Was taking a break from Belle when Dottie and I chatted. Along the way she was saying that I was cruel to my chars and it was more forced femme. Well I'm gonna show her....

Rob sat in the dingy bar with its old warped solid oak bar along the wall. The bartender behind it was making work cleaning glasses that came out of the dishwasher already dried with a tea towel. The place was empty aside from him. The round tables with the wooden legs that if you looked close most of those square legs were new. Many of the heavier looking chairs were bolted to the floor though tastefully done. It was not a very big bar maybe at most 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep. The bouncer was asleep at his post by the door catching a few zz's as his night course started after his shift ended. The real crowd from the local union shop wouldn't get off work for another hour by then he would be long gone.

He tilted the glass infront of him up and caught sight of his hands. His hands that looked so delicate and feminine with thier expensive gel nails in a deep red. These were attached to his delicate arms on which the ends of his crisp white polyester blouse peeked out with their one pearl button to match the pearl buttons on the front of the blouse with all its pretty embroidery. His dark blue fitted double breasted jacket that buttoned over on the left side was open displaying said blouse and the c cup breasts he sported. The skirt of his suit the same soft material as the jacket that came to just under his knees on thin but apparently sexy legs encased in tan nylon ending at 1 in pumps that perfectly matched his skirt suit in color. Even the toenails were all painted a matching color of his hands.

He knew without looking that his other hand sported the gold diamond ring claiming to all he was married. Even the gold wrist watch with its delicate carved wristband and diamonds on the face showed a class of someone far above the clientele of the bar. Rob didn't care at all nor about the matching necklace around his slender neck or the earrings adorning his small ears. He knew from feel alone of the flawless foundation on his face, the bright red lipstick on his lips, and the subtle feel of the dark blue brushed on for a hint of eyeshadow over a brown and grey. His lashes felt just a touch heavy from the mascara on them. Indeed he should know as he himself had put it all on that morning along with curling his hair just right for the office.

The only clue to his manhood lay behind a silicone gaff in his delicate white lace panties. A silicone gaff that to all observers would see as a nice pair of lips. He hated it with a passion. He hated all of it and could not wait to be rid of it. He turned his left wrist and looked at the time. Just another hour and he would be free. Free of the deal he had being forced into agreeing with 2 years ago.

Even now some of it was vivid. Like how his then girlfriend had dared him to remove his hair for a one time dress up as a hooker. A female hooker. How she had used her best weapon to get him to agree with it. Sex. The sex had been great so he didn't mind all that much the days of training to speak like a woman and move like one. By the time the day had rolled around Robin had been trained to be a lady. It made the costume obviously a costume. It had been in this very bar that he had walked in passed that same bouncer. The heels of his thigh high black suede leather boots that were laced on clicking on the floor. The micro mini faux leather black skirt so tight it showed off everything. The two size two small bright purple satin blouse whose buttons were straining to hold in the realisitc looking, but not feeling breasts. His hair was teased and sprayed into a feminine do in the front while the back held a fall in jet black to match his dyed hair. His eyebrows so plucked into high arches he feared they would never grow back. It had been a great party and he had gotten so drunk from all the guys constantly buying him drinks that he could barely walk to the mens room or the ladies as he was pushed towards or pulled by girls.

Everyone had loved Robin but it was the clean shaven guy in the expensive, but not really or so he thought, in the corner who had watched him the whole night with starving eyes. William Henderson IV had fallen head over heels in love with Robin that night and would work his connections as well as the extensive connections of his mother to get Robin for his wife.

He had returned to himself as Robert Manning mild accountant at that same union shop the next day, abit with a huge hangover mixing drinks was not good at the best of times and he had certainly done that. What he didn't know was that Mrs Alicia Henderson was the CEO of said Union shop and in final effect his boss. It was her who had come to is cramped corner office with the large sewage pipe that ran right though the middle of where his desk was. He believed that his desk had actually been built around that pipe decades ago. The tops of the walls had shelves with books and stacks of computer cd's disks, ad a few other odds and ends. You had to lean to the side to get behind the desk and his slender frame made that all the more easy. It was cool in the summer and warm in the winter. He missed that cozy office.

