Collateral damage

I had followed the sissy girly boys to their secret hideout. Normally I would have brought some of the boys with me for backup but hey these were a bunch of wimpy sissies. I Brad Braddock was Captain first string of the high school football team. At 195 pounds of pure muscle I could take 4 of these wimps, who almost never fought back, and be home without a scratch.

Becky was probably all pissy that I stood her up but I really didn't care about the stupid bitch. She was just eye candy and perhaps a good fuck if I could ever get into her panties. She was always on about the sanctity of marriage and yadda yadda. I mean really if your gonna be a cheerleader and walk around like a sex object you got to give out you know. But no she has to save herself for marriage or something. Dumb bitch no real man would care a wink about that. She will probably end up like her ma working the checkout at the local grocery store.

The sissies had been whispering in groups earlier today at school, an unknown occurrence by itself. Fearing some reprisal of legal proportions it was my job to make sure these freaks knew their place as the lowest scum of the totem pole. I had even caught one or two of them jumping up and down in excitement like girls do. It was disgusting. They should just man up and learn to be a man and quit all this sissy stuff.

One in particular had my attention. James Edwards, Jamie as he preferred to be called, was once a nice dude to hang out with in junior high at the beginning. He had betrayed me as he became more and more effeminate and didn't start to bulk up like I did. I had had little choice but to start beating him up to make a man out of him. It didn't work no matter how many times I did it. Worse he seemed to become more girly after each time. Still he had once been a friend and I had to try to save him.

At least with me beating him up, but not to badly or leaving bruises or anything, he was spared broken noses and some of the more degrading things some of the boys liked to do to some of the sissies. I had had to even lay claim to the jerk as being my punching bag so that the boys would only tease him and not stuff him into lockers or trash cans. That hurt my rep something fierce.

I was surprised that these sissies were not running screaming from this place though. I mean who would expect a group of 5 sissies to actually want to go to the ruins of an old private girls school. Sister Mary's Finishing School had had its very last graduates some 24 years prior before the lack of enrollment and the church forced them to close their doors permanently. Rumor has it they have been trying to reopen the school and the nuns who once ran it were still participating in the catholic church on Sundays so they had to live somewhere close by.

I followed them through the old fence that had collapsed in one spot because of a tree limb. They actually avoided the school itself. In its hey day it was probably quite impressive. Stone pillars in a classic colonial style framed a curved stone staircase with tarnished rails that may have once been polished brass. The few lower windows were boarded up but you could make out that they once were impressive curved arch windows with an upper window that may have pivoted outwards. The upper windows were also curved but in a very dirty French design with extensive woodwork that was now cracked but not rotten. The solid looking dark doors could have been varnished after a refinish and been very impressive. At a guess they also had brass finishings but some seemed to be missing already.

It was a pity that such a gorgeous building was going to waste. The weed overgrown flower beds and pots showed attempts at someone trying to take some care of the place but the lawn, if you want to call it that, was badly overgrown and in most places lay flat on the ground with years of molt under the top most layer creating a squishy feel to it as he walked over it. The sissies eventually led him to what he could only guess was a outdoor swimming pool beside some cement court of some type. It could have been a basketball, volleyball, badminton, or tennis court but the rusted out poles had long since been removed. The bottom of the shallow pool had a tree growing out of it while the rest was filled with decades of leaves and any other trash that had flown by making guessing at its original depth a mystery.

They all went into a brick building that was actually quite small. The few windows were amazingly not smashed or broken from age. He circled the building twice after they went in till the found a louver possible for venting where he could hear their girly voices.

"Do you have it?" that sounded like James.

"Yes but it wasn't easy to get it like ewww."

"How about the rest of you? The spell needs each of us to have brought one?" spell what spell? What are they trying to do cure their affliction? All these idiots have to do is stop with the girly nonsense and be real men. I almost started to laugh at the silliness of it.

"I hope this works I'm so tired of trying to be what other people want me to be and getting teased all the time."

"I know I can't wait to be a proper girl myself." wait what? James wants to be a girl. Okay now he is so gonna get the crap beaten out of him!

I let my imagination get away with me as I plotted various ways of teaching these freaks a lesson on how to be men. One involved a military style boot camp run by my buds and me. I must have sat there beside the louver for an hour not paying the least bit attention to the chanting going on inside at all. I eventually did and was reaching for my cell phone to call the guys when I froze in spot. I did not know what was happening but I could no longer move anything. I tried and tried to move or even blink my eyes but couldn't. This freaked me out more than a bit and I struggled even harder only to get very light headed. I guess I overdid it because I blacked out or something.

