag and pulled the sponge out. He then removed the cap on the foundation and put some into his hand. He put foundation on his face with two fingers making sure he had foundation all over as he did so. Then used the sponge to get the excess off and blot his face all over making it smooth. He noticed one or two redish spots on his face and used the concealer on them before blotting over this with the sponge blending it in smoothly.

With the foundation done he used the powder to set the foundation on his face. He turned back to look closely at the woman's face and then back to the counter where he used blush to make his cheeks look higher very much like hers. Then he used the eyeliner to outline his eyes before putting on the eyeshadow just like hers was. The mascara took four coats but he got it just like hers was.

Next he found a brush in the purse and brushed out the wig a little before putting it on to his head. He felt a shiver as he did so. When he turned back to the mirror he saw a woman's face on a man's body. He used the brush and got the hair to behave much like the way hers was done as he had first scene her.

The only thing different were his eyebrows. He squinted at them before diving into the purse and pulling out tweezers. It was the work of a minute or two before his eyebrows matched her delicate ones. He stepped back from the mirror as he saw the woman's face on his body and walked over to the woman.

"Who are you?" He asked then he noticed the earrings and a shiver overcame him. Before he knew what he was doing he had removed her ring, watch, necklace, and earrings. He put on the necklace with shaking hands and then the earrings he pushed through his unpierced ears feeling no pain as he did so with his shivering. The watch went on to his wrist and the ring fit him quite well as her hands and his seemed to be about the same. When he dropped her wrist a nail popped off.

In the next few minutes he removed the barely glued nails from the woman and then back at the counter found some glue in the purse and glued them to his own fingers. He looked at the mirror as he applied the lipstick to his lips. Gasping at the image of the woman in the mirror he backed away.

"I can't do this! This is wrong!" but he suddenly had to know what the clothes would look like on him. He approached the passed out woman, then shifted her before removing her blazer and blouse, These he put on the counter before going back to remove the dark satin camisole over her head. Under the camisole she was wearing a bra and a waist cincer. He removed both of these and was only sort of surprised when he found mastectomy breast forms in the bra.

Back at the counter he hastily removed his dress shirt and tie letting them drop to the floor before he put on the bra placing the forms into it. This he followed with the waist cincher that was just a bit painful to close but brought in his waist a fair amount. The camisole felt wonderful as did the wine colored blouse on his skin. He did up the buttons on the blouse before looking in the mirror.

Now from the waist up he looked better but he was not satisfied. Back to the strange woman he quickly removed her skirt, slip, heels, panty hose, and satin panties. The woman was wearing a pad that he removed from the panties before he slid them up his legs. His legs looked awful with the hair and he found a ladies razor in the purse. Some soap and water with his legs over the sink solved that problem before he slid the pantyhose up his legs. The silk slip felt so nice as did the skirt which fit him like a glove. The cincher had given him the illusion of hips in the skirt.

The heels also fit him quite well. When he, no she looked in the mirror she saw the woman she was and smiled at her reflection. She placed the makeup back into the purse and found a cell phone with a voice recorder function. She listened to the voice and then worked at speaking just like it for some reason. It took her about forty minutes before, according to the voice message of the phone, she had it down pat as far as she could tell.

Inside the purse she found a lanyard attacked to a photo ID of her. On it was her name and building, which was one over. Diane Simmons it said.

"Hello my name is Diane Simmons." She said to the mirror. She said it a few times to herself in the mirror as she stood there. She got spooked when the phone buzzed on the counter telling her that her lunch hour was over. She placed her phone back into her purse and looked at the poor woman again wondering who she was.

Diane bent to the floor and picked up the male clothes stuffing them into the waste basket bag she found under the counter. Back at the sink she washed her hangs thoroughly before she put the lanyard around her neck and buttoned up the cuffs of her blouse. Her blazer was put back on and she inspected herself in the mirror looking for any flaws. Finding none she put her purse over her shoulder, grabbed the bag of garbage, unlocked the door to the bathroom before she exited.

Her heels were clicking on the floor as she walked down the hallway. As she passed a maintenance room she stuffed the bag of garbage into the cart before she hurried along her breasts bouncing in her bra while the rest of her lingerie sent her waves of pleasure after pleasure.

