The small issue with my family.

My name is Vincent J Wiggs. I know it sounds corny for a last name but that is really what it is or was. That's gonna take me a bit to explain. Alrighty then, first off I come from a family of witches. Magic really does exist and I have known about it all my life. There is a problem with that though. Magic comes at a price it is not free.

In our family only females practice it however there is a bit of a catch as the women/girls cannot be born female. You see a male's masculine essence is transmorphed into the magic essence leaving only the female body behind. As strange as it sounds our family has a rather high chance of producing males at birth. I suspect there is a reason behind that but so far I have been told otherwise.

While not every male child is transmorphed into a witch there is a number of them. Just like not every child is born male there is girls born and are considered duds since they have no male essence to change into magic essence. There is a room in a hidden basement where the coven of witches gather and names of the males are chosen. These males are chosen at random and once the name is touched by a certain stone crystal their new female name is revealed.

I am 17 years of age and had so far escaped such a fate. My longtime buddie and cousin Michael was not so lucky. About a year ago I didn't see him for a week and walked to his house to find out why. A strange girl I had never seen before greeted me. I found out her name was now Michelle. She wept openly on my shoulder as she had not really wanted this. She knew it was a family obligation just like I did. I consoled her as best I could and tried to keep playing many of the games we used to do together with her but after awhile her heart was no longer in it. She was not alone as my aunt and her three children were all now witches. There was Arnold, Michael,and Brock. They are now Amber, Michelle, and Brittany. To their mundane father they had always been girls and he believes he was blessed with a family of beautiful girls even though he had once taught them all how to survive in the woods when they were boys.

There is no age barrier to the transmorphes either. That fardling crystal does it all. I had been quite ready to start my senior year as a guy who was 6'2" and 220 pounds of mostly muscle. I had spent a fair amount of time getting into shape as my gangly body grew like a weed. I shaved twice a day if I wanted a smooth face or let it grow a week and had a mustache that all my girls cousins hated.

The coven did not meet up very often maybe once a year. They would use the crystal and determine if another witch was to be added or not. There had been years where none had been chosen. I had prayed that I would never be chosen and could live my life as it was. Its not that I have anything against women but after what I saw of Michelle I was scared I would lose myself and would find a way to not let that happen.

The old man and myself had gone for a weekend long fishing/camping trip with the old rickety canoe. It was the weekend after I had finished grad 11 and the next 2 and 1/2 months were free for me or so I thought. When we returned home I had seen no sign of anything being different and helped unload the camping gear and store it away. We went in with our fish catches, filleted and frozen on ice in the cooler. We had a nice fish fry with my Aunt and cousins. I should have known something was up when I saw the slight smile every once and awhile on Michelle's face but I brushed it off. The fish was good with just the right spices. Everyone enjoyed the fish and genuinely seemed interested in the stories we told of the weekend. We didn't brag but told the funny moments like how my line got tangled around dad's neck when the wind took it. Or how dad wasn't paying attention and almost lost his fishing rod when the fish took off with it.

That last one was funny because not 2 minutes earlier the old man had told me to pay attention for that exact reason. He turned red and just said do as I say not as I do to much ribbing from my cousins. We had our fill of the last of the fresh fish and retired to the house before the mosquitoes started to brave the candles and dudu coils for the ample skin of my scantily attired family. Just about all of us were in shorts and shirtless, or in the case of the girls bikini tops for modesty. So the vampire bugs were a very real threat to us. If you listen at night when all is still you can hear the hum of them. We have a bug zapper and it works well but at this time of year the June beetles kinda overload it with interesting light shows. Emptying the dead carcases or scraping off the cooked ones on the cage would have been my job the next morning. Small bugs like flies or mosquitoes get blown out by the wind. Large bugs like the thumb sized beetles you had to tilt and brush them off.

I never did get the chance to do that. The next morning when I woke was actually three days later in the dead of night. I screamed. I mean who wouldn't when most of your room had changed seemingly overnight into what a teenaged girls would be. My bed had become a pink canopy bed. I had no facial hair at all nor any arm hair or chest hair. My once black hair was now blonde and much longer. My arms, hands, and feet looked like a girls tiny delicate ones. I was still male down below and had no boobs but my deep bass voice was gone and replaced with a voice that could be either a girls or a boys. I had gone to bed naked and woke up in a girls skimpy see through material baby doll nightie. Hey even I look at the catalogs.

My mom opened my door gently and let herself in with this really guilty look on her face. As she walked to my bed where I was sitting she gathered her robe about herself before sitting on the foot of the bed not looking me in the eyes.

"Veronica honey you really should go back to sleep as you need your beauty sleep."