I must have woken up anywheres from 30 minutes to an hour later and I really didn't feel very good. I checked myself from head to toe and found nothing wrong with myself but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was extremely exhausted like I had done some exercise but like excessively. A glance at my cell phone showed that it was 10 pm and almost out of power. I knew I should have recharged it before leaving this morning. The walk home was longer than I remember it being and it took almost all my remaining strength to get there. I almost dragged my feet up the rubber mat sidewalk to our trailer door.

I may be the football captain but we lived in a dump of a house trailer. There was tarps with holes and rips over the one section of the house trailer that mostly stopped the leaks. It was only during a hard rain that I had to keep the 5 gallon plastic pail in the corner of my bedroom. As usual dad was passed out in his underwear with his huge beer belly overflowing his work stained and painted work clothes. The brown used couch cushions flattened under him and a few empty beer bottles on the crate we used as a coffee table.

The kitchen counter was still overflowing with old pots, pans, dirty dishes, and some pizza boxes. Mom was nowhere to be found but the evidence of her bad habit littering the kitchen table at least what I could see of it anyways. There was old clothing here and there on the floor as our washing machine and dryer had long ago bit the dust and couldn't be repaired. I looked in mom overflowing ashtray for any smokable butts but couldn't find any and truthfully didn't really need one but it was almost a habit to grab a butt when I got home.

The empty fridge did not even have any leftovers in it nor did it seem like we had really had any lately which means mom still had not gotten another waitressing job. At least when she did we had occasional leftovers she snuck out from work. Going to bed hungry was nothing new in this hell hole.

"Take scare of em zizzies?" translation from slurred beer sleep"Beat the tar out of them sissy fagots?"

"Yea da"

"Fud boff..mumble mumble" and he was passed out again probably giving me the old teach them to be a real man speech. I had had it too many times before. The old man was a bigot proper. Which probably explained why after 14 years of working in the same auto body shop nobody had given him a real raise in a long time. He drank away any profits and mom provided the food or clothing when she wasn't wasting her meager paychecks on cigarettes. In her youth mom was a looker but nowadays she had turned to fat and smelled since she couldn't use deodorant.

I made my way to my room so tired. I unlocked my bedroom door and pushed on it till it opened. The trailer had shifted causing my door to jam all the time. It was from that that I developed muscles. It closes easy enough but getting it open was another matter. I thought about removing my shoes but decided against it and fell asleep even before my head hit the lump I used for a pillow.

The stupid sun was warm and it woke me from a sound sleep. Sun? My bedroom window faces north. It never gives me sunlight in the morning! It's just a dream! Roll over and dream of Becky actually putting out for once. Yeah uhm that.. doesn't feel right. What didn't feel right was the sensation that I was under covers for one. That I was also wearing something that was well weird. And finally that my pillow, which is marginally better than sleeping on my arm, was soft and had something that tickled my nose. I knew better but I opened my eyes anyways and quickly shut them. Please please... open again. Oh god.

My eyes opened to a sight I have never seen and wish I could never see again. I was in a bed that was wide and clean. My bed sheets were satiny and slippery. Worse they were of all colors pink. Looking away from the bed I was in I saw a teenage girls room. Boy band posters, vanity with makeup, a dresser that can only be described as cute with a visible bra strap hanging out of one drawer. Walls painted in a rose color. There was even a bed stand with a kitten with a bow on its head alarm clock. I turned over again with the disturbing realization that something on my chest moved. Worse I could feel that something that shouldn't be there with senses I shouldn't have. I clutched my sheets tightly against my neck. Looking up was the typical girly canopy bed with a lace something over the top. To my right was the typical window with curtains instead of half broken cheap plastic blinds. There was also a fuzzy teddy bear with a funny skirt on it sitting on the pillow beside my head.

I knew that this was definitely not my room at all. I didn't know whose room it was but whoever she was she had a girly room. Heck even Becky's room wasn't half this girly! I shuddered at the overwhelming feminine decor. I could almost feel my intelligence lowering just from being in that room. Something else however was making staying in bed an almost painful experience. As I moved my legs across the bed they felt wrong. My hairy legs are not this short nor do they send me signals like this. They feel almost..soft.

