Don't call me that!

"Sir there has been an incident in d185 section 4 of a class 3 infringement."

"So someone jumped ship eh? Isn't it a little early for that sector to start blending?"

"Yes sir."

"I see. And the nature of the infringement is..?"

"Oh sorry sir. Lets see a girl hopped into this dimension here. But has not hopped anyone back."

"Balance must be maintained. Very well, influence someone from her home dimension to'retrieve' her."

"Yes sir!."

It went unnoticed that there was two souls on that planet that were virtually identical. Well the soul was anyways...

Dammit why can't these hoodlums leave me the fuck alone! Everyday its like this. Just because I'm on the small side doesn't give them the right to pick on people! It's not my fault it's that stupid cars fault, well that and the faulty frame on my old bicycle. Who could have known that it would break right there in a head on collision with a driver who couldn't see past the end of his damb nose.

Thank god they were able to splice together at least one testicle! I might be scarred but I am still a man, well er boy anyways. Those pills were supposed to fix this shit! I should be 5'9" or close too like dad but oh no! I get to be a shrimp at 5'2"! Mom and Dad swear I don't look like a girl but try telling that to these hoodlums or worse their bitch girlfriends.

Puff puff puff

At least we all get exercise lol. Running back from school every other day at full tilt sure builds up stamina. Doesn't do a thing for my weight though. Before school I was actually up to 134 pounds. Now I'm barely at 100 again. Fucking bastards. Home stretch got to give it a little more don't look behind just push a little more and they will stop 3 yards down because of Ms. Henderson and her ever present 911 speeddial.

I hope the doctors can find some new synthetic testosterone this one isn't doing squat and going to a larger doze after the last try is not an option. I could almost not walk for awhile there. That prescription mixup with the estrodial didn't make things any fucking easier either. Now above everything else I got AA breasts! Fuck I hate my life.

You would think with the name Hank I would be spared this stuff. Oh no fate hates me for some reason. Gods half the girls in school see me only as a 'friend who is more of a girl' makes proving my manhood impossible. The rest just hate my guts. I can get it up, it takes a bit but I really can bring it to attention although it doesn't curl upwards like the other boys as much mine is more straight with an angle.

30 more feet or so common legs don't fail me now! I hate that I still have some after effects of that mixup these breasts hurt in this compression vest, Mom says the sport bra would be better but no way I'm a guy at least this is more guyish. As soon as I'm 18 they are so gone. I would like to strangle that nurse for the mixup. Or maybe the company that had the bright idea to name their estrodial product so close to another company's testosterone product. Thank god the original A cups got reduced to AA mostly the fat though still got these sensitive nipple and the lumps behind them though.

I am almost sure Mom was ecstatic that for a really small while she had a daughter. She was way to happy with the bra's. Dad at least was able to kind of curb her enthusiasm. To keep the peace at night I wear the stupid plain girls sleepshirt or the satin pjs. I have to admit it really does not rub me raw by morning even though I could never wear them anywhere else.

Almost there just a little bit more and... WHAT THE FU.....

--SEPARATOR--Transportation of individual completed. Linear timeline disruption has ceased.

"Excellent I shall report the success to the Director."


"Grand master did I accomplish the spell correctly?" Asked the small dying figure on the floor.

"Yes Marie you did good. The kingdom will praise you for your self sacrifice in rescuing our beloved princess." the visably aged woman in the cloak of the high magess said to her apprentice.

"It is my duty to ser..." although the last word never got finished as the light in the young magess eyes died away it was words the old woman would never forget as she wept openly for her lost grandchild.


Gods I hate waking up sleep is so much nicer no bullies, no teasing, no breasts no hormone problems period. The dream was going good as I was 7 or 8 feet tall and had house sized muscles. The bullies were pissing on the sidewalk when it changed to them laughing at my suddeness in a dress. I hate dreams.

For some reason it felt like my small breasts were bigger. Please let me be imagining things. Usually when I look down I see two small lumps on my chest and a much larger tent down below. However this morning the lumps were definitely bigger. Wait a minute that's not right the light is all wrong. Oh shit I must have blacked out or something and Ms. Henderson brought me into her house to recuperate or something cause this is most definitely not my room.