"Fuck you my name is Vincent not fucking Veronica." Okay I was pissed so sue me. I felt horribly betrayed.

"Veronica please its best if you don't try to fight it. If you just go back to sleep when you wake up it will all be over and you can deal with your life as my daughter."

I gave her a silent glare and folded my arms over my chest to let her know what I thought of that. She sighed deeply and reached under my pillow. She withdrew THE crystal. It looked like a semi shiny half stone half shard thing. It didn't glow or anything. Rather plain looking truthfully. I would have just tossed it aside since you couldn't skip it on water.

She explained that the first witch of our family had found the stone near a mineshaft some 200 years before. At first nothing seemed to happen but one day the first had found herself changed. To her 5 days had gone by and her former life of a man didn't exist anymore. It was like he had been erased and in his place she was born. She found all her clothing had changed to that of a woman's as well. Which apparently was very impractical to wear. To her parents she had always been a woman and treated her as such. In those days women didn't have much for rights nor did they have much tolerance. She tried to convince people who she really was but nobody believed her. It took her awhile to adjust but adjust she did.

Eventually she was married off to a nice man and together they had 5 boys. She had kept the crystal in a box in her room. although not uncommon she knew how to write the names of her children and had done so when she made a remarkable discovery. When the crystal touched one of the names that name got changed to a girls name. None of the other names got changed even when the crystal touched them just that one. After awhile she forgot about it until one of her boys got sick and stayed in bed asleep for days. She believes it was 5 days later that her first daughter was born. Her child was distraught and once again her husband believed her to have always been female along with the rest of the village. Her brothers knew differently however. This happened again a few years later and the family now had 2 girls and 3 boys. She had been rather happy as she had wanted girls to raise herself.

It was these first two girls that found they had abilities. At first it was being able to lift things far to heavy for their weakened frames. Then they found out of few other things they could do and soon forgot about their past lives as they explored these new gifts. They were named witches by the over religious people of the time and stoned before being driven out of the village. In their new town an ocean's worth away they settled down and did not repeat their early performance but still practiced in secret.

When these girls also birth many sons for their husbands the crystal once again changed some of them into girls with the same magical abilities as their mothers. It was believe that somehow the crystal had changed things so that the girls who should have been born as girls were born as boys. The crystal was correcting mistakes made at birth.

My mother tried to convince me that this was the case with me. I argued it was not I was a guy and proud of it. She was positive I was a girl and always should have been with the name Veronica and that was that as far as she was concerned.

She left me at one point with that dang crystal still on the bed. I refused to touch it and shimmied out of the bed. I threw off the stupid nightie and went searching my drawers for something to wear. It was early morning but not that early. I found some clothes that were not too feminine yet and put them on only to have them change and flow on me into a catholic style schoolgirl outfit. Skirt,blouse, vest, and even the tie. I changed into another outfit disgusted with the first and it got changed as well. This time a girls dress. By the third outfit, which thankfully just became skintight jeans and a girls double top I knew that no matter what I put on it would be feminine. I wasn't to crazy about the bra either, a training bra but still a bra.

My Nikes got changed into the girls version with pink here there and everywhere but at least stayed running shoes. I didn't know where mom had gone but I knew that if I stayed somehow in 2 days time I would be a girl complete. It was the hardest thing I have so far done in my life but that night I walked out of the home I had grown up in. The days that followed were rough as everyone treated me as the girl I looked to be. I also found out that I was now 5'2" and topped the scale at maybe 120 pounds.

I don't know why, maybe it was fate, or more likely because we had just been there but I made my way to the site where dad and I had been camping. Maybe I was searching for a sign that my maleness was still provable. Either way I found a nice couple with their son staying there. They were Martha and Sam Wiggins and their boy Mark. I had supper with them that night and we talked late into the night. I explained that my clothing was the result of some highschool friends pranking me and they bought it. I guess in hindsight that was the first clue that I had some ability since it wasn't a very good try on my part.

When I woke the next morning in their camper to them it was like I was their son. A son in punishment for letting my highschool friends dress me like that but punishment anyways. My new mother treated me like a girl even though she called me Vinny with pointed reminders of my apparent punishment and that I should not be enjoying it. The long drive back to their house a state away was scary but exciting all the same. I checked myself daily and no longer seemed to be changing into a girl. My hair was a problem though as it seemed to get longer and thicker if I tried to cut it. So I left it for now.

When we arrived they were surprised to find 'my bedroom' had been ransacked and all my things stolen. Really it was just a spare room that looked like a mess. They called the police and explained what had apparently happened. The police were puzzled but did a small investigation into it finding nothing out of the ordinary and closed the case. My new parents argued with their insurance company but got nowhere since I was not listed in the claim at all.