Before she knew what was happening she was out of the building looking around almost in a daze. She was excited and happy being out and about with people passing her not knowing that she was not what she appeared to be. She knew it was wrong as she couldn't take over a person's life. She knew where the building was that the woman had worked at and was tempted, really tempted to see if she could pass.

The closer she got to the building the more excited she got, so much so that she creamed her panties as soon as her hand touched the door of the building. She stood for a moment in ecstasy her dainty looking hand on the door before she had to back away as a man opened the door. Since he was holding the door for her with a smile she smiled back and entered the building as if nothing was wrong. All the while panicking that what she was doing was so wrong.

Although she had put a new pad from her purse into her panties before putting them on she felt she really needed to change it and hurriedly looked for the closest washroom. There was none on the main floor so she had to go to an elevator. At the elevator was two other women that, from the lanyards around their neck, worked in the same building as the other woman did.

"Diane! Where have you been you were almost late getting back." the one woman said to her.

"Sorry! I'm a little out of sorts." she didn't know these girls but they obviously knew her.

"It's okay Diane. We all know you have had a tough time. Personally I still think you should have taken some more time off to heal but you are so stubborn that there is no use arguing with you about it."

Diane had little choice but to act like she knew the two women and during the long ride up learned their names were Carol and Angela. She followed them out of the elevator and soon spotted a ladies room. She really needed to change her pad as she could feel herself still pumping spurt after spurt into it as she found herself passing as Diane more and more. The excitement combined with the feel of her skirt suit swishing her silky lingerie all over plus the blouse was overwhelming her senses.

She checked her purse for another pad and didn't find one. In her wallet she did find two quarters that she used to purchase two pads from the vending machine on the wall. Smiling at both Carol and Angela who had followed her into the ladies room but were checking their makeup at the mirror she stepped into a stall and dropped her panties and hose. Her panties were damp but the now expanded pad had caught the worst of it so she removed the pad and wiped out her panties as best she could with tissue paper. Since she had to sit to do this anyways she peed at the same time wiping herself.

With a fresh pad in her panties and her hose back in place, skirt down along with her slip, she checked, she exited the stall and tossed her soaked pad in its plastic wrapper into the bin marked just for that purpose.

Carol and Angela were, of course, waiting for her so she quickly checked her face in the mirror. Having applied her makeup less than an hour ago it was still perfect and flawless.

"Come on beautiful we don't have all day." Carol said to her. Scared out of her wits at the deception she followed along like a good girl as they exited the ladies room. They both escorted her to her cubicle asking if she needed anything. She replied that she was a bit thirsty but otherwise fine. She was handed a diet Sprite and left alone. She had never really liked the taste of the diet drinks but she was apparently a fan of the drink so she drank it.

Her job, it seemed, was simply entering in long streams of numbers into the computer. This was not a difficult job for her and she sat doing it as best she could. Once and awhile the girls would come by for a chat and to remind her to sit up straight in her chair as it wasn't good for her back. She complied rather than seem out of place. She also found examples of her handwriting and practiced it as much as she could throughout the rest of the workday. By the time five thirty rolled around she could sign her name the same as the other woman could.

The girls waited for her as she collected her purse and shut down her computer, apologizing for taking so long. They walked her out of the building to a small compact car in, of all colors Fushia. She searched her purse for her keys and got in after watching Angela do the same opposite her. Sitting down first and then swinging her legs in was a new and enlightening experience for her. All throughout the day she had been sending spurts into her pad, changing them when she could.

While she waited for the car to warm up and the interior to cool off she mused about how unfair it was that she had to wear the blazer. She searched her purse and pulled out her drivers license that had her picture on it along with the little F to denote she was female.

The address on it was 122 Borlane Drive Apartment 14C. She really didn't know where it was and used her phone to quickly google how to get there. It was not a long drive but was at the far end of the city from where she used to live. She debated going back to her old place when a honk informed her that Carol was getting impatient for her to leave. She waved and put the car into gear.

Diane never got the chance to go any other way but to her apartment building as Carol followed her till she turned in to the parking lot for the apartment building. Scared that she was entering the wrong area another spurt into her already overfull panties urged her to find a parking spot and a bathroom to change her pad.