For one thing its a four poster canopy bed all made of wood, ie expensive. Second I don't see any electronics around the room. No wifi router, computer, laptop, or my usual pile of assorted useful junk that mom insists I should sort through.

I see a weird looking desk. Its not one of those girly vanity things but rather fancy old fashioned solid wood desk shined to a high gloss. It does have a fancy three way mirror on it though. The array of brushes and combs is a bit of a puzzle though. I guess she likes to collect them. I have seen wierder hobbies after all old Mr. Neelson collects actual tin soda cans. Not aluminum but tin. Some are funky looking too.

There is 2 big windows each with those big velvet drapes, which have those small almost see through white things. I should ask mom what those are one day. On further recollection the windows are arched and have diamond pattern wood thingys in them. I don't ever remember seeing those around the neighborhood. Must only show on the inside or something. The ceiling looks higher than anything I have seen as well. This room must take up most of the one side of her house. The ceiling has fancy gold coloured stuff along the edges of the ceiling. I think dad once said really old homes had that plaster something he called it. The funny looking chandelier in the middle with its separate dome even has it. Not sure why an extension cord is used and tied to wall though. Strange people just get an electrician to wire it in.

I sit up in the bed, which is a feat in itself as the sheets are slippery and I ended sitting on the huge pillow. I must have fallen face first cause my breasts are definitely swollen no way I can have grown that much during a blackout. Great I'll have to soak them later and wear a bra for a day or so. The frilly nightgown would make mom happy but I'm not thrilled with it.

There is a fancy chair not far from the bed I'm in with a purple velvet trimmed in gold dressing gown on it. I swing my legs across the bed when I realize something else. I am not wearing my usual underpants either seems to be some bright white pant thing that only goes to my knees. Oh yeah she is even more nutty than I thought. That or she thinks I'm a girl. I manage to get off the bed and for once I don't pull my groin doing so. I have had to deal with that pain every time I wake up so long its absence is actually a good thing. Whatever she uses for pain meds I want some.

The breasts being a bit sore make putting on the gown a pain but I get it done and slowly walk across the room looking around for a telephone as mom has to be worried by now. I made a mistake once of moving around to fast after a blackout and broke my arm when I fell. Not doing that again.

I pass a window on a wall and see a girl who scares me and I jump back.

"Shit you scared me! Hi I'm Hank Willams and you are?"I say and reach for her hand when I hit the window with it. Funny thing is she was reaching for me too.

Upon closer inspection I can see the girl is really me as its a big mirror not a window. I look like my normal self just alot more feminine with these swollen boobs. My hair must be a mess as she put some cap on my head. I probably cut myself and was bleeding like a stuck pig. Head wounds bleed alot but usually are not that bad.

"Ah shit. She pierced them." She is nuts and thinks I'm a girl as my ears now sport small studs in each. Bitch! Takes a month for them to heal. I am staring at myself when I hear a knock on the door.

"Enter" I absentmindedly say while staring at my ears. I don't see any swelling either must be some professional thing to prevent that as last time cousin Judy did it they swelled up for a day or so.

"I see M'lady is awake! I am so happy to see M'lady safe shall I draw you a bath?" asks this girl in a costume. It has to be a costume as her dress has a wide neckline that is all white. The edges have lace but since the neckline goes from the small v opening around her neck to just over her shoulders and down to about her belly. I mean really who the hell wears stuff like that. The rest of the dress is grey including the ankle length skirt. A line I think mom calls them. The dress has short sleeves and a sash around it. At a guess I would say she is about my age maybe a bit older. Still she is not someone I know and I might be a tad freaked out.

"Who the fuck are you?" okay maybe more than a tad, and the stupid girl faints. What she never heard anyone swear before?

--SEPARATOR--This is my first attempt at my princess story. I am posting this for Dorothy mostly but I would appreciate any comments on how I am doing so far.

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