It took awhile but they did find me some boys clothing that fit. My hips were wider than they used to be while my waist was narrow. I knew this was because it was a girls and not a guys. Getting me enrolled into a school as their son Vincent was less difficult than I thought. Again in hindsight that may have been because of my new and mysterious latent magical abilities. I had a bedroom to sleep in with a few clothes to wear that were not girl clothes. Although I did find one or two changed slightly to more feminine proportions they stayed mostly the same. My underwear mysteriously became boy style panties and my hair retained its weird growth thing if I tried to cut it.

I used a fair amount of hair gel and baggy clothes but started at my new school as Vincent Wiggins. After a few days at the school some of my schoolmates treated me like a life long friend, which seriously helped, abit on the girlish side though. I got teased, shoved into lockers, or tripped a few times but otherwise things settled into a sort of norm. I found I couldn't play sports anymore because of a lack of strength and stamina. I had not lost my skill or knowledge but the coach was harping on my throwing like a girl or running like one and I soon gave up trying for sports.

I had been there for perhaps three months when I was trying to get back to class. I had had to leave class, to once again, run to the bathroom. When I had been changed I found that my bladder was become rather small so having to pee often was a pain. I was on my way back to class when I noticed a small group of school girls walking down the hallway as if they owned it. Each wore the same outfit of white blouse, plaid skirt stopping just before their knees and a dark blue blazer. I stared at them for a few moments before I looked to their faces. It was my cousins.

I turned to run but I did not get more than two steps when I felt the gravity around me increase. Each step became really hard to do. The girls caught up to me in no time. I was helpless as my latent ability was NOT helping me at all.

"Veronica you have been a very bad girl." Michelle said.

"You should know better than anyone my name is Vincent, Michael." She nodded a little to acknowledge my point but otherwise dismissed it.

"We are going to take you back home. Aunty is worried about you as it is not safe for a young woman such as yourself to be out and alone by herself."

"I'm no longer a part of that family. I have a new family that treats me as the boy I am thank you very much. You and your magic stuff can leave me alone."

"We can't do that. The coven has sent us to retrieve you Veronica."

"Vincent, and how did you even find me. I didn't leave clues to where I was going since I didn't even know."

Michelle produced a piece of copper wire shaped into a T that had my former black hair wrapped around it. It was a compass that would find me where ever I ran. I slumped my shoulders in defeat and begged them to leave me be I didn't want to be a girl or a witch. I figured that if anyone would understand my problem they would but that was not to happen. They told me I had a destiny as Veronica and that the balance had to be maintained. I couldn't be anything but the girl I was always meant to be. I had not noticed but while they talked with me my clothing and hairstyle changed. Soon I was attired exactly like them.

My history at the school as a Wiggins got erased. The teacher Mr. Prescott found us in the hallway and tried to shoo us out of the school. When I tried to convince him I was in his history class he looked at me glassy eyed for a moment before saying "Very funny young lady but I do not know you. You and your friends can go try to prank another school."

The girls let me run to my new house but my room had reverted to its previous state and the few pictures of me with the family had gone. They of course followed me. I was crying on the bed with the skirt of the uniform crushed under me when they came to comfort me.

That was my last day as Vincent. The girls produced the crystal on a rope. It was put around my now docile neck and down the front of my blouse. The long busride home I spent looking out the window grieving for my lost life. When the bused pulled up at the station closest to home we all got out. My new small breasts bouncing in the training bra. We used the facilities or more correctly the girls room, me for the first time, and I found I only had a tiny nub for a penis, no balls left, and the beginnings of a girls lips down below.

My aunt picked us up in her large van and brought me home. My mother was waiting and she hugged the life out of me saying how worried she was. My father on the other hand was upset. He complained loudly how it was irresponsible of a young woman such as myself to be out on her own. The entire time he referred to me as his daughter Veronica. I even got a rather painfully spanking on my pantied bottom bent over his knee with my skirt raised.

By the next afternoon I really was Veronica and all traces of my once manhood were long gone. I was a girl now and hated it. I remained withdrawn for days afterwards. My mother and cousins tried to console me but all that did was bring me to tears that exhausted me. I ate but didn't really taste anything.

I moved like a wooden doll for the first few weeks. I would get dressed up by mom into the school uniform where my cousins would make sure to escort me to the special school just for us. Our family was not the only one affected by the stone. There was other stones that did different things. In one line there was wizards who had all been born girls. Another the children were sexless until the stone changed them into either witches or wizards.

