The ultimate question

There is an age old question...

What makes a man a man, what makes a woman a woman?

Is it what is between your legs?

Is it what you feel in your heart?

Is it what those instincts drive you to do?

Is it what your brain insists you are?

Is it what sex you are attracted too?

Is it all of the above?

These are questions that anyone has asked themselves at one point in their lives. They need not be under the lgbt flag.

Many of those here no doubt have just one mirror in their house. Why? Simple it does not show who they believe themselves to be.

Many of us do go through hell and back searching for answers. We can answer one or two but never all.

Does this make us different?
Does it make us freaks?
Does it make us monsters?
Are we even human?

Dark thoughts I know but we all think them. Then there is that word. You know it and it is without a doubt the most painful of words.


I have never met in all my almost 4 decades on this earth a normal person.

Does society hold us all to a standard that can never be met?

Society claims that a woman must bear children. I know of many a woman who have never borne children, will never bear children, and have no wish whatsoever to do so.

In a number of these cases they cannot bear children. Yet they are no less a woman.

Society claims a man must be tough and strong. I know of many men who are weak both in body and mind. They are even so weak that they cry at the smallest slight against them.

They are still seen as men without question.

Society claims that those who choose to go against society are weak, crazy, freaks of nature.

All these comments really do nothing but add yet another knife through our hearts.

There bravest thing I have ever seen is to watch a person turn their back on society and live there lives.

My congratulations to those of you brave enough to do so.

But all this pales in comparison to the ultimate question.

What is that question? You know it as well as I. Every man woman and child on this our planet earth seeks it.

Is there really a god?
Is this all that I am is there nothing more? A favorite quote from star trek.
What is true love? Where is my true love?

Nope that is not it. Nor is it What is the meaning of life? 48 is not an answer either.

I will not name the question. You know it. For many it is a daily all consuming struggle. For others they have to put everything aside to even find that question which can be near impossible.

I can give you an answer of sorts that I have worked out after my almost 4 decades.

If you lay back on the ground and empty your mind of everything, memories, touch, sound, smell, pain, joy. You can but glimpse the answer to the ultimate question.

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