A warning this one is a little dark.

I had a life once. I was going to be the next cheerleading captain at our highschool. I had worked very hard to get to that point. I had a steady boyfriend Marcus, who was in the first string of our football team. At the time he had given me a small cheap blue sapphire promise ring as his steady girlfriend. All was good and I was happy both at school and at home as I was daddy's little girl.

That all changed one day when I went to answer the door. Not suspecting anything I now wish I hadn't. I was still in my cheerleading uniform as I had just got home from practice not 10 minutes before. Truthfully I felt good in that uniform. I opened the door to face myself. It was quite a shock. The girl who was my identical twin sister and I both screamed. Daddy came running to rescue me but he was suddenly stumped.

Daddy is a multibillionaire ceo of a large company that makes the special equipment for oil drilling platforms the world over. Mom had passed away more than 2 years ago and we visited her grave whenever we could. It was hard sometimes but we made do. However things were to change for me in a bad way. Being confronted with your twin does that. Daddy being daddy, had her tested for dna, and other various tests. What surprised him as well as me was that all her tests came back as her being me. Daddy had me tested to check against.

Thats when everything fell apart. According to the doctors I wasn't me. They told us that not only was I not Mary-Ann Ruth Chillon but that I wasn't even female. I told them that was preposterous as I had my period every month and had been checked over a few times by my gynecologist who confirmed that I was fertile. The doctors did more tests again and again. When they came back they said they barely found any evidence but the proof was there that I had once had major surgery and was given a full working female reproductive system. They also claimed I had once had surgery done to my face, hands, feet, pelvis, leg bones, and arms to make me a match to myself.

It was a shock to me, what was worse was that slowly daddy seemed to lose love for me and he started to treat the other me like she was me. It was little things at first. He insisted I use my middle name instead of my first name so he could tell us apart. I was pulled from my school and she went instead. She even took over my room after awhile and I was shunted to the smaller guest room. I didn't even get to keep my clothes. Clothes I had spent hours and hours mall crawling for. It hurt me very much and I spent more and more time crying myself to sleep.

After a month daddy came back and brought me to the hospital. The doctors had traced down my birth origins as being some boy named James Edward Smith Junior. He had disappeared 3 years ago when walking home from school. His rather poor parents had only had the police investigation to go by. I had no memory of him since my name is Mary-Ann Ruth Chillon and I spoke vehemently as such. Daddy had many enemies wanting his money as it was 2 years ago when mom and I had been abducted. I remember mom and how day after day we spent time in a tiny room while the kidnappers communicated only by camera and robotic servants that carried in meals.

The secret service eventually found us but in the confusion of the breakout mom got shot by a piece of shrapnel. She died before we even left in the chopper. I had been in therapy for months afterwards. It was hard at the beginning dealing with the stress and lost not to mention the fear of being abducted.

The new Mary-Ann claimed that she and mom had been gassed when they left a mall and that was the last she had seen of mom. She was kept in a small room with tv, cosmetics, and all manner of usual finery but otherwise did nothing but her daily arobic exercise. She said she had been waiting and waiting for rescue but none came.

One day the robot that brought her meals was empty of any meal although it followed its program like there was one. Later that day another robot just died in the middle of the door allowing her to escape. She had not heard from any of her captors for some time but didn't think much of it. What she found when she left as a fantastic tale of surgical rooms and charts. There was a room devoted solely to her and another to her mother. She had seen to signs of life as some of the rooms had dusts on them while others the lights had burnt out.

She said she emerged from what turned out to be an abandoned military bunker down near mexico. She got a ride from a passing farmer and started to make her way home. It took her the better part of 4 months to make the journey as she was underage to work and she was above selling herself in any way. She had great legs from all that walking. I was jealous of those since it took me ages just to get my legs as trim as they were.

All this was poured searing hot as molten lead into my ears. Daddy left me with these doctors and a suitcase of my clothes. I was left in that hospital for days before a bunch of strangers came into my room. The woman claimed to be mom but she didn't look anything like her. She also called me Jamie. Her husband referred to me using male pronouns. I disliked him from the first moment I met him.

I tried to be a good girl and behave and treat them kindly but it was hard. I repeatedly told them my name but they often called me Jamie anyways. The lady was nice enough and we chatted quite a bit. But she wasn't my mom and I told her so a number of times. Many of those would be followed by her running away in tears, I hated it but she wasn't my mom and lying to her was just not right. Her husband would often follow into the room and yell at me to man up and treat her with more respect. I hated him more and more with each day that passed.

