I am soo gonna get in trouble for this.

One of my favorite stories on Bigcloset is unfinished. And it seems that the writer is absent. This is a fan fiction attempt to help I hope.

Finding Christopher Chase

The sound of silence of the road is interrupted by the passing of a car not from around Oak Grove. It is an 86 Chrysler fifth avenue. There is a few small dents on the maroon car. The trees near the road are reflected in its passing as it makes its way into this small mountain town.

On the left hand side of the mainstreet is a service station with a single gas pump outside. The car passes this by. On the right hand side is a number of cars parked at an angle infront of a grocery store.

The woman in the car believes that this may be the place to start. She stops the Chrysler beside what looks to be a military jeep. The car is still running smoothly. It is unusual to see such a car in this town. The few people on the sidewalk look but since it is a stranger just pass it by.

An old man that must be in his 80s leaves the store with a paper bag and passes behind the Chrysler. He notices that on the trunk lid over some rust bubbles are two stickers, one says Rent a Wreck, and on the opposite side is 1812. He just shrugs and adjusts his suspender then opens his unlocked Cadillac and puts down his bag in the back seat before entering it and driving away.

The small blond woman puts her head against the steering wheel to calm herself. Grabbing the small pic that shows the head of her missing son off of the fuel gauge in the car she puts it lovily into her purse. She turns of the car removes the keys and places them in her purse. Unnoticed the picture so recently put in falls out onto the seat as she exits the car.

The picture shows a young man with blonde hair the same as his mothers. he has high cheekbones and a feminine look about his face.

The woman walks up to the grocers store and sees a hand written sign in the window that says simply Levchenko's and the store hours. The woman puts her hand on the door and breaths deeply.

"You can do this" she mutters and then pushes open the door. An old fashioned bell rings announcing her presence. The store is simple but is well stocked and cosy. This is very unlike the stores she is used to from the city. The people in the store turn towards her. She gulps and moves forward. There is a nice older lady at and older register behind a counter. She is speaking with a auburn haired girl whose jeans are not what she would expect a girl to wear. She sighs inward and thinks kids these days.

The woman behind the register has a russian accent but is easily understood. She catches the end of the conversation as she walks up.

"... Andrei we expect you and him to come to supper tonight."

"Yes Mom!" This child is her daughter the woman thinks. The young woman turns with her bag of groceries and passes by her in a rush it appears. No manners.

The blond woman with some grey in her hair is not that short really but the mother behind the register is taller than her but a full head.

"Umm Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but are you by chance related to Misha Levchenko."

"I am she"

"Well I am looking for my lost child. I have not heard..." She starts.

At that moment a beautiful girl with long blond hair comes out of the back of store she interrupts the woman to talk to Misha.

"I'm sorry Aunt Misha I could not find the order for Marge in the back. Maybe Uncle Alex knows where he put it." That voice. Its a bit high but it couldn't be. Its not possible.

The girl who is wearing a cardigan over a summer dress that shows off her long legs and delicate hands looks towards her and her eyes go wide.

"Mmmmm ... MOM!"



"Yes Aunt Misha."

"Perhaps it is best for a mother and daughter to talk in the back."

"Yes Aunt Misha."


All my happiness of a few moments before are shattered by the arrival of my mom. I grab her hand and lead her into the back quickly and close the door from what I am sure is gonna be the hot new gossip of Oak grove. I completely forgot what I am dressed as as I face my mom.

"Mom what are you doing here? Wait is Danny here with you? Oh god who did you talk too?" I can feel my life crashing down around me.

"Sooo its Christina now is it? Is this why you quit your job in the city so that you could dress as a girl? Is this just to hurt me after all I have done for you? I haven't heard from you in months. You could have at least been decency enough to tell me you were going to to to do this." there she goes with the guilt trip again. My mom the expert.

"Look mom I don't have the time right now to go into it. Its not what you think things just happened. For right now please just trust me for once and go along. Here I am your daughter Christina Chase. Nobody knows about my past life. I promise Ill tell you all about it soon."

"When soon? next year?"

"Just soon. Just please trust me for one." I look pleadingly into her eyes.

"I will play along for now. But you owe Danny and I a very good explanation" I know this won't last. She always does something.

"Okay I have to get back to work. There is too many customers today for Aunt Misha to handle alone."

"You look very pretty. I just cannot believe this is my.."


"Right this is not going to be easy."

"Please mom I am begging you just remember I have always been your daughter and Ill come to visit you and him even"

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