I moved some more and decided that I really did not want to move anymore. I tried to go back to sleep and wake up out of this dream world. Unfortunately my plans were foiled by the bedroom door opening.

"Kathleen Eileen Braddock! If you are not out of that bed in 10 seconds I swear I will pull you out of there myself. Now move young lady!" Thought one was that I'm no lady. This was followed by wondering how much trouble I was gonna be in for being caught in her bed. The funny part was that sounded a heck of a lot like mom but without the rasp from years of smoking.

My pondering was interrupted by the warm blankets being removed from me exposing me to the cold of morning. I curled up into a ball to try to stay warm but even that didn't help. With no choice now I was left to face the music of a boy being caught in her daughters bed. Accept that when I sat up the weight shift on my chest I looked down.

What I was wearing can only be described as barely there light material that left very little doubt as to my gender. A gender I did not have when I went to sleep. I was a girl and to make matters worse when I looked up I saw a vision of my mother from years ago. A little aged perhaps but still quite attractive. That was a surprise in and of itself but the fact that my mother was wearing a ladies business suit and not a waitress uniform was a bit of a shocker.

"Katie up and at em! I have a few meetings this morning with important clients at the office and I don't have time for you to play your games. Now get out of that baby doll and into your school uniform toot sweet. I have to get your brother up and check on your sister yet." and with that mom walked out of my room closing the door with ease.

A brother and a sister? I was an only child. What is going on this morning? I moved out of the bed whose sheets where piled on the end. I fully expected to fall flat on my face but really I had no trouble walking. I opened the drawer with the bra and found it full of girly lingerie. From the feel of the weight on my chest I knew I would have to wear one of the bras. I was not that good at getting them off girls putting one on was gonna be a problem. I knew that mom somehow expected me to wear one however. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out when the drawer is full of them. The panties are like my normal y fronts without the y. How I was supposed to actually pee with them on was a mystery though.

She said school uniform but my school doesn't have a uniform. Dreading the next part but somehow mustering my strength I opened the closet to a sea of dresses, skirts, blouses and one or two pairs of jeans. Apparently the girl who owns this bedroom is something of a girly girl that actually likes dresses. I groaned inwardly as that is so old fashioned. Heck even Becky only wears the cheerleader skirt when she has to and is in jeans the rest of the time. I don't think she even owns a skirt.

I did manage to find what was meant by uniform and this time groaned out loud. It was a navy blue plain skirt with a white open collared blouse. There was a matching blazer to the skirt with a gold crest on it. The other blouse I could see next to it on a hanger was the more traditional anime type with a ruffled Peter Pan collar pearl buttons and a cross tie in black. I shuddered and removed the open collar one. The buttons were more than a little difficult to do up since there was first ones that buttoned on the inside of the blouse on one side then another set on the outside on the other side of the blouse. The skirt is not the easiest thing to put on and I button and zipped it up in front of me first then turned it around. And then again to get the stupid blouse to sit straight.

The skirt felt weird and scratchy till I remembered that girls wore pantyhose and slips. Back to the dresser to look for a slip. I always found them kinda sexy to look at in the sears catalog when I was younger. Wearing one turned out to be a chore as I had to remove the skirt and blouse to put the stupid thing on over my head. The straps of the bra and now the slip wear annoying. Redressed in the blouse and skirt I went back to the closet and put on the blazer.

"Katie are you ...oh I see you are but your hair is a mess still and I don't have time for you to spend hours this morning so sit at your vanity and I'll do your hair for you." mom said as she entered my room. In a way I was grateful for the assistance since the mysteries of girls hair styling was lost on me totally. There was an antique looking chair in front of the vanity desk so that is where I sat or started to before mom reminded me to tuck my skirt. She didn't do this to spite me but more like it was something she did by reflex before she grabbed a brush from the table and started to remove something from the back of my head.

I was getting a view of a pretty girl in the mirror. Not runway model or cheerleader pretty but not a dog either. Looking I could see a few resemblances to my face but it was more softer. Smaller nose and my eyebrows were shaped into arches. Not thin arches like some girls have but more natural type with a higher arch to them. The elastic thing with material covering it removed from the back of my head I found myself with shoulder length dirty blonde hair that looked dyed. Natural looking but almost like it wasn't my natural shit brown. I did reach towards the array of cosmetic products in front of me out of curiosity as my hair was slowly brushed into a shape.