There was a therapist that tried to make me believe I was this James person. She would often put me in a trance where she would record whatever I said and play it back to me. It had to be faked as the voice was not my own. It was more of a frightened boys voice. I was meant to believe it was the voice of a boy named James. I never believed that. I couldn't I knew I was Mary-Ann and that was that. The sessions went on day after day where she would try to make me recall something that never happened. I would tell her about mom and I leaving the mall after we had found the right gown for the junior prom I was invited to 2 years ago and then from there she expected me to believe I was leaving school.

Every week I got a chance to make one phone call. I would phone my daddy just to hear his voice. I begged him often to come rescue me and take me home. This was often met with silence before the line went dead. I spent hours on that plain white bed in tears. All I wanted was to go home and continue being a cheerleader before one day graduating highschool. I would then go to a law school and maybe one day even work at daddy's company. More and more each day it looked like I would never get that.

Slowly my dreams became troubled I would see daddy walk away while this boy I didn't know would tell me he wanted his life back. I would wake up sweating and panting hard. After about 3 months the doctors said I was safe enough to go home. I was never so happy to hear those words. Daddy had finally come for me and I spent hours getting as pretty as I could for him.

There I was standing with my bag packed in my one good dress from my tiny wardrobe when it was not daddy that came but her. She was not alone either, she had brought with her a lawyer who tried to get me to sign that I would not use my name. I refused. That other Mary-Ann and I screamed at each other before daddy came. He gently pulled her away while at the same time giving me a look of disgust. I tried to chase after daddy but he surprised me when he turned and told me to stop calling him and that he never wanted to see me again.

I was heartbroken and collapsed into the corner of that white room tears streaming down my face when those two people came again. I was so distraught over what daddy did that I did not question them. They took me out of that awful place and brought me to a small old house. It was in a poor neighboorhood that I had never seen before in my life. I told them as much when they asked. The house couldn't have been built much after the last world war in 1950. While old it was cute. I was led to a room that was the size of my walk in closet at home.

It was a boys room with models on a table and small cars here and there. There was a hand me down dresser that had boys yucky underwear in it as well as a tiny broom closet with pants, shirts, and a suit all boys clothes. I asked where I was to sleep and she pointed to the bed with the nascar cover on it. I rolled my eyes and tried to be nice. It was hard really from my four poster solid oak king sized bed at home to this twin bed with a hard mattress on it. What a let down. I behaved as best I could when I was served a tiny meal made mostly with hamburger and some pasta. I was told that it was James favorite Hamburger Helper Beef Taco.

The meal was nice and tasted alright but I compared it to the handmade chefs chicken salads I usually had at home. I didn't eat all of it as I said I had to watch my weight. This sent the man away from the table where he left the house. Day after day they would refer to me as Jamie and expect me to answer to it. When I didn't I was asked why I didn't answer them. My reply of it wasn't my name was not always received well. One day that mean man came into the room I was staying in.

He was drunk and tried to force me to wear some of his sons clothing. I refused and screamed. His wife came in to stop him. I saw him on the couch with a rather smelly pail next to his head the next morning. They tried to get me to believe I was their son but it never worked. My monthly visitor came one morning and I think I shocked her when I asked her for a tampon. After that she seemed to try to treat me as the girl I am at least. It wasn't much but it was a start. He never got it though.

My time at their house did not last long and I was once again staying at that hospital place with the white room again. At least this place had a descent mattress. I never wanted to see that place again! I was a girl of refined taste not some poor white trash. I shouldn't be treated this way! I had to make daddy see that I was his daughter and not that imposter. There had to be some way!

I was at the hospital for 3 days when I overheard something that would soon make my life worse. I heard the unmistakable voice of my daddy when I snuck out of my room. It was near a door that I heard the voice. I so wanted to see my dad and I had missed him so much. I just wanted his hugs and to cuddle into him like I did when I was a little girl. When I heard the name Jamie Smith I gathered they were referring to me or at least what people kept trying to convince me was my name. Daddy was begging the doctors to change my face to that of some other girl. I couldn't believe it. Daddy was so convince that bitch was me that he wanted to take away my identity permanently! That was the last straw as far as I was concerned.

I don't remember how I got outside but I spotted daddy's old car immediately. I knew that car quite well as daddy and I had spent many a happy day washing and waxing that old car. I also knew that if you pushed on the trunk in just the right spot the trunk would unlatch. I did this and hid in the trunk the plan forming in my mind. I was going to get my life back from that imposter and I knew how I was going to do it.

The drive home in that cramped dark space felt long and I must have dozed off because when I woke up the car was no longer running. I used a nail fire from my purse to jimmy the trunk latch open and cracked open the lid just a tiny bit at first then more and more as I found it was parked in its garage spot. My one hip had fallen asleep during the ride and getting my leg moving was painful. I carefully got out of the trunk into a dark garage limping for a bit till my leg worked properly. In the movies you never see the heroine ever have to make a mad rush to the bathroom at this point but that is exactly what I did. It felt so good to be home after so long away. It did not take me long before I was finished with my business and used the small mirror in the garage bathroom to make myself presentable.