She parked in the stall marked for her apartment and tried to swing herself out but didn't quite make it correctly and had a bit of a hard time standing in heels from such a low position. A man hurriedly came over to help her out. She thanked him for it.

"Diane I knew it was a bad idea for you to go to work today so soon after your surgery. Here let me help you to your apartment." the man offered.

"No! Thanks but it's alright. I can make it on my own. Really." she offered with a smile as yet another spurt was added to her panties. Here was yet another person that believed she was really Diane and only wanted to help her. How was she to get away to her own place and get changed if people kept helping her?

The man waited for her obviously not going to let her do anything but go to her apartment. Having little choice she entered the elevator ahead of the man and punched the button for the 14th floor. He chatted a little with her about her day and she answered as best she could. At one point someone came into the elevator and said "Hi Sam." so she at least knew his name.

Sam stayed by her side till she had her keys in the door to her apartment. As she turned she found Sam less than a foot away. She was unprepared for this and wondered what to do. The man she knew nothing about approached her and she closed her eyes expecting a kiss on her lips when she felt a peck on her cheek instead. That did it she flooded her panties and almost passed out right there.

"You should rest you look a little pale. I'll see you around gorgeous." Diane was starting to shiver as the waves of ecstasy shook her. She had to escape before she fell down and unlocked the door to her apartment. Inside was a safer place than being outside it with that man there.

Inside her apartment she looked around and saw a door with a bed visible on the other side. She kicked off her heels as she got in the door of the bedroom and hurriedly removed her skirt. She also removed her blazer and blouse just in case. In the bathroom she looked in the mirror and only saw herself, Diane, and not the former man she had been.

Stripping off her now soaked panties, pantyhose, and even her damp slip she removed the pad and tossed the rest into a convenient hamper before she cleaned herself with a sponge pad down below. Her legs were shaky as she went back into the bedroom. The dresser drawers yielded up even more delights for her but her body was already fairly spent and she just put on a new pair of panties with a new pad. She didn't want to get into the blouse and skirt anymore as they were work clothes.

At the closet she looked through searching for something to wear for the evening. She picked out a denim skirt that was not tight but went to just above her knees. Then she picked what looked to be a comfortable blouse to wear as well, not seeing any regular tops or even a pair of jeans to wear. There was some suit slacks that zipped up in the rear but nothing normal looking. She assumed they were in the wash, so this would have to do. The blouse was a simple front button affair in pink with machine embroidery. It was a polyester blend according to the tag. Diane put it on over her bra then pulled up the skirt and fastened that.

She also felt guilty about her skirt suit and blouse so she checked them to be sure nothing was on them and put them both on hangers. Instead of putting them in the closet though she hung them on a rack outside of the closet that had two other skirts and a dress on it.

She made her way into the living room and sat on the sofa intending to do something about regaining her former life. She just curled up and pulled a handy blanket over her legs intending to rest her eyes for only a moment.

The blare of a clock shook her awake almost falling off the couch in the process. When she looked around for the clock she couldn't find it but heard the blare again before she saw the old fashioned telephone beside the couch. Wondering what was going on she picked it up.

"Hello?" she asked still using her Diane voice. She wondered why she used it so automatically now.

"Hi sweetie." an older woman's voice issue from the speaker on the handset.

"uh Hi?" she answered back.

"Now is that anyway to say hi to your mother Diane? I raised you better than that!" oh shit it's her mother.

"Sorry mom! I was napping on the couch. It has been a really stressful day for me." You have no idea' she thought.

"Oh honey" the woman spoke with all honey in her voice." I told you it was too soon to go back to work. I should get your father to force you to take a few more days off." she paused before she broke into a giggle" yes I know fat chance of that. Sometimes Diane you are too much like your father."

"Uh mother, uh look I was just about to get into the shower can I perhaps call you back later?" it was a lame excuse and she was sure her mother saw through it.

"More like go back to sleep. Honey a shower will do you wonders then into a warm nightie and to bed with you. I know I can't stop you from going in to work tomorrow just... just take care... Your still my little girl even if..." she heard muffled sobs on the other end. She had wanted to tell this woman she was not really Diane but after this she couldn't. Her heart went out to this woman.

"Don't worry mom. I'm a big girl now. I can take care of myself. Okay?"

"Yes it's just... oh..."sniffles" I don't want to loose you that was too close."