After two hundred or so years this made quite extensive families of witches and wizards so a school just for us to practice our spell crafting was opened. It was a very private school secluded off in a forest well away from any roads.

By Christmas I was adjusting more or less and learning how to craft spells. My change, although halted, had produced an essence battery in me larger than some of the others so my spells could be quite potent when I tried. Everyone referred to me as Veronica even though I would not respond to it directly. Shortening it to Ronnie didn't help. Michelle would call me by my name of Vinny, the old nickname. And that worked.

My aunts, grandmothers, and mother were displeased that I refused my name. The small fact aside from school you had to fight with me to wear a dress didn't help my cause any either. Mom found a way to do it by morphing my clothing into a "respectable" dress when I resisted too much. As you can imagine by the time I reached legal age of 21 and left home I had a sizable wardrobe of dresses and skirts that I didn't want.

My family did not trust me so I went to college with a few of my cousins to keep me inline as it were. It was at college that I ran into one of the Harolds from another line. He was a minor wizard and we had seen each other at school but never really talked before. His name was funnily Harold Harolds. As corny and old fashioned as it sounds he courted me for months. At first I wanted nothing to do with him. As far as I was concerned I was a guy trapped in a girls body.

I guess my face gave me away somehow. It was these weird smiles on my face at first. Then the feelings of breathlessness when he was around. When I found myself begging my girlie cousins to teach me the mysteries of makeup I knew my days as a boy were long gone. I found myself eagerly shopping for skirts and dresses to impress Harold with on our next date just as much or more than my cousins.

The day we were to graduate from college Harold treated me to a romantic dinner before the grad dance. I was in my gown, a gown I had spent the last 3 months actually sewing, when he knelt on one knee and proposed to me. I accepted with all my heart on the spot. We were married 4 months later in a large ceremony with Michelle as my maid of honor. That night I had my first of many wonderful experiences as a woman.

9 months later our first child Mark was born. 3 years later Emily was born and lastly Margie another 2 later. I was a mother and loving it. I was at home the day Margie got her dolls to actually talk. The first non changed member of our families to manifest powers. Her older brother mark was not to be outdone and 4 months later started to pop in and out of the house. My loving husband and I did our best to keep the kids under control. Emily did not manifest until she was 14 which was bad as she was in a rebellious goth stage at the time and something of a pain to me personally. Getting her into the school uniform required me to use the trick my mother had done with me. She screamed when her black goth skirt and top became the uniform.

My children are the first, and I hope not last, to manifest powers without the stone. They are all nicely enrolled at the school where I work as a secretary/ substitute teacher/ enforcer. Dealing with children that can cast spells in unique and imaginative ways requires someone with ability that I have in abundance.

The coven council met up and decided that my children would be referred to as sorceresses or warlocks since they had not been changed to manifest powers. I didn't really see the point but as a junior, if reluctant, member of the council I had no say in the proceeding. I did make it known I was happy that my children would not have to deal with the pain that had been inflicted on me and my husband, he had been born Hariet, and was quite nasty with some of my comments.

Emily is waiting to graduate from her legal course at university before she and her fiance tie the knot. I know she has been fooling around behind my back with him and would probably be upset to know that I cast a contraceptive on her. When she introduced me to her fiances parents I just about fainted as I had missed the significance of the last name Wiggins. My soon to be father in law is none other than my adopted brother Mark. He has no memory of a brother Vincent and I hope it stays that way. I did grieve for the loss of his mother to cancer and left flowers on her grave. The short time I knew them had created a bond.

Margy is still animating things, much to my annoyance as we still don't know how she does it. Arguing with my oven is still a pain but I have to admit it does bake things a lot better than I ever could. Her father really got upset when he discovered that his pride and joy car had been animated. While it would fix itself it was also less than nice to him. I think he finally got it destroyed in a vat of acid.

Mark loves to pop in from time to time to visit. Literally. Scares the bejesus out of me each time he does it. While it does save him on fuel costs I suppose it is really scary to have your own son see you in a mass of curlers and a facial mask on at 6 am like he did this morning. I hexed him for it so till he apologizes to me he is cursed with female clothing, little girl female clothing, petticoats pink dresses etc. He looks so cute and if I knew my camera would keep the pictures without laughing its head off I would take some.

Harold is excited as my niece on his side may have blown up the barbeque in their backyard. It would mean that ours is not the only family to have manifested and, to our secret hopes and dreams, put a stop to those nasty crystals. I wonder if little Vicky would like to see her much older cousin as a playmate today when we go visit them.

Nah he would just pop back to his closet at home.

Veronica Harolds.

The end.

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