"You know your not allowed to wear makeup at school Katie." I snatched my hand back.

"This reminds me of how I used to brush your hair a few years ago when you were my little girl. I find it hard to believe my beautiful daughter is a young woman now. There ... and your all done. Don't forget your knee socks and to put a few tampons in your purse dear as you don't want to stain your panties or skirt at school."

I wish she had not mentioned that as it made me concentrate down below to find myself with a bloated upset stomach kind of feeling and an even more foreign feeling of something stuffing me below. I may be a guy but even I have heard of the monthly visitor called a period. I vaguely remembered some of the dates I had with the guys and their girls talking about their monthly before grossing us guys out. It seemed important to them to change the stupid things often. I had a feeling I should do that soon as my bladder was getting insistent to empty it.

As soon as mom was gone I headed to the dresser and searched for a pair of socks. What I found didn't look like my ordinary cheap sport socks but something more expensive looking made of a finer material. I tried hopping on one foot to put one on and almost fell over. Sitting on the bed to get the thing on with a skirt was not working either. I hiked up the skirt and managed to get one on and then the other. I stood up and noticed that one was short than the other. It took me a bit to get them both just above my knees at the same height.

Why I did that I don't know but it felt like the right thing to do before I left the bedroom in search of the much needed bathroom. First thing I noticed was that this was not our house trailer but a proper house. The hallway was done in white with varnished oak baseboard trim. Not expensive but not dirt poor either. The little girl in pigtails running down the hallway in a mermaid nightie followed by my good looking mother was also new. The first door I found led to a linen closet stuff with different towels on one shelf, bedsheets on another and some cleaning supplies on the top shelf out of reach of little kids.

The second door was to an empty boys room. I could tell by the blue paint on the walls along with various car models in stages or either repair or construction. There was a bed with Nascar written on the comforter. I wish it was my bedroom, a little young for me maybe but better than the girly one I woke up in. I turned from this to find myself. Well not really myself as I don't think I ever wore clothes that nerdy ever but the face was my own from years ago. The glasses through me off though. I mean here was someone who looked a heck of a lot like the old me in dress pants and a grey dress shirt.

"Bradly stop bugging your sister." Mom called to me as she pushed the giggling little girl in the mermaid nightie ahead of her. My name is Brad not Bradly and I was going to say such before the nerd in front of me spoke first.

"I wasn't mom. She was poking her head into my room!" he whined. I mean really a whine like grow a backbone you twerp!

"I'm sure Katie was doing no such thing Bradly. Katie" apparently that's me" be a dear and get Jennifer ready for school would you?"

"Uhh I need to use the bathroom." At first her face showed an annoyed look before something crossed her mind and she almost smiled at me.

"That's okay dear take all the time you need." So much for the rush this morning.

With I'm sure was a guilty look on my face I found the now open door to the bathroom and rushed into it. Closing the door behind me by leaning on it I caught my breath that I didn't know I needed. That took me a bit as the sensation of having two things heaving on my chest held by a constricting garment called a bra took me a second or two to get used too. I turned and locked the door before going to the toilet. I hiked up the skirt ready to pull down my panties and let loose when I remembered girls sat to pee. Peeing like a girl was a new and very unpleasant experience for me.

What happened next was even less fun as I pulled on the now wet string to remove the tampon. Taking one out felt so wrong on many levels as this thing came loose followed by a small mess of what I can only assume is menstrual blood. Yuck it seems I not only have to deal with suddenly being a girl but a schoolgirl that is also having her period. A period is so gross. I had to use a number of toilet paper wads to clean myself down below where I found I was also very sensitive at the same time. Under the sink cupboard I found a box of always tampons and read the instructions. I did so not because I wanted to in any way but because the girl whose body I was in should know how to not only use one but be able to put one in when she needs it like right now. That took me a bit as the first one fell into the toilet. The second one I apparently didn't put in right was it came out expanded with a bulge out front. It did not take much for this to come out on its own with a bit more blood on it. And it dropped into the water of the toilet. Gods those things can really expand.