I know it was silly vanity but I wanted to look my best for daddy even now. That saying that old habits die hard may have something to do with it. I was Mary-Ann Ruth Chillon and I needed to look pretty for my daddy. The walk from the garage to my room was uneventful as I ran into nobody. I know that we could have lived in a very fancy house if we wanted to but daddy was never into that sort of thing. The house was for the most part small, maybe 5 rooms on the top floor and another 3 on the second before the main floor of the house with the large dinning room, for guests mostly, living room , fully stocked with every gadget and modern inconvenience kitchen, and the indoor swiming pool that reached up to my and daddy's room in the atrium. The main 4 car garage with the second garage that held the old cars, and various yard equipment was off of the main through another door.

The basement area had the gym and sauna/steam rooms. I had spent a fair amount of time in that gym working out for my cheerleading. Daddy had always come home to watch and encourage me when I did. I could feel the love of those days still and it always brought a smile to my face when I remembered that. I needed to get my life back and it only drove my determination to get my life back from the tramp. First though I needed to get clean as I was a mess.

My bedroom had it's own bathtube with all my oils, bubblebath, lotions, and everything a young girl could need. I used many of them after my rather short bath. It felt so good to finally be properly clean and smell nice. When I returned to my bedroom proper I saw that the tramp had not really changed anything, which was good, but my fluffy collection had been moved from its place on the bed table to the shelf. How dare the bitch! I had always been neat and kept my room clean but she was not so careful. My bed sheets had wrinkles in them and my dresser drawers were not so neat as before. The clothing looked almost jammed into place instead of my neat folding and placing. My cheer uniform was missing. That annoyed me as I was always proud of how hard I had worked for it. Truthfully I also felt sexy when I wore it with its short flouncy skirt that locked the attention of the guys onto my cute legs. The lingerie drawer was atrocious and disgusted me so much I took time to neaten it up.

Not having my uniform I needed to choose the right outfit and took my time doing so. I decided on one of the last purchases I had made before my life got stolen from me 5 months ago. The black skirt was a little on the plain side and did not flare much. The black ankle boots and the red boatneck top went with it. These came with me into my bedroom where I placed them onto my bed. I then chose some black lingerie, sexy but not overly so, to go with it. I could have worn anything including one of my garter belts or merry widows but simple black panties with loads of lace and its matching bra would have to do. The bitch had ruined most of the good pantyhose so I ended up using one of my special pairs with the black butterfly imprints on it. The skirt came with it's own liner and I didn't need a slip.

I sat at my vanity holding back tears as it had been so long since I last saw my pretty face in that mirror with the array of my cosmetics before me. They were a mess which did not surprise me in the least. I had been wearing makeup since I was a little girl so doing up my face to be as pretty as possible did not take me long. Neither did my long shoulder length hair. I had a few split ends because of not being able to wash it with my expensive shampoos and conditioners let alone get in a good spa day. The tramp had ruined that for me.

The sound of the garage opening sent me to the window to see daddy leave in his regular BMW. Looking at the time I saw that school was to let out in a couple of minutes so I reasoned that he was going to pick up her. I did not know if the schedule had changed at all at school nor did I know if she even went to cheer practice anymore. I somehow doubted it as the week or two I had been around her the last thing she seemed to want to do was exercise.

I returned to my vanity and finished my makeup and hair. After I was finished I cleaned up my makeup putting it back to its neat order and not the mess it was in. Then I opened my jewelry box and looked for my favorite necklace. It was gone, which did not surprise me in the least, as I suspected she had stolen it to wear but that was not the case. Instead I found my favorite gold necklace in pieces in the bottom of the box. It looked like she had torn it apart. I hated her for doing that. My holes had not closed up even though I had not worn earrings for 2 months. Just to be sure though I used some hydrogen peroxide to clean the backs of my earrings before putting them in. Once I was satisfied I put on the outfit I had chosen and left my room. One of the bedrooms on this floor had a hidden section that daddy had made me memorize after my kidnapping.

The room was hidden behind a false panel. It was vault like where daddy assured me nobody could get at me unless I let them. It was stocked with non-perishable food and water. A small portable toilet sat in one corner. It was the go to spot should anything occur in the house. If I ever got into trouble or someone tried to kidnap me I was to go to this room and hide out. Once inside I could contact the police or wait them out. There was also another panel in the room I wasn't suppose to know about. Behind a section of metal paneling was a small wall of person weaponry.