She had come to his office to meet him. He had not really known it at the time but he still looked far too much like Robin even without any makeup of any type. She took him out that day for on the pretense of getting to know him a bit better as she was going to give him a promotion. The meeting took place in a salon where he had his first mani pedi experience. Although no nail polish or even gloss was used his plain hands looked better afterwards. The meetings started every other day after always at a salon or some dress store as she shopped for this and that. He was astounded but quickly got used to it as he was planning to ask Rebecca to marry him and wanted to be able to get them a house. The promotion would go a long way towards that or so he hoped. Her choice of diets for lunch was less than filling but again he got used to it.

Once a week they would go to a certain spa where he would get stripped down and a good massage that he would fall asleep at. He never even noticed that everytime he went less and less of his body and facial hair was there. It was not till a month and half after when he woke to do his usual shave before work that he noticed that his face was baby smooth and didn't require shaving. Nor did the days that followed. His legs arms and chest he assumed was from the waxing Becky had given him for Halloween.

He asked Mrs. Henderson about his face though and all she had said was that girls like us do not like facial hair and then asked him if he really minded it missing. He admitted he hated shaving and that was the end of the conversation. He remember how one morning she had come to his office and asked him to join her in the large office.

He believed to this day that it was a setup and no real proof existed but there was three lawyer type men in the office and she had had him sit down. The told him that an audit had caught him embezzling funds from the union. They told him he was to be charged with grand larceny and the prison term would be 8 years in a medium security prison. The whole description scared the hell out of him at the time even though he professed it wasn't true but they said they had plenty of evidence. It was Mrs. Henderson that came up with a compromise once he had been totally cowed. She said she knew that he was doing so to fund his eventual sex change operation, none of which was true, and that his real name was Robin not Robert Manning. They had forms ready for him to sign for legal name and gender change to that of Robin Manning and that he would present as a woman from then on while also working extra for Mrs. Henderson to pay off the debt. He readily signed away his life in fear that day.

Mrs. Henderson took him around to get, what he now believed, what was the final stuff he need to complete his transformation into Robin. He had breast implants at her insistence waving the contract in his face. It was at her insistence that he leave Becky and their apartment behind and live as Robin at her house. What Becky had started she made sure to correct every little slip. Before long gone was any non feminine trait he could display. It was horrible but to stay out of prison it was a price he was willing to pay. He had tried to explain it all to Becky but she had finally given up on him never returning. The one day he came to the apartment to talk to her as she wouldn't answer his calls he found it empty and according the the landlady was now up for rent by a new couple.

In his despair over the loss of his love Mrs. Henderson's son William tried to comfort him. Unfortunately William did so as if he was the woman he looked like. It did not take long to get the hint that Mrs. Henderson was more than happy the two of them were regularly dating. When William had finally asked him to marry him over the supper table in the Henderson mansion that he finally figured it out. After a heated discussion they made a deal. He would be Mrs Robin Henderson for the period of 2 years. After that if he did not want to get a sex change and stay his wife he was free to return to his old life but with a gratuity payment of a half million in cash. Those same lawyers were called and a new contract was made where any evidence of the fraudulent charges would be permanently removed along with any other entanglements or possible blackmail if he agreed to be William's wife for the next two years.

Rob looked up at the clock on the wall and decided that he would go back to his and William's house one last time to pack any of the stuff that he wanted. He didn't really want any of it and only wanted to return to being Robert and start his search for Becky. But since he was legally Robin Henderson Female he would need something to wear in the meantime. William pleaded and begged him to stay and just get himself fixed. He told him endlessly that it would not be a problem to have his deformity removed and that they could live as man and woman till they both got old. William had tears pouring down his face as Rob told him in clear terms it was over. The contract was done and he was leaving.

With the two suitcases in hand he had called a taxi that took him from that house with a William on his knees begging with his hands for him to reconsider yelling himself hoarse as the taxi pulled away. Not once did Rob ever look back. It was almost 2 in the morning when he was dropped off in front of his parents house. His mother was waiting for him in her bathrobe. Both her and his father knew only that he was Robin Henderson their daughter and had reluctanly escorted him down the aisle in the overwhelmingly feminine gown with its rolls and rolls of white satin,diamonds, pearls and embroidery.

His mother and father set him up in his sisters old room as his had long ago been redecorated into an office for his dad. All of his old childhood memorabilia had been thrown out in a fit of anger by his father. It was a very long night as Rob told the story to his shocked parents amid many tears shared by all. The next day him and his parents saw a few different lawyers about bringing the Hendersons to pay for their crimes but since they had no proof the case would be tossed out of court. As far as the legal system was concerned he was a woman named Robin Henderson and had done this all completely willingly. Even the contract he had of the 2 year was so vague on the origins that it would be at best a minor charge of harassment. Which since the Hendersons had plenty of money would be quite simply outspend them in court.