"I know mom.. Love you!"

"Love you too bye"

"Bye" and she hung up the phone. Diane had never had parents before in her other life being an orphan. It felt so warm and cuddly to have a mother who loved her. With a sigh she got up and went to the bathroom in the bedroom again. She started the tub to fill and for the heck of it since she was this far already threw in some bubble bath and bath salts. She went to her room and stripped out of her blouse, skirt, panties, and bra reaching for her silk bathrobe as she did so. Her nipples were huge standing out on the edge of the robe being oversensitive as she crossed hurriedly to the bathroom.

Once inside she looked at herself in the mirror and didn't want to ruin the illusion but she finally removed her earrings knowing she had to scrub the makeup off her face. She was surprised that there was not that much that came off with the scrub pad and when she looked up her face was still there. Plain a bit but very much the girl she had been all day. She thought about removing her wig but that was going to far so she put it into a cap and removed her robe. In the mirror she admired her C cup breasts, slim waist, and wide hips. It was a figure that she was proud of. Still she would have to return to her guy self the next day so she stepped into the tub winching as the water came into contact with her overused stub of a tiny clitty.

Diane got out of the tub when she was finished scrubing down the days sweat and spurts into her pad making herself clean as possible. She thought about her hair but decided she would do that tomorrow with her shower in the morning. She used some talcum powder on her body before she opened the door and rushed to her bedside table where she kept her nighties.

From the drawer she pulled out the one nightie her mother would freak over. It was a chemise that was mostly see through in pink edged in hot pink and matching bikini cut panties. Smiling to herself she climbed into bed winching only once as she pinched her breast before exhaustion overcame her and she fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Diane got up before her alarm with a rather insistant need to pee. She hurried to the bathroom and pulled the wedged panties out of her vagina before sitting down to pee. She wiped herself like her mother had taught her as a little girl before she pulled up her panties. As she passed the mirror she noticed that she had slept with the bath cap over her wig. Laughing she pulled it off and shook her hair free before going into the kitchen.

She took her two yellow estrogen pills and the antibiotic with a glass of milk before she dug out the bowl of her fruit salad and had a bowl of that for breakfast. She noticed that it went down really easy and realized that the day before she had managed to skip both lunch and supper. Chiding herself to at least get a good salad for lunch she went to the bathroom and stripped off the chemise.

Diane reached up to pull off her wig but when she pulled it hurt. She tugged once or twice more but couldn't move the wig. Running to the mirror she inspected the line of hair at the front looking for a seam. She could not find any. It was then she stepped back and stiffled a scream. She pulled on her breasts and as she feared found them to actually be a part of her. Lower down she didn't want to look but from memory alone she knew that her former manhood was now a girls vagina complete with labia, clit, and uthrea. How she knew what they were she wasn't sure.

She closed her eyes and remembered lunch time yesterday where she had helped a woman into the bathroom. She had been overcome with shivers till she had put on her wig and makeup and then her skirt suit and lingerie.

No! It was my lingerie. No! It was ...

Diane collapsed on the floor as she cried and cried. For just that one moment of weakness she was now for all intents and purposes Diane Elaine Simmons and always would be.

It was half past nine thirty in the morning when a subdued Diane left her apartment. She was wearing just a simple cream blouse and black striped skirt with no blazer. She had on her pearls and all her makeup was done to perfection.

Waiting at the elevator for her was Sam. She didn't really want to deal with the rather handsome man this morning but realized she had little choice. Once inside Sam came over and sniffed her.

"Mmmm delicious looking and smelling as always Diane." he said.

"Sam listen please..." she got interrupted.

"I know what your going to say Diane. And quite frankly your full of it."

"What?" she blinked.

"I don't care that you can no longer have children. To me it makes no difference. Your still the same woman I fell in love with a year ago."

"But I ... you..." this man was in love with her even though she couldn't have children?

"Yes dammit woman!" and with that Sam threw caution to the wind and hugged the woman he loved and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth.

Diane struggled a little inside as she felt this man that obviously loved her so much. The kiss was melting away any resistance she had left. With a final shrug unseen by any Diane embraced her new life with all her heart.

The chrome doors of the elevator closed just as Diane moved her arms around the neck of her man.

The end.

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