I had never handled a gun before in my life and never wanted to. The 9mil Beretta that looked so much like those seen on tv seemed the best choice. I made sure it had bullets and that the mysterious safety was off. I started to shake at this point as I really did not want to have to do this. I knew it was the only way to get my life back from that bitch that stole it. I needed a number of deep breaths before I unfroze from that spot and left the safe room gun in hand. My heels echoed loudly to my ears. The plan was simple I would use the gun to force the imposter to admit I was the real Mary-Ann and that she had somehow convinced everybody that she was me via her underground contacts. I was sure it was a conspiracy to drive me mad and get control of daddy's company.

I was waiting downstairs near the entrance gun in hand behind me when the I heard a car pull up. I expected her and daddy to pull up and open the door. I was not expecting said door to open onto a face I had missed. Marcus took one look at me and his mouth dropped open. Following him was 3 of my girlfriends from the cheer team in their uniforms before the bitch showed up. Each of them were all staring at me but my eyes were focused only on her.

"So I gather you are the missing James."I told her as I looked at her down the barrel of the gun in my shaking hand. I motioned for they all to sit down as I told them the story I had figured out. Each time the bitch tried to argue with me I would hit her upside the head with the gun.

I figured that she had used her contacts to change the information in the computers so that it would appear that I was the imposter when it was clear that she was the imposter. I had all my memories of my childhood with my parents and friends. I explained that to her along with revealing that I knew the therapist and doctors who should have known better after all this time that I was the real one. I knew they were in her pay and that she was only after daddy's money. I told her that her plan had failed and she should give up. Strangely she insisted that she was the real one still. Even though I was the one with the gun in her hand she continued to lie to me. I screamed at her to stop lying and just tell the truth. I did not hear daddy's car drive up nor even see him at first as he entered. When I did notice I swung the gun to him.

I begged and pleaded with him to realize I was the real Mary-Ann and that she was the fake. I explained to him what I had figured out. I even provided proof I was the real Mary-Ann with examples of some of the past times we spent when I was a young girl with mother and him. The imposter tried to give her own version of those events but I could tell it was more lies. I went to tell her so after I hit her head with the butt of the gun. Somehow the gun went off. Guns create smoke when they fire and smell. This one was no different. I was horrified that the gun had gone off and shot the wall.

Nobody got hurt but I dropped the gun and collapsed on the ground. All I wanted was my life back and my daddy nothing more.

--SEPARATOR--This case has been troubling from the start. A search of the suspected James Smith's room revealed a hidden panel where some girls clothing was stored. The suspect is in custody for now. From what we can tell she is no threat to anyone considering her reaction to the gun going off. The bullet buried itself harmlessly into the wall of the Chillon's home.

It would seem that 3 years ago James had been abducted on his way to school. From there the young distraught boy was put into a series of surgeries and forced therapy to make him believe he was the real Mary-Ann. So deeply did they do this that as far as we can tell the Mary-Ann personality is dominant in all respects. The psychologist has done a number of hypnotic trances now and very few of them have the young boy anymore. It would seem as time passes that the original young boy, who I believe to have possibly been trans, is disappearing. It is the opinion of the doctor that in a years time there will only be Mary-Ann. So complete is the identity she has adopted as her own that she has created memories of a childhood she never had.

Her original parents have divorced. This is not really a surprise as the husband went into a drinking stage, he is a forger alcoholic, and during a drunken rage beat his wife. From what we can tell the man is a bigot with serious mental issues of his own. I believe that he had once even beat on a young James. I think that after suffering a childhood of being forced to be something she wasn't combined with the forced changes to her body and mind the poor child lost it. When she finally started to get things together in what I can only describe as the perfect new life she took that life as her own. Anything else would have likely been insanity.

Her mother refuses to give up on her. The doctors are doing their best to help the child through this rough time. She has made some progress in accepting that she is not the real Mary-Ann but it is far to early to tell for sure. The previous, and very incompetent, hospital was easily convinces she was safe before. We will not make such an error.

What does surprise me though is that the real Mary-Ann, after much therapy, has also started to come to visit her. I believe that somehow this is helping them both. I really hope they are not imprinting as twin sisters would. I do not believe this is good for either of the children. Perhaps in time things will get better. Perhaps not but we will do our level best to help these poor unfortunate children.

As for the original instigator of this complex scheme we have no information. The original retrieval of the Chilon mother and the second Mary-Ann may have killed him. I do not believe so. It is my opinion that the person or persons behind the original abductions created this as a test of some sort. The very real possibility of changing someone so completely into another person has frightening possibilities.

The abandoned bunker from where the original Mary-Ann escaped has been found but is completely wiped clean of any clues. I have a team searching the site and around it for any clues possible but I doubt anything will be found. The bunker in question looks to have been built by the military even though we have no records of such a place ever being built.

At this time I have little choice but to keep this file open.

Lieutenant Jasmine Blake, Secret Service.

The End.

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