Robert spent a number of his days at home trying to not think about anything as he withdrew from the world around him. He had no future as Robert and he did not want to be Robin at all. Eventually he recovered some and went to look for work of some type but everytime he was denied as he was still employed as Mrs. Hendersons personal assistant. He was told repeated to just return to his cushy job and to not bother. With nothing left to do but either live of the dirty money and search for Becky who seemed to have disappeared. Or to do something. Eventually he landed a job as a waitress at an out of the way truck stop. The pay was horrible and the boss had fast hands. His once proud nails were broken and no longer had any polish on them. His hair was sporting a few split ends here and their but still everyone treated him as the sexy waitress Robin. The beige uniform with its knee length skirt was not in any way thrilling but the pay he did get, along with tips, paid for his utilities at his modest small house. He had bought the house outright along with a small used car that he spent a number of hours with his dad fixing.

His parents grew to love him as a daughter even though he constantly told them he was still their son. His mother would take him out for salon visits where his split ends were taken care of. His dad would keep opening doors for him when they went to eat. Robert existed but the happiness that he showed to the world with his smile was hollow. In his back yard he had a small garden where he was working at pulling weeds when he heard some foots steps behind him. He stood up to fast and over balanced only to be caught by William Henderson in his arms. He had not seen William Henderson it almost 8 months. He was also not surprised to see Mrs. Henderson standing at the gate to the backyard, it was broken.

"What can you two possibly want from me after all this time." he shouted to them.

"Robin we want you to come home and stop this self pity nonsense." Mrs Henderson said matter of factly.

"Its Rob! The contract is over and done with I do not have to follow anything either of you say. You ruined my life and I'm trying to make a new one for myself and recapture my masculinity."

"How is that working ROBIN? You work as a waitress at some hovel of a truck stop. Your parents treat you as their daughter. You still wearing feminine clothing. You have not reverted to any type of male mannerisms or speech."

"Its hard for me to get there but I will. I'm a guy plain and simple."

"Robin Honey just because of a birth defect it does not make you a man. You are a beautiful woman why can't you accept that and just get the final surgery. You were happy as my wife we can be happy again. Please Robin come home with me I love you more and more each day." the ass said.

"He is right Robin. You are a woman born. Nobody could possibly say you are anything but. All we did was help you become that which was cracking from your male shell. You are a butterfly now and not the slug from which you were born as Robert."

Rob had tears in his eyes as some of what they said was what he had been thinking about recently. It was too much for him so with gloves still on his delicate hands he ran to the back door of the house. He closed it and pulled on the handle as tears poured down his eyes for the loss of the last of her manhood.

"Leave please. Leave me alone that's all I ask." She closed and locked the inner door of her house and collapsed on the sofa in her living room. She saw the grey Rolls Royce eventually pull away leaving her to her misery as she though about her life and what she had lost.

Robin did not show up at the diner that next day or any other day after. Her parents eventually got worried and contacted the Henderson's as they knew from their small detective that they had last see her. They didn't know anything as their own detective had no reported seeing her leave the house in days.

Thus it was they called the police who arrived at the house along with her parents and the Henderson's. When repeated attempts to get her to open the door failed they knocked it down. They found Robin Henderson naked on the floor of her basement. Their was signs all over the house of attempted suicides of different sorts, a straight razor on the tub with blood on it. A broken chair and pulled out ceiling fan with a rope on it in the living room. She was naked on the floor with vomit all around her along with two empty sleeping pill bottles. She had tried twice it seemed and not succeeded.

The hospital found her badly dehydrated and comatose. Everyday new flowers were sent to her private hospital room. Everyday either of her parents, as Mrs. Henderson was considered would visit her. William was undergoing counseling as he tried the night they found her to drive off the side of the bridge. Only the embankment prevented him from succeeding.

The doctors hold out hope that one day Robin will come out of her coma. Although she may be a little surprise or relieved to find out that due to a mixup she now had a vagina. The administration was looking into how she could have been pulled into surgery instead of the patient 2 floors down.

As for Rebecca she is happily married to another Henderson two states away with her second child on the way. Her son Robert Henderson may be only 3 years old but he seems happy.

The end.

Due to various messages this story has been renamed. Grrr.

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