On the third try I finally got the stupid thing in place enough so that when I stood up it shifted to where the other one was before. I shuddered at the feeling of something so foreign inside me. After all the playing around I didn't pull up my panties till after I washed my hands. Going to the bathroom as a girl was a much messier proposition than as a guy. I do not know what drove me the rest of that morning but I managed to get myself straightened out as a girl before joining my now ready, and much larger family to go outside of our house. The shoes were easy enough just slip foot in so that was a blessing if they were not all that functional. I mean really how do they expect me to run in shoes that are probably only good for decoration. There is not even any grip on these things. I know cause I almost slid on my fat ass on the way out the dang door. I had to shorten my already shorter stride to maintain my balance. I would have grumbled about it too if I didn't have to hold my new little sister's hand when she shoved it into mine.

Jennifer is wearing a little girls dress, which kinda makes sense when she doesn't look all that old yet maybe 7 tops. It's a pink, what is with girls and pink anyways, dress with lace ruffles on the shoulders and in a peter pan type collar around her neck. There is a lace edge to the slip thingy that poofs out her skirt while her legs are in bright white thick pantyhose. She even has a tiny little purse over her shoulder that might hold a pencil or two if that. Its pink of course. I hate to admit it but holding her little hand helps to keep me calm as we approach the car. I expected something like we used to have a multiple primer colored ancient mid 80s truck or car depending on what was available and cheap. Our vehicles used to use more oil than gas before they ended up parked off onto the lawn.

Not this it was a surprisingly new car. At a guess a 2008 Charger. Not seeing any decals anywhere I assume its a plain Jane one and not a Hemi model. Pity I once got to play a need for speed most wanted game with one of the Hemi ones and kinda had a thing for one of them ever since. This one was a maroon metallic paint job with no rust, another new one for me. Little Jennifer walked to the back door which was unlocked still holding my hand and turned her behind while lifting her arms up. I guess this meant she wanted me to lift her up so she could sit. She did so and turned with her knees bent together. A neat trick that reminded me of Becky doing the same. I was about to sit myself when I remembered the skirt and tried to copy my little sister on how to sit. I think I did an alright job as nobody giggled or complained. It was harder than it looks though to keep my legs together, which wasn't that big a deal as I felt it was the only way to not have the stupid tampon pop out.

Bradly, I cannot get used to calling someone else that, was of course sitting in the passenger front seat the little shit. After I managed to get the stupid buckle, no doubt designed by some idiot who never sat in the rear seat, done up little Jennifer took hold of my hand again. It helped in some way again to keep me from freaking out. Mom drove us around to a primary school where she stopped the car and got out before opening the door on Jennifer's side to help her out of the car. I got a good view of seeing my mother give her a hug with a tear in her eye. Jennifer walked away with an energetic wave while her two pigtails bounced along with her in that little girl skip walk thing they do. Seeing my mother so emotional and loving was another new experience for me. I mean she was happy and not once did I see her pull out a cigarette. The mom I knew was more of the smoke 5 cigarettes in the morning in her robe and tell me to do well in school before I left if she was awake which wasn't often.

I was busy think about what I had seen so far when the car stopped again. I looked up and did not see my usual high school what I saw instead was the old Sister Mary's Finishing School instead. But it was a different one. This one the lawn was well kept, the old chain link fence was gone and a wrought iron fence was in it's place while the rest was behind well kept hedges. The walkway was uncracked and there was girls walking towards the school in much the same outfit as I was wearing. Oh crap! School uniform me girl. I looked towards mom who was already out of the car and walking around to my side. Please let her be letting the little shit out. Nope she opened my door for me which meant struggling to release the seatbelt which by the way was just as tough to remove as it was to put on in the first place. I managed finally and reversed the way I got in to get out.

"Katie I know you don't want me to embarrass you with a hug and kiss like I used to do when you were a little girl but seeing you in my old uniform" she wore this thing once? Groan"makes me so proud I could cry."

"Uh yeah mom uh" this was really uncomfortable" I have to like go."

"I know sweetie and no valley girl talk alright. Sister Nan doesn't tolerate it and I don't need another letter from her." She was both sugar and spice with a bit of rock built in about that. I know terrible description but since this is the first time for me to experience it I have no better words. She also had tears in her eyes before she walked quickly in her business skirt back to the drivers door and sat much like I did from what I can tell. It was not till she drove away that I fully realized I was about to go to school for the first time as a girl.

--SEPARATOR--I think I'll cut off the story here for now as it is gonna take a bit for me to finish it and I would rather finish Belle first. I do know that this is in the same universe as Nightmare in Elm Grove but not the same town.

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